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June 18, 2007



Ah, graduations...they are so sweet.

I spent Sat. riding the Tour de Cure for the Diabetes Asso.
32 miles with HILLS!! Much harder ride that the week before, plus it was hotter. But what a great turnout of cyclists from last year. It's just the 2nd year!!

For Father's Day, I had bought tickets for my sis and her 9yrs olds boys; oh for the Royals game in KC! Which they won,btw. The seats were great, I guess; my sister said they where in the shade, one level up from the 3rd base dugout. She even got a "Happy Father's Day" from her teenage son!
I, on the other hand, went for a recovery ride; it was a tad too long; and I got caught in the rain. I'm glad I wear a cap under my helmet!! Then watch Cyclysm, and had a pretty good day!!
I'm ready for Vino to win the Tour; and Levi to podium. Then I want Christophe Moreau on the podium to make the french happy!


A 46 foot sailboat? Wow. Double wow. I have been lamenting what the next part of my life will bring. Where to go, what to do, how to support myself when I get there... Their idea isn't what I would be happy with for more than a week, but wow. That is a committment I really admire. Trim down, simplify, become totally mobile and untethered.

Congratulations on your husband's graduation! What a fabulous weekend!

And thank you for posting about susieb. I know everyone was worried.

Who's David Walsh????Ohhhhhh, now I remember, that idiot Irish guy. Never mind!


Interesting link wince we're talkin' about Walsh....


Congrats to your Hubby Sara (and pat yourself on the back too...behind every successful man there's an amazing woman)...he surely couldn't have done it alone! And also, WAY COOL on your parents...I'd LOVE to be able to move onto a sailboat...ahh...port to port, no real tie-downs...I'd surely be sailing tropical waters! A 46 ' boat is more than capable of open long as you know what you're doing (I've got 7 years out on the seas)...if you've never been OUT THERE away from sight of land...on a nice day...(and night)...ahh...something utterly spellbinding/addicting to that. The lure of the sea is powerful! But I don't think I'd talk my wife into it..along w/ our dogs..they aren't too particularily keen on water. Anyway...I wish them fair winds and following seas". About the Walsh will be plain crap...not worthy of lining my garbage can. Some people make their mark TRYING to bring down others..(insert Dick Pound on that list)...Walsh is one of them. If he had an ounce of integrity, or had EVER done anything of note athleticly in his life...but no, he's just another person obsessed with bringing down Lance. You want to know how he won those 7 tours, read the various books out there...(one little bit in particular that stands out from one of Lances books: when he was training in France in maybe Feb..cold, wet, and was doing one of the (can't remember which one exactly). Anyway...Johan was in the car and LA was riding alone. He does the the top Johan says something like "Good job, get in the car & lets go home"...and Lance says something like "Hmm...don't really HAVE that's not MINE..think I'll do it again" and rides back down the mountain and repeats the MONSTER CLIMB. Later he emails the training data to Chris Carmichael...who looks it all over and then a day or so later is talking to Lance about it..saying something like "good ride...nice power, yada yada...only there was a glitch in the was there twice"..where lance responds "no, I did the climb twice"...and Carmichael is quiet for a bit and says "you sick F&^!"...THATS how you win 7 TDF's! Walsh should put his energy into accomplishing something GOOD and meaningful! He is a lower life form...might as well write for a tabloid. Thats where his trash belongs.
Oh..and happy Monday!


I'll tell you, guys! That Fabian is something special, huh? He said yesterday, he'd get dropped today on the climb, and by golly, he's STILL wearing the yellow jersey!!!


Congrats on the graduation! Mine was bittersweet, no family could attend, glad y'all had a good day!

I linked the LA SI article on the previous post, if anyone missed it.

Interesting reading at CyclingNews today: Honchar is released from T-Mobile. George is talking with T-Mobile about next year! How freaky would that be? I mean, it will be a different sponsor (from Disco) next year anyway, but it will still be the same old team, Johan's team I guess is the best term for it. Well, maybe it's just a rumor. Or, maybe it's a good move for George, if he's happy I'm happy.

And Disco has pulled itself out of AIGCP. Beating them to the punch, I suppose, they may have been kicked out today. I'm not sure I like Disco's decision, comes off as fishy, but what do I know.


A lot more than I do! :)


That was a test post... I lost a longish one yesterday and that always irks me to no end. So I'll quickly summarize in case this one gets lost, too...

1. Sara, congrats to your hubby and your parents on long-awaited milestones that will portend many wonders and benefits!

2. Theresa, congrats on your charity ride -- thumbs up on giving back to the world and getting even healthier to boot. 5 or 10 years ago would you have dreamed you'd do something like that? I bet not!

3. Cathy, congrats (man, it's congrats day!) on your son's graduation and heading onward to the new frontier of an empty nest (which is a corny phrase but if anyone has a better way to say it, I'm all ears).

4. Matt, loved your thoughts on Walsh and his book.

5. I'm posting this before it gets lost...

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