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June 19, 2007



OK -- typepad was eating all of my comments last evening, so here is my post re: yesterday.

I agree about the Walsh book. I wonder if he wrote another book on this topic simply because the last wasn't published in English.

Matt -- you spent '7 years out on the seas'??? My curiousity is piqued! Maybe you've shared this with us before and I've forgotten, but indulge me with some more background. We have such fascinating people here!

I love that training story about LA, also. Recently there was a guy who wrote in to cyclingnews who had been a Postal teammate (didn't recognize the name). He described how, during team training, the guys would return whipped from a difficult ride and head out for dinner. Lance would head back out on the road for another hour or two each night. That guy really knew how to channel his anger and determination!

Congrats to both you and your hubby, Sara! Wow! That's a reason to celebrate if I've ever heard one! Does it make you wonder a bit what the new 'normal' at your house will be like with your husband graduating from law school and you embarking on your new brilliant career? An exciting time, to be sure!

Thanks for letting us know that you've heard from Susie, as we've all been fretting (and she thought that SHE was the worrier!!!). Come back when you can, girl, we miss ya!

****and on to today :)

Sara, I have never heard of anyone almost DYING from mosquitoes (without catching some terrible disease)!!! Though I've *imagined* it when traveling through a particularly thick swarm. YIKES!

I'm heading out for a ride this morning - we have absolutely GLORIOUS weather! Have to take advantage!


OMG Sara, that story gives me the shivers!!!!!! I have forwarded it to my running and cycling friends. What a nightmare. I'm glad your friend is okay. Imagine the itching...

susie b

Hello everyone. I miss you & am very appreciative of your thoughts about me but I'm still dealing with a bunch of stuff & not ready to start commenting regularly again. I did want to say a couple things now, including congrats to Sara's hubby! Way to go!

Also, Julie - I was surprised to read that you had written to Marty to thank him for The Post. However, since you were not a commenter at the time & felt "left out", I can understand why you did it. At least you were not one of the regular commenters who was one of the guiltiest of chatting & bringing up unrelated topics & THEN EMAILING HIM to say & this is a quote : "you are GLAD he said what he did". Talk about hypocritical & lame-ass. Or maybe that is "kiss-ass".

I wasn't sure if I'd be commenting again anywhere for a long time. But because of something that transpired today, I will be writing sooner rather than later on MDs. Maybe once I do that, I'll be able to come back here & have fun again. I hope so.

Oh & personally, the ONE trait I have in common with Lance is the holding of grudges & the ability to turn a slight, a slap, a grievous action against you into a source of ANGER that can make YOU achieve & go OVER obstacles that would stop the unmotivated. I agree with Lance - "ANGER IS A GIFT". I feel particularly GIFTED TODAY. Hokahey.



(hi susie, glad to see your note. miss ya sweetie, but take care of yourself)


Susie!!!! You have to come back before the Tour, we are going to have a grand ol' time discussing all aspects of racing in France PLUS who looks the hunkiest in his kit. Please come back for good!

Sara, that story is frightening!


Hey! The Kalyra Winery 4 person women's team is completing RAAM tonight and they are whupping some men's teams! Here is a link to their about inspiring stuff. GIRLS RULE!! (except for Matt and Greg, they rule too). These awesome ladies (ALL over 50) have raised $50k for Girls, Inc in Santa Barbara.


Happy Tuesday everybody! Sara, that is BIZZARE STUFF about the mosquitoes! I know the little blood-suckers LOVE me! My wife and I go for a walk and they bite me right thru my shirt, leaving her untouched! One time mt biking in Wisconson I flatted on a NASTY ROUGH ROCKY downhill that I charged too hard. I started changing the tube out when one of the guys I was riding w/ came up on me...he almost fainted...said there were HUNDREDS of them on my back! So while he stood there and danced and shooshed them away from me, I did the worlds FASTED tube change! A Nascar pit crew would have been proud!

Susie, glad you are hanging in there, lurking in the shadows as it were...good to know you are still out there. Hope all goes well on your end and you are back to lambasting Larry or whoever over on 'his' site.

