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June 28, 2007





Bravo, Sara!!! Boy, I'm perfect example of that female conditioning for fear! I'd love to go to a camp(Floyd or George's would be cool!) BUT all those guys who race imtimidate me. So an all female camp would be perfect.

Your article was a nice distraction from the emotional turmoil that I was in last night and this morning. Also a good ride, helped!


Oh...don't mean to overshadow your awesome post (that we've all been clamoring for) Sara, but to go back to yesterdays 'stuff'...that lovely little article by AM...if I were a pro racer, I don't think I'd be making myself available to HIM anytime soon for fact, I think I'd be feeling a bit jaded by MOST of the journalists out there (our own CM excluded!) Will be interesting to see how this all plays out this year. And I can only assume that THE DECISION by Floyds Arbitration board will be announced JUST IN TIME for the tour. He will either BE the champion (but not getting to ride...OUTRAGEOUS!) or a convicted felon so to speak. And I'm SURE that sponsors will just be LINING UP to throw their $$ into pro cycling if the sharks manage to take down LA...NOT! I think that would be the death of the sport for the near future..unless they don't mind having first place for the TDF be a new set of tires or some other cheesy swag. I can only assume OUR viewing of the TDF might already be in I doubt OLN/VS will renew the contract for next year the way things are progressing. Looks like 'The Dark Days' of pro cycling will be due to too much light on the subject. I guess sometimes ignorance IS bliss!


OOPS! YOU are also included w/ CM in my 'excluded' remark on my last entry Sara..(sorry...HUGE fo-pa on my part there! And as I don't even KNOW HOW TO SPELL Fo-PA...thats ANOTHER Fo-AP!)


ACK! Seems I not only can't spell, I also have Dyslexia! Fo-Ap! HA!! Hey...did you hear about the dyslexic agnostic? Stayed awake all night wondering if there was a dog!


Great article !


How's the training for the century coming along ;-) ?


Thanks Sara! That is a GREAT article! AWESOME job!! And......mentioned by Larry AGAIN over at MDs along with some flirtatious words about Sara's BEautiful photo here :)

Thanks for the smile today, Matt! I was still irritated by the AM article from yesterday, myself, and your Fo-Ap made me burst out laughing -- I needed that :) I agree with your post today. I think that the cycling establishment needs to move forward to try and clean things up, whether it be with an amnesty program or some other method (which INCLUDES assuring that the labs doing the testing are impeccable in their process). Bringing down Lance, at this point, seems to be counterintuitive to me with regards to the success of the sport in the public eye. One of you (sorry I forgot which one) also pointed out at MDs that bringing down Lance at this point would do nothing but interrupt his cancer work, which IMO is what he should be admired and remembered for, above all.

Gosh, I HOPE that OLN/VS renews their coverage of the TdF! Maybe I need to bombard them with emails!

Holy cats! I just went to MDs to read all of the comments that his little AM post inspired and .....WOW! Kudos to Susie, Camille, Cat, Theresa (LOL - in many posts), Cathy and Julie for taking him to task so eloquently. You said much of what I wanted to -- if I weren't still determined not to post over there ;)


Sara and Larry...sittin' in a tree ........K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

"I'm back... took myself out to the woodshed for the obligatory cooling off period (although I'm not backing away from any earalier posts). And while there, my mind gets to wandering, as it oft does, to discourse around 2 unidentified cyclists who rode with LA, and the house sportswriter who picked at the scab. Then I gets to thinkin' 'bout Sara Best and my earlier comments about her writing a solid column in a Canadian cycling mag I subscribe to. Its easy to write an opinion piece - just write what you think and sign your name to it. (Even I can do that.) But no, our girl goes the extra step - she builds an interesting, insightful, informative article about an infrequent topic. And the icing on the cake being that she goes out and does some investigative journalism by TALKING to hi-profile female cyclists and cycling experts AND she NAMES NAMES. Told ya', my mind just wanders and that's where it just went."

"Oh, and to tie it up with an earlier post about hotties (a la Sheryl Crowe for some), turns Sara is a hottie... saw her photo on her blog site. Very dreamy, dewey, feminine. And she said she thought she loved me. If just for that one day..."

"Back to the woodshed to cool off. For other reasons though... ; - )"

Posted by: Larry | June 28, 2007 at 11:53 AM


I'm back in HS kids! *muah*

susie b

Thanks for posting the article Sara! Gosh, I'm away a couple days & I'm SO behind! I haven't had the chance to read all the comments here since Monday as it took most of today to sneak readings at all of MDs! Chatty bunch lately!

