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July 27, 2007



I only got to watch the beginning this morning before work, but it was SURE GREAT to see Boogerd out in the breakaway! I know he has a snowball's chance in hell of getting the stage win, but dang it, he's my man! WHAT a way to finish your last TDF, especially after all he's been thru this wonderful to see him with that gigantic TEETHY smile on the podium! I'll surely miss him in future races...he's been a staple of the peleton since I've been watching! No idea how the stage went at this point..just thought I'd toss that out there! And GOOD MORNING YA'LL!


Okay, I missed the end of the stage, cause I had to leave to go to Jenny Craig's. But I checked to see who won out of the breakaway, and I'm pleased. I was rooting for Axel or Boogerd, but Sandy is okay with me and I'm sure the french are happy. Tomorrow is the race of truth; even Levi says tomorrow Conti is on his own! This will be the most important ITT since the last one that was so important!!

I reached my goal on my weight!!! Now the work of trying to stabilize and maintain starts.
I'm trying to figure out how to email my newspaper. The headlines are about the Tour scandals and how it's going to affect our race. It's NOT!!!! Plus it's turning into a small political football, we have a Rep. govenor. Rumblings about how the race is taking away from healthcare! Give me a break!! This is tourism money being invested, and maybe if more people rode bikes, they would be healthier, ya think? This is one of the few things this Jeff City has done that I approve of!!! They better not rain on our party!!!


Okay, I spouted off on the newspaper forum, since I so stupid I can't figure out how to email! But I had my say, and they like to print some stuff off the forum in the paper itself. So maybe the positive messages will get thru. Sunday is our yearly Crit. Tape the Tour de France stage in Paris, and I'm going to watch the Queen City Crits!! I'll ride my bike to the race site!!


Don't know what is going on, I was getting very vehklempt watching today! Very lump-in-my-throat. That quote you mentioned yesterday catherine was so appropriate. I keep thinking about it!

And that is wonderful news camille, about your sis.

Congrats Theresa, that is Awesome!

By the way, matt - - don't drink anything on the job! Are you watching CNN?

ok, not a very TDF entry but I'll be up at dawn tomorrow to watch the tt, 5am, and i'll raise a cup a joe to all of you wonderful people! and then a glass of pinot at the end of the day to debi =) now y'all know my priorities.....


Way to go, Theresa; that's no easy feat...


I get to see Teee-eee, I get to see Teee-eee....
come August 23 (?) I get to see her ein the flesh and be able to check out those gams and new bod! ( should I do a butt check like Marty says the riders do?)


Hi all! I'd rather check in here than do my work...bad girl in Paris! lol Today was an easy work day, just got up, went shopping across the street for a few hours, watched the stage and then went to Hotel Crillon for the first event of the DC week-end. We had a lovely champagne reception, then dinner: foie gras de canard des Landes confit, grenadin de ceau de lai au sautoir (veal), brownie choco mure and mignardises de saison et chocolats, plus cafe. Please observe that TWO courses were chocolate...that's it, I am moving here, this is the perfect place to live!!! Tonight there were 70 or so people associated with DC, some sponsors, some friends of friends, etc. It was a marvelous dinner and I hung out with the Belgies from MIO sponsorship, so you know we discussed cycling. It was cool. The ride back to my hotel with the Eifel Tower and Arch de Triumph all lit up---priceless.

Tomorrow is a special day--we start with breakfast at the Crillon, then board the TGV and head for Cognac area where we'll watch the TT from courseside hospitality booth. I sent an email to Horner (which he awknowledged) that if he hears someone screaming for him from the DC booth it will be me!! Later we take the train back and enjoy dinner on the move....all in all a great day planned and hopefully a DC win! This is fun being with the VIPs; I could get used to this! lol

Did I also mention that we had wonderful champagne and wine all evening? I think it's time for a good night's sleep!

G'night all!


P.S. Look for someone special to be in the car behind Contador tomorrow! Nothing like calling on the head honcho and 7-time Tour winner when the motivation is a must, baby!!


Cathy, I am about every shade of green existing in both the natural and unnatural worlds... driving along after too much champagne and chocolate with the Place de la Concorde all lit up around you... ohhhh maaaaaaan.....I am so there!!! I'll look for Da Man in the car tomorrow -- cool!! It's about time he got there :D Can I hear an amen, Lance Acolytes?


Amen, Camille!
Cathy, I'm green too, but it was the food that did it to me, doesn't sound like Jenny Craig's entrees and desert!!

Cat, my dear, it's the 18th!!!!Acutally I'm driving up there thurs the 16th. There are races friday night and Sat, too. Before the Pros on Sunday!! Then come home Monday....I so EXCITED!! And you inspired me: I emailed the pres. of the Ozark Cycling Club, and I'm going to be a helper bee on Sunday, he said he could use me out on the course. So, I guess I'll take the car, wear my OCC tshirt from 2 yrs ago,(cut the sleeves out so I don't mess up my "tan" and take a folding chair!!! The races start at 8:15am with the juniors, and the last race is like 2:15pm. Maybe I should take my camelbak!


