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July 20, 2007




Welcome to the yellow jersey, Michael, bet "just" polka dot is lookin' pretty good about now.

susie b

Bet FLOYD is looking pretty good now to the ASO... :) :) :)


Whew, sorry but stage was b-o-r-i-n-g!! Well, I had some fun watching the two breakaway guys try to beat the peloton but, otherwise, quite the yawner. But they're saving up for tomorrow, I know, at least the GC contendahs are. I hope Vino gets a GREAT night's sleep and knows that TT course blindfolded.


This is an incredible story, with so much detail that's it's downright amazing. I wonder if Rasmussen will even be on the start line Saturday????

Pretty soon no one will WANT to win the Tour de France and have the world trying to bring ya down! lol


Y'all are going to want to string me up on the nearest tree when you see what I just said at MD's. Go ahead and read it and get it over with so I won't have to wait in agony. You're gonna all hate me, but I was honest, you have to give me credit for that. Sorry to upset anyone here, but I just said what I feel, and wanted Larry to quit lumping us all together as a bunch of wide-eyed innocents. My eyes are wide open as I'm sure yours are. Larry, I mean you no harm, my friend, I'm just sooooooo tired of your beating that dead horse. Don't lump all of us Americans together. We're not all the same. We don't think as one.


Camille - I don't hate you! Perfectly understandable. I will discuss soon, but I have another matter to deal with first, Marty called me out, gotta respond. :-)


Good. I just know that this is practically the Free Floyd Fan Club here, and I have done my best in the past to not speak any outright lies in that regard. Remember when I didn't go to his ride here in Austin? That was why. Anyway, I said enough about it. I hope all of you are right though and I respect your staunch support of him. We should all have people that faithful around us! Okay, 'nuff said.


Camille, my dear, I am so glad I gave you that book. I totally understand what you are talking about. It's the same way with Lance. Before cancer, I say Lance used drugs, whenever. After cancer, I want to believe that 100%, Lance did not use anything!! I had to make up my mind how I was going to feel about it, make a decision, and stick to it. So I did. I do not think Lance doped. That said, if something fell from the sky and announced that Lance did use something, would I be shocked? Probably not. Surprised? yes, because by now, anything that is dead on would have come out(I think). I wrestled with my feelings about Floyd last summer. And I decided on what I had read, etc.etc.etc. that I believed him, completely 100%. And I still believe that. That's why I wanted you to see Floyd when he was in Austin. You've seen Lance, even Basso( and his big brown eyes). Sometimes, you get a feeling when you have contact with a person. I'm not surprised about Rassmussen either. But, it was in the PAST. Today, at this Tour, I believe him. The timing sucks, but it's not 2005,2006, or 2007, it was 2002. And it just amazes me, how all this crap hits the fan when Tour time comes around.

Anywhoooo,Camille, I'm saying your feelings are a-ok with me and everyone else, I'm sure.


I AM SO SORRY!!! It IS 2007.
But, I think you get my drift.....(it's the porn sites on my laptop, they've affected me.:)


Now Theresa, QUIT LOOKING at those porn sites!!! I know it's tempting!! JUST KIIDDDDIIINNNNGGGG!!!

Thanks for understanding, and I WILL finish the book, I promise. If you hadn't written your sweet note on the cover page I was going to send it back to you so YOU could get it signed, sell it on Ebay, or whatever. But I REALLY appreciate your sending it, AND your understanding. (and about Lance, I echo all you said) (I just wanna believe)

Sara Best

Camille, please don't you dare ever feel like you can't be honest about your thoughts or views here. We all totally respect you and, in my opinion, if you think it, it's worth considering.

I understand what you're saying about Floyd and the fact is that none of us can ever know for sure what he did or didn't do no matter how strongly we believe. Sometimes I feel like the Floyd situation has become close to a religion in the cycling world. You have to pick a side and, once you pick, you darn well better not question the arguments of your side.