Hopefully, I'll be all caught up by tomorrow morning! For those who don't swing over to the 'dark side', I want you all to know too that I heard Floyd on my regular local radio station this morning & almost jabbed my eye out with my toothbrush as they didn't annouce beforehand! Right after a commercial, they go right into "and here now is Floyd 'One Tough Bitch' (ok,I added that) Landis, the winner of the 2006 Tour de France. He sounded great & to my everlasting happiness, the unknowlegable radio guys were respectful & interested. Have ya'll heard him on your local stations? Oh, & my Floyd book arrived yesterday. Hope to start it this weekend.

Cathy - I LOVED what you wrote at MDs about Austin's article. VERY well-written! BTW, there is ANOTHER article today on This is the 3rd of his in a week after not writing about cycling for almost a year. I'm now convinced he wants to be the 'American Walsh' & MD is going to be collateral damage in Austin's war with Lance.

And yes, I think Larry's FLIRTIN' with our fair Sara! And because I'm such a 'mellow, cheerful' person lately, I won't even break it to him that after Sara's hubby, her heart belongs to Blake.... :)


Susie...thank goodness you're back. I was watching SYTYCD on Fox tonight, and saw an ad for a tv show that pays 1 meeeeeeeeellion dollars to the winner FOR KNOWING SONG LYRICS! Scrap the Maryland lottery...leather up Floyd!

Sara Best

Oh man, I just watched the final episode of Studio 60. I cried, I was thrilled, I cried again. It was so good. I can't believe that show is being taken off the air when so many other crappy shows get to stay.

Sara Best

Oh, and Susie's right.

And after my husband and Blake there are a whole lot of cute cyclists like Ivan, and Tommy Dee, and DZ and, of course Floyd, and Tom Boonen, and Chris Horner, and Valverde, and Robbie McEwan.

I'm afraid that they would all come before Larry as well.


Sara, I just put in another vote on MD's for you to go to the TdF with him and Austin! Maybe you can start angling with Pedal to send you over there all expenses paid. Wow, what a cool gig THAT would be!


Okay, I know you guys are getting tired of this, BUT cyclingnews has Salmeterol, with reference to it's "name-brand" being Ventolin.....WRONG!!!!!
This just sticks in my craw! Just like mis-information on Floyd, and cycling in general. All cyclings news had to do was call the local Walgreens and ask!!


LOL......the list just goes on and on doesn't it Sara :)

Glad to hear from you, Susie. Amy is right. I was noticing the ads for that new game show about song lyrics as well. And hey, I *think* I saw that Joey Fatone of DWTS is the host?? Not sure where we can sign you up but Team Gladiator may indeed be back in business!

I just spent half of the night reading the documents released by Lance's lawyers regarding charges in the Walsh book.
They're also linked on TBV tonight. I found much of the information REALLY interesting after reading so many snippets from the new book, interviews with Walsh, etc. Definitely worth looking at if you're interested. I know that BOTH sides will put spin on things, but some of the testimony is really eye-opening. Especially the stuff regarding GL (yes, of "i hate Greg Lemond Day" for which you can wear black -- if you're not on the national news or a public hearing) and his testimony about Lance.

Great post on MD tonight Cat! Heck, if I thought we could get Sara in "The Car" for The Tour, *I'd* even go post at Marty's place ;)


Camille - yes, glad you took the dabbler comment in its limited context. Of course any fan is welcome, but if you're going to *cover* the sport for *the* American sports mag, you best not be making such irresponsible statements!

Studio 60 was sweet indeed. That Nat Corddry did a lovely job, he was such a hoot on the Daily Show, and was heart-wrenching on Studio 60, way to show that versatility! Sara, do you think that was Amanda's real daughter? 'Cause, if they filmed those episodes before she had her kid, that would just be cruel! Yeah, good luck Amanda, but here's what might happen to you! She was just on Letterman, instead of Floyd ;P, and they showed a picture of baby Frances Pen. But you know, at that age, who can tell? Anyway, cute baby(ies)!


F***! Car bomb diffused in London overnight, got me bawling this morning. Sorry to say, but I've been worried about terrorism ever since they announced the London start. Now this, and the anniversary of last year's bombing is on Saturday the 7th, I'm not going to sleep until our boys (and by that I mean the entire peloton) are back in France! Seriously, it's giving me knots in my stomach. (YES, of course I don't only care about cyclists, I hope no bombs go off at anytime for anyone, but you know what I mean!)


I'll just keep talking to myself... ;-)

From the CSC website:

The nine riders selected by Team CSC for this year's Tour de France are:

Carlos Sastre, Fränk Schleck, Jens Voigt, Stuart O'Grady, Fabian Cancellara, Inigo Cuesta, Kurt-Asle Arvesen, Christian Vande Velde and David Zabriskie.

Mostly yay, but no BJ, sad for him!


