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July 29, 2007



Hi Sara,

Hope you enjoy the tape. I am watching the evening reruns as I missed most of this morning due to family obligations. I posted some stuff this morning on yesterday's post, hope you have a chance to read them. Cathy posted a fun note too. Can't wait to hear about her day in gay Paree!

I too am feeling a letdown and can't imagine what it must be liek for the riders. Even when you are exhausted and spent, the transition from an intense experience is really hard to make, even when it is a good one.

I guess the things we have to "look forward to" are a decision for Floyd, Discovery's next sponsor, and the fight between UCI ASO and WADA.

I've read much more this year than any other and it is amazing to me how much is out there on the web! I hope that TBV will continue to act as a clearing house for all things cycling. I find some really amazing stuff on that site!

Thank you for sticking with us in spite of all your new obligations (and kids to boot!). I haven't made it over to Paceline yet to read your latest. Cathy had only good things to say abut your article...


It's 4:20AM in Paris and the party is still rocking! But I'm going to bed now. Let me just say this for now: It is fun to win!!!!!


OH, Cathy, I'm green with envy!!! We expect a thorough report on all of your exceptional experiences!

I'm also going to be a bit depressed (OK, maybe more than a bit) with the end of the Tour, which has consumed so much of my days during the past month. But.....this year is SOOOO much better than years of the past because I now have all of you wonderful, witty people with which to share my "Tour Letdown"! I have had an incredible amount of fun being able to discuss the race with all of you this year. I echo the sentiments that it makes experiencing the race even more enjoyable. MANY thanks Sara for giving us this wonderful place to meet and chat each day! Your writing has been insightful and your time has been ABSOLUTELY appreciated!!


Thanks Sara, for providing the forum to make it so fun...

Cathy, I CAN'T WAIT to hear about your adventure! Wow! I think I may be as green as Camille now...

Thanks also to everyone here for all the interesting, fun comments throughout the race. I always look forward to reading more informed opinions than my own!

Sigh, tomorrow morning no more Dumble-er, Phil and Paul...


Well, Janann, if I had seen your comment before I posted mine, I'd have just said, "What she said" (and she said it better!) ;)


Did you guys see this at Cyclingnews??
"Vaughters confirms Millar, Vande Velde, and Zabriskie"

Rumors confirmed :) Whaddaya think, T?!?


Sara, I'll be back later to do some recapping talk about all this... have had company here this weekend and now am off to work out, but will talk to you guys later in the day! Y'all don't evaporate now, ya hear?

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