I believe Floyd, but I completely understand those who still wonder.

And I love your Canadian vs American argument over at MD's with Larry. I think the thing to remember is that, as much as most Canadians would scream at me for saying this, we tend to think of ourselves as basically American and hence the willingness to be rude and disrespectful about Americans. It's like the way you can make fun of your family but no one else can. We kind of see ourselves as family. I really wouldn't take it personally. Like he said, we don't have any Canadian riders (other than Michael Barry) who are good enough to race at the level of a Levi or a Horner so we kind of adopt those guys as our own.

Larry's going to yell at me now. I can feel it.


Camille, sweetie, you are totally entitled to feel how you feel---we might be inane but we are NOT unreasonable! If each of us are truthful we all have to admit we don't "know" Floyd is clean. Only FL knows that. But many of us choose to believe him for whatever reason....and it's a little like having faith in God, or your mate, or whatever. Like I've said before I've decided to believe him because I'm a Glass Half-Full kind of person and I feel he's proved his innocence in court as far as I'm concerned, plus I just love the guy. He's such a great soul and I've met his parents and they are delightful too. But I don't really "know" and it doesn't bother me one bit that I don't. I'm okay with living in LaLa Land once in awhile, and I'd rather believe and be wrong than ever chastize or doubt someone that is innocent.

And Camille, I am so sorry to hear about your sister's cancer. I send positive feelings and energy to her treatment and recovery, as well as to her family who support her decision and road back to health. My husband is doing well: his 6 mo check up shows he's on a good path right now.

AND I can't believe that I leave for Paris on Wednesday! I will be sure to keep y'all informed--gotta figure out what clothes to take for all the parties! lol


Thanks guys (gals) :) Now I know I came down hard on Larry. It was just that old "beating the dead horse" thing. Y'all know my problem on that. He beats the horse and I have to come running up and pat the dead horse and say, "I'm sorry horsey, he's a mean old man and he SHOULDN'TA DONE that to you!" Same song second verse.

Sara, you are never guilty of anything I chastised him about. You have good manners!

Cathy, thank you also for all your kind words and I hope you have a fantastic trip; can't wait to read what you write from there and tell us afterward. I'm so glad your husband is doing well!


Sara, I agree with you, I tend to consider Canadians just another state, and some of them speak french! I find it unbelievable that we have to have a passport to go to Canada or Mexico, for that matter. I consider Canadians, just like us, except they handle cold weather better than I do!! We basically have the same cultures, and I admire the Queen and the Royal family as much as any American.(Yes I LOVED Diana!!!)
And for the last 6 1/2 yrs we have had a president that thinks he's the King. So, that makes you guys smarter than us....!:)


You guys are really lucky....I was checking my email, and I have one from a pharmacy magazine, with an article called "Pharmacists on the front Lines:Asthma Care"....but there was no link for me to I said, I was good, because there wasn't a link.LOL


Ok, that was just a downright bizarre stint over at Marty's, nice to be back here. :-)

Camille - Well, I'm late getting back to the party, but I agree with everyone else, doubt is natural. As all this stuff has come out this year about just how pervasive the doping has been, it has definitely changed my perspective on things in general. You know, if Zabel tried it, etc. I'm realizing what kind of choice it was for those guys, or maybe a better way to put it is how much I have no idea what the choice was like.

Anyway, what I come back to with Floyd is the info itself, I found the hearing testimony pretty persuasive, and USADA's retort on character telling. And his asking strangers for money. I can see denying to your grave, and spending all your own money, and still being guilty, but I can't conceive of someone like Floyd going out and asking for other people's money if he's guilty. I mean, let's face it, he's no Jim Jones! And by that I mean a guy with big charisma who convinces people he's got all the answers.

But yes, we don't know. And it's funny, how we're all expressing it here, it's similar, and so not what some others perceive. I've never understood what people are getting at with that delusional fan stuff, because none of us are like that! We're hoping, wanting to believe, even firmly believing, but I don't see any of us as doing that with blinders on. Like you said, Theresa, if some other "real" story comes down, we'll have our emotions, but not have our whole world destroyed.

