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July 23, 2007



I can respect what Rassmussen has done, and not really be rooting for him. He's riding a smart race. Let the other stuff be dealt with after the Tour is over. Contador is the danger man!!

Sara, I guess, you don't have to like the person in the yellow jersey?? huh??? First time for this cycling

Sara Best

That's true Theresa. I am totally comfortable with not liking him and yet respecting his accomplishment in the race thus far at the same time.

I think that anyone who wears the leader's jersey in the hardest athletic event in the world, even for one day, is deserving of respect, but I don't have to like him as a person.

I have to say 'goodbye' to Vino now and change the name on my pom poms to CONTADOR. I'm rooting for him to win in Paris.

susie b

GREAT post! I can barely wait every day to see what you have to say! Thanks again for EVERYTHING! :)

I'm actually very impressed with Levi. The last few years I've fanatically supported Lancebaby, Floyd, George & then starting last year, Horner, ALL because I loved him so much in those diary entries! And this year, as you all now know too, he is even BETTER! So, I really only rooted for Levi as he was an American & then 2 years ago he did those VERY funny TV commercials, which made me kinda like him. He is NOT a spitfire, a charisma machine, & I don't feel a "connection" to him as I always have with Floyd, but he is a damn good cyclist. I am also VERY impressed that he hasn't let the press' snarky comments get at him & he just continues doing his own race. PLUS, PLUS, he gives Alberto MAJOR props in his interviews!! Class. That is CLASS, people. Sure, he's on the same team, but Levi has repeatedly said extremely laudatory things about Contador & it MUST be so hard to see AC above himself on the GC. For this alone, I SO wish he could win the thing. Especially over Rasmussen.

I am actually liking Chicken LESS & LESS. I do NOT want him to win. He has become surly in some interviews & then he apparently lied to Bambi (Contador) yesterday. The missed test stuff, I'm not sure what to make of. The Danish Cycling union are evidently idiots or attention whores, but it IS suspicious about why he didn't fix things. I just don't know all the partiulars to take a stand as everything I've read leaves out BIG gaps in the info. VERY frustrating! OH, & IF the Danish cycling union was so upset, why did they allow him to compete in the National Champ RIGHT BEFORE the Tour? July 1st! And then there's that Bovine Connection....

Unfortunately, because he made so much time over Cadel yesterday, unless he DOES fall off his bike repeatedly in the next TT, I'm worried he IS going to be the winner. Maybe if PLotto & Discov & Astana work together & attack, attack, attack in the next 2 Pyrenees stages.... Yeah, better not hold my breath.:( :(

Actually, by the time I post this, I guess the stage will be over. I'm afraid to go look! I'm crossing my fingers!

Oh, & Catherine! I was beginning to think I was the only person besides P2 that SAW Great-Ass Man! I mean Marty.... He saaaaaaid this would be the year he got liquored up & run with the Spaniards.... Saying he was in the PRESS tent, HAH!

Sara Best

Thanks susie, I love that you love the posts!

And I totally agree with you about Levi. He's not my favourite rider in the peloton only because I find him a little cold. But that's okay, it's not his job to smile and crack jokes and entertain me. He's a bike racer and I think he's doing a fabulous job in the Tour so far. And I too am impressed by how much praise he's giving his young teamate. My question about what is he thinking about it all was really just that, a question. I really do wonder what he thinks about his position right now in the Tour and his future on the team.

Wow, I'm commenting a lot today. Can you tell that I have work to do and I'm procrastinating?


I think Levi likes Contador just fine! Levi couldn't stay with Rasmussen, but Contador could, and thus take him to his limit, and perhaps soften him up for the next two stages. If not for Contador, Levi would've been all alone up there, and no one would be putting a dent in Rasmussen (and by dent, I mean physically and psychologically). Plus, that sweet little move where Contador brought Sastre to Levi to help him out. Yeah, I think Levi's lovin' the Kid.

I think the impression is that Rasmussen skirted right up to the line with two violations with each federation, and that starts to look suspicious. Plus the cow's blood thing - old or not, it puts a cloud on him and if true (and he hasn't denied it) he attempted to put a fellow cyclist in some pretty serious jeopardy without that cyclist's knowledge.


I'm DYING to find out the results of todays stage..but I DON'T want to find out until I WATCH it tonight! gosh this is hard...what will (did) happen? Will chicken defend his yellow? Will Levi step up and put a hurtin' on him in a decisive BIG Pyrenees stage? He HAS said he is waiting for the Pyrenees...well, here we are...AND?? Running out of Time Levi me' boy! Lance had said that you can win the Tour w/ 3 good stages: 2 mtns and one TT. well, there's today and Weds in the mts...and the final TT. So, if Levi wants to win this, he HAS to step up TODAY! But what if Chicken can hang? I admit I'm not a huge chicken fan, various reasons, but I DO respect what he's done the last few years (the peleton doesn't just GIVE that KOM jersey away for for free)...and then this snooker all the GC Favs w/ his 'improved TT' abilities (reminds me of the movie "Happy Gilmore"...the line where he sinks a putt, looks at the favs and says "Uh-Oh! Happy learned to PUT!") I think Rasmussen finished the TT on Sat and was up on the podium was saying to the other contenders "Uh-OH! Mikey learned to TT!" Gosh this is just so exciting! OK..gotta go, work calls!


Nice post, Sara! I've been wondering the same thing about Levi after the year he's had. He is ALWAYS professional and seemingly sincerely complimentary of his teammates, especially AC, but I do wonder just what is really going on in his head. You're sure right about Johann. I don't think you'd get many arguments about his fantastic ability to assess and utilize the strengths of his team and strategize his way into contention! DC has looked GREAT as a team this year! I've been impressed with both Levi and Contador -- you don't get to be 2nd and 4th in GC without a LOT of talent and work -- but have also been blown over by how much work Popo can do for the team and then STILL be coming in 10th on a stage like yesterday's. Levi always says that, while he can get up the mountains faster than most, he just isn't great at accelerations. Since Rasmussen and Contador (!!!) are, I'm just not sure if he is going to be able to get past him. Being in 4th, they're never going to let him go and he just doesn't seem to be able to keep their wheel when the attacks come in the steeps. I'd SO love for him to really prove me wrong, though!

I think, at this point, it will have to be one of the top 5 guys that will take the GC -- but who knows how it will all shake down! WHAT a RACE!!

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