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June 06, 2007



Sara, it's so cool that when you start your new website you already have all those articles and credits we see over to the left that you can transfer there. You'll already have instant credibility with anyone who doesn't yet know you or your work. Many people start a company with a perfectly blank website... wouldn't inspire too much faith in a potential "contractee." Of course that begs the question if weeks/months/years will go by with us blabbermouths here adding on to posts that are already 10,000 posts long, waiting for you to come and start another one. Or maybe some of us will start our own websites... hmmm... I wonder what my company would be.... Wheelspinning Motormouth Incorporated maybe....

Seriously Sara, some day... as long as I don't have to figure quarterly taxes up... the thought of my own company or business sounds really cool. When the girls were little I briefly attempted that. I even had business cards! This was before curbside recycling was offered by the city, and I had my own little recycling pickup service. I had over 100 people putting stuff out for me, and I'd take it to various recycling centers. I got into this right after the very first Earth Day. It was fun, and our local city government actually studied my business (I have a newspaper article confirming this, I'm not lyin'!) and they began their pilot recycling program in my neighborhood because I already had an established "clientele." I was in the paper several different times with pictures and everything. My 15 minutes of fame! Then we moved to Austin where everyone's a hippie and they already had curbside service. So much for Mommy and Two Kids Recycling. :) But it was fun while it lasted.

Anyway, I'm excited for you!

susie b

Just a quick note. Apparently, none of our parents "got busy" in the Fall as we have NO birthdays from May-Aug. Consequently, this means we have no Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, or Leos! (Unless you count MD & Larry, who shockingly share the same day in June.:) I'll be back later today to type them all up. Paul, I'm stiiiiiil waiting. Come on & give it up. Do you really want me nudging you, like, forEVAH?! :)

Wow, Camille. You learn new things every day! Bloglife is like peeling an onion!

And Sara, I'm so excited for you, I can barely stand it. If you were a "public" company, I would invest! :)

susie b

OH, & that would be peeling back layers, not all the cryin'! The onion I mean! LOL!

Sorry about that! Guess that's what you get when you try to "write & run"!


WOW! I was busy for a few days and come back to find LOADS of comments here! Fun though. So to sum up: Woofdawg I'm in awe, you and Matt are some kind of swimming gods and your training schedule is incredible; Paula I LOVE the X-Files; I am inspired by EVERYONE'S weight loss stories and Theresa's gumption; Susie I'm proud of you for making even the 'holdouts' cave on their birthday dates!

Sara, your post made me grin today. As the 'techie' for my school, I have to deal with that ALL of the time. Sounds like you're getting everything up and running, though, and have some GREAT opportunities ahead of you. Did you say that you have someone setting up a web site for you? Be sure to add META tags to help your exposure with search engines (I'm guessing whoever sets it up will do that, but check). I run a web site for our community theater, and they helped a LOT!

Camille - loved your story about starting up your own little recycling route!


Sounds great Sara, keep on truckin'!

Theresa - I've done the weights routine so many times, I don't even need to watch the video, I just have the reps written on index cards. Makes it much more convenient (and likely that I'll do it!), because I can do it while watching the news, or listening to the radio.

Dark chocolate - it's good for you! All in moderation, of course. :-)

Camille - awesome post by Claire, and great pic linked at Marty's! Makes me reminisce about my days working at UT.


Okay, I've decided that we need a "return to top of page" place to click, by the "post a comment" section. That would help a lot we get so chatty.

Sara, I'm so proud of you! And you've got your own "in-house" counsel to help with the legal stuff, too.

Camille, cool story about your recycling business! Such a talented group!

Susie, the peeling of the onion, I got it! Your experience in Tele-marketing is exactly why I KNEW I didn't belong there! I think you have to be born with a special talent...or something!

