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July 26, 2007


susie b

I've been meaning to say this for over a week. I have come to just adore Robbie Ventura! Not "lust after" adore, but adore his segments & his Blog Reports on He reminds me of an exhuberant puppy on camera & in his blog, he's quite funny. The image of Robbie & Bob Roll, careening around France in the dark on to their next stop, makes me laugh. Now THERE is a DVD I'd snap up in a second!

And I've come to appreciate Frankie. I just pretend I've never heard of him before & then everything is good.

Then there's Neal Rogers of Velonews. I know nothing about him, except I've been watching him in video segments for almost a year & he writes on Velonews. I have to confess that I look forward to those Tour videos almost more for HIM than Chris (or DZ)! What do you guys know about him? I think I see LEATHER in his future... :)

And speaking of videos, I'm disappointed we never got to see MD! After that mention of technical difficulties, we never heard about it again. I think at least a little footage of L'etape would have been awesome. I do like the videos on Active, especially the "background at the Tour" ones that Jessi does, but that background music has GOT TO GO!!

Sorry, I know this isn't about Stage 17, but I have a feeling this stage was like stage 10. Not sit-on-the-edge-of-sofa stuff. The most interesting questions about tonight's Vs coverage will be how much time will be spent talking about Rasmussen, doping, fate of the Tour,etc. Will it also be the main topic of conversation for both Robbie & Frankie's segments too? I'm thinking - yes.


Susie - I loved Robbie doing his segment *while riding up the final ascent* - you go boy! I like Neal, too. I know I would be a blithering idiot trying to ask those guys questions, so I appreciate that he isn't!

LOL about Frankie, good plan. Is it me or did they skip him last night? Al mentioned he was coming up, but I don't recall seeing him - was it just those quotes from Chris and Christian, is that what Al was talking about?

Craig Hummer is harmless enough, but I imagine the riders find his self-serving poetic lead-ins a little tiresome.


Whew, y'all... today's stage about put me to sleep. I literally had to get a cup of coffee at one point. But I was happy not to see you-know-who. And it WAS nice to watch Jens having fun playing cat and mouse. Darn it though, I wanted him to win the stage.


Me too, Camille. Jens is a great rider. I don't know the Italian, but he is fast!

I seem to have lost steam with missing so much and all the latest. I miss Dave Z. In fact, I miss a lot of people who are still there. It's as if fairy dust has been sprinkled over the peloton.


Hi everyone! Checking in from Paris! Of course the day that I travel all hell breaks loose at the Tour so when I arrived I had to catch up on who, what, where, when and why, not to mention how....mind boggling. I will say this about the chicken and then be finished with him--I didn't really like him because I think he's kind of a shady character, and as a professional it's his responsibility to keep his paper work in order, etc. That is part of his job. But to be leading the Tour and then booted out has to be devastating for any human being, and with as screwed up and wild as all of this has been his firing heads the weirdness...firing your team leader when he's leading the Tour? Amazing. I think there is much more to the story that we have not been told. I mostly feel badly for his teammates, in particular Michael Boogard who we saw with white teeth blazing as he put the hammer down in the mountains...I wish he wouldn't retire for another year just so we could show him some fan-love for another season. He is a true tragic hero in my opinion.

Anyway I'm here and DC is leading the Tour--wow! I always hoped when I planned to attend the finale that there would be something special to cheer about on Sunday, thinking in my mind a podium placing would be fabulous. But for Contador to now be leading with Levi knocking on the door....I am certainly glad I already had a plane ticket and was ready to roll because otherwise I would have been scrambling to get over here! I hope Levi is given the go to fly in the TT and just see how things play out--I think he deserves that. And DC certainly doesn't want to risk Cadel jumping over Contador and stealing the win because Levi had to be a team player. I really want Conti to win because that is the team member I want the kiss from, but I will cheer for both. And I'll be looking for Horner to give him congrats--he's had a great Tour.

I am staying at the Meridien Etoile which is the team hotel so should be brimming with activity come Sunday and Monday. If you've read FL's book he mentions staying in the Presidential Suite after his win. So that's where I am, it's very nice and there are lots of shops and cafes all around. Going to go out in the morning before I have to cover the stage.

I have a new Mehlting Pot piece up on Paceline--it's an open letter to the dopers. I'm pretty sure it expresses the sentiments we all share around Sara's blog.

Anyway, it's 4AM and I am a little off schedule with my sleep although not as bad as I thought, so think I will try for a few more hours of shut eye and check back with you later! Play nice!

P.S. For those of you all hot over Neal Rogers: he is a very nice guy and you all have very good judgment!! He was one of the first cycling journalists I got to know when I first worked for DP and has always been nice to work around...not to mention gaze upon!!


Yo Cathy! Glad you made it to the Party safe and sound! I will gaze up on your new piece in the POT tomorrow, thanks for the heads up!

