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June 07, 2007



Well, I hope not to sound like a paid lacky for Trek, so 'scuse me if I do. Reading Neil@Road re: new Trek Madone 5.2 caused me to announce a "Blue Light Special" ("attention K-Mart shoppers...") My LBS' price on the '06 Madone 5.2 was $3100. A year later, the Madone 5.9 (full DA vs Ultegra, plus upgrades on everything else) was $3500 (vs $5500 in '06). Blowing them out because Trek was coming out with an entirely new frame, per my LBS. Well, I guess this is what the new bike is. Bottom line: if you're in this price range, look into an '07 (i.e.; not the brand new bike) Madone 5.2 or 5.9 I ride an '06 5.2 It descends great, climbs well, with a silky ride. Killer price on the current generation Madone's.


susie b

Paul, Paul, Paul. I'm still waiting.... I'm blowing kisses. Come on, don't you feel left out? Kiss, kiss, smak, smak.

In answering catherine's question, well, I DID wonder what people's birthdays were over the last several months but it was only when spurred by MD's day & the "birthday interpretations" that I got motivated to round them up. Basically, I want to be able to wish the people I spend "time with" a Happy Birthday. And once I start a "project", I PUSH it. You don't graduate summa without being DRIVEN... ok, obsessive. :) And just like Matt, I wanted to GET ER DUN.

Oh, just last week I'm in a meeting & they're talking about the guy that's doing some underground cable work for my company's many buildings & a few comments later, someone mentions his name - Larry. I go "wait, we're talking about 'Larry, the Cable Guy'?" & start laughing. Everyone joins it. A few "Get Er Dun"s were heard. :) :)


Sara, I like the way you're including links to what you're talking about. Cool! I have no idea how to do that.


Hey! Isn't Lefevere the one who wanted to sue Floyd after last year's Tour? I'm pretty sure he was the one spouting off about Floyd ruining the sport, etc. Oh, my, thou doth protest too much, Mr. L! I will have a little chuckle to myself about this, because I think those who are usually screaming and spouting off sound bites to the press are usually the ones that have the most to hide. Shame, shame, shame, and a special finger-wag at you Lefevere.


Agreed Cathy (the finger-wag). I also have been chuckling over the fact that Mr. Whiney-Baby himself (Oscar Pereiro) is implicated in the Puerto scandal. I have noticed you don't hear him saying too much lately! And hey..anybody else notice this: Oscar Pereiro, Operation Puerto...OP?? COINCIDENCE? Maybe he is the RINGLEADER?? HMMMM??? Enquiring minds want to know!

Oh, just thought I'd toss this out: back over Mem-day weekend when I was up in Monterey with my wife, I wore my Free Floyd shirt all over town, and only got ONE comment...that was at Bubba Gump Shrimp CO restaurant...the waitress..she said: "Cool shirt. Who is Floyd?" I almost died! For a BRIEF MOMENT there I thought SOMEONE ELSE knew and appreciated what he's been going thru! But I was dashed to the rocks...gave her the brief explanation...don't think she was too impressed though. Oh well...hang in there Floyd! I STILL BELIEVE!


I cant believe it, there has been at least 24 hours since anyone mentioned AI or DWS (oh wait, they both ended). I made an exception last night and watched American Inventor (also AI- coincidence?)- Just be careful what you say about me, I'm always "lurking". You guys are always great and make me smile.

I agree, the back and for the banter at MD is pretty humorous as well. And finally, thanks Sara for the links lately- good stuff!


Greg and Paul are both back on the same day??? MUST be some type of good omen ;) Good to hear from you both.

Greg's right, you always give us good topics to either read or investigate, Sara. thanks. That Quick Step fiasco is very interesting. I'm guessing some more details will emerge...

You guys have been cracking me up over at MDs! My internet was down last night, but I was going to make the same point that someone (susie?) made yesterday about the flood gates finally opening to allow MD to address his readers/commentors. Such a coincidence that it happened so shortly after our rather lengthy analysis of that issue a little while back. Fun! We like it Marty (in case you're stopping in over here)!!