Julie, sorry but I can't THANK MD for THE POST. I guess the old 'guilty dog barks first' thing sort of applies here as I guess I WAS (and still are) a MAJOR INANE CONTRIBUTOR...but I was rather hurt by THE POST and don't go back where I'm not wanted. I can live without it. Guess my fragile ego or something...oh is what it is...and it's his site.

Had a nice road bike ride w/ Greg Sunday morning..we did Moorpark hills...ended up at 48 miles per my polar...2700' climbing...FAST pace, held 17.6mph average! Man we rocked! Tonight I am going to do an ITT here on Base...sponsored by the base bike club. Never done such a thing...but a few of the guys I normally ride with are doing I'm IN! It's only 12 miles, a rectangular course...windy today (as usual) will fight a 10 to 12mph headwind the first leg, then a crosswind, then the ZIPPY Downwind leg..another crosswind and finish on another upwind leg...I HATE WIND! So we shall see how it goes...I only need to beat the guy I normally ride with AND his daughter, as she's riding too. He's 11 yrs older than I am...but is quite strong and will be hard to beat w/ no no pressure here! Only the Bragging rights for a month or so for the victor! Strange creatures we are. I'm already getting butterflies...and it's just for FUN! What is up with that? Oh well...gotta go prep the bike (make sure he hasn't let air out of my tires, or put a bunch of lead in my tool bag or something like that...some evil stunt such as I would do to him...GRIN!) LEATHER UP!


Hi, Susie!!

I'm constantly amazed at how I'm affected by my favorite blogs and the people behind them. "The Post" came out during our ice storm, when I went 14days without power, in Jan. I was amazed at how hurt my feelings where!! I did email him, because I was reading one of his books by lantern and I was sorry for being "inane". He answered it! Made me feel better, but I still don't post very often. BUT; also he's been writing about running a lot, and I have no interest in that. Cycling is my bag!

Speaking of which; FRANK SCHLECK is now wearing the yellow jersey!! Go team CSC! They don't need Basso! And Kim Kirchen, now T-Mobile, is in 3RD place!!

Regarding gossip of George talking to T-Mobile; Remember Michael Barry, and Roger Hammond went there. I'm sure George is tight with Michael. And maybe for his last year or two he wants something different. Then there is the whole Basso signing....which blew up in Johan's face. Remember, the T-Mobile team is being run by an american, of course you KNOW that!!

And re:running...I AM interested in Amy, Camille, and Yvette's running!!!!! That's cause they are coooollll.

Good Luck Matt, on your ITT! We want results!


Sara, I'm so glad your friend is alright, what a miracle that he was heard!

susie - glad to see those caps again! ;-) But about your common trait with Lance - haven't you heard? That's not how Lance rolls... ;-) ;-) (No, I am never going to let him live down that comment.)

Yay Kalyra! Good luck Matt!

T - I agree with all your reasons George might be looking at T-Mobile, I thought that too. And if they're offering a few nice paychecks before he retires, more power to him. I so wish I could afford The Hincapie Experience in Aug/Sep - he's such a sweetie, I bet it will be a blast!

We had great weather here today also, I tacked on an extra loop to my ride even though I had started out sluggish - happens every time, you get on the bike and you just want to keep on goin'!


Oh, that comment of Lance's about anger....I don't agree. I think anger can be dangerous and can shorten a person's life. Maybe that's what won 7 Tours; but the average human needs to learn how to channel anger, so it will not come too quickly or stay too long. IMO.

Tomorrow I want to get on my bike at least a 1/2 hr earlier, so I can put a few more miles in.
Anyone that needs rain, go to Texas! They have extra water right now. At least it didn't get that bad here.


Theresa, you are very wise. And you are also a very KIND, perceptive and mature person; that's quite obvious to me and probably everyone else, too. I especially like the way you are able to disagree with someone else's opinions or feelings, without publicly trying to insult them. I've seen you NICELY disagree with me and with others, and I appreciate it and it's a good example for all.

