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July 20, 2007



Sara, ME TOO!!!! If the little devil on my shoulder would just quit whispering to me that SURELY his injuries will be his downfall I could listen to the little angel who says Ya Gotta BELIEEEEEVE!!!!! I SO want to believe, and his Little Engine That Could (or is he The Big HURT Engine That Could?) input into this drama make it all soooo much more bittersweet. Seeing him crying day before yesterday just made me think he was going to be out for sure. I couldn't be happier that he hasn't given up, and that breakaway made my week! (I was so mad when they reeled him back in, but still, I was PROUD of him). GO VINO!!!!


Agree on all points, Sara! Phil was *so* emotional too, saying something like "go for it Alexandre," how cute was that? He and Paul have talked about riding with Vino when he was younger, and you can tell how much affection they have for him.

susie b

But with Vino, the one thing that is so exciting is also the most irritating when taken to extreme & ohhhhh boy, does Vino ever take it to the extreme. What I'm afraid he is doing will just MASSIVELY piss off the peloton & kill his own team, including Kloden. If they thought teams pushed it before, when Vino himself crashed, what does he think they will ALL do now? 1st sign of weakness, no matter how minor. Attending to his bandages at the medical car? Whoosh, off they'll go. Still, it was damn exciting for a freakin flat stage!

I have a couple questions for anyone. Why was Fabian left off last year's CSC Tour team? Was he injured? Just not ridinhg well? But heck, he won the TT Worlds just a few months later, so how bad could he have been! No matter who wins the TDF this year, it is FABIAN who has become a star! He ALMOST got that stage yesterday!

2nd question. Now, please don't jump all over me, Theresa. But, if DZ really does go to Slipstream, isn't that a step down? I mean, CSC is one of the BEST teams in the pro-Tour. I know Slipstream wants to get to the pro-tour, but I'm still just surprised. Of course, DZ would be THE star on that team & guaranteed a spot on its TDF team, IF Slipstream would get a wildcard spot. How exactly is that decided, anyone know? Also, how does a team get INTO the Pro-Tour? And, is Slipstream planning on becoming Euro-focused now, like Discovery?


But did I or did I not hear that Chris Horner might also jump to Slipstream, and someone else big I can't remember off the bat. Maybe with those three they feel they'd be guaranteed at least a wild card spot?

Don't y'all love the way I speculate my head off on this subject from my perspective of almost-NIL knowledge? I bet I drive Julie INSANE! Oh well, I have a relative newcomer's passion, if that counts...:) I'm the Al Trautwig of the Inane Asylum, but I keep hangin' in there anyway. One could even say I'm the VINO of the IA! Don't know anything but I don't let that stop me!!! Okay, yeah I'm getting a little carried away :) Alright, I'm just Trautwig.

susie b

Three more questions.

woofdawg, would YOU ever be interested in riding the L'etape? If you did, I bet you'd give Phillip over at MDs, a run for his money! :) Well, I guess that would be a "ride" for his money... He did awesome though!

And woofdawg, Matt, GregC, Paul. Since you ride a great deal, how would you rate MD's efforts in the L'etape? I'M impressed because I can't imagine anyone but a pro getting up those mountains on a bike, but I wanted to know what you guys thought. The fact that he trained so little & still SOMEHOW completed it is astounding to me. BTW, parts of Port de Bales has a 14% grade & 10k of it is at 10%. What's the steepest you guys have ever ridden?

3rd, if I leave this site up for a couple hrs & just hit refresh every so often, does EACH Refresh correspond as a new hit to your blog, Sara? If so, some of those 500some hits were me the other day. :) :)

susie b

Ohhh, one more thing!

Don't ya'll think Rasmussen is being made to PAY for Riis?

And if I was a conspiracy geek, I'd be salivating right now. 1st, the 5 WEEK delayed reveal of Sinkewitz T-test & then the Danish idiots deciding NOW to suspend Chicken from their world team for something that happened in May/June?!!

SOMEBODY or SOME GROUP is trying to take down cycling entirely. I really believe that.

I wish Marty would get off his ass & post already! I want to ask about that 'all publicity is good publicity' mantra of his... Wonder how the GERMAN fans feel about that.


Camille - bite your tongue, you are *so* not Al!!! You don't drive me insane at all, quite the contrary. :-)

Susie - As I understand it, the Pro Tour is a license thing. So, a certain number of teams have licenses for a certain period of time. If one of them folds, or their license comes up for renewal, that's the chance for someone else to get in. So, whenever the deciding time is, they see how many slots are available (because I don't think everyone renews at the same time), and then the new and renewing teams compete for those spots. That's off the top of my head, tho, so don't quote me!