Theresa, thanks for all the smiles tonight, you're killin' me! :-)


Well the thing is, what I said to Larry I wouldn't need to say to just any Canadian. It has to do with his particular personality and his fixation on the particular subject he keeps returning to, while drooling and rubbing his hands together expectantly, twitching with anticipation of the upcoming events he dreams of out loud, to Americans, who dread those things. Okay, now I'm tired of my own voice on this subject. But I didn't mean it as jingoism or anything anti-Canadian or unneighborly at all. Really, at All! Sorry if it came across that way. I would never have to say any of that Sara because it just wouldn't apply and she's not drooling over those prospects. That I know of! ;) Okay, I'm done on this. Gotta get to sleep so I can wake up and watch the TTs!


Oh, and how cute was that feature on George and his family? What a sweetheart!


Holy crap, Camille! When I read your first post above I thought "Oh my gosh, what HAS she gone and written?!?!". Had to run over the try to find what you were referring to (which took quite awhile). I was sure, after you said we'd all hate you, that I'd see that you had dissed us all or told everyone how this blog is populated with 'crazies' or something along those lines LOL!

Hey, NONE of us can EVER know 100% whether or not Floyd is innocent -- he is the ONLY one who can know that. I do believe him because I just can't see someone absolutely devoting their life to proving their innocence in a process that may very well take as long as his suspension would have been had he accepted one, while making every aspect of the case public and even insisting on a public hearing. Then he has to make a tour of the country in order to raise funds to defend himself, which HAD to be somewhat (if not extremely) humiliating. When that happened I started seriously looking at the evidence and lab documentation and decided that I really would like to hear what he had to say at the FFF. As I've said, he is one of the the most genuine, seemingly honest people I've met and just exudes integrity. At this point I really WANTED to believe him 100% - there is always a tiny bit of doubt in the back of your mind. After watching the hearing and seeing the inadequate way his testing was handled at the lab, I became 100% certain that the arbitrators (in a fair world) should rule in his favor!

Is the possibility there that he is guilty (or that Lance or any number of other faves are guilty)? Of course. I DO believe that he is an innocent man who is fighting for justice, but my world wouldn't be shattered and I wouldn't lose interest in cycling if he admitted to doping in the future.

You said nothing at all offensive at MDs! Your opinions are your own and I think everyone here respects that!! You're a gem and please don't feel bad about what you wrote :)

T - you are completely cracking me up today!! I wish DZ, Millar, AND Horner would end up on Slipstream just to see how excited you would be. You might have to quit your job and become a full-time groupie ;)

OOOOH - just previewed -- sorry SO long!


Now I need to check MDs to see what the heck is going on that Cat & Julie were talking about...


Hey!!! I've been in the wrong place! I was in the I haven't seen it section (even though I had) cause I keep forgetting to pick a side ;-). Oh well, if you are bored, go over, I have a couple of comments. I got here last cause I had dinner out with the hubby then watched the stage, then read MD's, oops, (cringe) first and got stuck there with all the "holy crap" going on. Truthfully, I read Sara first thing when I get to work, and MD when I get home. So I guess I'm not really so bad....


Camille, finally found your reference on YESTERDAY's post. What's the deal? I wasn't offended. But whoo baby, you singed a butt or two!

susieb, what have you been taking lately? eeeooow, some writing over there.

I'd say you both are OTBs and, not to be sexist, but have some balls too. What did Lance say about his wife, she was a dude, or some guy reference? Ah sheeze, too tired, off to bed.

Every time I think I can stay away, just for a day, to live my life, or get a life as the case may be, I sneak a peek and you always surprise me with better stuff. Thanks.


Debi, you had asked for the link to MD's ... here's the entry with the comment(s) of mine we had started talking about. They're close to the end of all the comments.

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