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July 30, 2007



Sara, I promise! Where else will I go, to talk to people that KNOW what I'm talking about and care??? I spent 8hrs yesterday being a corner marshall at the yearly local criterium. Saw the guys, girls, and kids, out there racing the best they can, not for big contracts, but for the love of racing their bikes!! We only had one wreck on my corner, and both guys got up and unhook their bikes and got back on and sprinted to catch up. My day wasn't as glamourous as Cat's day at the races, or the Tour, but it was fun, exhausting, and I got to meet some of the local racers. Yes, we will have lots to talk about!!
Matt, I thought you had that tile finished already!! I finally got a new roof(right during the Tour..ugh). And speaking of the up and coming Team Slipstream, they made us proud this week,at the Tour of Toona...(in Brad's words!)


Oh, my feeling about the stage proud as I was for Conti, great, quiet, Levi, and wonderful Cadel; I couldn't help but remember last year's podium. Mememories of Floyd came flooding back!

And thanks Cat, for the links to David Millar's diaries. He is wonderful, and my esteem for him just keeps growing. Team Slipstream is lucky to have him coming on board.


Sara, I think we're all having some very similar feelings about this. I feel just like you as far as the "none of my friends in town understand my Tour 'thing'"... I just had someone this morning at my exercise class (a former Lance-acolyte) ask me how I liked the way the Tour turned out. I told her I wished Cadel or Levi would have won and asked if she watched it. She shook her head no... No one in my circle here in town watched it! Thank goodness for you guys.

But it's weird... I have things I need and want to do but the Tour is such a great escape! So I'll ease back into my little humdrum life... I painted a hallway door yesterday (only 9 more to go... not really but it feels like it)... there are just countless things that I've procrastinated that need doing and I've got to quit ignoring them although I do want to keep up our community. As my Mother always used to say "Inch by inch, life's a cinch; by the mile it takes a while." So that's two doors this week so far, maybe I'll speed up the pace now that I have 6 or 7 more hours in my day :) I'm also finishing the 6th Harry Potter so I can start the final one in a few days. (that will make my daughters very happy) We saw the Simpsons movie yesterday morning while the Tour was finishing (and I felt resentment not to watch it live... now that's just SAD! I was with my FAMILY!!! Yes, Sara, I felt like I was 'sick.' Much guilt associated with that (of course, hidden) resentment. And then when I watched it later it had a hollow feeling --- there's just no pleasing me, I guess! And Claire will be home in just over 2 weeks, I can't believe it. Right after that we go to the beach for a week, then almost immediately after both girls move out for the coming school year. I never look forward to that and it makes me want to really cherish and make the most of the time I do have with them under my roof. Silly me, they'll both be in town still, but I know seeing them will be sporadic.

I'm rambling but am just trying to say I'll still be here but for the next month I'll just be in and out probably. And there's even the tiny possibility I'll be looking for a j-o-b (shudder) in September.

On that note I think I'll read my book while I can...


Sara - we'll be here!!! Just try to keep us away! I was hoping so hard that you would still be here and wouldn't decide you were too busy with your wonderful new career to engage in cycling gossip with us anymore. I'm in a much better mood after reading your post today :) My Tour month has been equally obsessive, Sara and Camille, and my family is probably thrilled that I might have something else to do and talk about now.

So my adventure begins today. I'm taking my just turned 2-year-old daughter on her first camping trip this week! Although its not camping like I think of it -- tents and cold water in the mountains-- we're starting with my parents in their camping trailer about 2 hours from my house. should still be pretty interesting and I hope that we all feel like we might be able to handle it again someday after we get back.

HOORAY for a wonderful, exciting Tour and for the anticipation of much more cycling talk to come!

Ken Mitchell

Hi, I just googled onto your site, I wish I had known about it earlier.

I am long-time cycling fan and an "old-fat-slow" cyclist myself, and I both enjoyed and was discouraged by this year's events.

