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May 10, 2007



Ok, I just read the except on chapter 1 of Floyd's book. WOW!! I don't know if I can wait!! Guess I have to! I think the cover shows his intensity. Not my favorite sho t of him but good. But I see your point, Owlie.


Hey thanks Matt for the pics! You responded quickly!

I read the clipless article by Chris Carmichael--good advice, I think I tend to start off on the wrong foot so I'll make a mental note.

You make a good point about the Basso situation, so it'll be interesting to see how they work this one. Maybe in their own little world (which never makes sense) having the blood banked is enough for punishment. The doping "czars" have handed down some crazy punishments.

susie b

I'm blowing into a paperbag as I write this.... I don't know about anybody else, but when I read the words "press conference", I start to PANIC. whwoo, whwoo, whwoo... Why is that? Reading too much cycling news? Actually, the same thing happens when I'm watching TV & that "Breaking News/Special Bulletin" shows up. Always a harbinger of BAD news. I'm trying to stay positive. Blow into the bag, susie... whwoo,whwoo,whwooo...

Even though I TOLD myself since Tues night that Lakisha would not be Stayin Alive, I was still choked up to actually hear that damn montage music "I'm Going Home" & I just wanted to tell Chris Daughtry to put a sock in it! sniff, sniff. And they should have let her sing "And I'm Telling You, I'm Not Going" as her swan song! But I guess they figured that would CONFUSE everybody - that Lakisha was doing some kind of protest. :)

I also love the TTT. I'd like to say rain or shine but my hand won't 'let' me type that. When it rains, I get too nervous & almost chew my hand off while watching the coverage, so it's understandable I guess...

The only pop culture celebrity I despise more than Paris Hilton is Anna Nichole Smith. I say 'IS' regarding ANS as it appears all the entertainment news shows (ET, Access, Extra) refuse to accept that she's dead & are part of some conspiracy to drive me insane! Talk about Stayin Alive... Arghhhh! As for Paris, I originally thought 45 days might be a bit much since it was out of line with what that judge normally hands down for the same thing, but just for what she's been doing & saying since? Heck, I don't know if 45 is enough! Don't know how my mundane, little life will carry on.

And Matt, woofdawg, GregC, anyone else who has ever ridden a Century, I have some questions. Marty has said he's going to bike the L'etape on the 1st rest day of this year's TDF & it's 120 miles in the ALPS ( with 5, count'em, 5, climbs). He hasn't ridden a road bike in years although he runs & rides a mountain bike. What kind of training does he need to do to be ready? He's only got 9 weeks & he's super busy as usual (although now that track season is almost over, I guess that frees up some time). What would YOU do to be ready/capable? Would this be "harder" than a marathon?


Susie, I'm pretty sure that Marty has some pretty decent base-level fitness, which is going to serve him well. What he needs is to get some serious road-bike specific time in his legs between now and mid-July--including lots and lots of climbing. If I were him, I'd start with 1 mi hill repeats as soon as I had some base miles in, coupled with some pretty intense core and leg work in the gym (squats, hamstring curls (isolated leg) and leg presses (isolated leg also). Then, after about 4 or five weeks of base riding, I'd be sneaking off to the Sierras to start riding some long grades. There are a lot of great passes to ride, but it'd be a great opportunity to head up to Lake Tahoe with his family for a long week-end while he heads off and rides reps of Monitor Pass.

He's certainly capable (and motivated, methinks) so it's just a matter of getting out and doing some pretty serious training. I'm pretty freakin' envious--that'll be a gnarly day in the saddle.


Hi Susie,
If I were MD, I'd be spending as much time on the saddle as I could. 9 weeks is a long time but not a long time to train. He sounds like aerobically is OK shape, but the cycling legs (and bottomside) to spend 8 hours or more on a bike wont come overnight. Start with a weekly long ride of 30 miles now (or whatever is a reasonable number), and push the long ride each week by 10 miles, along with at least two other rides each week. I'd suggest that by the end he should be up to at least 150 miles per week total. This is a reasonable schedule- and although he wont be the fastest, but if he can keep his heart rate down to less than 80% max most of the ride, eats enough and drinks enough, he will finish. (I learned a lot from Dr. Arnie Bakers books, he is also part of Floyds defense team). What a great opportunity- my daughter has suggested that perhaps next summer she and I should go and try and ride a stage (what a dream!) Is this harder than a marathon- depends on how hard/ fast you push.


Oh, and by the way, climbing is where I'd be putting my focus on training- as woofdawg says- climbing short (5 minute) hills is nothing like 1 hour hills- some time in the sierras is highly recommended!


