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July 22, 2007



Gosh Sara, that was wonderful to read. You are such a sweet writer. I mean that in a really good way.

BTW, I tried to send a consolation note to Dave Z via Velonews ( just as they suggest on their videos, but they came back with a failure delivery notice. I really want to send a note to Dave, AND I had some thanks to send to Velonews on the diaries. Any suggestions? Is my address correct?

Thanks for your help. Oh, and I got to do Bike Valet today! Man was that fun. Not as busy as I had hoped, but it was fun to interact with the riders. Since I was in the AM, I didn't meet the pros, but did get to meet the Cat 5-4-3 riders. Some were kinda funny and didn't want to leave their bike with me, so I took this perky tact of "Hi! My name is Cat and I am your bike valet! I'm here to help and you can trust me cause I am a nurse!" This got them laughing every time. Oh and, this ISN"T RACIST, I met my first African American cyclist. His name is Scott, he lives in Downer's Grove has a wife and a 15 month old girl. What a sweetie guy he was. The nicest out of all the riders I met. I have to tell you, if you want to really get into it, VOLUNTEER at your next event. Be sure and share your experience with everyone you know, and the organizer because we have a lot of insight to share. Devoted fans are what the sport is made of! (even if they think the sponsors are the only one's who matter)


Catherine, offhand as I look at that address I'm thinking it might be "" not insidenews. Watch another video and double check it, he usually mentions it each time as he reads a question.


Thanks Camille, I'll try that. Since he says it so fast, I had to back it up a couple of times to catch it near the end of a video. Told ja I'm old.


Cat, I'm so glad you had a good time!! I know, it sounds like so much fun! I hope I get to do something that gives me contact with the riders! It just gives me chills! And I've been thinking about offering to help with the local team here. They have a "Queen City Crit" coming up at the next Sunday. The last day of the Tour.


Hey T, do it, you'll have so much fun, especially if you do something that gives you contact with the riders. Let's look for Scott when we are at the Downer's Crit.


hey cat, keep an eye out for upcoming SA cyclists - we have a really great 'development' team initiative going here - development cyclists are all.... i have to use this word (which i gather is offensive over there)... black and are really getting a good deal with being taught cycling and all it's intricacies - how to ride, walk, stretch, eat, etc etc. we use that word here - BLACK - because we're all african and its cool to be able to differentiate!

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