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June 22, 2007



Oh Sara, you are too funny with your parting comment.

So glad you saw the Larry post. He's actaully been rather sweet lately. Waddy seems to be having a good inflluence on him, which is so funny concidering how confrontive Waddy's very first post was! Waddy is rather a delight too. Don't get me wrong, I won't be taking him up on his offer.

Glad things are good at home!


Happy Birthday to Grace! Love that name, makes me think of Dave Matthews. Good luck with the party, I remember them well! (With the nephews to whom I was like a second mom.)

Congrats on the article, is it anywhere online (or will it be) for us Yanks?

Studio 60 - are you an Aaron Sorkin fan? He is one of my all-time faves, I quote his lines *all* the time, but I have to say Studio 60 hasn't set me on fire. I think it's the setting. It has its moments, tho, and I like Nate Corddry.


VeloNews reports DZ on the bubble for making the Tour team. LOL, I wish it was like saving your favorite TV show - let's all send Bjarne raw garlic to force him to put DZ on the squad! ;-)

(I did read that somewhere, didn't I, that DZ likes to snack on garlic.)


Yay! Sara is back today! We do play without you, but not as nicely....And I LOVE Studio 60 and am very sad it's been axed. The dialog was clever, characters well developed and there were always surprises and twists in the storyline. I'm sure there are plenty of second-rate shows still playing to audiences but I am rarely captivated by a weekly drama.

Anyone else watching So You Think You Can Dance? I got sucked in last week and have been pleasantly surprised. Mostly modern stuff--very entertaining!


I love SYTYCD Cathy. Didn't it seem like the wrong people got sent home last night? Their partners should have been the ones to go IMO. Although that poor "unique" guy who's all arms and legs and kind of does his own thing always looks so sad after his solo dance. He shouldn't have been able to put his partner in the position he did, but I do feel for him since he cares so much and tries so hard. Okay. Clearly I need to get a life. I'm going running now.

Sara Best

I think that Aaron Sorkin is a true genius. He has a gift and if I could write like that I could die happy.

I LOVE Studio 60 and I am so depressed that it's almost over. I'm totally with Cathy, there aren't a lot of TV dramas that strike a chord with me any more. Hence the reason I watch a lot of reality TV.

Thanks Julie, the article in this month's issue of Pedal won't be online anywhere, but maybe I'll post it here if I find I have nothing to say one day.

Okay, the big news since my post this morning is that I called my local bookstore and THEY HAVE A COPY OF FLOYD'S BOOK!!! The woman said she'd hold it for me. I just got back from a run so I'm off to the shower and then I'll go see if it's really true.

I'll report back shortly.

Sara Best



I can't BELIEVE you guys (well, gals actually) already have a copy of FLOYD'S BOOK! Dang...I am slathering foam at the mouth waiting for my copy! Strange how copies 'show up' at a book store...prob the box came in and some unknowing employee stuck them on the shelves, not knowing there is a release date. What a bonus to be walking around and seeing a book that hasn't been released yet!

Had an awesome ride last night...56 miles, 2300' climbing, took 3 hours 12 mins. The first 25 miles were WITH the wind (about 18mph per the weax forecast) and were an absolute BLAST! Then a 5 mile crosswind, and finally a BRUTAL 25 miles back home STRAIGHT INTO the murderous soul-sucking energy-depleting life-wasting WIND! (sorry to beat around the bush here...I'll try to say how I feel better from here on...did I mentinon that I HATE the wind?) There were 3 of us but one was coming back from a 2 of us ended up doing all the pulling (what doesn't kill you makes you stronger THEY say...who are THEY?) All I know is by the time we made the last climb we were ready to throw a party! It's been a LONG TIME since I have anticipated the END of a ride like that on. Not sure why I let the wind bother me so we have so much of it here...but it does...if I were superman, it would be my kryptonite. I LIVE for those RAREST of days here that are sunny and less than 5mph wind. Savor them like a fine wine over a candlelight lobster dinner with my sweetie.

