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May 18, 2007



Hi Sara, I will have my t-shirt made today, in black!! Happy IHWG day to you too!.



Worse than Will, I cannot believe that there was no cross allowed and they dismissed LeMond! Dismiss a witness without the other side being able to examine him??? Did I hear wrong? I spent the last 48 hours helping my closest friend deal with a terminal diagnosis for her mother, so I have missed almost all of this, but heard about it on NPR this morning. What the heck is going on? Now I understand whey they didn't want to release documents to FL's lawyers. Oh, I just hate this.


Just the science, just the science....Well, the science is that Will's testosterone got in the way big time!! This is all they are talking about in the news, and Pat McQuaid is all rightously indignent(sp?)! Asking for Floyd's and Basso's heads on a platter. I hope the USADA pays for this. And I pray that Floyd's defense can get things back on track after Will's stupid stunt.
I have limited black; How many days am I going to have to wear it?? I better buy a couple of t-shirts!!


HI all! IHWG Day -- boy the calendar will have to be amended again. Maybe Paula can get us all appropriate T-shirts.

OK....have you guys read the transcript from Lemonds press conference after his testimony?!?!?!? Now I REALLY wish Cathy had gone down there to give me a 'what for' from us.

And on another topic of interest to us all here at the IA. Mr. Whines-a-lot is going to QUIT cycling if he has to take a DNA test to prove he's not involved in OP???

Here's hoping for no more 'WTF' surprises today -- unless of course they surprise the USADA.
GO FLOYD!!!!!!!!

susie b

I write this comment mostly to make myself feel a little better.

On the way to work this morning I heard a promo for the Preakness (here in my beloved home state of MARYLAND) which is being run this Saturday. Immediately the following flowed into my shell-shocked head, mostly due to the fact that EVERY single day since July 27, 2006, I think about sports doping. Let's say it's from the "it-could-be-true file :

So, I read the other day that Dick Pound, the head of WADA, held an impromptu press conference at Churchill Downs. Mr.Pound has been on a book signing tour, visiting many of America's finest Used Books stores & just recently saw taped coverage of that American spring classic - the Kentucky Derby. Here are some of the remarks from the press conference :

DICK : I was shocked, SHOCKED when I saw that race! Of COURSE that horse doped! Did you see him? He BLEW past 18 other horses like they were standing still, 18! When's the last time THAT happened in the Kentucky Derby?! I know I'VE never seen anything like it! It was as if that jockey was riding not a horse but a God Damn Harley! So I knew I had to come down here & go nose to nose with the offender. Sniff out the situation. And well, Hell, he's already HOOFED it out of here! If that's not a sign of a guilty doper, I don't know what is!

Reporter#1 : Um, Mr Pound, the Preakness is this Saturday, so the horse has already been moved to Maryland to prepare for that race.

DICK : Hah! Likely story! I'm sure he high-TAILED it out of here the moment he heard the Big Dick was coming to town.

Reporter#2 (a little nonplussed) : Uh, for which substance did Street Sense test positive?

DICK : Well, the results haven't actually come back from the lab yet. We use a VERY trusted place in France who does everything the 'Dick Way". But, I don't need to see a test! I'm a professional Anti-Doper. We can just EYE-BALL it & tell. Ask Anybody! I'm tellin you, that Cajun jockey wasn't the only thing RAGIN! Why, all the FILLIES WITHIN A HUNDRED MILES of this barn have't been safe for a single day! And for goodness sake, look at his name - "Street Sense"! What other proof do you need to see he's a doper!

Disclaimer - the above was completely from the demented mind of susie b. As far as I know, DICK Pound is not on a book signing tour, has never been to Churchill Downs & has made no statements about the Derby winner being a doper. However, RUMOR has it he is known & referred to by many as 'Big DICK'.


Poor Floyd?!? How about GREG??? I don't know whether Floyd is guilty, but I do find his monopoly on some people's sympathy a little disturbing.


Holy shizzle. Yesterday was not unlike stage 16 last year. Just hoping that there's a stage 17 just over the next hill. GL is just pathetic, beneath pity, not even worthy of contempt.


Hi guez, welcome! If our sympathy seems limited, it's because of the timing of LeMond's confession of the childhood abuse. He got full media attention at a hearing, that supposed to be about science. Greg has a way with sensationalizing things to grab media attention. Personally, I'd rather deal with my demons on a level that keeps me out of the papers!


