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July 31, 2007



Thanks Sarah. This makes me feel better as I wander aimlessly around my quiet, Phil and Paul-less house, staring at my blank tv screen. Heavy sigh.


TEAM SLIPSTREAM THE TEAM OF THE FUTURE!!! Sara, WHAT great news!! Christian AND Dave!! And a Paris-Robiaux winner....HOW COOL! They are going to be working with my Brad, Creed, McCarty, Taylor,Friedman,etc. This is awesome!! YES, I'm screaming!!!!!!!!!


Testing....ignore me!


They are still trying to fix my laptop. I had to go show the tech what it was doing when it wouldn't post here! Now he knows....back to regular scheduled cycling chatter!!


Okay, just had a thought while I was out riding. I know David Millar received a text message from Stuey during the Tour. He mentioned it in his diary on The big Barloworld fiasco, that turned to nothing. Hmmmm
I doubt Tom would leave Quick-Step, Fabian is still young....CSC would fight for him...the other 3 are all older, coming to the end of their careers on a bike, what better way to spend the last years than helping to build a team, and teach young pros how to race.


Does anyone remember in one of MD's posts, him mentioning a Team Tailwind? Do you think he meant Slipstream, or is there another team forming?

Sara Best

I don't remember the post Amy, but he was probably refering to Tailwind Sports which is the corporation that Lance and the Discovery Team are involved with.


Yes Theresa, I was thinking Stuey rather than Fab. I would think there would be an attraction for an English speaking rider to join Slipstream. That would make a nice fit for Stuey. Plus Fab is a TT specialist and they've just signed Dave Z., so that may not be what they're looking for. Stuey's a formidable sprinter and classic's rider. Being on a non-English speaking team has proven to be a challenge for English speaking riders, so I'm hoping for Stuey! That's my guess.


Amy - I remember that post, and thought at the time that Marty was confused again. ;-) I think he meant Slipstream in that post, but had Tailwind in his head b/c of Disco.


I really liked this post--showing that there IS a future for cycling, and it seems that the events of this past TdF actually highlighted the changes that are already underway.


Some of those changes being...riders 'fessing up, taking a stand, becoming more vocal...


Well, I am alive and well in Florida...(boy is it HOT and HUMID here!) And TOTALLY suffering from PTD! Gosh....I need a fix of Phil and Paul...with a little Bobke on the side! It's OVER!

I won't elaborate over the details, but my powers of Cosmic disturbance DO see to take effect rather quickly on a trip. Lets just say it took me 26 hours to get from CA to FL...(a 5 hour flight)...and....I get here this morning EARLY, pick up the keys to the condo I will be staying at from a night lock-box thing....get to the condo, and SOMEBODY IS ALEADY LIVING IN THERE!! Man that could have been UGLY had the person been home....would have scared the wits out of them. (it would me..having somebody just WALK INTO your place). So we FINALLY got that sorted the internet hooked up (priority..the first place we tried AFTER the already lived-in place DIDN'T have internet....what the hay planet are THEY FROM? I had to elaborate how VITAL internet was...and ended up finding a new place to say). So...all is well now...tomorrow BRIGHT AND EARLY we get busy...working 12 hour days I hear...did I mention how HOT it is? Oh..and RAIN too...being from CA we don't see much rain...I think it rained like 9 " today...just this afternoon too! MONSTER lighning...don't get THAT either over in CA...and the mosquitoes...they are already spreading the word that I'm in they are busting out their special drills I"m sure..they just LOVE me!

Anyway...enough on very cool on Slipstream! Man if they can bag're all right...a great fit to what looks to be a VERY promising team! And not to start drooling so SOON, but can you imagine TWO teams from this side of the pond in the TDF? How very cool will THAT be!! I'm already getting PRE tour fever again!