We're supposed to get hurricane force 'straight-line' winds here today -- they sent me home from work early. Yikes!

susie b

Vandenbroucke is why I worry about all these guys...

And IF QuickStep or any other team really are still doping NOW, with all that's going on, they are just too stupid to compete! Or too egotistical. And deserve to get caught. And yes Cathy, Lefevere WAS the one who said Floyd should be "prosecuted" & that's why he's been on MY particular List of Disgust since August 2006. When the shit hit the fan about him back in Feb (I think), I wrote on TBV & Rant & either here or on MDs that normally I'd be sad to see another cycling person dragged through the mud without a court decision or even any verifiable evidence presented, but because it was HIM, I was THRILLED! It's also why I've written since that the fact he sits on the new Pro-Cycling ANTI-DOPING (!!) commitee makes me VOMIT!

Change of topic. Catherine, I loved what you wrote on MDs & here! That guy Waddy showed up a couple days ago & his very 1st comment was an attack on MD & then the next day, some more & then he attacks Philip. And in this case, it wasn't deserved at all. It seems he just doesn't like MD & wants him to damn well know it. I loved that you said Larry "brings the snark". Funny & true! What Lar said yesterday to me in his 2:05 comment, while not snarky really, but made me laugh so bad, I could barely get up to go to the bathroom. Hard to get down the hall with your legs crossed! LOL! I also loved your description of the cicadas! We had them around here the other year & they sure do cause a racket if you're in area with big & old trees!

Camille - just want you to know, I would PAY a couple hundred bucks to be in the room so I could see his face, when MD reads your comment in connection with my previous questioning if a teen girl would be crushing on Marty - "Hey, I used to get crushes BIGtime in older (well, NOT as old as Marty, fine posterior or no)". Almost pee'ed my PANTS! And yes, if MD had written another post today, I probably would not have written MY version of Jane Curtin doing SNL's Weekend Update, complete with her sign on & sign off phrases. But y'know, you DID goad me into it -"So just talk back to THAT fact, Miss Know it all Smarty Pants!". And maybe MD won't agree, but people, that's my "A" game. :) :)


Aw Janann, they were just baby gusts. Cummon, you know our little midwest blows aren't nuthin to Florida, or a good Noreaster! Now combine them with 90+ degrees, well, maybe they were bad...

I'm starting to get a kick out of the doping stuff (I know, I'm sick). Check out the link for Neil on the road Sara has in her blog. He's funny (Janet Jackson thrown in for good measure????) and has a 1996 video that though blurry (is that Bjarne?) is fun to watch.....


I just love the sychronicity of writing a post only to discover a good friend was writing at the same ime....


Vandenbroucke has depression issues that needed to be addressed. How many cyclists have mental health issues and end up with illegal drugs or not managed correctly. You can't tell me that Pantini didn't have issues well beyond "PED"s. Men are so bad about getting help, and they self medicate with alchohol or other illegal drugs.

Plus, you should never throw stones if you live in a glass house! LeFevre has to be the biggest hypocrite!!

Yah! Paul and Greg posted comments!! I think Greg got tired of our babbling about AI and DWTS!! And I don't think Paul likes being "known"!lol


Well, the wind is all the way down here too, girls!! I hate riding by bike when it's that windy!!

Spanish cycling, and the doping raids in Belgium, acually make me feel better about American cycling! I'm glad it wasn't Davitamon-Lotto, tho.


Susie, I feel sure that you and I BOTH got our ab workouts today, just laughing away at ourselves and each other, would you not agree? I had that giddy can't-wait-to-write-this feeling you were talking about when I decided it was time to whip out the Jane-You-Ignorant-Slut opening line. :D Of course I KNEWED you'd know how to follow up! I had as they say in the South though No *I-dear* you would follow up quite so ornately or marvelously. I think MD just skipped his post because he was waiting for your response, if you ask me. And it was well worth the wait. "A" game for sure! High five! :D

But... you know... I was right on all counts. Whichever way I was swinging at whichever time.

