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August 27, 2007



Yes judging the sprint seems pretty subjective. How about when Hincapie got robbed last year by Schumacher taking him out in the sprint, losing the overall in the ? stage race. It was nice to see the excitement by Saunier Duvals Paggliarini winning today! He came roaring through with a 54 tooth chainring!

Sara Best

Yes, congrats to Pagliarini for the win today. Oh, and poor Mark Cavendish in 2nd. You know that just breaks my heart.

Again, what was it Cavendish said? Something about being unbeatable when he's in the top three with 100m to go?

Gee, I wish I could remember what that was...



Philip, you are missing out on some great pics of Downer's Grove, if you don't supply your email address!! Please!!

I enjoyed watching Cyclysm yesterday!! The Tour of Ireland.


I'm back! First and foremost, SARA thank you so much for doing the race reports while I was gone. I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself and I'd say "Don't steal my job!" but of course the job is ending soon anyway! I leave for US Pro on Thursday and that is my last in-person race for Discovery. I'm still quite sad about all of it....wish it was a bad dream.

Secondly today at Eneco my friend Greg Henderson (TMob) lead out Sara's pal Cavendish, did a perfect launch and the little shit couldn't deliver. During the sprint I was thinking two things: "Hendy! Go for the win for yourself!!" and "Sara is going to be happy today!"

Third, I am now an empty-nester along with some others here at IA as my 18 year old moved in with his bro yesterday, but only 20 min away in Santa Barbara. Sure was quiet at the house last night, and his cat is so confused....but we're all lucky we have raised such fine, independent young people. They will become great contributors to our society, I just know it!


Okay, funny story at Brad's blog about a training ride!! What other state would this happen in????


Really funny, T.

Wouter. Yet another boy to hate! Yea, we luuuuv luvluv them or hate hatehate them. Then there are the rare few who win you over, right Sara?

BTW, Speaking of guys you either hate or love, I read Tyler is riding the Greenville SC race.

And a belated thank you to the person who posted the link to the interview on Velonews by the Doctor. Good stuff. Can't believe they don't tell the riders what risks they are taking. What blooming idiot would put a rider on coumadin???? When you are on coumadin there is NO "fall down go boom" ever allowed 'cause it can kill you! Her Low Molecular weight question was a good one because if you were going to do anything I suppose that would be it, BUT, that can kill you too. Better to give IV fluid for the delutional effect or to take off a couple hundred ccs like they do with Thalassemia sufferers. Christ. What am I talking about???

JUST SAY NO.(I've always hated that phrase, but in this case it really works)


Sara, hunt around and find out what "irregular sprinting" is.


Wow....where is everyone today?

Welcome back Cathy! Looking forward to your report for the upcoming weekend. So, did that pesky little fire head off to bother others or did they put it out?

That was a fun story from Brad, T. They really ARE sticklers in WI, making you either pay (usually a lot) on the spot or often taking you in - not only to their city station - but to the county seat. I'm usually pretty careful driving through those small WI towns!!

Sara, you realize that you're jinxing yourself so that you'll now be asked to interview Cavendish, right? ;)

Chuck The Cyclist

Irregular sprinting just has to be totally subjective and subject to whim. No way could there be a definition of 'irregular' that could hold up - witness some of the great examples cited in other comments


Shut up already GL!


Just when he says something somewhat reasonable....then BAMM! He starts slamming everyone. Anyone else can talk about this without me feeling like I've been slapped in the face. Even Joe Papp!! But, when GL starts talking, it pisses me off. AND he better watch what he says about Team Slipstream!!!! ACE that does their testing, is the former guy at the USADA LA lab! Slamming Floyd, and my favorite team does not make me a "fan".......:(


Hey...wasn't it LAST years TDF that our lovable Rockin Robbie had his HEAD on the shoulder of ...crap...can't remember who..Boonen maybe? and was holding him up...they cited him for that if I recall., he just digs himself a deeper and deeper hole w/ cycling fans. I get some small satisfaction from Phillips LeTaupe story about DROPPING his ass! That will ALWAYS make me grin...if only someday I could drop him...maybe I should make that a GOAL! Become strong enough, find a ride he's doing...put on the 2nd face and suck up some...get him on my wheel and just when he needs the pull...BAM! Yea..PULL THIS you ignorant ass! See-Ya LOOOOSER! carried away there...nice little dream though, eh?

Not sure if you all are getting this, but as I type we are in the middle of the full-on lunar eclipse...very cool! (yes, it's EARLY here in FL!)


"I know what's going on in the sport, and it's despicable," he said. "It's criminal, actually. Organized blood doping. Secret motorcycles. ... Hiding places. Doing human growth hormone, testosterone, cortisone, insulin growth factor, EPO."

Secret motorcycles, Greg? What the?


Oh...and WELCOME back Cathy! Sara has been doing an AWESOME job in your place while you've been gone. Ahhhh Sara..don't forget us little people when you make the big leagues! (any book ideas in the works? I think you'd make a GRAND your style!) OK..enough sucking up...

Cat...your're welcome for the velo news doping article link...I think it is a MUST read...very eye-opening! (pretty astounding actually!) REALLY makes you wonder who else is doing it. Didn't he mention his hemocrit was up to like 58 or something? Man..that is SCARY! (don't go to sleep!) But you'd be SUPERMAN at full-on high heartrates! I can only wonder what a high hemocrit would be like..I'm always at the bottom end...close to anemic (been that way my whole life). I actually get turned away now and then for blood I'm borderline low...right around a 40 ior 41. Maybe I should get an altitude tent? (yea..right)...How does one get EPO LEGALLY? Can a Dr. prescribe it? Just curious. I would think medically prescribed and supervised...but then, have no idea what the side effects are...I'm sure there's some. I'm pretty leery of any medication...pretty much a tylenol guy and thats it.


Aw Matt, no ibuprophen? Cummon man, that's where the real hit comes from!

I hope you at least do caffeine! All the best (and not so)riders do...

I actually had a friend ask me what I thought about taking HGH. No not for performance, to FEEL better. Told me people were raving about it. NONONO! Not a good idea. I am actually surprised more guys don't drop dead.

I remember that pic of Robbie and the head push. Don't remember the recipient though.

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