Julie, I'm here!! Okay, it's about time CSC posted the line-up!! I'm pleased!!! There must be a reason BJ's not riding; don't you think Bjarne and Bobby talked about it?? All my faves are there; except Andy Schleck, Bobby, and JJ. Matt Goss didn't make it either. But there's only nine spots!

I didn't know what to say about the bomb in London. Still don't....but I will say England deals with it better than the USA! We don't deal with it well at all.....

I think I'm ready for my big ride tomorrow. And next Sat when the Tour starts; I'm in Joplin riding 70mi.

This part of the country has had enough rain; and it's time to share with the western states! Please Mother Nature!!!


Good luck Theresa! How far are you riding tomorrow? I've forgotten. 70 miles next week, though, huh? You impress the heck out of me :)

Glad CSC finally got their roster posted - thanks Julie! Looks like a great team going into the Tour. Bummer for BobbyJ, but I'm SO glad that DZ will be there!

I got all set to take the bike/trailer for a ride by the river this morning. When I approached the trailhead I noticed huge swarms of fishflies (called mayflies elsewhere, I think)! ACK! NO WAY I was riding through miles of those today, so we settled for a walk (away from the river) to the park today. They just land on EVERYTHING until you're completely covered with them, then proceed to congregate around lights and die in huge piles that smell like dead fish. NO fun!

susie b

They just found another car with a bomb in London! Man, I'm a wreck already. How on earth will the bobbies secure that entire Prologue area?! Plus, the Stage 1 route. You know, I've ALWAYS worried about something happening during the Tour as the fans are SO CLOSE to the riders!

And gosh, when I was reading ya'll's comments last night from the last 3 days, I about plotzed when you said DZ wasn't on the CSC Tour team! He did so great at the Dauphine & was part of that recent TT team that I didn't even think it was up for discussion! Thank goodness Riis either changed his mind or that premlim info was wrong! It's bad enough Tom D & Michael Barry won't be there & now Bobby J. Is he injured? And last I looked Chris Horner was still just one of TEN for PLotto; the last place is still not set. I LOVED his video interviews last year & was hoping he would do them again.

You know, Sara & Cathy would be PERFECT to go around & interview the riders daily! If The Paceline & Pedal can't see the genius in this, then Velo Communications should 'hire' you two for next year! Does anybody know somebody who knows somebody? :)

I can't believe it starts in a week! Seems like it was yesterday I heard the news about Jan & Ivan,etc & was SO worried they would cancel the Tour!

BTW, is Riis allowed to be at the Tour this year as the DS? And I'm assuming all the Giro riders with the "irregular tests" are not allowed? Like Pettachi?

And now some odds & ends -
Theresa- Have fun & stay safe on your rides!
Greg - Thanks for the ride write-up & you looked QUITE hunky in that pic!
Sara - your article was excellent. What's next?! Anything you can hint?
And I also can't believe Studio 60 is over! I didn't love every single scene the whole year, but overall the dialogue was so superior to most of the dreck on TV, I could cry.

And this is sort of out of left field, but does anyone else think Tom Boonen is kind of a "wide load" for a cyclist? Granted, he looked HOT in the Gladiator outfit, but you couldn't see his butt! Last year, right before the 1st ITT during the Tour, the camera zoomed in on his butt & it looked HUGE compared to all the other guys! Even Thor's looked small in comparison... Just wondering. :) :)


Hello my girls (and those cute boys who cycle). I am leaving on a jet plane tomorrow at 0745 to see me Mum in good ole Massachusetts. She has the slowest dial-up in the world (it's really country, man). I might get to the library a couple of times and check in. see you Friday!


Have a good ride Theresa!

Susie - Petacchi will try to clear things up Monday, Milram has temporarily suspended him to follow the rules, but have still named him to the Tour team. As for Boonen-Butt, LOL, it's like Daniel Coyle talked about in his book, how all the riders check out each other's asses to see who's in shape.

I'm trying to focus on the fact that they found those two cars in London before anyone got hurt. And both pretty much by chance, what a miracle! Keep it up, please!!!! Am I silly for especially worrying about DZ and George in the Stars & Stripes? Forget that "these colors don't run" stuff, they're going to be all alone, on freakin' bicycles! (Well, DZ will be all alone, George will presumably be in the pack on Stage 1). Terrorists generally don't target individuals, so there's that, but are cyclists nameless and faceless enough for them anyway? Sorry, must be positive, must be positive!

On the Marty front, I posted this link over there, too, an excellent piece that articulates my thoughts and much more, by a far more informed and credible source than I:


Thanks for that link, Julie! A very well-written article. Hersch (linked on TBV) was his usual cheerful self again today.

How'd it go Theresa? I was thinking of you today and hoping you had nice weather!

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