I always am glad to see them get rid of liars and cheaters in the sport. I remember back to the first time that I saw one of my favorites accused of cheating and thrown off the race (Pantani in the Giro)... since then, I have been much less centered around individual cyclists and more interested in the overall race. Riders come and go, but the Tour, the Giro, the Vuelta and the classics continue.

I am also a former journalist, and I was baffled during the Rasmussen affair... people were wondering why Rabobank were taking the word of some commentator over their own rider... and not one of the journalists that I saw came up with the obvious answer... the teams hold the riders passports for safe keeping during the races... and all you have to do to know where a pro really was is to simply look at the stamps in it. If he was in Mexico the whole time, the stamps would say that... likewise, Italy. This is a no-brainer.

Anyway, I am going back to read your blog and the comments. In the future, I will join in.

I don't know if y'all are viewers (it stinks, but it is better than nothing) but there is still one more big stage race a'coming to keep the fires burning for the year!

Sara Best

Welcome Ken, so glad that you found us - better late than never.

Very interesting point you make about the passports - that's the first time I've heard that observation.

I'm in Canada and the only bike race we get televised here is the Tour so I'm debating signing up for My only problem with it is that I really want to watch the races on my couch, in front of my big TV, not sitting here at my desk in front of my computer where I sit all day long. Picky, I know, but that's why I haven't yet really gotten into


Looks like you're stuck with me too, Sara.

It's funny, last Tuesday I was down in Northern Califronia and was riding up Mount Diablo, and about halfway up I realized that suddenly it was midsummer...the light was different and there was that first, faint whiff of all the vegetation shifting into another gear, the slimmest thread of fall out there around a distant corner. And next thing you know, you wake up and there's no Tour on TV, and down at the lake in the morning, the sun's just barely up when we head out for a swim... it's all part of the midsummer blues and it slammed me big time when I didn't get to my coffee with Phil,Paul, Bobke and Al.

And what a great freakin' tour! I think that rumours of cycling's demise are greatly exaggerated. In fact, on NPR this morning, I heard that TV numbers were by far the biggest ever!

susie b

Oh Sara, you're so funny! Five and a half months ago, out of hurt feelings, anger, & depression, arose a single bright light & it's name was Sara's Place! I'm like Janann, I was afraid you'd be too busy for US! Do you really think WE'd leave?!! Your daily posts during the Tour were some of your best & some of the best I'd seen anywhere! And I did read A LOT about the Tour online! Just like everybody else here, I also love the camaraderie amongst all of us, but without you shepherding & inpsiring, it would not be the same!

It's funny, when you 1st briefly mentioned the PTD several days ago, I laughed as I go through it every year. It's even worse for the Olympics. As you allllll know by now, I'm just a tad obsessive :), & I get 'into' the Olympics & the TDF like a junkie 'into' drugs. The WEB has made my addiction SO much worse! From 2003, the 1st year I got OLN from my cable company & then the cycling websites I discovered soon thereafter, it's just been a downward spiral. :)

This has been the 1st year I've ever been able to WRITE about & CHAT over the Tour in "real-time" & even though I am utterly exhausted & my mouse-clicking hand has developed some kind of carpal tunnel thing, I'm so happy! That I could write with friends was even better!

As ya'll know, I'm not married & have no kids or anyone else in the house to anchor me back to the "real world", so except for work, all I did for 3 straight weeks is read & watch the Tour. And let's not mention the amount of time AT work, I spent online. You're right, it's a "sickness"! :) In the 23 years I've watched the Tour on TV, I've only ever known a few people in "real life" who followed it, so I'm still downright giddy that we can chat with each other about it.