Sara, thank you for hosting us and putting up with... some pretty RIDICULOUS stuff. I hope people can get back to being civilized. Some people mistake civilized behavior for passive-aggression. That's an expression used frequently by people who just want to fight all the time, and are frustrated when others get tired of it.

Anger that never stops isn't healthy and is TIRESOME to others. Theresa is right -- it needs to be channeled constructively and not aggressively at other people.

I have ABSOLUTELY no problem with having told MD I was glad he said what he did that time (are you EVER going to get past that? SHEESH!). I would say it today, not because I'm a lame-ass, kiss-ass, or whatever other rude thing you said, but because he was tired of our antics, and I don't blame him and he had every right to make that request. And I'm sure now that Sara would like it if we discontinued this RIDICULOUS discussion and got back to talking about cycling and being NICE to other people who post here.

I'm sorry for taking up your site space with this, Sara. I'm done on this matter. Will not answer back childish tantrums no matter what sh!t flies.


I agree with Theresa and Camille on that kind of anger, not good for heart or soul. I didn't realize it was such an, um, internal issue here, guess that's what happens when you come late to the party.

David Walsh was on NPR this morning. Came across as very reasonable - I don't know if he is or not, just saying that's how he came across. NPR did okay questioning the circumstantial nature of it, but I wish they had brought up that this stuff had all been through the courts already. And curiously, not a word about Floyd. I haven't heard about any Floyd content yet, and it seems his title, which is pretty silly chronologically speaking, is just a cheap ploy to sell his Lance stuff again. Floyd's dumb luck strikes again.

susie b

I call it as I see it.


And hey..speaking of Floyd, I'm waiting with BAITED BREATH for the decision from the hearing! Should be ANY DAY NOW! (it has been almost 6 weeks, hasn't it? Seems like FOREVER ago the hearing ended).

Last nights ITT went well...and all I can say for ANY athletes that do this over and over again ON PURPOSE is that my hats off to you! MAN OH MAN is that some suffering! The course was 11.5 miles, and our typical wind on the slight uphill backstretch (240' climbing over about 4 miles) had shifted and was now a crosswind...(along with some VERY rough pavement we lovingly refer to as 'cobblestones'). I managed to average 20.6mph, with my AVERAGE heartrate of 166 (my MAX HR is 185, so that figure is right at 90% of my max). I wasn't sure I could hold that high of a HR for 31 mins straight)...and my power output average was 241 watts, a new personal high (by almost 20 watts!) I did a warmup lap of the course at what I thought was about 75% intensity...looking back at my power data I averaged 207 watts with an average Heartrate of 135. Amazing what just a little bit of extra effort sustained costs you! GADS that is SO HARD...mentally sustaining the effort even though your legs are BURNING...keeping your thoughts "I can HOLD IT"..rather than "Hmm..maybe I should back down a bit"...but I guess thats the deal in any athletic endeavour... about the time you start thinking you are done, then you ARE done. Pro athletes must be pretty dang strong mentally as well as physically! All I know is I will be much more appriciative of the effort involved while spectating a time trial from now on!


Matt, I wish I could be so in tune with my bod! I *determine* my HR by the good ol' *talking test.*

I always appreciate your positive thoughts on training. My M.O. is to *yell* to myself, saying things like, "get up that damn hill, you dumbass!" Not so ladylike, but somehow, it gets me over the crest.


Yvette, LOL, that's great. THAT'S the way to vent your steam. I didn't actually yell at my charliehorsing knees one block from the finish line at the Atlas Ride, but I definitely was mentally flogging them with a "cat" ... sometimes we just have to tell our bodies who's boss!


Matt, I am amazed and TOTALLY impressed with you!! I have a HR moniter, but leave it at home! I use the "talking test" too. You know, Matt, I find you an inspiration, as I look forward to two 62mi rides!!

And Camille, flogging your knees with a cat is a disturbing image for me!!!


