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July 28, 2007


susie b

Whoops, wrote my TT glee on yesterday's Seen It. Oh, well!

One more thing. Cathy - I know you're probably not in the mood to smooch Austin, but can I just say, his photo in CHASING LANCE did not do the man justice. Goodness. There is a photo of him in yesterday's article which was a funny recap of his L'Etape experience. HOT Legs! His wife should ALWAYS make him go round in cycling duds & burn all those button-downs & baggy shorts... ;)

Once again, you can't tell a book from its cover or a body from its, um, baggy clothes. ;)

Now Cathy, if you could just get Neal into a cycling kit & snap a full body photo while you're giving him a smooch, well, what a way to end the Tour & the month! I'm sure all his other female fans will thank us! :)

susie b

Oh boy. I just read a blurb on Eurosport that it was Soler who tested positive. If it's true & he's tossed, does that mean LEVI would get the 8 second bonus for 3rd place on Stage 14? And he'd be TIED with Cadel for 2nd?!!

MAN OH MAN. For the sake of the Tour, I hope it's not true.

And isn't it strange that THIS year there are SO many doping "positives" DURING the race. Are these tests suddenly this much more accurate? Are more riders really doping THIS year, of all others, you'd THINK they wouldn't!

Oh, & Vino's B is "positive". But, that doesn't surprise me.


Ah shit. I can't stand another positive. Makes me wonder who was getting paid off in recent tours (to leak, to lie, to look the other way....).

Matt, my husband has been doing the guy version of your wife. He actually had the news on the other night (when my family was visiting). I had a moment when I could catch the end of the race, flipped the channel and he said, "what the ... I was watching that!" Now, I did apologize, but I had already missed so much I just couldn't stand it.

In usual neophyte manner, he only gets excited at the end of a stage with the sprints, and then, only if he knows someone. I've tried to clue him in to as many guys as I know, even went out and bought the Velo tour issue, and he has remembered pretty many, but it doesn't get his motor running.

Oh well, it's for another year, so.... He really wants me to get into baseball and football, but I just can't do it. I can fake it with B-ball, but football? No way.


The Soler positive was apparently a bad rumor. Prudhomme says the UCI said there is not a pending positive.


I heard that same rumor, Julie. Glad to hear it is just that...


I finally got me Levi-kicks-ass day!!!! He was so extraordinarily awesome, and yah, he looked it too. It is amazing what a roller coaster this is, and I'm glad it's ending on a high note...


Okay, I ALMOST bit my finger off waiting for Cadel to get to the line!! 9 seconds!
Gawd, I wonder how they are going to handle tomorrow's stage. Levi said he wouldn't do a "Vino sprint" on Cadel, and he's happy with third, and I really believe him. He did the time-trial of his life today, even better than Lance-baby! Except for 2003 the race wasn't this tight; and definitely not for all 3 podium places! At least Sastre didn't lose his 4th place. Didn't he get 4th last year?? Or was it 5th?

Don't stop my heart like that you guys!! Soler HAS to be clean! He was acting too goofy in the mountains to be a slick druggie, on a wild card team!

Tomorrow, I won't watch the stage til I get home from the races. That'll be afternoon. I have to be at the Race site no later than 8am....and I didn't ride today; after I got up to watch the stage I went back to bed again, and then we had storms coming in, and it was sooooo hot and humid, I just couldn't get motivated. I feel like a lazy bum.


I know T, I think I bit off ALL of my finger nails watching the TT today! I thought the suspense would kill me! I was *so* proud of all three of them -- THAT was a bike race!!!!! Levi was simply phenomenal today and I knew he had it in him somewhere. I'm just crazy happy that he got the stage win and put in the performance of his career. I know some think he could be a little more engaging, but I just think he is such a professional, gracious guy. And how cute was Contador finally SMILING in his yellow jersey and kissing his lion. What a GREAT ending to an emotional race. I'm betting that tomorrow will be for the sprinters and the top three will (rightly) enjoy their hard won accolades.

I had to watch the stage again tonight to hear what Al and Bob had to say :) My husband thinks I'm crazy -- though he would definitely KNOW better than to try and turn the channel!!


