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August 22, 2007



Oh, the rain!! There's was a guy at DG that had a Flanders flag, and the anouncer made a comment that we were having "Belgium-like" weather for the event!!

I was reading the stuff that got posted under yesterday's post, and Paul and I both commented there, just after you put today's post up!! Very important comments, guys, you must read!!:)

Also, the reason I don't use clipless pedals is because I scared to death of them! I have a strong FEAR that I will not get my feet unclipped. I broke my wrist in 2004 to prove that point to my inner-self, and maybe someday, I build enough confidence to try them again. Right now, my ave speed is 11mi/hr, so I'm not ready to force myself to make the change.

Simon Brydon

How come you watch iton Cycling TV but you don't list Cycling TV as a Good Cycling Site!

Sara Best

You're absolutely right Simon. A very good point which I will address immediately.

The coverage on Cycling TV was excellent this morning, a pleasure to watch and it certainly warrents being classified as a Good Cycling Site.


Theresa - I agree, I like my cycling wardrobe too! And it has nothing to do with marketing (Riv.'s beef), I find jerseys and shorts comfortable and utilitarian, and don't feel self-conscious about walking into a store or whatnot in them.

Matt & Waddy - LOL, you were supposed to close your eyes! ;-) Not discounting your thoughtful comments, but I think the idea is that if one is not racing, then one doesn't need to be concerned about full power transfer, extra power, or speed. Of course you *can* be concerned about those things, if that blows your skirt, nothing wrong with that. But there's also nothing wrong with *not* being concerned about those things.

If you're just riding for general fitness and pleasure, it doesn't matter if you're getting the most out of your pedal stroke, or how fast you *could* go. I know, this is a foreign concept, even somewhat to me, but I think the Riv. folks are just encouraging people to not feel forced into that thinking if that's not really what they want/need. And that the difference, for an average rider, is not significant enough to necessitate clipless.

Control is a good point, and grippy shoes are of course important. But I tell you what, I get into trouble sometimes clicking out unnecessarily, out of precaution, where I would've just kept my feet straight on the pedals if I weren't attached. And I can tell you right now I will never be going 45 mph on my bike!

Anyway, I tried it yesterday and was very pleased with the results. For all the talk about speed and power, I kept the same average speed I generally do, I felt as much and even more power on the hills, and my feet were more comfortable. Now, maybe it helps having done a couple of years attached, my feet know where to be, but it worked for me!


Groovy article on Aussies enjoying racing in the U.S.:


Yes, it is true Julie. I always know exactly where my feet are going to be - right at the ends of my legs.
All kidding aside, I think everyone was pitching in per their perspective, no wrong or right. In my opinion, the difference is more in the muscle groups you use much as in whether you are standing on the pedals or sitting in the saddle. Different muscle groups are used and everyone is different in what groups are stronger or not. But, put this way, if a one hour ride using one muscle group was your limit, could you extend that time on your bike by spreading out the use of that one muscle group over several groups of muscle? This may or may not appeal to everyone, but I thought that it was a relevant point. Today is all about relevance.


Okay, I'll see if I can make this fit, relative-ly speaking, y'all also have to check out the VeloNewsTV interviews with Davis and Taylor Phinney! Lovely people, touching, hopeful, and Neal Rogers in shorts! ;-)


Sorry Julie. The relevance thing wasn't directed at you. I fired off a little comment over at MD's today and I hadn't wiped the foam from my mouth when I left my comment here. Love ya!


I think Waddy should shower between pools :)
On the ubiquitous doping issue, does anyone else find it unfair that Mayo's B sample is being tested by a Belgian lab, while USADA refused Floyd's request to have his B sample tested at UCLA? As for clipless pedals, I am the ULTIMATE klutz. I rode flat pedals for 30 years (starting at age 3)before switching to LOOK for my first Ironman. I had too many embarassing moments to count, the worst of which was probably tipping over in front of the adorable Marine (half my age) at the Camp Pendleton gate. That said, I noticed immediately how much easier it was to run after a long ride, as my quads were not doing all the work. 8 years later, I still get dropped at stoplights because it takes me about 5 pedal strokes to get clipped in, but at least I can clip out in a flash if need be.


