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July 27, 2007



Sara, if you haven't already got this in the works, an article on what pushes pro cyclists to risk ALL with regards to doping would be VERY intersting! If you could interview 'ex' dopers...(such as Amy suggested yetserday..Millar), maybe Tyler (oh, I forgot, he still says he didn't do it, is that right? SOMEONE ELSE's blood got in his body SOMEHOW!)...there surely are enough 'confessed' dopers out there now....if you could get an ernest conversation on why they did it...well, that would be an extraordinary piece I would think! Have a nice weekend, the time trial tomorrow should really be something! This could come down to a RACE IN PARIS if they are close after the TT! Wouldn't THAT be something! A SPECTACULAR finish to a rather bizzare tour! I can hope!


You coulda bet that it'd only be a matter of time before Greg Lemond would open his pathetic little pie hole:; Among the highlights, he says that there shouldn't even be a mellow johnny this year (guess he should get it for his continued martyrdom), then says he doesn't want to point fingers at anyone--and proceeds to point his finger at Contador. What an asshole.

Otherwise, it's abeautiful morning! 2.5 mi in the lake this a.m., going to do a 3 hr run this afternoon, ride 115 tomorrow, &c, &c. And the 'fridge is well stocked with beef and beer. Life is good.

susie b

Sure Matt, we'll keep your secret...wink,wink.... Plus, everyone should stay out of Florida for the month of August. Actually, who GOES to Fla in Aug?! HUMID, HUMID, HUMID! Will you be doing some swimming again? Watch out woofdawg! He's gaining on ya!

Thanks Cathy for the info on my new crush, Neal! I'm so relieved he's not a jerk. He seems so sweet & genuine on camera that I would have been depressed if he'd been the opposite! :) And have a FABULOUS time in Paris! Kiss ALLLLLL the boys for us! And give a smooch to Neal too! I'll live vicariously!

Just read on Eurosport that Rabobank is going to give their remaining riders that finish in Paris the same money as if Rasmussen had won! Boy, that's a way to keep em happy! Way to go Rabobank!

And I also saw on various websites that once again the Voldermort of American cycling has put his 2 cents in. I HATE this guy! SHUT UP GREG!

And I've been thinking about this. I don't see this Tour as "null & void" at all. The guys that are still in the peloton worked their asses off & whoever wins, DESERVES it! He'll be the winner of possibly the cleanest Tour in the last 30 YEARS!

However, I do have some conspiracy theories. I'm thinking Kloden & Kash also tested positive at the TT & instead of announcing it, the Tour made a deal with Astana to just leave quietly. I'm thinking the Tour saw that as the lesser of 2 evils. With Rasmussen, I think the Tour wanted him OUT since that 1st story broke but the reason it was not announced until AFTER Wed's stage is that the bigwigs were PRAYING Contador, Levi, or Cadel could take him out. When that didn't happen, they either cooked up the "lie" reason or made it a biggger deal than it would have been. I think they have MORE on Ras & just aren't saying. Again, for the image of the Tour. I think it's possible that IF Chicken had failed badly in the Pyrenees, he'd still be there & his "travel" itinerary would still be unknown to us. Ok, maybe this is a stretch... Any other theories?

I also just saw that Floyd's lawyers, Suh & Jacobs are taking Vino's case. I'm NOT happy about that as I truly think Vino did it. That test seems to be EXTREMELY accurate & Vino's excuses piss me off. Too much blood in his thighs!!! "They" didn't "WANT" him to win?!! Oh yeah, I guess "they" somehow made him fall off his damn bike & get a boo-boo!

And Sara, have a great weekend & again, thanks for the great place to hang & discuss & enthuse & wail about the Tour! I really meant it when I said I couldn't wait to read what you had to say everyday, especially this last week. Your posts always made me think AND feel. Nothing could be finer! Next year, YOU need to BE there!


Oh Catherine, I just saw your note to me yesterday, thanks and I talked to her again this morning and she's about to go home where she has plenty of help and room to rest quietly. Chemo is for sure and it starts as soon as she can deal with it. I have all my check-ups scheduled soon, needless to say! She just had a mammogram last year so it's important to get them every year. (nag, nag)

Back to watching the stage -- yawn! Can't wait for tomorrow...


Camille, I wish the insurance companies would OK breast ultrasounds since they are more acurate and the mammograms have a high incidence of false positives and negatives. Certainly it is the "best" we've got that doesn't cost a fortune, but none the less.... Self examination (by self or a good looking guy with sensitive hands) are really important too. I don't do it enough!!


Catherine, yes, the ultrasound is what showed the tumor, I think the mammogram missed it or wasn't conclusive at least. But you're right, insurance should pay for ultrasounds.


Hmmmm......I really thought that Susie might have been on to something with the theory that our dear Matt has been over in France this whole time, claiming innocence and ignorance with regards to the craziness going on this year at the Tour. Well, I guess that Florida has fair warning this time, huh? Just because you're taking a break from the bike doesn't mean you're taking a break from visiting us, does it Matt?

Camille I am just SO happy to hear that your sisters' cancer hadn't spread -- I wish her the best in her treatment/chemo!

Regarding the Tour being 'null and void' and a certain someone's opinion that there should not be a yellow jersey given this year, I absolutely LOVED Chris Horner's answer when he was asked if the riders felt that they should just end the tour after all of the scandals. He immediately said something to the effect of "Heck no!" Now that now that the cheaters had been removed, he was excited to get on with the 'real' race! Gotta love Chris and his enthusiasm!!

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