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May 17, 2007



Yes, I feel sorry for Ms Mongongu. I was thinking at work, what would happen if I was sitting on the stand being asked about a prescription, that I filled last year, one of the thousands I check, or an IV I mixed, how would I look on the stand. And how many times has our fax server gone down in the last 2 yrs?? Lots!! But, still, she doesn't sound like she was trained thoroughly enough, and seems to remember some things, crystal clear(when it was just another sample). And the equipment she uses, she has no idea how or when it was down....that bothers me. And the translator issue has got to be the biggest mistake so far. On TBV, a french person commented that the questions where not easy to translate and answer in french. The other tech has her own translator. That's not such a bad idea.

I made my feeling known regarding Melinda's departure. I'm still waiting for one of you wonderful people to tell me what Simon said, I think Melinda was his favorite!


Floyd is in bad-ass black today - black suit, black shirt, black tie. LOL, he must've gotten Theresa's message!

I'm in to this morning's feed, but you have to go in again for the afternoon, so I still don't know if I'll see Greg.

Frelot is feisty, much more engaged than Mong. I worry that Suh is spending too much time on her, though; I guess they know what they're doing!

Matt - $ not my idea, it was posted at TBV by somebody named Cub I believe. The idea was any amount of money, but just add .71 to whatever that is, to show it's in honor of TBV.


I am in the feed this morn, too, Julie. Didn't realize I'd have to go back in for afternoon so will be sure to do that. I just heard Frelot say she knew it was Landis' B sample when she tested it---is that freaking legal???!!

Theresa, Simon congratulated Jordin and Blake and said he commiserated with Melinda. He seemed very disgusted--so perhaps they need to restructure the judging so it's more like DWTS so the judges have a say?


I just came back to say that Floyd AND Amber are dressed in black!! Yes, they got the memo!!


And for all the LeMond haters out there - today will be like Carnival for you. LeMond is set to take to the stand today to give testimony about an imaginary conversation - oh, sorry, an ACTUAL conversation - that he had with the voices in his head - oh sorry, with Floyd Landis - in which Floyd said nothing at all - oh sorry, in which Floyd poured his heart out to Greg and gave a detailed list of the dates and amounts of different drugs he was pumping into his body.



Thank you Cathy. I knew, Simon was disgusted with the voting, and I always thought that the judges had more influence. My first AI, and I find out the judges aren't the ones to impress!! But they know people!! Simon and Randy both produce!!

I can't believe it's legal for them to KNOW who's sample it is!! Speculation is one thing, knowing is different!!


Yes I think you guys are right! Not a yellow tie in sight!! Need to see what Henson is wearing too, to see if the team is all in black.


I don't know about 'legal' or not, but it's certainly not ETHICAL for the lab to know who's sample they are testing...they are SUPPOSED to be an impartial testing facility, and ONLY WADA/USADA would have the list to match sample #'s with names! Thats why it's such a big deal...for any potential hanky-panky to happen to a sample, they would NEED to know which one it is. By NOT having access to that info, there is no theoretical way there could be tampering/etc (AND it would stop the LEAK of all they could do is report the findings to WADA and THEY would LEAK the info to L'equipe!) I would think at the very LEAST the fact that she admitted she admitted that she knew whose sample it was during testing would be some kind of sanction by WADA! I'm SURE both WADA and USADA will downplay it to make it sound like it's not a big deal, but it IS! (or most certainly it SHOULD BE!)

Theresa, I would have told you what Simon said to Melinda, but I couldn't remember verbatim...Cathy, you must have a photographic memory! "Commiserated"...(I thought that was a slightly odd choice of words for him to use)...she was OBVIOUSLY his fav and he was plainly not pleased w/ the voting (reminded me just weeks ago when Sanjaya would make the cut over and over...that look on his face!) I surely think the judges should have SOME IS their show after all! Combine the judges scores w/ the voting public scores somehow...something to knock out some of the strange stuff that has been happening. But maybe that could lead the public to think their votes don't really count (kind of like in politics??) and stop voting. Glad it's not my call, but they need to do SOMETHING!


Not that I condone this sort of thing, but by any chance is Dick Cheney in the vicinity of Pepperdine with his shotgun?? Another HUNTING ACCIDENT maybe??? Better duck GL!


Suh is representin' with a yellow tie.

I imagine Suh has a checklist of things he needs Frelot to say in order for the Landis expert to comment on/rip to shreds, but it's taking for-ever!