I really enjoyed reading MD's on-site "living the Tour" experiences & I loved your analysis of the race, people, & various flotsom during the Tour. Your observations & points of emphasis were so different, it was fantastic to read both.

woofdawg, I so miss you when you don't write. I know, I could be married, I nag so much... Just wish we could have read more of your always eloquent thoughts during the Tour. Still, I know you're busy with your training. And if it's true that the TV numbers were the biggest! Well, I guess everybody wanted to see what the Hell was going on over there in France! It's soap opera, NASCAR, & COPS, all rolled into one. ;)

And Sara, I really, REALLY would LOVE to have both you & Cathy over at the Tour next year, at least for the last 2 weeks. Both of your observations, analysis & insights, plus you humor would be 'ECSTACY'! What can I say, I'm an addict... :)


Susie, it is funny, when there is no one but the JOB and the cats:) to demand your attention, it's easy to let everything slide. I need to balance my checkbook for the whole month of July!!! \

And welcome Ken!! We need the male voices to keep us girls under control sometimes. Some of our regular male readers, aren't very chatty, unless we call them out!! And a former jounalist to boot; then we get a wonderful perspective!!

Camille, I agree, wish Cadel or Levi had got the top spot. Maybe that's why I was relieving Floyd's win last year. David Millar said that poor Conti,just wants to go on vacation with his girlfriend, and what he doesn't realize is, it's not that simple anymore.
Oh, and Ken, I have proudly increased my ave. speed to 11mi/hr. I'm quite proud of that(unfortuately I could push a little harder...) and please excuse my bad spelling, I don't know how to use the spellcheck thingy.
Good luck Janann, with your camping trip!!

Sara Best

Here we go folks. Tighten your seatbelts.

Mayo tests positive for EPO.

Sara Best

Even tighter please...,22049,22163308-5001023,00.html

susie b

So, Mayo tested positive for EPO on the 2nd Rest Day. SD announced it, so at least it's not another MISTAKE like Eurosport did with Soler.

I'll say it again. How DUMB or ARROGANT or DESPERATE do you have to be to dope in this Tour after all the crap that was happening?!! In Mayo's case, I think it may have been desperation. He had a HORRIBLE 1st TT & then in an even BIGGER humiliation, that Sunday's Stage 14, SD hammered all morning to springborad him into the mountains & the guy got dropped.

In other news, Astana just fired Vino. Had to I guess since his B test came back positive. Still, kind of weird since HE set that team up. And the Kazahk govt was also claiming "he was set up". Being that they broke off from the Soviet Union, where that WAS an everyday occurence, I'm not totally surprised that's their 'explanation'.

I really don't know what to think about the doping in this sport. You turn one way & read people who say they "know", say it is ENTRENCHED & "everybody's" been doing & still does it. The you turn the other way & you see 'shock & dismay' by the rest of cycling. One thing I know, these guys aren't doing it by themselves.

I will hold my breath for the next 2 weeks before I will REALLY relax about the podium. And even though I was THRILLED at who was up there, after Floyd, I can't let myself get that personally attached to their destinies. I have "lived" Floyd's predicament as if it were my own, & I can't go through it again. It is HORRIBLE either way, to see a favored athlete revealed as a cheat or to feel that athlete was erroneously ruined by an incompetent Lab & an incorrectly administered test. There is only one other athlete in any sport that I allow myself to giddily admire & if any doping tests came back on him, it would crush me - Michael Phelps. I started following his career SO long ago, it's too late to "get out" now. But, I'll never do it again.

Sara, that Werner guy is a jerk. He's making it sound like the "story" about Contador was hushed up til HE revealed it! It's been freakin headline news ever since Contador started battling Chicken, where the Hell's he been the last week? Also, THIS is the guy that hounded Jan relentlessly. I think he even filed a lawsuit against Jan for "sporting fraud". Apparently, in several Euro countries, a regular person can do that. And I thought only the USA legal system was at times INANE. I have read several stories about AC & OP, & people who ALSO have "seen the documents" said Contador's name is only mentioned in passing, as in the Top 10-15 of a race,etc. And WHY, of all riders, would Contador have been shielded as not many teams thought he was that big of a deal at the time? Mancebo, yes. Mayo, yes. Valverde, yes. But, Contador? He's the kind of guy they would have offered up as a "sacrifice". To "prove" they were tough on doping. This Werner guy (I read a LOT about & from him while following the 'Saga of Jan' last year) makes Dick Pound seem classy...