Never ran a marathon, NOR ridden anything like what MD is going for...but methinks he's bit off a pretty big ride! Those 5 big climbs in the Alps will seem like Everest on a bike! A lot depends on how FAST he intends to do the climbing portions of the ride...(as Greg mentioned: keeping your HR down in a zone you can hold a for a LONG time!). SO his gearing will be pretty important in that he gonna do this on a double or a triple ring? It's surely gonna be a monster...certainly MUCH harder than a marathon IMO! (EACH of the climbs will be like a marathon!) Of course, Woofdawg and Greg have both done the Deathride, which sounds very similar in length/climbing to the stage MD will be doing. The Solvang Century we just did back in March took us about 7 hours...w/ right around 5000' of climbing...and we had been riding a fair amount and rode that ride pretty hard. I know Greg trained for the Deathride for about 5 to 6 months pretty seriously...and it still took him like 13 hours (and I don't know about MD's bike fitness, but I think Greg would have dusted him! I've ridden w/ him recently and he's pretty freakin strong if you ask me...and this was well AFTER the Deathride!) Personally I think MD's gonna be in trouble here...unless he can devote some SERIOUS time on the bike these next 9 weeks. But he says he likes a challenge, and he's surely found one!


RE: FL's press conference, I wonder if he is just trying to make sure the public know of the shenanigans that two of the arbitrators pulled this week, leaving FL's man out of the loop when filing a decision to a motion I believe....maybe he just wants it on record that they should be removed or something? And while I'm thinking about FL and dreaming that he's going to get out of this real soon, DC must have some cash freed up about!


Boy, wouldn't THAT be something! (Floyd case dismissed, free to ride, hired by DC), we can DREAM!!


TBV is covering the press conference, but as stated below, here is the bombshell not previously said outloud: (from TBV)

The one bombshell statement by Floyd was that days after the positive was leaked to L'Equipe a deal to turn on Lance Armstrong was made by TRAVIS TYGART TO HOWARD JACOBS. Floyd was told that he would get the shortest suspension in the history of cycling if he gave them evidence or had personal information leading to the "prosecution" of Lance Armstrong.
(End of quote from TBV)

I really hate that Travesty a$$, right along with his Dick Pound(ing) buddy too. UGH!

I think it's time to donate some more money to FFF.


As I said on MD's site when I read about L'Etape: "ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND? Oh, that's right you are," or something to that effect. I then went on a bit more, but finally asked if his wife was OK with his decision, cause I trust her judgement (and by inference, not his).

I now know DWTS is that dance show (gosh, what don't you guys watch?). Missed AI again (Tuesdays seem to be busy for me). And FL...I think I just can't take anymore pain right now. You know how Camille avoids tragic news (like VA Tech)? Well, I have been avoiding the TBV, et. al., cause my heart is breaking and I just can't take it every day. I am hoping the next few days/weeks will give some kind of resolution and answers, but the rational part of me knows that won't happen.

Grrrrrr. I am in a really pissy mood.


OK guys, went back to look and see what I missed yesterday. Dang, I can't get anything done with the prolific writing you do!!!!

Camile, congratulations on your daughter fundraising! Will you be riding part of it with her?

Paris Hilton: Sheeeeeit! Can't someone shut her up? (I guess the Judge is trying. How can we write and encourage him to do more?)She exists only because she inherited a LOT of money, AND SPENDS IT. What a waste of a life. I know, I know, it has gone on in history before, but they didn't have to watch it on TV every day, or have the tabloids staring out from the grocery store racks, fer cricky sake. Actually, I don't watch any of it, but it seeps insidiously into my life and I hate it.

OK, Ms T, where oh where did you read FL's first chapter? Or more interestingly, who did you sleep with?


You can read a preview of FL's first chapter on Amazon. If you look at the end of yesterday's post, Matt attached a link to it. Worth reading!


Yes, Cat, that's who I slept!!lol
Cathy, that is one hell of a bombshell!! I've got to go to TBV and read up. BTW, if I was Lance I'd be quietly giving Floyd some financial help, and way he can divert it!! But, Floyd would NEVER have done that anyway!! That's a deal with the DEVIL!!


And that would be why they were after the FFF records, Theresa, to see if Lance was paying "shut up" money. Doesn't make it any better, but at least now it's clearer why they were taking that tack.


OMG, yes, they don't care about ME!! DUH!! But if Lance was helping Floyd in any way, I'd say it was done differently than money in the FFF! I figured they would creat grief for anyone who was in cycling, racing etc, BUT I never thought of Lance!! And people think cycling is dirty, HA, the USADA and WADA, UCI,IOC, are way more corrupt than any sport!!