Man...what a day! You gals are crazy (in a good way!) always make me laugh! Thanks Sara for sneaking away to post for us lost miscreants...hanging out here even on weekends! My guys went on a nice leisurely 62 mile RIDE TILL YOU PUKE (or better: RIDE TILL THE OTHER GUY PUKES!) ride this morning..while I worked on my tile. (yes, I'm STILL doing the dang tile..just never seems to end!) BUT...the end (of this room anyway) is in sight...FINISHED cutting and laid all in thinset today! WHEW!! (this was the family room...including vertical time up/around the fireplace..with a nice bordered hearth...looks nice but WHAT A PAIN! Tomorrow I grout and it's DONE! And I can leave for Florida guilt free! Funny how while I was measuring, cutting and laying tile I was thinking TOUR all day! Gosh I'm going to miss this! PTD..Post Tour Depression! It's as low a low as my PTF..(Pre Tour Fever!) But, I get my LIFE BACK! (well, after I get back from FL that is). Not sure what I'll do every evening now...but I know JEANNIE is happy! She was a 'tiny' bit thrilled for he's a CA native as is my wife (up near the same area too). I'm just wondering how all this will shake out...what the Tour will come up with as they were HORRIBLY embarrased...even though the silver lining is that they DID catch cheaters...and soon enough to give them the boot BEFORE it was too late. HOPEFULLY, the Grand Tours will actually sit down with the UCI and strategize..and come up with some MEANINGFUL answers! I hate knee-jerk answers that don't really solve anything! GIVE US REAL SOLUTIONS, thats all I ask. Help bring cycling into an era of trust and honor, where the racers are clean, even if they have to be dragged into compliance! OK...bed time...and when I wake up, TOUR TIME! THE END!




Oh, I am getting sooooooo depressed. What will we talk about til next spring? AND WHEN WILL THEY ANNOUNCE FL's DECISION??????

BTW, Marty posted in the comment section...he swam in the public pool! Even if it was only a dip. SaaAAARaaa! I think you have an influence on him!

Sara and Marty sittin' in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g! (I think you have competition Larry)


Hey Gang, greetings from Paris once again on the final day of the Tour! And what a Tour it's been--incredible for the DC team. If we can't get a sponsor after this performance then I will re-evaluate my position that cycling can survive anything.

I woke up and looked out my window this morn and the street was packed with team buses and cars. All the support staff and spouses are arriving and waiting for the Tour to get here. It's been sprinkling a little bit this morning and the sky is very dark and threatenting. Plus it's already quite windy. Will pack accordingly. I will take a taxi over to the Hotel Crillon in an hour of so and set up for the day. We're viewing from the rooftop of the hotel which is right by the beautiful fountain and obelisk they always show on tv. This is around the corner from the CE so while we will see plenty of race action we will not see the finish line or podium live. But the crowds will be crazy-wild anyway so I think this will be good. More tomorrow after the finish and the party. Gotta drink more cafe...need to stay up all night!

Two other things: Sara wrote the race report for me yesterday while I played so be sure to read her Stage 19 report on Paceline. She did a great job and I cannot thank her enough for helping me out. And I've added a new Mehlting Pot piece that is about our day at the TT, along with some of my personal observations about Paris.

Oh, and since I took some high school spanish I decided to google a little phrase to say to Contador in espanol. His parents and girlfriend will be here today.

Gotta run--I think the party is about to begin!


Cathy, thank you so much for your little update. Sounds WONDERFUL!! Enjoy your day and I know we all look forward to your report.

When's the book?
Hey, I just saw my first nature break. Did you see the guy making a dash for an unscheduled Nature Break? Judging by the way he was removing EVERYTHING I would guess, well, let's just say it wasn't number one. (aren't I just a child?). The riders at the front of the peloton were pointing and laughing. I'm sure someone will guess who he was by the kit color, but I couldn't tell at all.

So we got a little color on the last day!


re David Millar:,6610,s1-3-9-16112-1,00.html,6610,s1-3-12-16313-1,00.html
I don't know if you've already read these diaries, but he is quiet a well spoken and expressive gentleman in explaining his feelings about doping, both by himself and Vino. I was quite touched.

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