Try some speedplays Laurie. There are some interesting article at about putting the cleat under the arch instead of the ball of the foot area! Anything that gets you on the bike is good (relevant)!


Hey Laurie, Ironman? Damn, but you're showing your irrelevance. Me too, though. Imagine my chagrin to find, upon sneaking over to the other pool to find that MD had, in several strokes of his keyboard, declared us all irrelevant! Four IMs--and all just an exercise in leg-shaving complusiveness. Well, as soon as I get Canda out of the way on Sunday, I'm going to get with the Training Ground program and be one of Marty's sycophants--like Richard Tete.

It's funny, people underrate the difficulty of mastering a good pedal stroke. most people grow up, learn to ride a bike and figure, what's so technical about that? But it's amazing how much efficiency--meaning speed and endurance--is there to be gained with no additional output. And then there are all the little muscle recruitment tricks that spread the load around to various muscle groups so that you've got plenty in the tank late in a ride/race--or as you come off the bike and head out for 26.2.

I've been using Speedplays on my TT and my bikes and I love 'em.

Waddy, it's true, you ain't no damned Richard Tete! But some of the wankers over at the other pool can sure get a boy foaming at the mouth, can't they?


Woofdawg, have a GREAT race in Penticton. That was my first and hands down favorite! Anyone who says IM is irrelevant has obviously never survived one. (After my Good Guy comments yesterday, I couldn't very well pee in the other pool:)


Laurie, I like your style. "Pee in the other pool"--that's perfect. Thanks for the good wishes. Just want to get the first 500 yards of the swim outta the way and it'll be good.


I think it was just the "Relevance" post, but I decided to hang around Marty's today and lob a few grenades around. They were surgical strikes for the most part. No unnecessary casualties. I rinsed off before coming back. I'm ain't sayin' I ain't dressed, but I ain't sayin' I am.


Woof, woof, woof!! Aaaooooooooh, werewolves of London....!

Good luck, bon chance, and good wishes, woofdawg!


Aw Amy, you're golden and can pee anywhere (over there preferabley). Loved your good guy post @ MD. Have to say, today's post changed my mind about who is and isn't.

Sara, I have this image of you snoring in front of the computer. You are so good to stick with the boring parts!! Had to laugh at your Cadel Evans "goals" comment; very funny!!!

Waddy, don't know about the others, but I love commando....

And I love your comments...


That which you care about deeply, is relevant!

susie b

What?! What?! Pickin on "my man" Richard Tete? Or DICK as he's called by those who know him best?! ;) Absolutely, the man is an inspiration. For if I ever DO start a blog, I have the name all picked out - WENT GOT LOST.... Not "went AND got lost", noooooo. Man, that cracks me up. Oh & woofdawg, Dick may BE a sycophant, but he can't SPELL it... Course that just means he fits right in with Mikey B & Click...

And sorry I can't contribute further today, but I've been out the last few days & except for a bit of today's, have not been able to read anything that's been written here since Saturday. I've printed out all & will read tonight!

Larry, did you answer my camping questions?!

And catherine emailed me briefly that she & Theresa met Neil Rogers. Whoo-hoo! I just hope they mentioned his host of admirers, specifically one panting to see him in LEATHER... :)


All good stuff here (AGAIN!) today...too much for my tiny brain to remember now that I'm at the bottom of the comments!
Woofdawg, kick some booty in the IA...I am seriously in awe of anyone who does one (or more) of them...THAT is a serious athletic feat...and is SO relevant! (Laurie I also bow in your general direction!) I shall never attempt one...the running part...knees...not likey that! (too many years of volleyball on hard courts).

