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May 16, 2007



Okay, today just became WTF day. Some weird s*** at the end of Suh's cross, I'm still scratching my head. LeMond *will* testify tomorrow, even if he has to interrupt the LNDD guy, because we can't mess with Greg's travel plans. Yeah, that makes sense, take Greg over a guy who actually has something to with this mess! And they better not cut cross short because he has a plane to catch!

WTF Day - AI Edition - Melinda Melinda. I guessed it as soon as they sent Jordin to the couch first, what else could it mean? Now I don't know what I want. I didn't especially want Blake to win, wanted him to be free, but then that means Jordin wins, and I don't especially want that either. What-evuh.

Elliott Yamin - WTF is this new look? Sorry, not lovin' it. He's unrecognizable, his charm is gone. Hate the fake teeth. TMI time - I have dental issues, like with other people's teeth. I think it's an Aspie thing, because I look at people's mouths when they talk more than the average person. So when something is weird with the teeth, it bugs the crap out of me. Empire of the Sun is one of my favorite movies, and I loved loved loved Christian Bale forevermore. But then he grew up and got funky-ass caps on his teeth, and though he still gives lovely performances, I can't get past the teeth. The New World wasn't bad, though, 'cause he had a beard as distraction.

Yes, you all have permission to say WTF to this post... ;-)


Trying to regain my senses...

Catherine - the Floyd Fairness Fund home page has good instructions on where to click and what to do to see both taped and live coverage. IDs and Passwords will change daily. There is a limit to how many can be on at once, I'm not holding out much hope for seeing LeMond live tomorrow, probably have to wait until 2 AM to see it taped! (Even the taped stuff has a limit.)

Why isn't Floyd calling Butch Reynolds as a witness? Just read the ESPN piece on him, his life really fell apart after his false "conviction," scary.

Watched Little Children yesterday. Excellent movie, but mentioned here of course because of Jackie Earl Haley. He even has a bike over his shoulder in one scene, too funny. Yeah, that would be the only laugh about his character in the whole movie, ::shudder::. Fab performance, though.


Julie you're more than entitled, that phrase keeps coming to my mind as well. I voted (seriously) at least 50 times for Melinda. I love Blake, but for Jordin and he to remain and Melinda to go; it's not right.

That, and LeMond tomorrow. Yippy skippy.

And this *%&#@ war, more soldiers dead, more missing. ugh, i'm just pissed.

WTF, you said it.


I voted for Blake too, but I don't think his votes took away from Melinda's. Whatever.

Julie, what's an "Aspie" thing? Just curious. I'm a "teeth person" as well. I earned my straight teeth the hard way, almost 4 years of braces in high school. I didn't really like Elliot's song, but I liked him a lot last year (he and Chris were my faves)so it was just nice to see him again.

Sorry, I'm's been one of those days all around. Not even a great run cured it.


Yvette - Aspie, that would be a person with Asperger's, something I just discovered about myself last year. I actually love to talk about it, but I fear if I don't get some sleep I won't have the energy to endure tomorrow's LeMond fiasco. Here are a couple of informative links, though, for the curious:
(Click on "What is AS?")

Agree on the war - my distress over the Floyd case is overwhelming at times, but I can't even think about the war, my head explodes. Yeah, I need some sleep now...


Cathy I think that you should definitely drive yourself down there tomorrow and kick Greg Lemond in the a$$ for ALL of us!!!! I CANNOT believe that he is testifying for USADA on this -- what can he POSSIBLY contribute. I think you're right, Julie. We'll never get on the live feed to see the hearing tomorrow! That is going to eat at me all day.....OH he makes me so angry! GET HIM CATHY!!! Definitely black tomorrow for Hate Greg Lemond Day.

WTF is right! Melinda?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?
It wasn't because of us Theresa!! Don't know who I want to win now. I had my heart set on Melinda and was fairly confident that she would win it all.

And Yvette I can hardly THINK about this @#$#$% war without crying and getting depressed.......

TBV says that Floyd's team is still acting very confident. That's promising because I couldn't follow all of their reasoning as the testimony/questioning was unfolding today. I like to hear that they are at least ACTING confident and I desperately hope that they have some kind of trick up their collective sleeve to pull this one out. GO FLOYD!!!!!


In my best Columbo impression, just one more thing - I think it was Debby that wanted to do something for TBV? Anyway, this was posted over there tonight:

"Thanks again for the great coverage. I'd like to do something for you and Bill to express my gratitude for your hard work, but all I can think of is to make another donation to FFF in your honor.