Heading back to Ariz this weekend, hopefully my FINAL meeting w/ the good Dr. in Mexico. I should ask him where I can get some EPO...pretty bad when our 'fun rides' are getting so hard/competitive that we are considering doping! It's the standing joke here lately. Anyways, have a great weekend everybody!

susie b

June sure has been an interesting month. Started off great (thanks 'Rabbit, Rabbit'), went to Hell in a hand basket, & has now turned back around thanks to Karma. Love Karma. I may have mentioned before that I've been working at my company for a little over 20 years. A few months ago I'm told there's to be a banquet & gifts for all us old farts. I blew off the banquet, but the woman in charge tracks me down & says I HAVE to get the gift & to choose something. She says "how about a watch"? I said sure, I love watches. Have about 25 right now, none of them "fancy". So, I get the watch yesterday. (Note, I was originally given a different watch about 2 months ago, but apparently it was the "wrong one"!). I'm still in shock. It's a Raymond Weil gold (not plated!) watch. Whooo-eee! I snapped that sucker on my wrist yesterday but the problem is I kept holding my arm in the air so as not to "damage" the thing. I have to get a couple links taken out & then convince myself that wearing something like this on a daily basis is just preparation for my life as a multi-millionaire Lottery winner. Hang on Floyd, I'm comin'! :) :)

The other great thing is that I just found out my bi-yearly bonus (which I get in about 2 weeks) is 8 times (!!) what I thought it would be. Yeah, I'll "do the right thing" & roll most of it over into my 401K, but I'm keeping 25% for "whatever"! I think I owe all of you a BIG THANK-YOU because if I hadn't been writing here & at MDs for the past year, I wouldn't have been as "mellow, focused, & cheerful" at work... LOL! (Yeah, I know, after the last 2 weeks, Diet Pepsi almost came out of my nose too...). Man oh man, sometimes LIFE IS JUST A HOOT.

Of course, I haven't been running & cycling & just being awesome like all of you the past year. And I do mean awesome - I'm so impressed with all of you! I didn't even mind that you made me feel a lazy slug!:) But the problem with working ALL the time is you develop QUITE a substantial ass because there's just no time for much of anything else. I hope to change BOTH "conditions" soon. I'm sure my sofa will appreciate it too. :)

Anyway, I hope to be back later to chat about Floyd's book, the TDF, SYTYCD, etc. Quick question for Sara - where can we see your article if we can't put a soon-to-be-blinged-out hand on an actual copy of Pedal? And Congrats!


Matt - as always, another entertaining ride story! My theme song on windy days is Johnny Cash's Drive On.

Cyclingnews has fun and vivid accounts of the hailstorm and horse at the Tour de Suisse yesterday:

Congrats on the bling, Susie!


I have to say I'm looking forward to the Tour as well. I'm not sure if I am becoming a born again cycling fan after having a rough bout for a while there following the doping revelations. It could happen. I hope to see a hero emerge in 2007 that has no cloud of doping suspicion surrounding him.

I've been keeping up on the cycling world as the athletes head into their final preparations. I keep expecting something big to fall down on them. So far, so good.

I'm even worse off than Sara when it comes to watching cycling on TV. I don't get OLN because I live in Quebec (we get something called √Čvasion)but it's not included in my cable package. I'll have to find a way to watch this year's tour somehow.

Instead, I popped Overcoming into my computer today and watched it for the first time since Bjarne Riis' revelation and Ivan Basso's fall from grace. I have to say that I viewed it from a different perspective than before. The excitement of the races, the training and camaraderie within the team reeled me back into cycling a bit. We'll see.

I look forward to having a Tour conversation here on The First 100 Miles. I hope you're able to set it up, Sara.


Well this is turning into quite a Friday. First Sara shows up bright and early which is always a bonus (bright and early for me on the west coast anyway). Then Stage 7 at TdSuisse is won by the Goose with Chris Horner getting second--it doesn't get much better than that! DC needed a shot in the arm and everyone is excited about Gusev's win (check out his paceline video--he is adorable).

Then I hear everyone and their mother has Floyd's book now and mine hasn't arrived yet even tho I ordered 3 copies in January! But truthfully I am happy so many people are buying it and that it's on display in the Big Houses. Excellent--hope Floyd rakes in the dough. I'm still reading and crying over the Saul Raisin story so I'm good. Julie's excellent piece on her take on the book already had me crying over FL's book and I don't even have one in my possession yet! And lastly I got a call from Versus that they want me to write for them again this summer during the Tour--I did 4 newsletters last year, not sure what they have in mind this time but I am on it!

The Tour starts in 15 days and I am so ready to see the show. I'm all aflutter with excitement thinking about it. It's the ultimate Reality Show! Bring It On!!!