Larry also cracked me up yesterday with his "you'd know what a crush looks like" comment. Also the asterisk by the WT_! He was faking the "well, i NEVER!" attitude, by the way. I enjoy his droll-ete'. Or whatever the word is for that. Catherine, would you really call that snark? I wouldn't, I call it damned entertaining. Oh well, to each her own. :)

Paul, we need your birthday, buddy... Susie's tapping her stiletto...

Sara, your biking in the Virgin Islands post took me back to the 80's when I was there last. I could almost feel those warm, balmy winds ... made me want to go snorkeling. Actually, makes me want to go mountain biking there, which I did not do back then!


A mountain bike ride with pina coladas and ocean views? A perfect combination, methinks.

I'm still thinking (like Janann) that MD visits over here...The Camille, Susie, Larry, and now Waddy banter is fun to read!


Once again, another "simultaneous" post!


Come to think of it the asterisk was after saying he'd give his left _ _ _ *. There. That's better.


(stuck this after yesterday's post so felt compelled....)

See, here's the Camille the voice of (damn funny) reason. You just can't let someone be a jerk. Perhaps that is what endears you...

Ms T, YOU WERE HILARIOUS (at MDs) when you ended a comment with "and I use a lot of exclamation points!" I 'bout did a susieb and spurt. Just cracked me up.

I couldn't look at the monkey video at work so I'm going to now...hold on (just had a funny thought, we are the geriatric version of IMing here in the Sara blogosphere--oh shit I'm laughing so hard I have to pee)...

Posted by: catherine | June 07, 2007 at 07:57 PM

OK. That Gibbon really wore those baby tigers out! Only thing that saved it I'm sure...


PS snark just gave Larry more literary ___*s ;-)


If I haven't said it enough, Camille and susieb are da bomb. High entertainment. Definitely "value added" content for MD's observations on the world.

The cycling world seems to be imploding and I comment that I am getting sick pleasure out of the whole thing. I think T has is right, it somehow feels better that it isn't just one or two getting slammed. Spread the pain. But damn, when will they deal with it in an honest fashion? I think the flurry of confessions will likely encourage the powers that be to think their strategy is working. Too sad.

Don't know what to think about the suicide attempt. Is it European? Living with lies doesn't seem to bother our fair athletes. No, they just go out and beat the living crap out of someone, not turn on themselves. Buy guns, have a gang of bad boys (I'm talking football here).

Is anyone planning to buy the "Breaking the Chain" book? I feel uncomfortable supporting a rat through purchasing his book, but well, it IS interesting to read about the inside.

Sara Best

Catherine, I'm absolutely going to pick up "Breaking The Chain". I don't think he's a rat for telling his story. And the more we learn about it all, the better advocates we are for the sport.


Catherine, I agree. I'd like to read it, too.

And if no one has been to TBV lately, Bill Hue posted a beautiful post that will just take your breath away! It's about Floyd, natch. I'm getting a BIG ole crush on Bill! The good judge has a way with words!


Yah, I don't even "know" how to IM or text-message!! Geriatric version is right!!


Okay, I went over to MD's and admonished Susie,Camille, and Catherine for getting us in trouble again! Just so Marty knows that we haven't forgotten "our place". lol


Is there something in the air.....or the water.....wait - you live so far apart, but y'all are on a roll today :)

I'd like to read that book, too -- I think it will be fascinating and possibly more than a bit disturbing.

Sara your trip sounded absolutely LOVELY! Your report left me longing to go snorkeling and biking! Do you have any other pretty pics that you'd care to share with those of us living a vacation vicariously??

Cat, you're right, we didn't get much weather here in the end either. Just blustery.

susie and Cathy are right on with the 'wag of the finger' to Lefevre. Sheesh -- what a lot of nerve!


Ok!!! Just checked VeloNews! Eisel and Teutenberg won in Reading!!! They are both 2-0 going into Philly this Sunday! Awesome, T-Mobile winning some races!! And all but 2 of the women are in Montreal! So Ina only had 1 teammate to help her!
The weather was beautiful. I wonder how Brad did....have to check!

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