Okay dammit, Theresa. I'll tell you the truth if you're forcing me. I didn't really flog them at all, it just makes a good story I like to think. In truth, I saw them doing that circular muscle flex towards each other,(it was either clockwise or counterclockwise, but they were a mirror image of each other, simultaneously bulging, with the veins popping out)... and I thought, COOL!!!! It made me feel like such a GLADIATOR!!! I wasn't mad at them at all, it was just a validation for me that I had laid it all out there on the road. It was one of my proudest moments of my life, actually. Damn, I should have stuck with the cat story...


HEY!! Guys, I just checked my email and my copy of Floyd's book is ON THE WAY!! Alright!! PLUS, finally got emails thru the cycling club about voluteering for the Tour of MO!! (sorry, my spelling sucks!)


Okay, I just read about the Hincapie experience, that Julie mentioned! How cool!! This year is taken, no more vacation or money! If I can't ride with Floyd, then George is a good second choice!!
I hafta see what next year offers!! But I am hoping Floyd 's camps start again, wouldn't it be cool to go to Floyd's camp in Jan; and George's in Aug.! I guess I really don't need a new car.....:)


I can dream can't I?


Just had to share; I love riding by houses that still have Christmas lights up!
And my bike shop is building at at new location, so I rode over and took a picture of it "in progress". What an exciting ride I had!


Oh..JD, you asked about my 'sea time'...don't think I shared any of that here's the readers digest condensed version: I am retired Navy...did 16 years on SHORE bases around the world (not a SINGLE sea day in my entire NAVY career). I do Navy field was ASW (Anti Submarine in: find the other guys sub and kill it before it can fire on us). We have lots of cool particular field was SOSUS..(read any of the early Tom Clancy books...he talks about it)'s the military acronym for "Sound Surveillance System". After I retired from the Navy I THEN took a job as civilian electronics tech on SURTASS ships...(that means "Surface Towed Array Surveillance System"...basicly the ship-based version of what I did on the shore..only it's a civilian crew). I did 7 years out there on SURTASS ships...various ports worldwide...LOTS and LOTS of days at sea...sort of made up for 16 years on the shore. But that got old when I started seeing Jeannie (my wife) who'se brother is my Navy buddy...thats how I met her). So now I do electronics work out of Vandenberg Air Force Base here in Calif...various stuff...spacecraft (satellite), security systems, launch pads (my first job here was on the Titan IV pad...but we launched the LAST EVER Titan IV 2 years ago)..and whatever comes up (my boss goes out and finds other Lockheed Martin divisions that are in a crisis and needs workers w/ clearance's already in place...those are hard to come by in these post 9/11 days). So it's a good gig...I get to travel now and then, but MOSTLY be home with the wife and doggies (and my bikes!) So..thats pretty much my scoop...hopefully de-mystify some of my background and such. Doesn't explain my CDB (Cosmic Disturbance Boy)status though...not sure how that came about. That talent seems to have manifested in the last couple of years.


Matt - Alas, only four weeks out, but I suppose they could come in before six weeks, though I would think they'll take all the time they can get!

My favorite motivational tool is inspired by our boy Floyd - I look far ahead (most often it's to the top of a steep hill) and repeat to myself "I'm one tough bitch," over and over until the "crisis" has passed. I've always loved that description of Floyd, and especially loved that it came from Amber. Keeps me going, and keeps me smiling! (Mind you, I'm not really one tough bitch, so it's kind of a joke, but it's all relative, and it does get me in a certain determined mindset.)


Only 4 weeks? CRAP! I have-been anxiously awaiting the FAVORABLE DECISION announcment. Seems like AGES ago that the hearing ended.

I hear ya' Julie (on the One-Tough-B saying)...On the time trial last night, I was thinking back to how I handled that HUMONGOUS SPLINTER 2 weeks ago...ahh..those were tough times indeed! After surviving that MONSTROUS 1/32" molecule of aluminum, I feel I can handle ANYTHING, and was thus able to finish the ride strong! PAIN? BRING IT ON! IS THAT ALL YA' GOT?

I also was stoked to get the email from yesterday about the EARLY shipping of Floyds book...said it should be here by the 26th...I might have the book before the Arbitrators make their decision announcment!

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