I don't have any sympathy to GL, none. He was directly asked by the prosecutor if it was ok to share the story, and as we all now know it's just fine in arbitration to say NO, but instead he said it was fine to tell. So up until that moment his sexual abuse as a child was not public knowledge--he let USADA use him for their case vs Landis. He agreed to that. So while I am sorry to hear he has abuse in his past, and while I think Will is a disgusting idiot for exploiting knowledge gained from his managerial role with Landis, LeMond opened himself up to the public ONCE MORE because he can't stand to be out of the lime light for long. When's the book tour, Greg?

I have a pass for Monday's session and will be there in the afternoon only. Will prob only be dry science, but I am on the list and I will be there. Floyd needs all the friends he can get and I count myself as one of those.


Cathy that's great!! I ready for some dry science again.

Sara Best

Statement to the press from Will Geoghegan:

"I apologize to Greg LeMond and his family for the distress I caused by my call. I also apologize to the arbitration panel and to Floyd Landis and his legal team for the distraction. I have been very angry about how unfair this whole proceeding is to Floyd, a great friend and a greater champion, and stupidly tried to take out my anger on Greg. I acted on my own, impulsively, after a beer or two. I never thought about keeping Greg from testifying. If I had, I would have concluded that since Greg is such a fierce competitor my stunt would likely make him more resolved to testify. What I did was wrong and very unfair to Greg. I am very sorry about and embarrassed by my conduct."

He's still a jackass.


Suh did a great job with Ayotte this morning. "It is because I said so" is essentially her last statement. Yay, science!

Love the letter by Ray Cipollini (I'm sure I spelled that wrong) over at TBV. Thank goodness cooler heads are prevailing and from what I can see over on the Morning Roundup, the news articles are reporting the science along with the soap opera.

I am heartbroken for Floyd and Amber over what happened yesterday. How awful to find out so publicly what your friend did in the name of help for your case. Cathy, I know you will tell Floyd that everyone at the IA still believes in him and is cheering him on. I love that people compare yesterday to Stage 16. Do I dare to hope that there will be a 17?

You guys are the best. I couldn't get through this week without you.


Debby, you know though, after Floyd and Amber weathered her father committing suicide, and no telling what else... I would think this stupid asinine blurt-call by Will won't be their undoing, at least emotionally. I think they've seen and felt it all by now. Hearing that Floyd looked upbeat again this morning made me feel a lot better. Drunk people are capable of incredibly stupid things, and I happen to believe Will probably had more than "a beer or two." That's the classic amount people claim when they were really way over the line. It's just a hunch, nobody sue me or get a contract out on me... but, chances are good he was really knock'n 'em back. NOT that it excuses it... I've just seen people turn that corner and then anything can happen. Sadly.


No sympathy for Greg? Here's what Geoghegan allegedly said (from Velonews):

"‘Hi Greg, this is your uncle. This is your uncle Ron and _I'm_going_to_be_there_tomorrow,'" LeMond recalled. "I said, ‘Who is this?' He said, ‘I'm going to be there and we can talk about how we used to hide your weenie.'"

As far as I know, no one has challenged this account.

CMehl: If I am sympathetic toward Greg, it is not because his experience of sexual abuse was aired in public court (as you point out, he agreed to that) but rather because it was viciously and meanly used as a *weapon*, possibly in an *illegal* (though ill-advised) attempt to intimidate him.

I challenge anyone to explain how any of this is Greg Lemond's fault.

If you can't get beyond your obsession with proving Landis's innocence to see how profoundly cruel this pathetic ploy was, I really feel sorry for you. This is not about just about sports idols, but rather human beings (including Landis, who deserves our sympathy as well, whether innocent or guilty).


Hey - is anyone on the video feed who can tell me how its going today? (Can't get TBV on this computer)

susie b

Cathy - No, Sports Illustrated did not deem it important enough to put Floyd on the cover last year after winning the Tour de France. Tiger Woods is on the cover - he had just won the British Open, a few months after failing to make the cut at the US Open.

I would LOVE Floyd's signature on any magazine with him on the cover! Thank you SO much for offering! Tell Floyd his supporters are still behind him & tell Amber we think of her often. You know, the one bad thing about you working for the Paceline is that you can't do a follow-up to that fantastic interview you did with Amber last Fall. I've repeatedly worried about her these last several months even though she is tough enough to kick my ass up & down a street I think. :)

guez - Did Will do something idiotic? YES! Heinous? Possibly. Do I believe everything Greg Lemond says? Hell, no! Do I think Floyd had anything to do with what Will said/did? ABSOLUTELY NOT! And after 20 years, my well of sympathy has finally run dry for Greg LeMond.