Susie - yeah, the article over at CyclingNews mentions the whole UCI feud with the Tour thing. So I guess UCI was involved with this Rasmussen announcement, and the speculation is that they timed it (and maybe Sinkewitz too?) to mess with the Tour yet again.

Sara Best

It's David Millar and DZ who are rumoured to be heading over to Slipstream. Can you handle that Theresa? DZ and your favourite Brad Huff, that might be too much excitement for one fan to handle.

The Chris Horner thing was just something that Marty mentioned in his post the other day, but it didn't sound to me like he had any info to back that up, sounded like he was just suggesting that maybe Horner should head over there along with the DZ and Millar migration.


Ya'll don't know me all that well, but I'll throw myself into that mix of those qualified to rate MD's efforts in L'etape - just 'cause I've taunted without providing any credentials...
All MD was complete it - I've been a runner too with a 75-90mi/wk habit. Despite aspirations to run a marathon (and, do it well), I've yet to accomplish that goal. I could easily just complete it. In running terms, I think MD's accomplishment was of the 12min/mi (maybe slower)variety. In a marathon - MD's generall elitist standard requires sub-three hours, or 6min/50sec miles. That demonstrates fantastic fitness. It's no where near competitive, but is indicative of a serious investment in running and excellent endurance.
Those of us with serious saddle time certainly envy the L'etape opportunity to acquire a sense of the intensity of the Alpine/Pyrennean stages. Yes, climbing adds very significantly to the equation. But any of these guys who's ridden sub 5 hr centuries will know first-hand that a non-pro can also get over these mountains and finish several hours earlier.
Don't get me wrong. I'm thrilled MD suffered and endured. He'll definitely be able to write more insightfully for it. And I loved his post-L'etape recap. Nor, do intend to offend anyone whose at a different fitness level or can't imagine achieving it. On that note, I always imagined shooting for that initial 3:30 marathon - not blazing a trail, at all, but respectable. I could march outside right now and start running the distance, and pay for my lack of preparation - but just completing it would cheapen it somehow for me and wouldn't give me a sense of having tried my best. I don't fancy myself an elitist or terribly competitive; but I'm no paper lyon or kenyan, either. Just an endurance athlete with a fair sense of how much praise to offer MD for his efforts. I also noted over at MD's site that Philip quite obviously is a cyclist with some significant saddle-cred. I'm fairly confident I'd have enjoyed the memory or urging GL on too and put some serious time into him. (I know, all talk.) Alas, I enjoy the hell out of these blogs and caution myself not to pee in the pool. The community's so diverse and become such a delightful part of each day.


There's a hell of a story about Rasmussen and cow's blood in 2002 at VeloNews, but you'd probably get spoiled on the stage by peripheral links.


Strange stuff over at the TOUR right now..(for one: Rasmussen's big issue is NOT failing any test, but not providing the paperwork ON TIME!) One of the Lance books talked about it, as did Floyd the other night. The athletes under WADA/USADA have to provide IN ADVANCE a diary of WHERE THEY WILL BE at ALL TIMES ...THIRTY DAYS IN ADVANCE! Is that not insanity? Picture doing that yourself! They are 'supposed to be available' for drug tests, 24/7/365. The fact that the Danish cycling federation (or whoever is pushing this) knew this info back when it why now to release it and make a big deal of it?? Strange stuff indeed. Honestly, I think ALL the pro cyclists need to gather round, and form a 'players union'...where they SUPPORT EACH OTHER! Neither the UCI/pro races nor the Grand Tours exist without participants! The cyclists have it in their power, they just need to band together! Strength in numbers, solidarity, all that stuff! Come up with their OWN rules of conduct to sign and such...and if WADA/USADA/Pro Cycling and Grand tours don't like it, well, they can just ride the bikes over the mountains THEMSELVES! (as if they could!) Heck..they could even get out of the umbrella of WADA if they demanded it! (No WADA, or NO RACE! take it or leave it!) As long as they came up with a reasonable alternative....As much as I disdain the US Pro Football/baseball/basketball business practices, their players unions are QUITE POWERFUL, helping to make their sports Successful AND PTOFITABLE! AND, they truly protect the athletes!