Oh, and woofdawg, you just ride that 115mi or so tomorrow. I'm riding about 30 mi, and I'll be thinking about ya!!


Oh, btw, this is what Brad thinks about doping in the Tour..:)


Rumors of another prominent positive, from the Plateau de Beille stage. Press conference tomorrow morning (France time). God help us all.


Waddy, thanks for the great quote yesterday! Loved it.

You made it to PARIS Cathy! Sounds like a wonderful time is being had. Maybe that will tempt you to head over for the entire Tour next year?? You know that you need to be cheering loud enough for ALL of us for the Disco boys (and CHorner) tomorrow, right?!?! Levi was SO fantastic on the last mt stage -- I'd just love it if he could pull out the best TT of his life tomorrow. It should be one of the MOST exciting time trials in a long, long time. The GC has the possibility of being unbelievingly close!!

I'm SOOOO proud of you, Theresa! Have fun this weekend!

Woofdawg & Susie, you're so right. GL has been making such an a$$ of himself. He has a right to his opinions, but the way he strikes out at individual riders reall irritates me to no end. His suggestion that no yellow jersey should be awarded this year is an insult to all of the riders who have struggled through 3 weeks of incredibly tough, and often demoralizing, racing.

Can't wait to read your article at the Paceline Sara (and yours too Cathy)! Have a great weekend!

OH NO......another 'bad' test, Julie? I almost don't wanna know....


Forgot who brought up Neal Rogers at Velonews, but I LOVE his interviews and other videos from the Tour!! I've stayed up way too late on too many evenings watching those. Glad to hear he's a good guy :)


FINALLY got to watch the stage...dang! I was really rooting for Boogerd....that would have been a very nice way to end his tour..after totally burying himself thru the mtns for the chicken...and then to have the TEAM WIN YELLOW plucked from their grasp...must have been quite a letdown. But it was a good end, nice to see another breakawy MAKE IT! And Sneaky french man (can't remember his name just now)...GREAT MOVE on the other 3 as they were hamering each other...I LOVE IT! But TOMORROW...ahh..will be getting up early for this! Man oh MAN! WHAT IF...Cadel catches MOSTLY UP, and LEVI catches MOSTLY UP...I'm talking seconds here folks...wouldnt THAT be exciting! Been a LONG TIME since we had GAME ON for the ride thru Paris to determine the winner! THAT would be a great way to end a rather bizzare race! And to be honest, (cover your eyes here Cathy!) it wouldn't bother me to see Cadel OR Levi pull this has been said here that Conti has MANY years left to race...and from what we have seen these last 22 days, he will have MANY days in yellow in his career! So...if either Cadel OR Levi win it...that will be a great ending! (of course, the American in is saying GO I have always rooted for him...but I respect Cadel a lot too..and as a former Mt bike Pro, I like that too!) But...that being said, I just want them all to finish this race in any order of 1/2/3 SAFELY! And I will REVEL in the winner...and if it just so happens to be a DC win, then thats ok too. Be safe over there Cathy! And ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY! Life can be GREAT! LIVE IT UP for all of us!


WooHoo and AMEN Camille !! i can't believe i've got a whole morning to get through before the tt starts.

so i see GL has no fans over here ! YAY... did any of you see the great item last year called "the tours de france lemond should have won"?it gives reasons why there are 167 tours that greg should have won! it's great. (as i'm new here, i'd probably find one of you penned it!!) but it's truly hysterical. i can't remember where i found it so i can't post a link, but i copied it onto a notepad if anyone wants to see it - worth a read. i would send it to sara to post, but i gather she doesn't have a SINGLE nasty bone in her body and probably wouldn't consider putting anything like that on her site! maybe we can persuade her in the quiet of next week.

so to all of you doing any type of activity this weekend - have a blast, strong legs etc, - i was going to step away from my pc for the rest of the weekend, but with the positive looming, i may have to check in again sooner!
sleep tite all.


No where to write but here...

They keep talking about the last stage bring ceremonial, no one tries to change the winner, but did I read somewhere that LeMond did that once?? NO Joke, I am sure I read that cause it was so weird. I thought it was an unspoken rule to let the sprinters have the day cause the winner had been decided the day before.

Great TT ride by the top three!!!


Catherine - when LeMond won by 8 seconds, the TT was on the final day. It has been said that Fignon losing on the last day is why they never have a TT on the last day anymore.