I am sad beyond words today. Last night reminded me of the day I heard about the test results. I sniffled off & on for a week. To think that all of Floyd & his team's hard work these last 10 Hellish months may come to naught because of THIS & not even due to the rigged nature of this show trial makes me LIVID.


Guez, the only thing I for one am obsessed about (and I'm not really obsessed, actually)... is wanting to know once and for all if the testing methods are reliable or not. That's what this case is about. We can be distracted by "Look! Over there! It's a bird! It's a plane!" gestures or not. I'm keeping my eyes on the main issue, whether or not those lab results are reliable or not. That's it.

I have no pompoms in my hands, just want the system to really work and not be a sham.


Come on. All science, no pompoms? Is this the same Camille who wrote (above): "Hearing that Floyd looked upbeat again this morning made me feel a lot better"? It's okay to root for your guy, but please don't pretend this is all objective. And please don't use a shield of pseudo-objectivity to gloss over what happened to Greg Lemond. If a French cyclist had won the Tour, been accused of doping, appealed and then viciously attacked Lance Armstrong (say), I don't think that the "main issue" would be the reliability of the labs.

By the way, I hope that good science does clear up this mess, but I'm not holding my breath. Short of Landis copping to doping or the doping agencies and labs confessing to a fix-up, I don't really see anyone changing their minds.

Unfortunately, we live in the era of blogosphere, when victims are turned into villains (for supposedly "using" their vicimhood) and "fact" is usually a code-word for "partisan opinion."

I guess that I should get used to it.


Camille, I was discussing that with my husband last night--that basically, I want to know if I can trust the ADA's to do their job accurately and honestly (and with integrity) so that when these issues arise, the truth won't be shrouded in mystery. Their "scientific method" leaves too much room for doubt, it seems.

Frankly, the "soap opera" that has arisen is a little much for me--I don't see how GL ever needed to be a witness at the hearing, and I also am trying to "wrap my mind" (as you said at MD's site) around why a grown man would make an absurd call. This whole deal seems to have become a farcical jumble of events.


Guez, yep, I'm the same Camille. And I stand by the things I've said.


PS... can't we all just get along?! ;)

And let's face it... we've all got partisan opinions and we're entitled to them, right?

Does anyone else have a neck ache? All trial and no play makes Jack a dull boy... all trial and no play makes Jack a dull boy...


Thanks. That clears things up.


Hey G, you can feel sorry for whomever you care to, including me. I don't like Greg LeMond, I find him to be an attention-seeking phoney who wants the world to believe he is the only "pure" American to win the TdF, to which I shout Bullshit. He wanted to be part of yesterday's proceedings, to testify that Landis was a cheat, so he bought into USADA's plan. I feel bad for him that he was upset by an idiotic phone call from someone in FL's camp--but to put Will's behavior on Floyd's shoulders is inappropriate. He was not even a paid employee, if memory serves me correctly. You personally might believe Floyd was behind it but I do not, so we will leave it at that.


Yvette, I stole that phrase from one of our crew here (I'm sure they know who they are), but I can't remember who the victim was. Sigh. Yes, waaaaay too much soap opera. I'm not a fan of when things get sooooooo emotional and everyone gets so up in arms. Unless, of course, we're talking about my beloved Sanjaya.

And I rest my credibility on that case. ;)



You asked us how this is Greg LeMond's fault. I never saw the man interviewed, didn't follow cycling when he was in his glory days, didn't have an opinion either way, until yesterday.

The question no one asks or answers is, why did Greg LeMond even take it upon himself to call Floyd, a stranger, and ask him to confess in the first place? He wasn't a teammate, roommate, coach, or otherwise had anything whatsoever to do with this year's Tour. He had no business calling Floyd or giving any quotes to the press about anything, unless he had actual knowledge of what happened, NOT opinion.

How do you think Floyd felt when this man, whom he has never really met, calls him up and urges him to confess? And then shares deeply personal things with him? How inappropriate! Floyd tried to do the right thing by telling him in private, you don't comment on me in public, and I won't comment on you. But if you do continue to comment on my case without really knowing me, then I have the right to comment on you.

Any rational, reasonable person would have thought, "Ouch! He's right -- I'm sticking my nose where it doesn't belong" and never said another word about it. But no. Will was wrong to let his anger boil over, of course, and USADA was wrong to capitalize on that public confession for their own purposes (ie the resulting media circus to distract the public), but Greg never should have contacted Floyd in the first place! He should have followed Eddy Merxx's example to *stay out of it.*

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