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May 22, 2007



Okay, gotta crow!!

Brad Huff, the one and only, is the Pan American champion!! Is that not awesome!! Of course, all this track keeps him off the road, but maybe into the Olympics! Brad says they've got bulleyes on their backs. They can't even go out for a road ride because they don't have security. They are escorted back and forth to the track every day. I hope no one is planning a trip to Argentina this year!!


Bicycling Magazine--bleccchhh! Like all Rodale publications, it's pabulum for preening, pansy-assed poseurs.

Sara Best

EXCELLENT question from Guez at the end of yesterday's post:

"So here's my question for the Landis fans: would you prefer that he win in the court of public opinion and lose the arbitration hearing or vice-versa?"

I for one say hands down I would rather that he win the hearing and lose the faith of the public. Who cares about the public? Generally speaking they know nothing about the sport, nor do they care to learn.

What I want is to see Floyd back on a bike, racing the Pro Tour again. He needs to win this hearing to do that and that's all I care about.

Thanks for throwing the question out there Guez. We do tend to be a little one-sided in terms of our love for Floyd here (okay, big understatement there, I know) and I think it's just great to have someone weigh into the discussion with the other side.

susie b

Well, I'm sure we all don't want to re-live Jan 22, 2007...a day that will live in infamy, oh wait, that's already taken. The day of THE POST, or as I so fondly re- Call It Stormy Monday....

"They call it Stormy Monday, but Tuesday was just as bad!
Wednesday was worse, & Thursday was oh so sad!"
(thanks T-Bone Walker)

Why, *I* haven't thought about it AT all, nope, not a day. And why the INSPIRATION of our group's "name" would be miffed, well, as they say in grade school - "he started it!". LOL!

Actually, that blog's host acted the same way BTP ('before The Post'), although I agree our occasional references to 'IA' or the word "inane" may irritate him & that's why I try to restrain myself from using those terms over there. (Hey, I said 'TRY'!). Anyway, thanks for indulging my questions/comments Sara.

Re: guez' question - I agree with Sara - I would MUCH rather have Floyd's fine ass back on a bike in the pro-peloton, proving to ANY & ALL, that he IS the best stage racer today. However, whether he would really want to get back into that hornet's nest with a target on his back is up to him. To endure the lingering sniping from assorted cycling fans, the media & possibly other riders will make every day a 'Stage 17' in some respects. But, if Floyd's up for it, then so am I. I'll be in the car, handing over the water bottles...


Duh, of course "Landis fans" want to see him win the arbitration hearing, because that gives him the possibility of racing again.


Re: Floyd's hearing and the preferred outcome -- SOO well put by Camille, Sara, Susie, and Yvette!


Once we get Floyd leathered up in his new Team Gladiator uniform, I think the (female) cycling fans, and (female) journalists will forget aaaaaaaallllllll about this little arbitration thing.


Anyone 'in' on the video today who can let us know what's happening?? I can't get TBV at work :(




I'm watching it, and Floyd is being quizzed about various Greg LeMond-related things. ugh Of course they're milking that for all they can. Floyd is doing fine, explaining himself well. Now it's about when the WG phone call happened, at a restaurant. I finally figured out I needed to enable popups, that's why I couldn't get the video all week... duh...


Yes, I want to see Floyd on a bike again!! Call me biased. But that's what it's about! We want him racing!! He's going to be dealing with this the rest of his life; racing or not; so let's do it on the bike!! And changes in WADA and USADA are necessary!! To give our (the world's) athletes a fair shake!!


Camille, you go girl! Give us the play by play! I've got to start getting ready for work, tomorrow I go to KC. I wish I could watch....:(


I think no matter the outcome of this hearing, those that think he cheated will still think that, and those that don't believe he did will still believe that. The hearing will just decide if he will ride a bike (for a living) again in the next 2 years. I personally believe the hearing has thus-far exposed the labs very sad procedures, and that WADA/USADA have no problem convicting athletes on VERY LITTLE factual evidence ...but THEY need guilty people to justify their existance. But again, thats just MY feelings. I believe he has PROVEN his innocence as well as is possible, but some people won't feel this way. So, he will forever be tainted with the accusation of doping, and all he can hope for at this point is the charges to be dropped and he can get back on the bike and on with his life. Dick Pound and associates will forever believe he cheated. No amount of evidence (or lack thereof) will convince them of that. I anxiously await Floyd coming back to the Peleton and SHOWING that he won it fair and square by doing it AGAIN! Hopefully that will be sooner rather than later!


They're taking a "brief" recess and will start again soon, any minute now...

I'm certainly not good at play by play, y'all, sorry. I'll just tell you that to me, Floyd is expressing himself believably and comes across as an honest guy with nothing to hide. One key point for me was when Barnett (cross-examining him) asked him why he didn't fire Will until what Will had done came out in the proceedings. Floyd said that sometimes it's best to handle something immediately or it will get worse, sometimes it's best to wait and see what is the best course of action. (I'm paraphrasing of course) He said he wasn't sure what to do so he waited to ask his attorneys that morning. They didn't have time to make a decision so they heard it all in the proceedings, then the decision was made.

They also asked Floyd about wearing all black, and if it was as a negative anti-GL kind of gesture. He said it wasn't supportive or offensive toward GL, but it was just a horrible morning (day) and he knew it would be, after the night before. He said he was misquoted in the media as saying it was to show that GL had lost all credibility. He said he didn't recall saying that.

Now they're asking him about "Don't poke the crazy guy." !!!! Gotta go for now so I can watch this...


Now he's being asked about all the other Phonak riders who got accused of doping, one after another...trying to insinuate guilt by association and. Now they're easing toward O.P. and asking about him living in Girona... I see where this is going... ugh. Brother.