You got it baby! Haven't you been listening to us? We are as worried as you that somehow we won't all stay here. Ever since you went Pro, we've been worried your other responsibilities would pull you away...the lure of the lights, the flash and bling, the hot guys in lycra, oh and those kids you've got, yea, them. Ooops, the cute husband?


Do you think Marty is really going offline for a few weeks?


I'm so glad I commented before reading the responses.... I too need to distance myslef from them as people. Floyd is about the only guy, well and DZ, oh, Chris Horner, and....shit. I'm in trouble!


David Millar explains it all in that blog entry at, that Cat provided the links for. I'm not surprised about Mayo. The Contador story, they said it would hit the day after he won. Bruyneel couldn't have allowed that, considering he came from Liberty Seguros. My favorite riders tend to be American, Aussies,or German, well Norway(Thor) belgian, or never mind!! I'm as bad as Catherine!!


Camille - I'm still here, dear! Family obligations prevented me from posting last night, but I finally posted final thoughts tonight. :-)

Now to catch up on the rest of it...


I'm fortunate to have a brother and sister both minutes away and who both watch the Tour. My poor brother-in-law must get bored, but the rest of us have a great time talking Tour! We even get my nephew in on a few stages. But that doesn't mean I don't appreciate y'all any less, it's been a blast! (not that it's over, you know, I'm just saying...)

As for Iban - if confirmed, that's just really sad, considering he still couldn't do anything. But David Millar, my god, what he must be thinking. He was crawling with prickly heat and he busted his ass for Iban in the mountains. And rode Iban's bike in the TT after his two exploded. Thank god he didn't have to leave the Tour because of Iban, I don't know if he would've recovered from that. He must be even happier to be going to Slipstream!


oops, I bungled that thing about appreciating y'all, but you knew what I meant, right? Yes, time to get back on a regular sleep schedule...


I just kind of don't know what to say - ok - I'll give it a try. BOO HOOooo!

For the last couple days I've been trying to imagine "life" w/o the tour and thinking should I get a new bike and who will talk to me about Floyd, nobody here (at home) thinks twice about it, maybe I can now brave reading his book and why isn't there a cable channel dedicated solely to broadcasting races both euro and u.s. year-round and will they let me post a comment now that the tdf is over and what would have happened if I hadn't found this site?

Thank you Sara, you making this site available and your TIME to it is so wonderful. I have never learned so much about the race, the riders and enjoyed reading such enthusiastic, unfettered, unPHILtered dialogue. All of this really humanized the experience for me in a way that was missing in years previously.

I like that I leave this note today feeling inspired by others and I thank you folks for being patient with my outbursts. My typing is very flow of conscience and not always tempered; blame it on the lycra!! =)


The season's not over. Don't dispair. I know you can't watch it every day, but the Vuelta de Espana is just around the corner. I read where Tom Danielson is on the rebound from a long intestinal ailment. Who will Discovery send to Spain? It'll be fun to check in on the proceedings. My wife and daughter and I are also planning a trip to Greenville, SC on labor day weekend for the US Pro Road Championships (at my wife's encouragement!). As Phil Liggett once said, "Don't look back, you're making the race!"


Here's a little something to cheer all you beautiful people up. Some of you may be familiar with this link:


Waddy - I'm looking forward to the Vuelta as well. It will be so exciting to see what Tom can do now that he finally figured out that bacteria/parasite business. He'll be feeling good and hungry to show what he can do when healthy. (I assume he'll be at the Vuelta.)

Sinkewitz not contesting the testosterone, oh well.

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