I only got audio in my Landis show, did you guys get the picture? I was afraid to log out and back in for fear I wouldn't get back in. And I'm still logged in and have already clicked on the afternoon session, which just says "wait, not started yet." But in theory I'm there and good to go. Just in case, it doesn't hurt to arrive early in case anyone else wants to follow suit so you don't get shut out by bandwidth overload. And while I'm listening to all this I'm practicing my French and getting my painting started for class tonight. I have my beach scene I'm trying to paint as my screensaver, easel right beside the computer, and I listen to the French as I paint a beach scene. I've spent worse days!

I liked MD's entry today. So true -- as much as we care... so much is out of our hands. Staying all bent out of shape over every injustice in the world just puts a person in an early grave. I'm not wearing black today, just wearing my Free Floyd shirt. But it's kind of fun to hear the Landis camp is wearing black... honestly, do you think they could have actually caught wind of what we were talking about??? Seriously? In that case, Hi Floyd!!!! Love ya, buddy! :D (lol)


Camille - yes, I was getting video as well. I'm also already logged in to PM, fingers crossed.

MD was good today. I'm wearing my white TdF T-shirt, with logo and 99 00 01 02 03 04 05 on the front, and a big 7 on the back. I figured it was a positive shirt, but would still be something that would piss off LeMond. :-)


I tried to come in earlier but typepad wasn't cooperating. I wanted to remember to thank Julie about Cub's comment on donations in honor of TBV.

I haven't watched the video feed -- I'd get nothing done (right now with TBV commentary, it's next to nothing, but it's something anyway). :)

That's pretty cool that Floyd and Amber are all in black. I don't know GL because it was way before I got into cycling but just the inane comments he makes when interviewed drive me crazy. What right does he have to comment when he knows nothing about the case? I could see if he was Floyd's roommate in the Tour, but come on already. Maybe Suh will embarrass him enough so he'll learn to be quiet.

Sara -- I thought I read on TBV this morning that Oscar is now being associated with OP? Wouldn't that make things interesting?!

What I find amazing is that the whole hearing is so obviously biased, and there doesn't seem to be a thing anyone can do about it. I think Floyd can sue but who knows if he'll have any money left to do so. If he loses this hearing, how good are his chances at the appeal? At least the CAS was smart enough to throw out Landaluze on a technicality. I know that's not the ideal situation, but at least he'd get to keep his title. What do you guys think?


LeMond is testifying right now!


Says he revealed secret to Floyd that he was sexually abused as a child by an uncle and that he kept the secret all of this time and that he told the story to FL to encourage him to tell the truth. Then he said he received a nasty call last night that said he was the uncle in question and he'd be at the hearing today. This is like a soap opera!!


When he called back the number it went to voice mail of Will, who it FL's agent. LeMond filed a police report, basically against intimidating a witness I think.


Now the cross, oh boy!


Jacobs started his cross and was leading into the arena as to motivation on why LeMond would testify here, which brought up Lance. LeMond said he would not answer any questions re: LA and his attorney also stood up and said he would not allow him to answer those questions. SOOOOO Jacobs has asked for a ruling to strike all of LeMond's testamony from the record--the panel is discussing this now.


I was so mistaken, today is now and forever more WTF Day. If that cell phone call happened, that is far and away the dumbest thing that happened in this entire case and whoever made it is a damn fool.


Keep the info coming girls! I can't get into the video this afternoon because of traffic !!!\

Wait.....he received the phone call LAST NIGHT?!?!


Thank you for explaining what's going on...I'm reading TBV and not getting what they're saying...this is horrible.


I'm locked out of this afternoon's session because it didn't occur to me they'd change the password mid-day. Yesterday's password got me in this morning. Dang it all. I appreciate anyone's taking time to give your "local color" report on how you're seeing and hearing things, and of course I'll check TBV. But you can be more frank here, right? I'm so mad, I really wanted to see if I could tell Lemond was lying or not.

Julie, I have to agree with you about WTF Day. Was it just *alleged* that Floyd's agent made that call or do we know it for sure? VERY strange.


To recap, LeMond says he shared a story with FL about being sexually abused by an uncle as a child, a story he has shared with very few people. But he shared it with Floyd in the hopes that it would give him the strength to "come clean". Later FL posted a message on the Daily Peloton MB venting anger that GL kept talking about him in the press, and said if he kept it up he would share a secret of LeMonds. Then last night GL got a phone call that seems to have come from Will's phone--Will is FL's agent. The caller said he was the uncle and that he'd be in the courtroom, etc etc. LeMond filed a police report last night. So when Jacobs starts his cross to establish motivation why GL would come to testify, GL says he will not discuss anything about Lance. So Jacobs says he moves to strike entire testimony...he'd better hope!

susie b

I'm confused. Is Will's conversation/statement to Greg recorded?


No it's not, because Greg says he answered the phone and it was on speaker guess who heard it? His wife!!

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