Earlier they asked him if Will Geoghehan said in an intro at one of his FFF meetings, "This is all about doing what you have to do to win." When Floyd said he didn't recall that, they said, "No further questions." --- Trying to leave that statement hanging out there to imply they'd do ANYthing... oh barf.


OOOOOOOH BOOOOOOYYYEEEE. WHeeee, go Camille, go Floyd (wish I could watch).

Matt you are SOSOSO very right. That is what it is all about. Nothing much more.


Thanks so much Camille!! Wish I could see it, but you're doing a good job :)


OMG, that was the lamest cross from USADA I've ever seen. They asked him about all the Phonak dopers, some of which were already gone before he got there. These guys don't LIVE together for god's sake. He also tried to insinuate that FL had received all of his blood values provided by the UCI to a Phonak team doctor--provided after FL was sacked. But FL contends he never received them and they've never used the info for anything so it appears true that his side requested but did not receive. The phone call issue was trying to make it look like while FL did not approve or instigate the call he then did not tell his attorneys about it until the morning. But once he did tell them upon arriving at court the client/priviledge (sp) is in play, so I don't think that went far either. Of course they never asked him if he doped so that panel wouldn't hear him say no one more time, but I don't see that any character damage was played out. Especially good on rebuttal /cross whatever from Jacobs at end was showing chart of T/E values and saying USADA says you doped on the final stage, the ceremonial lap into Paris. They say he doped and risked testing positive on a day he didn't even need the help because he'd already won....Jacobs ended with that, and Landis is off the stand now.

Next up is the expert who produces the machine that measures the peaks I believe--and he's supposed to be last witness.


BTW, the comment "Doing what you have to do to win" was made at a Fund raiser, and was in reference to beating USADA by taking this public....I think that was pretty clear and backfired on USADA as they were trying to make it a statement about winning the Tour de France at all costs. Camille, do you agree with my take on that point?

And yes, I agree with everyone else, I could care less if public opinion doesn't embrace Floyd. He needs to be riding a bike again and winning another Tdf!!


Yes, Cathy, I completely agree with you on your last question. They just asked if Will said that, didn't ask "in reference to what?", just cut it off immediately to give an inference. All this surrounded by questions implying that only evil people wear all black, and for evil reasons! And he lived in Girona! You know who ELSE lives there, right? The Bad NO-NO doctor!! Good GRIEF. Barnett was just like Bill Hue said he would be, (all about The Enquirer type questioning) and with a whiny voice to go with his obnoxious line of questioning... But in my opinion it all seemed lame, like Matt said. Desperate grasping at straws that didn't go anywhere. But as Matt said, it probably confirmed for everyone what preconceived notions they already held.


The "bad NO-NO doctor???" Camille you crack me up!


Oooops, it was lame like *Cathy* said. Although I'm sure Matt and ALL of us think the whole thing is lame. Okay Guez, you might not, but, I think you did say you saw that the testing looked suspect to put it mildly. Lunch break should be over before TOO long...


Catherine, actually I was drawing a blank on Dr. Fuentes' name at the time I wrote that :) Well, so far I'm locked out of the afternoon session. But it won't be Floyd. I might just see what TBV says. If it's science, our side will win, right?!

susie b

Arggggh! I'd been trying to look &/or listen to Floyd AND work at the same time. NOT a good idea, people! USADA's questions drove me crazy! Why were you wearing black on Thursday?! Did you say 'don't poke the crazy guy' in that Bicycling mag article?! I 'know' Floyd really wanted to say he wore all-black for "the gals at the IA 'cause they think it's HOT"! LOL!

One of the few things for which I don't think Floyd made the correct decision was in not telling his lawyers ASAP about Will's call (& I mean right then). But it does seem to be consistent with the idea that he usually thinks things through thoroughly before making decisions. It was the lawyers' fault for having Will in the Hearing room that afternoon! WHY did they do that? DUMB move I think.

And Paul - (I meant to write this yesterday but got distracted). Thanks SO much for the account of your visit to the Hearing IN PERSON on Saturday! I think you were there on the "best" day as you got to hear Floyd's testimony & saw for yourself what a simple, honest man he is. I loved reading your opinion of that. Although I do think Floyd is smart too, just maybe not "sophisticated". :)

And of course thanks Cathy for your personal report yesterday too! Even though I love reading TBV, having OUR people there not only gives even more perspectives but made me feel even more connected to what is happening.

The Hearing's impact on me so far has been the following :
1) I'm prepared that any of my internet rantings can come back to haunt me as they will be taken out of context, misconstrued, or over-simplified to make me appear even more 'dangerously' flippant, obstreperous, & grammatically incorrect than I really am...
2) Absolute acknowledgement that a cellphone is the Devil's tool, especially in the hands of the overstressed &/or drunk.
3) Am prepared to be cross-examined on my motives at any of MY trials when I wear one of my MANY, MANY all-black outfits, day after day. ("It's stylish your honor, don't you ever read Vogue"...)
4) Move to California so my trial is held along a scenic beach & not in downtown Rockville!

And seriously -
5) Never get so emotionally involved with any other athlete's well-being as my heart can't take it if his/her professional life hangs in the balance & I have to read horrible, untrue things day after day. I'm already 'connected' to my boy Michael Phelps, but after him, that's it, no more! Floyd's trial-by-fire (& I don't mean just this Hearing) has made me far too upset & sad for my own good. :(. So, Camille, I know where you were coming from the other day. I'm just already "all-in" on this & have to ride it out. And besides, I HATE emergency dismounts...

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