Hopefully very soon we will learn (from she seems to be quite well connected aleady!) what's happening as to Team DC's sponsor search, as well as the announcement of Floyd's case being DISMISSED! It HAS to happen VERY SOON NOW! And BTW, I FINALLY read his book during my incarceration..I here yesteray...LOVED IT! If only it was LONGER! sure made a few hours of my private hell go by quicker. the man is more a hero/role model than EVER if you ask me! It will be VERY intersting to see which team has enough $$ avail (and is in need of a captain who CAN and WILL win) for next season..which I truly feel he will be racing in! Can you see the next TDF? 2 American teams, and then FLOYD on whatever team is LUCKY enough to snag him....Conti...Levi...Cadel..and Floyd...all fighting for the yellow...honestly it all adds up to one of the most exciting races EVER and it's still 343 days or so away! Just my this got long again...(imagine that!) good night!


LOL!! MATT you are a riot!! Didn't you realize that they were sending you to Florida on the "off-season"?? I can't believe all the stuff you went thru just to get there and get settled! I don't think the Cosmos likes you traveling to Florida! You disturb your energy fields when you travel outside of CA or on your jaunts to Mexico.

Matt, had you thought of the possibility of Floyd joining Slipstream????? How cool would THAT be!!! I posted on a gal's blog that goes to Floyd's power camp every year, and she said this year in Jan, a lot of Slipstream riders showed up. They were having training camp in CA.
And, Waddy, I agree, I think Stuey would fit well. I read Christian VV's diary on VN, and he mentioned that he's been talking to Stuey(from his hospital bed too!) which isn't weird since they are both on CSC, but......makes you think. There was some gossip that Vaughters was trying to get Axel to wait another year for retirement, to ride with Slipstream. Then I read that Axel and his wife have a home in CANADA!!! He doesn't live in Europe all year! More speculation....

I'm just so excited that I can't stand it!!

I'm button-popping proud of Patrick Sinkewitz. He probably told Rolf the truth when they talked at the hospital, or Rolf gave him some words of wisdom. He wants to talk to the German Cycling Fed. as soon as he can. I need to go to the T-Mobile team site, and tell them how much I support them. God, I hope T-Mobile sucks it up and doesn't desert them. I'd be more loyal to T-Mobile if they held on for the ride!


Ok, a few things before I go to bed. David Millar has invested in Slipstream! I finally got to watch a couple of videos on VN. There's is one with David and JV.
Stuey has another year on his CSC contract, so he's not going anywhere. That leaves us with 3 riders, Magnus, PVP, and the guy that won 1997 P-R. (sorry, never heard of him...)

Bob Stapleton is more concerned about the governing bodies of cycling. He thinks they need to get their act together, and posssibly sees moving forward without the UCI...he said that's what T-Mobile is having problems with. He such a cool guy!!
Ok, I'm off to bed, before I fall off my chair! I was supposed to be getting more sleep now!!


and after the euphoria of robbie hunter's stage win and mauricio soler's polka dots - TRAGEDY! We lost ryan cox this morning.

it's so terribly, terribly sad - he was such a shining star and a fabulous role model to all our kids. no routine surgery should end like this. the same doctor operated on ryan as on stuey o'grady. oz won, sa lost.

too, too sad.

i don't suppose my post will be seen here. i guess everyone's finished posting, gone to bed and will wake up and concentrate on sara's new post in the morning. no matter, i just needed a place to come to cry. thank you, sara, for providing us with a safe haven. and thank you too, for promising not to forget us, allowing us to come over to play all year round, not just in july. actually, this is my first stop each morning. i wake up dying to read what everyone's had to say, but i seldom post anything for the reason stated above, our times just don't co-incide.

oh dear, i didn't think PTD could be this bad - it's like a double whammy. although it's only 3.30pm, i feel like going to find a small place in the sunshine and taking to hard liquor.

one of those things i'll do - the other i won't.

thanks for inadvertently drying my tears. i love it here.


BTW sara - how do you pronounce "chipotle"?


I'm hearin' ya deb. Tragic.

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