What is the female equivalent of brutha from anutha mutha? Well, whatever it is, Susie, you're mine! :-) I was the same way this afternoon, I tore it up on my bike ride after work, all the while with the chorus to Marc Anthony's I Need To Know running through my head.

As to Marty, I think he'll be okay fitness-wise. I did the Birkie (x-country ski marathon) a couple of years ago with a few friends, and one hadn't been on skis since high school. Really, not at all before the race. But, she was really fit, so she made it okay. I'm more worried about that comment that he stopped riding on the road because he crashes so much! Even more on my mind because that spectator from this year's Tour de Georgia just died (he crashed descending Brasstown Bald after watching the stage), very sad and very scary. Yeah, sorry, that didn't help, did it?


Wow. Pretty interesting day over at TBV. They now have the press conference that Lance held after the news was out:
Seems like the real reason for the animosity shown by our anti-doping agency might have been either inspired or escalated by Floyd's refusal to cooperate with their "master plan" to bring down LA? Seriously folks, I continue to think that Floyd's case just CANNOT get any weirder......and each time it somehow DOES!

Oh, I had pre-ordered Floyd's book awhile back, but it was interesting to read the beginning today. I'm really looking forward to hear what he has to say and how he tells his story.

Susie, you're right about Anna NS. I turned on a 'reliable' news channel last night to get caught up on the days events and had to IMMEDIATELY turn off the TV because there was yet ANOTHER Anna NS story -ARGH! I know that I've been overly concerned with Floyd's case during the past few months and that some would also consider this somewhat frivolous compared to world events, but COME ON! Let her RIP and spare the rest of us!

Happy Friday everyone!!


Oh yeah, I do have my own blog ;-) My thoughts on Floyd's press conference are there.


You all should head over to Fatty's blog for a hysterical rundown of the pro teams. Long yet funny.

Wish me luck, I'm headed out to do a 50K called Dances with Dirt. The waiver mentions death three times, and the race director said he hoped we watched Deliverance during our training. Hmmmmmmmmmm.


Amy, good luck!!! Everyone, she just did the Flying Pig Marathon last week and now she's doing this 50K today!! Goooood GRIEF! What a gladiator! You GO Amy!

(did I use enough exclamation points?) :)


Welllll, being an ostrich has its downside, because you always find things out later than you should, that really matter. And I was just reading on TBV about the Floyd press conference. From very early on, I have always believed that SOMEbody never got over The Big Dog having done what he did, and they were sure they could get Floyd to flush him out and discredit him. Bad gamble. But to have offered Floyd merely a month's sanction for ratting on Lance? Wow. Cathy, I am just agog. MAN. And now with this no-Campbell thing... I just want to close my eyes and wait for the arbitration to be done with. I so afraid that this apparent 2 against 1 panel just cannot rule in favor of Floyd. The injustice just sits in my stomach like a lead Whopper. (that was poetic, yes?) UGH.


I'm going to wear my Free Floyd shirt all week.


I wore my Free Floyd shirt to the Flying Pig expo, and got a few looks, but nobody said anything. Since I am a female runner (think...built like a ten year old boy!)I am certain the looks were for the tshirt :) I'll try it again for this race.

susie b

I said this on MD's on Dec 11th : Travist-ty Tygart is DICK Pound's mini-me...

I suspected all along that something like this was offered. I just wish I could have been a fly on the wall when Floyd was told. :) I know I don't really know Floyd, but from everything I've ever read about him & from his own interviews, & diaries on cyclingnews going back 6 years, my take is that the guy is smart, funny, extremely hardworking, resilient, determined, hardheaded, adverse to being told what to do especially for "no good reason", thoughtful, cares about his friends & family, desperately wants things to be logical, is a man of integrity, & uh, has a temper when provoked. I actually love that he's feisty & can rant & rave with the best of us. How he has endured the past 10 months & not gone literally insane, I don't know, but I respect him even more now than when he WON the freakin Tour de France. If I could pick a younger (ok, much younger) brother, Floyd would be the guy.

The news release of the offered "Lance deal" on the eve of his Hearing was truly INSPIRED. (Maybe he read DICK Pound's book, oh the irony!). It got the mainstream media to ALL talk/write about the case AND wonder if maybe there's something strange going on here.

"There's something happening here,
What it is ain't exactly clear....
Stop, hey, what's that sound?
EVERYBODY LOOK what's going down."


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