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August 21, 2007


Waddy's Mom

That Sara Best, such a nice girl! A little meshugana...but nice.


Cut it out Mom! Sara's the best!


LOL!!! Waddy, you are quick!!

Yes, Sara, we will want a table at this affair! I don't think we'd fit in a booth!


OK, I just made the connection that the Paula you mentioned is Strbuk from TBV. Having clicked on her blog, I also just found out she lives in Jamestown, NY. That is way upstate NY, near Buffalo. I only know of Jamestown because I was a huge 10,000 Maniacs fan and friend of some band members. If you read this Paula, I wanted to know if you ever visit Lilydale. I did back in 1986. The only way to describe it to those unfamiliar is that it is a spiritual community full of palm readers and all sorts of spiritual practitioners and seekers. Very weird place, and I mean that in the best way. I was also in "downtown" Jamestown. Actually shopped in the music store. The other thing that stands out in my mind is buying a blanket from an Indian at a roadside stand. Seeing you lived in Jamestown just brought back this flood of memories from 20 years ago.


Didn't Boonen break up with his long time GF?

Anyway, it's a pretty typical "stage mother" thing, don't you think?

Mrs. TBV


Hey Mrs. TBV! Nice to see you here.

Cat - no offense taken. :-) I looked at Bryn Mawr, but chose to go away to college. I grew up outside Philly, never did go in to the city all that much, except when I volunteered at the hospital, but anyway...

Theresa - good for you for taking a nap, and your good sense paid off by seeing that bus! Great pics, thanks for the links.


I'll be there to raise a glass, I'll probably make it chocolate milk (recovery drink of champions ;).

Alright, all you racer and hard-core types, close your eyes. But for those of you who have been struggling with the idea of clipless pedals, perhaps you should worry no more and be better off without, check this out:

I got their catalog in the mail recently, and they're a little reverse-snobby, and overly verbose (hehe, I can identify with that ;), but they have some interesting opinions on bikes and clothing, etc., so poke around the site if you enjoy the shoe page.

I've been clipless for going on two years, and was a big proponent, but I'm going to give it a try on the flat side for a few rides, see what I think. I have circulation issues in my feet, so I do like the idea of moving them around more.


Boonen broke it off with his longtime gay friend? Now's your chance ladies...


Tom's a "friend of Dorothy"?

Sara Best

No, Tom is not gay, and yes, it appears that he and girlfriend Lore have split.

Saw this on Bike Radar today:

"Boonen separates from girlfriend Belgium's most charismatic athlete, Tom Boonen, has split up with his girlfriend of three years, Lore van de Weyer. Boonen's manager Paul De Geyter confirmed this on Tuesday night to the Belgian press. "Tom Boonen and Lore Van de Weyer have decided to give their relationship a rest. They will not comment any more over this decision, neither will their family or friends." Boonen met Lore in Antwerp at the end of 2003, through mutual friends. Boonen, who was well on his way to becoming a cycling star, liked the fact that Lore didn't know he was a cyclist. But Boonen moved to Monaco at the end of last year, while Lore stayed in Belgium. At the time, Boonen said that it was too hard to live and train in Belgium due to his immense popularity."

Yesterday I might have been excited by the news, but the mommy thing is just creeping me out.


SAra, what about LA and his Mom? Granted, she doesn't run his site, but neither does he! She's just probably a little more PC about their relationship.

This maybe a little too armchair shrink, but have you noticed how many riders have "issues" like this?

(Having T call me Cat all weekend has transformed me into yet ANOTHER persona...long story)


Will we send a message or something to Floyd so he knows we are all gathered?


Tom's former girlfriend, must not have enjoyed groupies throwing themselves at him all the time!! She thought she was getting a regular boyfriend! Just like Brad's girlfriend, he probably has to explain that "I" am older than his mother!!lol


Plus they aren't around much either!!

Gathered in cyberspace; toasting Floyd, that sounds nice.


I rec'd that catalog too, Julie. And it made me feel a lot better about my pedal choice! Although I love having a whole wardrobe just to ride my bike!!


Funny....I was reading all of BKs BFF applications last night!

Mrs. TBV is probably right about it being a typical "stage mother" type of thing with TB. I think in reality being the wife/girlfriend of one of the riders would be tough gig. They're never around and when they are all they do is ride and sleep!


You're right......we'd definitely need more than a booth for Floyd. Maybe a banquet table ;)


Hi Sara , thanks so much for posting about the "toast to Floyd". I know that he still reads TBV and other sites on the net so I hope he knows that there is a TON of support for him out there , somewhere. If we can all keep in touch about the toast time ect I think it will be a great things for those of us who need a little uplifting. I feel badly for Tom Boonen, and I agree with Mrs TBV that maybe his mom is just one of those "stage moms" you know? At any rate I think he's a cutie and a hell of a sprinter, almost as good as Alessandro!! :-) Hey Waddy I have been to Lilydale, it's a gorgeous place no matter what your opinions on spiritualism are.


Sara Best

I always remember Tyler Hamilton's wife, Haven, saying that being married to a professional cyclist is like being married to a two-year-old.

They won't walk anywhere. They will only eat certain foods and they need to have a nap every afternoon.


Hey Paula, Hope you weren't offended by any comments I made about Lilydale. I only passed through and didn't really meet anyone. It is a beautiful, bucolic place. I practice a kind of spiritualism in my own way and I wasn't putting anyone down. I was just reflecting on my own experience there. For me, there was an erie kind of quiet there, but I certainly wasn't there for very long. I was struck more by the beauty of Jamestown and it's surroundings. Anyway, thanks for all that you do. I'm a big believer in Floyd. I've been following his career since the mid 90's and like many here, I check daily hoping for a successful resolution for Floyd.