If anyone else wants to follow suit, let's add $0.71 (71 was Floyd's number in the TdF) to the amount we're donating to flag it as a donaton on behalf of Dave and Bill."

Stepping away from the keyboard...



WTF, right! In God's name: how can they pick Jordin over Melinda!!!!!!!!!!!??????????? I'm sick to my stomach, it took my breath away! And I missed what Simon said, so I have to go to the website and see if I can find out!!! Was it the kids??? Julie said Melinda had the 8yr old vote!! She better have a record deal ASAP!! Or a grave injustice has been done!!
And then, GLM is testifying, or shooting off him mouth tomorrow, and God forbid, he misses a plane. And oh, Yvette, lets not even go to the Iraq debacle. Bush better go down in history as the WORST president we've ever had!! Nixon was better than this; even with Watergate!!!
BLACK IS THE COLOR OF Thursday. That's it for sure!


What a night! I was STUNNED! Can't believe Melinda was voted off! I think they need to find a way to stop the multiple voting that is going on. Either use internet voting (have to register) or maybe use caller ID and only allow ONE vote per phone...just like back in the Sanjaya days...too many YOUNG people that will sit there for hours dialing over and over. Skews the vote...can't believe that Jordin is in over Mel..but such is life. NOW she can move on...I would assume she will do GREAT! Now it's Jordin and Blake...honestly that makes it a bit I had figured Mel to wind easily.

OK..on to THE hearing...anybody else read the part where the lab Tech remembers SPECIFICLY doing the test on "sample 95474" (Floyds Sample)...which is very it was JUST ANOTHER SAMPLE to her...SUPPOSEDLY she had no idea WHOSE sample it how in the world can she remember THAT sample unless she ALREADY KNEW whose it was? And being as she could CLEARLY remember doing THAT sample, but she can't remember SH#T else about when the machine was broke/repaired/calibrated/etc...and she DIDN'T REALLY ANSWER the question about WHERE the sample was for the chunk of time between the "5 minutes" she had it and when it was listed as turned back in, over an hour later!

(Q: You got the bottle at 11:20. Had it for five minutes. Then operator 18 took it.
A: To store it, it is written as 12:45.

Q: That is my question, you said you had it for five minutes. Where was the bottle from 11:25 to 12:45?
A: My answer is, I did the IRMS testing and then I gave the bottle back to Esther, operator 18.

Q: At 11:25?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you have specific recollection of this?
A: Yes, I remember doing the sample testing. I remember giving her the bottle so that she could then perform the density test and the p/h test

Interesting stuff...clearly things she's NOT telling about what goes on...samples sitting around somewhere NOT in anybodys direct custody..stuff like that. Be very intersting when they question the other tech...who was sequestered during this line of questioning...but we can be SURE they will be discussing this amongst themselves in private...too bad the 2nd tech couldn't have been called up right away BEFORE they had a chance to talk about the questions that are being asked. Sure seems like the LNDD has some pretty lax happenings going on for a WADA certified lab. And the fact I read that THEY (LNDD) come up with THREE TIMES as many positives as any other WADA Lab! INTERESTING!! It's good that this is all coming out in the open!

Oh..and HAPPY HATE GL day everybody! May 17th...mark it on your calendar...every year now today is the OFFICIAL HATE GL day! (maybe Hallmark will make a line of greeting cards for this occasion? "What does a Vacuum cleaner and GL have in common? They both BLOW and SUCK At the same time! Happy Hate GL day!" I have to admit I totally forgot this morning...and as usaul am a day late and a dollar short...found a yellow shirt to wear for I am having my 'LIVESTRONG' day today..and will wear black tomorrow for HGLD!


Oh...and Julie, I think you have a great idea (to donate MORE $ to FFF in honor of the TBV folk and the AWESOME work they are doing to keep everything going/updated and Randy at AI would say: "you hit it out of the box baby, that was HOT! Keep up the good work TBV!) I will donate some more $ to the FFF this afternoon in your honor, thanks again! (and instead of 71 cents, how about $7.10? that won't break anybodys bank!)


Matt, you should write greeting cards as a sideline!!

Yes, between the lab tech (whom I do feel for-at least until the selective memory kicked in), and Melinda being kicked off, it wasn't the end of the day I wanted. Does ANYONE remember what Simon said to her at the end?? I'm dying to know, he was very disapointed, and my tape ended just as he opened his mouth!

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