Just to mention cycling again; Lancaster about killed Brad! He comes off the track and does the CSC invitational, then Lancaster. He got pretty beat up. Team Slipstream ha d a rough day at Lancaster! Jason Donald flatted 3 times, and got wheels from his teammates. Danny Pate came in fourth. But, Bernhard Eisel won! The new T-Mobile at work! He said he didn't want to come to the US and race; but after winning in the downpour; he was pretty happy to be here! Reading is tomorrow, and Philly is Sunday! Paula, are you going to either race??? Oh, and Paul and Arlene Landis were at the race!

Sara Best

Camille - just checked out Marty's blog and went to the link about your daughter's ride. That's amazing!

What an adventure she's going to have. I love stories about people who are getting out there and doing stuff. People pushing the limits and really experiencing life.

I hope you'll give us regular updates on their progress.

susie b

But the REAL news is that he's 'answering mail'! The power of "Rabbit, Rabbit" lives on... :) The fact that he started off by answering BACK to that nasty guy from yesterday was as shocking as last Friday. Combine that with the fact that I'm on a 1ST NAME basis with the President & CEO of a new company, well, June is turning out to be an 'eeenteresting' month! :)

I read Claire's newest journal entry & it makes me giggle when I see the similarites in the writing! But Camille, your child hates STEAK?! How does she live in Texas without "professional protection"?! :)

Oh, & you know that Pretenders song I mentioned last week - "I'll Stand By You"? Well, I've been hearing it constantly, & I mean like 2-3 times a day, for the past 2 months! It always seems to come on the radio when I've read the latest upchucking news about pro-cycling. If I didn't know better, I'd swear this is some kind of SIGN! Until 2 months ago, I'd only heard that song a couple times a year since it had been a hit way back when!


Susie, I agree, with the giggles, that there is no doubt who's womb Claire came out of!! Without a picture or the last name, she is Camille's daughter!!

Maybe we need to make the song "I'll stand by you" Procycling's anthem, it fits!

I'm proud of Marty for telling everyone about Claire. Oh and Bob Stapleton is sorry he signed Honchar, to the new team. Maybe that's why Kloden decided to go to Astana; he didn't want have to worry about it. Stapleton can do it though! I have faith!


Theresa and Susie, I'm proud of Marty too for not only answering mail and people in general, but yes for mentioning Claire's team and what they're doing. Surely some donations will come of that from perfect strangers who read MD. I'm sure you all remember that Marty's sister (Monique?) died of cancer. So maybe that was the main reason he plugged their journey and cause. But Susie, it's just a little coincidental that Marty is being more responsive to people this week, don't you think? Whatever the reason, I'm glad he's finally reaching out from his self-imposed ivory tower. People are people, and he should remember that.

Matt, I thought of you just now when I gave blood. I think it's been a good 6 months since I did it, but that's as often as I usually do. Do you ever wonder if it stresses your body in some permanent way to donate as often as you do? Maybe you're selfless enough not to care, and I probably shouldn't either. Oh well, at least I have a medical excuse for not exercising the next two days! Yay!

Oh, Susie, my younger daughter Madeline and I don't eat steak at all. We call ourselves poultrytarians, but Claire still eats beef. We only have one steak lover in our house and that's the manly man. Yep, he's a Texan allright.

Also Susie, do you think by any chance that "I'll Stand by You" having been sung on American Idol boosted its popularity again? Maybe some younger kids are requesting it a lot.


SAra, I occasionally google your name to get to your site on computers where I don't have you bookmarked, if I forget the 100, and just put your name, Viola! Velo Communications comes up. I've been meaning to ask if someone had stolen your name, but now I see you actually got it up!!!

Fab. Congratulations. It is so very cool to be part of a special "club" that is at the beginning of a new venture and future celb writer (in cycling anyway!).

Well gurls, I always come here first so I get the spoiler report from you on the MD blog! Sometimes I even forget to go ver there. See Sara, you and the crew have won my heart from a man and an "established" writer no less!!!

susie b

I'm getting the feeling that ya'll don't BELIEEEVE in the power of "Rabbit, Rabbit"... Resistance was futile! Too bad I didn't harness the power of the hare months ago.... LOL!