First off, I am toasting Floyd RIGHT NOW! You are all WAY behind! (or was I supposed to wait for somebody to say 'GO'?)

Interesting read on pedals/shoes Julie...though after reading it, I don't agree with most of it. First off, I have NEVER EVER heard anybody or any ad claim that with clipless you can pedal the 360 deg revolution...which is the first argument the article makes. It also talked about how pedaling in the arch area is sometimes more comfy...I'd have to equate that this is TRUE if you DON'T have nice stiff cycling shoes! part of the point of the super-stiff soles is the transfer of your legs energy into the pedal/ having a stiff sole it takes your poor arches mostly out of now it's your ankle and the shoe. The part they DIDN'T talk about is the pulling BACK on the pedal to get that extra bit of power (the motion is equated to wiping mud off your shoes). If you've never tried it or practiced it, you would be surprised. I'm sure it only adds a tiny bit of EXTRA power to your it is augmenting the opposite pedal down stroke. BUT, when you are climbing (or accelerating HARD) any extra energy is welcome! I routinely practice this when climbing long can maintain the same climbing speed using less energy per leg as it is using diff muscles. SURE it's hard to do, and if I don't think about it my pedal stroke degrades to utter crap when I'm tired or nearly at my limit. ALSO, the thing I like MOST about being clipped in is your feet won't slip off the pedal without a conscious effort...putting a leg out or foot down can result in a crash or injury. Unless you are surely going to crash anyway, staying on the pedals, and even better, keeping power to the wheels is the best defense to pull out of bad ju-ju. Hitting the brakes and / or putting a leg out or foot down is the worst (usually). I equate the argument as something like the argument AGAINST using seat belts way back when..."ooh...I might go under water in my car and not be able to get out"...stuff like that...well, yes, there IS some remote possibility of a time when your seat belt is a hindrance or danger, but NORMALLY it is a good thing that makes sense. And besides, if there was no benefit, do you think ALL the pros would use them? They have the BEST of everything...and they ALL use them...that should speak volumes. Just my 2 cents worth, but I'll take cleats ANY DAY over none.


Oh...and just a tiny addition: the TYPE of clipless pedals you use (AND the shoes) means a lot too. Have bad knees or just enjoy lots of room to move your foot about? Use Speedplays! (I LOVE mine!) It's been described as pedaling while your foot is pushing down on an ice can rotate your heel quite a ways if you need to, you can juke and jive some and still be clipped in. On the Mt bike I have Crank Brothers Eggbeaters..have tried MANY off road pedals in the last decade or so...Answer ATAC, Shimano 545 and 747, Ritchey, Paul, and prob some I can't remember (along w/ toe clips and NONE). However, ANY of them are preferable to toe-clips or NONE!


Oh...and back to the FLoyd toast..just say WHEN! (or I will...WHEN!)


I just got back from the meeting for the volunteers for the ToMO. In my mailbox today was my new copy of Velo News and there is a section in it about the MO race! So I took it with me and showed it around, and now B&N and Borders, and my bike shop are going to have a lot of people wanting that magazine that don't even ride a bike regularly!!
We had a cameraman and the newspaper there. The CBS affiliates are going to do something statewide, and a fixed wing aircraft is filming the whole thing for Vs. I think it's the 23rd that there will be a 2hr recap. CSC doesn't have enough riders to field a team...bummer...BUT Symmetrics is coming!! And the Mexican team that I can't pronounce. There is a Belgium and German team coming...and P-Saunier Duval. We had a guy from Medalist there.( The Belguim and German teams aren't ProTour.)


For Julie, the one thing about numb feet, which I get from time to time, is the right shoe. I use SIDI's now, and it's important not to have your shoes so tight that your circulation is affected. I will often reach down and loosen the buckle or velcro on a flat section or even a long climb, just to give your foot a break. You don't have that option with lace-ups. Also, given that wear on a bike shoe is minimal unless you're doing a lot of walking, spending a little more on a good shoe that has more supple uppers will reap years of comfortable riding. I'm not saying this to be snobby, because I rode Shimano shoes for years, but it's no secret the Italians have made the best shoes for years. My SIDI's have become like an old pair of loafers that I'd never part with. They form to my foot. They cost me $150. on sale, but even at $200. regular price, I've had them 5 years and they show no sign of wear. That's already down to $40./year and going down every year. It's an investment you'll never regret.
The pedaling issue is an interesting one. I'm a believer in clipless and have been for over 10 years, BUT I do own flat pedals for different circumstances. And changing pedals is much easier now that all the pedal manufacturers are using Allen wrenches rather than the old method of having a special pedal tool. When I was using my bike at work, I used flat pedals. Rubberized ones, not metal with gripping teeth. If your going with flat pedals, get ones you'd be comfortable pedaling barefoot. At some point, you will. Your clothing needs will supercede any bike efficiency issue. But, contrary to the article, you do use more of the full stroke rather than just pushing IF you learn to pedal circles. It really comes down to circumstances. I only ride a mountain bike and I'm an SPD cleat diehard of any brand. Matt's description of the Speedplays was right on, and it's the reason it doesn't work for me. I know people that love them. It's what is comfortable for you. I control the bike on bumpy trails a lot by shifting my weight and leaning on the frame, much like skiing. I like the feeling of my bike being attached to me. That stuff may be less critical for road riders. Keep a cheap flat pedal around. Mine were $10. If I take my hardtail to the beach, I've got my flat pedals and Tevas. Like your other bike clothing, it's about having the options.
Also, keep a little tube of Lithium grease handy. If you apply a little to the threads of your pedals whenever you put them on, it's smooth and easy.

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