OK...I've had all day to ponder (and mope, and pout, and whatever else I was probably doing). I know this has nothing to do with todays stage, (YAWN!)...anyway: JUST watched the last climb of yesterdays stage...and I was VERY PROUD to see Levi in front and crazy as it seems was really rooting for him to beat the chicken (even though I had already heard he didn't...maybe he will on replay??) It was a bit stunning to see Ras pull away from levi and conti 'like he was on a friggin harley' claims of foul though...he was stronger. Every year, SOMEBODY is stronger...I'm sure that if we were to re-do the ENTIRE Lance era, EVERYBODY on the OTHER teams would say he's cheating somehow..otherwise how can he be so strong. So..I give Ras that benefit of the doubt, even still. HOWEVER...with that said, I can't help but wonder why Rasmussen didn't just whip out his passport and SHOW his immigration stamps into/out of Mexico during the time in question, unless he CAN'T! HMMM??? That would seem to be a VERY EASY WAY to shut up the doubters these last 8 days or so. He also could have came up with confirming data showing used-airline tickets (NOBODY flies w/ out getting their frequent flier miles these days...that would be an easy one...see that right online and get a printout!) The fact that he DID indeed leave the race without a fight, RIGHT when he was poised to WIN (unless he suffered a complete meltdown or even a 'smackdown' repeat of last year.... in the coming ITT) speaks volumes. I HATE to think I'm guilty of convicting a guy on circumstantial evidence considering how I feel about Floyd, but for Ras to APPARENTLY have been LYING about his whereabouts EVEN to his team just seems it just seems , well, that smacks of deception! I'm thinking that it would be quite easy for most anyone (excepting secret agents I guess) to at LEAST prove what country they were in! What did he live on while there? NEVER used his credit cards? Who travels abroad thse days without using credit cards? And you need cash at SOME point...and anybody who has been overseas knows that you get LOCAL currency at most any bank machine right from your bank account (at least everywhere I’ve been, AND you get a pretty decent exchange rate too!) Come on Mr. us out here...PROVE TO US that you were wrongly fired! It should be quite simple! I'm waiting! If you can't/don't, I have NO CHOICE but to call for a lynching, as your TEAM probalby already HAS! Cathy, you said it...Boogerd was quite a hero this tour. He and Popo would be TIED for Domestique of the tour if you ask me...real workhorses for the TEAM!

OK. Those are just my thoughts that I have been chewing on today.

Oh, and one final note: Susie…NO, I AM NOT nor HAVE BEEN IN or NEAR France the last 19 days! (and I can PROVE IT too!) However I am totally in AWE of WHOEVER is causing the GALACTIC LEVEL of Cosmic Disturbance over there...they make MY powers seem rather I couldn't disturb a glass of water. Which I truly hope is the I leave on Monday for Cape Canaveral...3 weeks of work. (my last trip there things were a bit lady freaks out, space shuttle pounded by hail, stuff like that). Provided my powers are restrained, SS Endeavour WILL take off on the 7th of Aug..and I will FINALLY get to see a launch! That would really be something...been waiting a LONG time for that opportunity. No bike this trip either I have I will be working 10 hour days, 6 days a week. But that’s ok, I need a break from the bike world...cut the cord for a few weeks, come back refreshed and ready to hammer my riding buddies into submission! (Kinda like the last few rides!! GRIN!)

And I am ANXIOUSLY awaiting word from the Arbitrators of Floyds RE-ADMISSION to the cycling world by a 3-0 decision! IT MUST BE SO!

Holy crap...just did a preview...this got a bit outta hand! Sorry Sara!


Oh, Cathy, I was just wondering about you!! What a great update from Paris. I torn, I really want Cadel or Levi to win, because they've been though many Tours. And I'm leaning towards Cadel(I know, I know, traitor!) because the Aussies add so much to the peleton and they are such great cyclists!! We have a lot of them in the US, in the domestic scene, and they are great!! If it wasn't that they are so far away, I'd like to visit; but I can't imagine what I would be like on a flight that long, I'd be catatonic or in a straight jacket. My trip to Downer's Grove is the farthest I've gone in 17 yrs. Ya'll, I'm not a good the past. This is my new childhood, I learned to ride a bike, and now I have to go to bike races!!
Matt, I enjoyed reading the stuff that's been rolling around in you brain today. There has got to be something, we don't know. Why didn't they kick him out sooner, rather than later, before the team buried themselves to protect him????? Boogerd deserves an award, definetely, and Menchov as well. But that team is Boogard to me. Who was the rider that crashed last year with Freddie, messed up his face so bad and went ahead and retired?? He was dutch, and with Rabobank.

Oh, and I've been watching VN videos off and on, for the last year, and Neal is pretty cool. I think he's quite the cyclist, too!


camille, couldn't agree with you more about phil's being our dumbledore. and apart from his gorgeous voice, i love his pronounciation of some words - 'herpin bend', 'burs' (bears) in the pyreneas!! it really makes the tour magical.

so now i have a question....
as we're all trying to be level-headed about these scandals which are emerging each day, and trying to give the naughty riders the benefit of the doubt like, we'll wiat until his b sample is confirmed before we judge him, why is it that all the good (as in non-naughty) riders in the peloton are so quick to judge. i haven't heard ANY of them sayin that stuff about not judging. they all LEAP to the conclusion that the rider in question must be dirty. is it because they know something we don't?

matt, i love what goes on in that brain of yours - maybe you can have a stab at explaining it to me....please.

anyone got any idea why cadel threw juice in the photographer's face? it seems no-one's playing nice anymore.

cathy, enjoy france, you lucky girl - have a pain au chocolat for me! and tell levi that he has the most exquisite riding style of anyone i've ever seen - he is beauty on bike.


Am I remembering correctly that Frankie admitted using some kind of drug in the past? It would be interesting if cyclists who have been down that road David Millar for example, would talk about how a rider gets to the point where doping seems like the only option. Pressure from the team? The sponsors? I thought of this when I saw Frankie last night throwing up his hands in disgust and wondering if this was the end of cycling. If my memory is just getting feeble, and he *didn't* dope in the past, then.....never mind :)

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