And wow, Texan quasi-vegitarians. Isn't that against the law there? :) Actually, as a girl on a farm with Hereford cattle & pigs, I grew up, of course, eating meat that once "had a name".... That didn't really bother me, but when I was 9, my Dad sold off the bull named Charlie that we'd had for about 4 years. He was huge & so sweet! We used to ride around on him & groom him like a horse - he'd just stand there chewing corn while we scampered all over him. My sisters & I were so upset we wouldn't talk to our Dad for weeks! Years later when I was 14, I stopped eating pork. This was strictly due to a 2nd reading of 'The Jungle' by Upton Sinclair. The fact that I grew up unfazed when witnessing our own yearly hog butcherings, & yet a BOOK affected me, sometimes makes me laugh to this day. I still do not eat pork/ham/bacon,etc. My father had a fit as we were quite reknown for curing our own hams, which were highly coveted by everyone my Father did business with. I don't think he's EVER gotten over it & in fact, every year at Xmas he "forgets" I won't eat the 'Country Ham'.
But I do still love beef. Sorry Charlie!

And Camille - about that song. The continual radio play of the song which has invaded my life started WAY before it showed up on AI. In fact, that night I was freaking out on the sofa, convinced IT WAS A SIGN for sure! All because I had been ignoring the radio "signals". LOL!

I actually loved MD's post today. My favorites of his are almost always when he "gets feisty" & his humor shows through. That this style was used for "answering mail", well, that's a two-fer!


Yep, like you Sooz, Madeline and I don't eat pork either, just because a year ago we decided that pigs are just too adorable to eat. So for the last year I have forgone pork -- (except for a few teensy little slip-ups... gosh you don't know how I love my bacon and ham and you name it, pork-product-wise)... all for the sake of those big adorable eyes they have, batting their eyelashes from the roadside fields. I started out trying to be vegan -- that lasted maybe a month -- but I'm saving cows and pigs and for now that's the best I can do!


My two cents: My hubbie was raised a vegetarian, so I don't cook it at home, just occasionally eat fish or chicken when I go out. Never was a big steak fan anyway, my mom would be appalled as she watched me drown it in ketchup.

Enjoyed Clare's post as well--hope she offers lots of those throughout her journey. How cool that MD mentioned her! I haven't checked him yet today, so I look forward to reading it.

Sara, congrats on wearing all those hats, and already having your inbox busy.

susie b

IA Team Members BDAY Info :

catherine - Jan 9 Capricorn
Julie - Jan 12 Capricorn
woofdawg - Feb 6 Aquarius
GregC - Mar 17 Pisces
Camille - Mar 23 Aries
strbuk - Apr 5 Aries
Sara - Apr 7 Aries
Amy - Sep 5 Virgo
Matt - Sep 9 Virgo
Yvette - Sep 20 Virgo
susie b - Oct 4 Libra
FLOYD* - Oct 14 Libra
Theresa - Oct 20 Libra
Cathy - Oct 30 Scorpio
Janann - Dec 1 Sagittarius

* honorary team captain

And really, is Autumn the new "Lent" period for giving up sex? Highly suspicious. Wait, it's FOOTBALL season. Nuff said. :)


Thanks, Susie! That will be real handy! I've reduced the amount of meat I eat drastically, in the last 5 years. And when I go out I want Salmon, because of the Omega3&6's so, I never get beef.

Well, I went to the LBS today, to have them help me put my rack back on my car. And I talked about my saddle problems, which are partly because I don't strengthen my core and back like I should. So I got a lecture from my mechanic that built my bike, about resistance training, and at least doing push-ups etc. So I went home and did an ab workout! He reminded me that I'm no longer a recreational cyclist(!) because of the miles I put in. Wow! He was being firm with me, cause I'm "his client".lol We also talked about why I keep dropping my chain when I shift up. It happened on my ride Sunday, too, and the gal I was with helped me some, so with Jason's expert help I will ride this Sat, my 25-30miles and NOT drop my chain once! I'm determined! He talked about stepping up my deraillier, but I KNOW it's ME, so I just want to learn to do it correctly! Jason is soooo proud of my bike, because I told him what I wanted and he created it!! I get so tickled when he tells me NO ONE has a bike like mine!! It's the Theresa Serotta!