I didn't get to see yesterdays stage (fell asleep while trying) I missed the VINO comeback..though I did see the stage before where Astana rocked the peleton...was nice to see! As to Moreau whining...hey, I recall seeing HIM up front, atacking over and over when Vino was how does it feel to have your adversaries put time on you? TOUGH COOKES I SAY! Cycling isn't for sissies! SUCK IT UP! You don't see Vino crying over it! (well, he did cry some but not over that, but over HIS OWN weakness/injuries suffered thus far...when you don't live up to YOUR OWN expectations, well, that hurts more than anything!)

susie b

Thanks for the write-up RipCurl. I'm not quite sure WHY MD decided to take this on as he didn't really have the time (9 WEEKS) or I'm thinking the desire to train properly. I'm not even sure how much he'd been on a bike in the last 4 years until this came along. I know he did the school fund-raiser thing but that ain't no Port de Bales!

For a guy his age (ouch), for a runner & not a cyclist, with the inadequate preparation that he did, I just think the fact that he did it & did not give up when he MUST have been suffering like a DOG was damn impressive. I'm also very interested in reading how his experience impacts his reporting of that stage & if/how it will affect his future tales of the peloton.

But reading what the guys think who bike regularly will also be fascinating for me to read. I had asked the guys here to offer up their opinions of what his training should entail, back when MD 1st mentioned this. That's why I'm hoping they critique his performance for me. I want the WHOLE PACKAGE! Hear that fellas? :) Matt, Greg & Paul have all done centuries & bike all the time. woofdawg is an IRONMAN & just READING his training schedule made me tired... IMPRESSED all to Hell but tired... :)

If ya'll say he was just a Peddling Penguin, then alright, I'll believe it. But, I'll still admire the effort AND the suffering. Y'know, maybe this will make MD more empathetic TO the Penguin.... ;) Nah.


Okay, to start with: HELL YES! I can handle Brad, and DAVE, and David Millar!!! Who, btw, I'm so proud of how well he's riding on his comeback year.( re:Millar, I read that he took the suspension because he didn't have the money to fight it, or maybe he was guilty; whatever; I'm pleased as punch to see him back!!)
Of course, my newly framed poster of Team CSC 2007, will have to make room for Slipsteam stuff; which there isn't that much yet, I got their cards and a cycling cap, that I can't wear now because Brad signed it for me! But I'm taking it to Downer's Grove and ToM, to see how many signatures i can get!)
AND, Miss Susie, I took no offence because you are not aware of the future plans of Team Slipstream. Michael Creed and Pat McCarty, both formerly of Postal,(and Pat rode with Floyd last year) are on Team Slipstream. It's going to be an American team, that in the future will try to get a ProTour liscense. Frankie A.'s new Rock Racing team, has a similar plan. But Slipstream still has a developmental team that is sponsered by TIAA-CREF. So they are developing talent ,too. It was rumored a few months ago, that Jonathan Vaughters was going to turn the team into a Superstar American team, packed with all the Americans. Who knows if that is even true, but they have plans. Would you like to grow with a Team, or be on a big team that has great stars already??? I think that is what Vaughters is planning. and I'm very pissed at MD for refering to DaveZ as pouty and unhappy, when he's been in MAJOR pain.

I dropped off my laptop, today, it's been pissing me off, because it wouldn't let me post on type-pad. So I'm back in the bedroom, with P2 on in the other room. Anyway, I was messing with it, to defrag it, and I found a bunch of PORN sites that I did not put there!!! At the Computer shop, I was showing the guy what I found, and I clicked on 1 of the sites and kinda screamed a little and shoved it at him, while I jumped up and down saying; that is NOT a site I put there!!! But he got my point and both of us ended up raising our heart rates!
He says I got spyware...they are gonna fix it for me.


In that attack that Astana did yesterday; I think Vino wanted to see how many GC guys stayed with them. And Moreau lost...
It was thrilling!!! And the other attack on his own, was just to show, he is feeling better, and watch out! I don't think he was intending it to succeed.

I loved it when he did the cutting action, to tell his guys to stop the attack!


Hello my friends. There was a little bit of hell going on at MD's earlier this evening.


I just watched DZ's last diary. Man he looked dejected. Made me want to cry. He looked so young and sad. How wonderful of him to grant one last interview. I sent him an email through

Then I watched Saul Raisin's interview. Inspiring.

Did anyone watch (also at VeloNews) our original gladiator man, Boonen before stage 12? Some lucky lady flustered him with a kiss.


Cat, we must have been watching those 3 videos at almost the same time! I was just going to make very similar comments here when I read yours (great minds and all). DZ seemed really dejected and apologetic. I'm really bummed that he'll be gone. I think that is the only interview I've ever seen with him where he was completely serious -- not in a good way :( .....and not even any parting "meows".

I thought Boonen's look after that lady gave him a kiss on the cheek was pretty cute!


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