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July 21, 2007



Crap. Just got up a bit ago. Rain? Lightning??? I thought that wasn't allowed in Europe. Dumb question: don't they delay if it's that bad? I can understand a little rain, or maybe even a lot, but not buckets and certainly not lightning.

Not sure I can watch this. It's terrible. Once the big dogs start, they are going to be battling the seconds and a couple of those turns (where other's have skidded or fallen already) look harrowing.

Why aren't you guys here to hold my hand?


WOW, this Tour is getting SOOOO EXCITING! I had a feeling Rasmussen was hiding his little secret improvement; he even said the other day that time-trialing isn't exactly his specialty (trying to disarm the competition even more when they already had him TOTALLY counted out because of his past TTs)... veerrrrrry clever, Michael. Or is that Mikhael? Whichever, it was VERY clever. But I'm sooooo happy to see my favorite others coming up toward the top. HOORAY!!! People, were we proud of our Vino or WHAT?!!! He's got the heart of a champion. I'll have to always try and remember him whenever I'm tempted to wuss out.... "What Would Vino Do???"


BOY OH BOY has the race begun in earnest NOW! I was pretty stoked to watch Rasmussen ride the TT of his life...maintaining his Mellow Johnny. (then I was a bit dismayed to read the article on his 'past' back in 2002). Not even sure how I feel about that right now...but keeping an open mind, I will NOT jump on the crucifixion bandwagon that seems to be the NORM in this sport. He has yet to have his 'day in court'...innocent till proven gulty and all that! However, it doesn't diminish what he IS doing NOW! I am quite sure all the GC Fav's figured he was toast..and I do have to say that I'm QUITE disappointed in Levi. He has been SO PROTECTED by the team, not even working very hard at all in most cases. This was his chance to STEP UP, be THE MAN, and TAKE THE RACE... and he didn't do that. If I were DC manager right now, Levi would be working for Contador as of tomorrows stage...he's had time to prove himself and has continually played it totally safe (of course, that may have been the TEAM strategy all along, in which case it's not his fault). We shall see what happens...Contador has stepped up time and time again this tour...and big time today! Levi just isn't there..even though he is now in 5th place's a very docile 5th IMO. Cadel Evans, alogn w/ THERE's a man who showed his desire and capabilities today! And last(But NOT LEAST by a LONGSHOT)...VINO! VINO! VINO! DANG it was good to see him BAAAACCCCKKK! Did you notice him limping/keeping the right leg nearly straight as he walked off the podium from the stage win? Check it out...isnt' that the one that is reportedly now infected? We love adversity..the year Tyler rode w/ a broken collar bone...astounding! And then Kloden...falls on a turn, gets up and STILL gets 2nd place today! Man is that GUTS! Astana rocked the TDF today! Though Rasmussen will have to REALLY step up now to defend the jersey...and show if he REALLY IS the thats what it will take to ward off the hounds! There is one more TT..probalby the deciding stage this year..and I still think Rasmussen will need MORE time on the hounds...another 2 minutes at least....can he do it in the Pyrnees? Will the HOUNDS LET him? Or maybe the real question is CAN THEY STOP HIM? Ahhh...what a GREAT race this year! I've heard it said that this year's TDF is Boring... What race are THEY WATCHING? This is dang fine drama!


Matt, but for the two flat stages that put me to sleep, I have to agree.


Matt, I totally disagree about Levi--he is now in 5th place and ready for the Pyrenees. He just hasn't made a lot of noise as he's gotten higher and higher on GC. He put time into almost ALL of the top contenders today and now DC has a dynamic duo going into the mountains. He has said all along that the race would be shaped in the Pyrenees and last time I checked we won't be there until tomorrow!

I'm not saying Levi will win, nor am I saying DC should throw all support behind Contador YET. I think Johan is plenty smart to use the two of them for full advantage starting Sunday.

Levi didn't have to make a huge statement today but Vino did...and he made it alright! But at some point he also will have to either make every other GC contender suffer like dogs so he can re-enter the race OR he will have to throw his formidable support to Kloden.

Tomorrow and Monday should be fabulous racing!


Cathy, I actually agree that it's probably very smart of DC to 'spare' Levi as they have...but I REALLY expected today that he would come out with guns a blazin and show the world he is for real with a monster TT...and even though he did good, it's not what I expected (guess I'm hard to please). I think I got spoiled in the Lance he would step up early on and show who was 'da man' in the race..and then sit back w/ the team strategicly doing what was needed when it was needed. I think Rasmussen suprised everybody today, and if he gets more time in the pyrnees, then they are in trouble. I truly hope you are right and Levi comes out in the Pyrnees and shows HE IS THE MAN! But I think he's got his work cut out for him in that regard. I don't know that I see Levi going head to head on the climbs w/ Kloden/Vino. But we shall see SOON ENOUGH! Thats why it's SO EXCITING! And you must be STOKED to be heading out SOON on the way to Paris...I will ANXIOUSLY await your reports! (and sorry you didnt' make Floyds book signing the other night..Greg and I looked for you, hoping you made it).


First of all.....thanks for passing on that lovely little bit of ;)

I think that Levi's position and effort have been carefully calculated this year -- Contador is just a bonus (a BIG bonus!). We'll see in the next few days whether or not that strategy will pay off, but MAN, two riders in the top 5 is a pretty nice place to be going into the mountains. Plus, DANG, DC was looking really strong today. Popo and Gusev both hit the deck hard (I can't believe Gusev hopped right back on his bike after surfing up over the curb on his chest like that) and they STILL finished extremely well. I think we're going to see an awesome race in the mountains where team strategy will be key. That said, I hope Levi is ready to LEATHER UP tomorrow!

Vino took my breath away today! What an AMAZING and inspiring ride! I think he has BIG plans for the next few days himself.

WHO could call this race boring?????


Cathy, I get that you may feel obligated to take the company line, but you have to admit that Levi was second tier today. The only contender he put time in on was Rasmussen. Mayo, Valverde, and Sastre put time into themselves. Levi may do something wonderful in the Pyrenees, and I'll be cheering him on either way, but if he was a top contender, he should've made a statement today, and he didn't. He even said himself he didn't have the spark today.


VINO IS BACK!!! He still has has injuries, that one knee is septic. But, damn what a ride!! I finally got to see the end of the stage! I worked today and on-call; but I had to see the podium; although it was the trimmed down version for the night show. How about Cadel Evans, you guys?!!! It's do-able, and even Vino is do-able. But I'm thinking Vino is going to have a day or so when he's not that great, he is still injured, but recovering and he's DA MAN, Matt!!

Matt, you are still suffering from Lance-run Tour need to take something for that, get over it!! The Tour is different now; and I like it better, actually. We really have no idea who is going to wear the jersey in Paris, and we may not know til SAT, after the TT!!


Matt,Paul, Greg, MIA Woofdawg, Larry, and all the macho guys who, read here; did you go to TBV today or yesterday?? At the Riverside book signing, one of the guys asked Floyd how fast he goes up the southern side of Mt Palomar. Ready? 15 miles per hour!!! The audience gasped!! Now I have no idea how steep this mountain is, but, I know climbing hills in the Ozarks can slow me down to 2.5 to 4 miles per hr, depending on how the climb goes up. That is standing still to Floyd!lol

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