One of these days, I going to remember to put paragraphs in where I'm supposed too!


susieb, I am curious why this little project meant so much to you.

Cross pollination here; Camille and susieb, you were too funny over at MD's today. Who the heck is Waddy anyway? I sat here with my post work/work-out diet Pepsi and bourbon (OK, I usually have wine, Zin to be exact), and wrote a little love note to the newest participant in all things MD. I wish it was as clever as C and sb manage to create, but ah well, I enjoyed it....

Gee guys, I've been pretty bummed lately. Post Floyd-hearing withdrawal? Cold spring blues? 17 year cicadas heebee-geebees? No one has mentioned the cicadas!! I think they have been slowed down by the irratic it's cold,no-hot, no-cold, spring we have had in the midwest. Certainly the driving rain hasn't stopped them, but chill the little buggers with 40 degree nights and they go to sleep. No soup for you!!

Every morning I have to brush them off the fence to unlatch it and get to my car. They are covering my beloved apple tree, Red Bud and raspberry bushes! Damn they are ugly! Big red eyes. Smelly, rotting exo-skeletons, discarded on leaves, sidewalks and flower beds. The pleasant, distant burrrr that began a week ago, started to become a cacophony on Sunday past when the temps reached mating levels. Jees, what a life. Sleep for 17 years, come out of the ground to frantically search out some other ugly bug to have (some bug version) of sex with, then slit the tender, new growth of trees, and lay down the next generation in egg form, only to die. 4 or 5 weeks and its all over. How different would our lives look if that's all we had?

(OK susie, tell me some of what I've written today-here or there-was funny. Capricorns do, contrary to general consensus, have a sense of humor).


Damn T, I write too slow!!!!! I started my silly soliloquy after susieb, and looky here you are! :-)


susieb, haven't you heard of spring lamb? No foolin' around in the fall cause you want those babies to arrive when the weather is fine!


I agree with post-Floyd hearing blues! Plus the rain has been very depressing. Now that it's not raining, it's so damn windy!!

catherine I think you are funny all the time!! I haven't been very funny for a long time.

I just sent everyone a email video of a monkey teasing a couple of young tigers, it's hysterical!

Oh, and I guess we are too far south for the cicadas! After your description, I'm glad!


Ok, went over to MD's to see what's up. Haven't been there since this morning. Everyone talking in code; or I'm just tired...

Who does this Waddy person think he/she is, anyway??


Oh, gosh, I aways have remorse when I make an $ss of myself on MD's comment section. Here, you guys understand me. Over there, things get too critical. And Marty's finally talking about cycling again with his Tour talk, and his ride up the mountains. He didn't even keep up with Floyd's hearing!!


Theresa, I don't think that Waddy guy meant too much harm. I thought I heard some good motives in there a little bit from what he was saying. I think he was attempting to speak up for the types of people who are shy and seeking a little recognition in a subtle way instead of "Look What I Did" types. He probably just LOVES someone like me who can't seem to shut up... But I think he meant well and was trying to get MD to consider other people's feelings more. I think some of us have felt the same way, haven't we? :) If he were just jumping on Marty to be mean I probably would have taken his head off... you know me. But he was defending those he thought were being mistreated. (The Stunt Runner and the girl who wanted Marty to talk to her about her book she was reading) So I think Waddy is probably a nice guy who's tired of hearing people get bashed or brushed off. Just my 2 cents. (don't you wish it would really be just 2 cents?)


See, here's the Camille the voice of (damn funny) reason. You just can't let someone be a jerk.

Ms T, YOU WERE HILARIOUS when you ended a comment with "and I use a lot of exclamation points!" I 'bout did a susieb and spurt. Just cracked me up.

I couldn't look at the monkey video at work so I'm going to now...hold on (just had a funny thought, we are the geriatric version of IM here in the Sara blogosphere--oh shit I'm laughing so hard I have to pee)...

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