Wow! The anticipation is BUILDING!! 15 days, huh? I'm ready :) Sounds like a great plan to have a spot for everyone to comment on the stages through the Tour. I'm looking forward to hearing what all of you have to say during the race. Adam, we need to find a way for you to SEE the stages!

Hooray - Sara is back! Definitely post your story from Pedal some day. We'd love to read it. Good luck with the birthday party. As a K teacher I can say with some authority -- Holy cats! That is a LOT of 5-year-olds to have at your house! I'm sure Grace will have a blast, though.

Susie - you crack me up, as always! I'm glad that your mellow, cheerful outlook were so rewarded and that you haven't given up on Team Gladiator!

I LOVE Studio 60 also and am really bummed to see it go. Its not AS good as The West Wing, but was very cleverly written and I was anxious to see where the story lines were going. I just wanted SYTYCD for the first time last night and enjoyed it, though I'm still trying to figure out the exact premise of the show after missing the previous episodes.

Matt, another great ride report!


Matt, I just need you in my head when I attempt my 62mile ride!! And I HATE the wind too!!
Yeh, Sara's back!! We want that article posted!! We are allowed to demand to read anything you write! As your loyal blog followers!

Okay, I called Borders, and said I KNOW that some Borders have the book! She got one and put my name on it!! I'll pick it up later!

Today, I got my haircut(gotta look good for my Brad appearance tomorrow)! A massage and a facial! Oh la-la!
And Adam, is good; but they can't do the Tour...ASO blocks them! There's got to be a way to watch or listen on Eurosport!! Susie, isn't that what you said?? Congrats on the bling! And my company only gives bonuses to the guys at the top, that make too much money anyway....

Happy Birthday to Grace! I'm an soooo glad I'm not at the birthday party!! I'll be back later, gotta go get my food from Jenny Craig, weigh-in, and pick up my book!


Julie, what bling? Where? Did her husband give her something? Or is it perhaps a new use of the term for compliments? And thanks for the cycling news link. Man that hail storm sounded really terrifying.

Horses and cycling....that is now 3 instances I have heard of a horse entering a race. You guys remember the video of the horse galloping along in front of the riders? Who sent that, was it you Julie? Great footage. Never did find out what race it was.

And Sara, I thought OLN became Versus. OLN still exists as a separate entity? Huh? I don't get that. Have fun with Grace's B-day party. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACE!!!!!! Make Mommy crazy!) When they get a little bit older, have a scavenger hunt party. That is the one Sean remembers the most. Much more fun than Chucky Cheese, McDonalds, even than a pool party. Well, I suppose when they get a lot older, pool parties are fun for other reasons....

susieb, what a nice gift. A REAL watch!! Why didn't you go to the party?


Ooops. You meant SUSIE'S bling. Doh. What's with my brain this week?


Yea got BLING! AND a CASH BONUS! All we get for OUR bonus is a free 'Santa Maria Barbeque' lunch...(each time we get a 100% award fee...meaning nobody screwed up in the last quarter). We had 18 in a ROW until last quarter...somebody messed something up and we only got 99%...but nobody EVER gives us watches or such.

Sara, have a blast at Grace's bday party...should be a HOOT! I can recall one or 2 of my childhood parties...(we lived in a small town in Wyoming)...crazy times those were! Make it memorable!

I will be awaiting Gregs ride report on Monday..he's doing a crazy one this weekend...'sea to summit' or something like that down near Ojai I think..another suffer-fest with like 9000' of climbing or so..(vaguely recall that # from somewhere...maybe it was more?)

susie b

Things just get funnier.... Yesterday, which I will henceforth remember as an ultimate Red-Letter day for susie b, I ALSO got the email from Amazon that my Floyd book was on the way. And yes, if you read MD, you may remember me saying that Amazon & I had hit a "rough patch in our relationship" due to their mishandling of a certain MD book. Well, they've just kept emailing me every damn day - cooing & whatnot, & I broke down when ya'll were talking about the book the other week & ordered it along with a few CDs. I'm weak.