pedals...sure, it's whatevever floats your boat...but the basic point is that IF you persevere and get over the fear part, I think you will like them. And Paul said is very nice...the ONLY time I DON'T want to be locked to the pedal is at VERY slow speeds (though on the mt bike, even THEN I want to be locked in usually). About the only time I am truly in any kind of fear being clicked in is a mt bike ride with a death drop on one side and a narrow trail...(a certain trail comes to mind...strawberry peak in So-cal). SUPER steep drop on the downhill side, giant yuccas protruding into the trail...your options are to lean into the yucca and take the multiple hits to your shoulder (if you've never met a giant yucca, it's kind'a like a giant porcupine...only those quills don't give you hit it and instant bleeding in multiple locations...but it's better than the helicopter rescue of your beaten and battered body if you went off the trail!) Though IF I had a cruiser, it would surely be flat pedals...apples and oranges. learning to use clipless pedals is like FREE engergy. IF you never intend to ride with other people and can totally admit you have no care how well you do in comparison..then I agree you have no real need. HOWEVER, if you do care about how you ride...and aim to improve..well, then clipless is in your future. I know my pedal stroke stinks when I'm tired...I'd kill myself on rollers...a guy I ride with a lot used to race a decade or so ago...he is about 40lbs heavier now...(good on downhills though!)...his pedal stroke is amazing...and even though he weighs about 240, he rides like he's 170! The ONLY time I truly own him is on a climb long enough that he can't hang out of the saddle. We are mostly even on flats...and he totally rules the downhills. His pedal stoke makes his ride look effortless...while I flail and work HARD to match him. (he's a few years older too). I guess it comes down to the 'tricks of the trade'...which once you know them for your given trade things are just easier. Don't necessarily need them but anything that makes you BETTER?? OK...enough on pedals...guess I've killed that horse (more than once....GRIN!)

Seems Strange that SARA gets to watch LIVE cycling...and the rest of us drool and such over it...I sure miss the TDF already! And I guess I'm in denial about the demise of Team Dc...yes, I heard all about it and realize it is gonna happen...and then I just go on w/ my they will always be there. CRAP! (and I got Greg a new DC jersey for his bday last year AND next year...(it's an expensive it's a 2 year year he just gets a card!)...that just sucks!) Glad to hear Boonen is ok...hate to see the original Gladiator messed up....(well, the only one we've seen in full-on gladiator kit yet!)

OK....was a LONG 12 hour day...time to kick back, have ANOTHER toast to Floyd...and hit my book. Have a nice evening you nightowls!


Sorry bout that last CRAZY long...guess I am in 'people deprivation' all day...don't hardly get to talk to anybody with my current work...then I come back to my more of the same! So I go CRAZY here...I'll aspire to do better...really! (fingers crossed...HA HA!)


Matt, Everything you say is relevant. Glad we all feel a little bit of home here at Sara's. I've heard musicians talk about being on tours where the road manager had the bands booked with one hotel chain, and they'd wake up not knowing what city they were in after a while because it was always the same decor, the same painting of a windmill, the same carpet. That could drive anyone over the edge. But Matt, you're still in FLA.


We're always happy to have you go crazy on the comments Matt - LOL! I like your "toast Floyd EVERY night" idea :)

Damn Woofdawg, I'm in awe. Have an AWESOME race this weekend! We'll be waiting to hear about it so don't leave us hanging for too long.

Larry I'm still giggling after reading your post yesterday about Cats/Dogs. I have one of each and it is SO spot on! long as you rinsed off before coming back Waddy.......all is well ;)


Aw Matt, I love it when you are all alone, you write such fun, cool, free association, information filled, stuff. And it's clear you are just thinking and letting it come out your fingers!

Sir Waddy is correct. Everything you say is relevant. And special. (can we sing Kumbaya now? No, really....)


Have fun WOOFdawg - it will be raining down here so should be good weather up there. Just stay away from Kokanee - err blech.

Can someone point me to the Corbett article link? I've gotten lost keeping up with the comments!

Thank you -


susieb, Neal wasn't in leather, but ooooo baby, is he cute in person. And super duper nice. He got all excited about the video about the good the bad and the.... of the TdF. (what could possibly be wrong with the TdF? Nothing compares, certainly not track and field)

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