Well gang... what a stage, huh?! Whew, I'm emotionally exhausted. I was proud of Levi for his historic showing -- I think he's been lying low and hoping to be the sleeper, which he was this morning. He looked very proud of himself and I think he knows most people realize that if the team had backed him instead of Contador all the way, maybe he would/could have won the Tour. But then again I think he has finally learned to reach in and pull out his best when he has been wrongly discounted. At least he'll be up on that podium in Paris and being within 30ish seconds of the first place winner, I think it's obvious to most that it's almost a 3-way tie for 1st place. It's a 3rd place with an asterisk of "by a hair from the top 2." And I hoped Cadel would do just a hair better himself but he also did extremely well. I do wish tomorrow would be the first time the GC guys go for it, not just the sprinters, but... I guess that's pretty dangerous. If it weren't for those darn circuits around the Champs Elysees the top 3 could really make another race of it though. Boo!! Hiss!! I really wish they could. Isn't there a first time for everything? What separates Cadel and Contador -- 20 something seconds? But maybe Cadel is too much of a gentleman to break the tradition. Greg Lemond wasn't a gentleman about it though from what I hear? Anybody want to chime in with expertise on the probability with such a close gap between 1 and 2? I know Levi already promised not to try to jump up at the last second tomorrow.


WOW WOW WOW! I am SO PROUD of Levi (and Conti) that I could burst! I got up early to watch the wife walked into the room about 5minutes before Levi was to start and says "ugh..TDF AGAIN..can't we switch to the news or something?" (and she was serious)...thankfully I was buckled into the couch with the TIVO remote glued to my hand, or I would have fallen out and dropped the remote! I said something probably not very nice...she went away with her coffee for a bit..when we both had calmed down I explained the SITUATION...and we both apologized for our indescretions. SWITCH THE CHANNEL DURING THE MOST IMPORTANT STAGE? THE ONE THAT DECIDES WHO WINS?? AAAAHHHHHHHH! (tour fever was at PEAK this morning!) Boy was I rooting for Levi to pass Cadel...(sorry Cadel). But he did do the TT of his LIFE...and can be very was AWESOME seeing him on the TDF Podium FINALY! He's got nothing to be ashamed of in my book. And Camille...I the back of my mind I can't help but wonder how this would have turned out if he had NOT been trying to unseat Rasmussen, working for Conti in the Pyrenees...(and for that matter, if he had NOT played it so safe in the Alps and the first Pyrenees stage...seconds DID count here!) But alas, thats all feathers off the chickens is what it is...the GREATEST RACE in CYCLING! And WHAT a spectacular way to end it...DC 1 and 3, AND winning the Team standing! Cathy, give the boys hugs and smooches for us (well, for the ladies..I'll be ok w/ a pat on the back and a handshake if you dont' mind! Ahh..what the heck..give them ALL smooches for me too! Just this once!) And hey...not to diss Geroge and, they were AWESOME today (and the entire 2200 miles!) as well! We can all be very proud our our Team DC! Hopefully Cadel doesnt' attack tomorrow going for the is POSSIBLE with the time bonus'es available, but not very likely..and I think Cadel is too honerable (which is why I was also rooting for him) to do that. He knows that Contador BEAT HIM fair and square in the mountains...and I believe he will accept his 2nd place with the honor and respect that it deserves! As Phil would say.."WELL DONE LADS!" I'm almost in tears as I write this, I'm so proud!


camille, from what i can gather about cadel, he's WAAAYYYYY too much of a gentleman to try anything - and the disco team are WAAAAAAYYYYYY to attentive to let him slip away and sneak some seconds. i think the best man won in the end - the ras affair left a nasty taste in my mouth, but it's been gargled clean by a phenomenal tt by those 3 today. conti was far more agressive on the mountains -yes, cadel answered all the moves but mostly sat on - but conti was an instigator. and everyone knows, we love a good instigator. (i hope i've spelled that right)
and please can i just say again, levi looks fabulous, awesome, gorgeous on a bike - what a style.

enjoy tomorrow, GO robbie hunter!!

susie b

Matt, please tell your wife that I say this NOT in a "husband-stealing, low-down hussy" sort of way, but I love ya! I was so THRILLED for Levi, I could barely sit on the sofa! When I think back on this year's Tour, sure, the doping messes will be there, but so will Levi's ride into the history books. And the fact that NEVER in the history of the Tour have ALL three podium places been separated by 31 seconds!

I just read Levi's comments on Eurosport & again, let me say the guy is CLASS. Giving props to both Alberto & Lance, the latter for giving encouragement.

I truly think Levi did the best he could on every stage. Sure, I wish he could have gone 45 seconds faster in the 1st TT. Heck, even 32 seconds faster would have done it... And then there was that stupid 10 second penalty... But, I think Disco did a GREAT job backing both Levi & the Hawk. TWO on the podium! How can they not get a sponsor?! This to me is more devastating than Vino & Rasmussen!

Cathy - give smooches all round! And don't forget Chris & Neal! Par-tay! Par-tay!

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