Anyway, it hit me this morning while writing my earlier comment that the "stars sure seemed aligned in my favor" yesterday, so I decided to go look up what my horoscope said for 6/21. The Yahoo extended daily forecast started with the following sentence & yes, this time I did squirt out some D.P - "Pay close attention to any feedback that you're given today - it will be highly perceptive & extremely accurate". LOL!! OMG - I swear I started looking around my office to see if there were hidden cameras & this is all some joke soon to be viewed by all of America... And hey Theresa, that's your horoscope too - did you get any feedback yesterday? :)

Moving on. Matt - thanks SO much for telling us some more of your background & current job. My curiosity has been killing me since Xmas! Fascinating & very impressive! I won't even let on that I knoooooow you're leaving out the 'Black OPS' work.... :) And all that wind just makes you stronger!

I've watched every season so far of SYTYCD. If it's about Dance, I'm there! I would cut off a couple toes to be able to dance like some pro Latin Ballroom dancers. I love the other stuff too. I took 3 years of Dance when I was very little (Ballet, Tap, Jazz) & then as I mentioned a while back, helped my Aunt out with some very basic "ballroom" teaching when in Jr/High school. Did any of you watch the show that was on PBS once/year - Championship Ballroom Dancing? I LOVED that & was devastated when it stopped. My fav dances are the Tango, Paso Doble, Salsa but don't really know them as we didn't teach them. I've been telling myself for 20 years I would get over to Arthur Murray's one of these days & sign up for lessons, but never have. Maybe one of these days!

And Sara - you are FEARLESS! Fifteen 5 & 6 year olds & the words "cake & ice cream" in the same place at the same time! You GO GIRL!



let's see yesterday, feedback; that's when I got the email that Brad's making an appearance tomorrow at the Ice Park(I know, sounds weird; it's the summer snowfest, and the guy at the ice park is big guy in charge of important stuff with the ToMO!)

Okay, Vino's PISSED!! UCI and their "Men in Black" comment has got him HOT!! And I don't blame him! After last year; you think Astana and Vino would screw up their chances for starting in the Tour???? Does the UCI think Vino is stupid???

And went to the Fan chat site at CSC; left a message for Bjarne about DZ being on the Tour team!! You s'pose he'll read it???

Gotta go unload my frozen food, and look at my Floyd book....


Very cool, Susie! I took about 10 years of tap, ballet, jazz -- including all of those dance recitals where you dress up in crazy costumes for your relatives to oooh and ahhh over. I quit taking lessons when I got my first horse and started showing (a girl has to have priorities). Still LOVE dancing and I've done choreography for a community theater and a couple of jr. high musicals, so I still get to use some of what I worked so hard to learn :) I'll have to watch both nights of SYTYCD next week so I can understand it.

BTW, Sara, loved the Bicycling mag dig LOL!

We expect a full report tomorrow, T!


Ok, I got to get to bed. But I 'm to chapter 7, winter before Tour 2006. Wow, I am just unbelievably impressed with Floyd! Not that I wasn't already. We aren't all that religous, but Stef and I would have had a cow, if my nephew said he was leaving for CA tomorrow, and not coming back!! We don't trust the kid that much!! I'll have to read it twice. The stuff on his hip made me sick. Dr Kay and Arnie Baker are saints in my eyes.

And now I have picture in my head of DZ sleeping on Strawberry Shortcake sheets!!lol

I've got to get sleep, so I can get up early, get started early, so I can leave to go see Brad tomorrow!!
Full report to follow tomorrow night!!


I loved that too, about DZ and the sheets, you know he must've loved it too!

horse video - wasn't me!

Susie - probably a silly question, but have you seen Strictly Ballroom? One of my faves, I even bought the DVD. Love that whole "red curtain" series of Baz' - Strictly Ballroom, Romeo and Juliet, and Moulin Rouge.


Horse video was me. I got it from someone....

Well I have to go pick up my pictures! I got a hug! Brad recognized me! His dad was with him, he so proud, and humble to have such a talented kid. I got a picture of me kissing Brad(his dad took it) and I got chapstick all over his cheek! So he shut his eyes after the 2nd kiss and looked like I was trying to give him cough medicine!!LOL His Dad wasn't anymore savvy with a digital camera than ME!! My Slipstream cycling cap, had come; and he was surprised to see the picture, that he sent me from the US Crit Championships when he and Tony Cruz were racing to the line. HE CUT HIS HAIR!!! For real! Now lambchops and mullet GONE! Must be for his mom; or he decided he'd be faster without the extra hair! I'm going to go get my pics and the cd and see if I can follow Janann's instructions on putting my pics on the computer!


Happy day Ms T!!
(I love the idea of middle aged ladies kissing cuties they adore)

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