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May 14, 2007



Well, let the games begin. And being as I'm posting here, no I am NOT down at Pepperdine hanging out as a show of support for Floyd. Lots of things conspired to foil my plan...most notably is my EXTREMELY LIMITED amount of vacation time on the books....talked it over w/ my wife this weekend...we have some events coming up later this year and I will need it then. So I guess I'll have to show support from afar at this point in time. I also have my fingers, toes, eyes (and anything else that will cross) crossed for him, but as with Sara, I'm AFRAID the outcome has already been written and this is just a formality so THEY can pretend he had his day. However I will remain optomistic until we hear the outcome.

Watched the Giro stage 2 last night on VS, too bad they just glossed over the TTT on Saturday, would have liked to have seen more. Guess DC isn't quite up to the old 'BLUE TRAIN' days. And where is Bob Roll? He had a tiny piece early on but was notably absent for the duration of the commentary. Was exciting to see Robbie come blazing out of the pack at the last moment (as usual) to steal the victory...using the other teams/riders as HIS leadout! Man is he one slippery and powerful racer! I figure that we'll be seeing lots more of him before this one is over! Nice finish also for BIG GEORGE of DC also...10th! Right in the mix w/ the sprinters at the end! I'd love to see him take a stage (or three!)

OK..back to work, BUSY day today! Knock Em' DEAD Floyd!


It would be nice to have your 1st hand perspective today, Matt, but I'm glad you've got your priorities straight! Gotta make time for family and vacations.


Well, we've got TBV and VeloNews to follow. Not the same as the "Matt eyewitness" account, But I understand too. I'm afraid they've got him boxed in too, but stranger things have happened with this case. I'm not giving up til the "fat lady sings" as Jens Voigt LOVES to say. (I've got 40% body fat, so I include myself in that catergory!!) But the eyes of the sporting world are on this, and the mainstream media is going to be there, so we're getting somewhere!


I'm glad you didn't go if it meant losing out on scheduled time off w/your wife :) Those vacation days are precious!! (All of us are just disappointed that we won't get your lively and colorful first-hand report -- think Solvang Century ride)

I'm with you Theresa -- I've been incredibly nervous for Floyd, but I'm hopeful that SOMETHING good will come out of this with the nat'l media taking notice and the open hearing. I just CANT let myself believe that all of his efforts and the integrity he has shown throughout the process will be for nothing. I LOVED that article on TBV (I think Julie linked to it in yesterdays comments also) that showed Floyd's parents riding in support of him. It said that they are attending the hearing, as well. I'm glad. Floyd needs all of the support he can get right now.
GO FLOYD!!!!!!!


I know, we all have work to do, but man, y'all got to check out the live video. The shots of Floyd are priceless. Go to and enter the user name and password provided at TBV, and boom, live video of our boy and the cringeworthy process happening to him.


I'm about to wear my Free Floyd shirt to the grocery store. :) (THAT will save him!!!!) When I get home I'll watch the court TV -- thanks for the info, Julie!


They just broke for lunch. USADA's expert is a bumbling mess - not that he doesn't know what he's talking about, who knows, but whatever the case he can't articulate to save his life. BUT, Suh (one of Floyd's attys) is obnoxious, I don't think he's doing Floyd any favors with his wisecracks and interrupting the witness. The panel was not amused. I hope Floyd gives him a good smack at lunch and tells him to calm down. Enthusiasm is great, but this is Floyd's life here, he's really got to chill out.


I am hopeful that with the world watching, the panel won't dare to pull any fast ones. I think there are reps of the AAA there too, to make sure Brunet et al follow code correctly after the stuff they pulled with the B sample tests in the previous weeks.

TBV is doing an awesome job.


The next USADA expert is *much* better, very clear and articulate. I'm praying Jacobs does the cross, he comes across much better and would be a much better match for this witness.

susie b

Sara, I agree about Floyd's case. I'm so anxious, it's making me literally sick. I am TRYING to stay optimistic because I can't even allow myself to think of Floyd never riding in the peloton again... I'm like Julie in that I cry when I think about him now!

And anyone who can watch that hearing & listen & understand everything these science guys are saying, well, I'm impressed! And if you can sit through the interminal pace of a legal proceeding & not feel like tearing your hair out, then I'm even MORE impressed! Back in October, when Floyd 1st released the documents, I tried reading all & went to the DPF for 2 months trying to follow along on the science guys critique/assessment. All I can say is that it is a little known/appreciated form of torture...

And I loved your song Julie! I've never heard it before, so want to track it down to take a listen. You know, many times when I re-read this blog's comments & come across some of yours, I have to check to see if *I* didn't post them! I'm going to have start charging you rent soon if you don't get out of my head! :) :)

Paul - do you think maybe the new head of WADA might be MORE sympathetic & open-minded to athletes shown to have an AAF on the 1st test due to his OWN experience? That's what I'm hoping.

As for the Giro - I cheered on Robbie yesterday even though I didn't even know he was up there til the very end! lol! And btw, anyone else SHOCKED that 'Leaky-gas' got 1st in the TTT?! And what is the deal with their outfits?! Talk about a drug problem; someone must have been on acid when desiging them! If you take a look at those guys shorts, you'll get a headache! Hey, maybe that was the idea! Make all the other riders so dizzy, they'll fall off their bikes!


Great minds, susie. ;-)

Love that Floyd wore a yellow tie, he probably wanted to wear his yellow jersey. :-) He looked good, strong, but I hated to see a prime athlete having to sit still for hours, especially with big-bellied experts deciding his fate. All else aside, that alone seems wrong!

LOL on Liquigas's kits, susie, I agree! I had to feel happy for Ale-Jet today, finally getting another big win. Poor Thor, he literally looked like toast after that crash, head to toe!

Watching Little People, Big World to soothe my nerves, I think Amy Roloff needs to take charge of Floyd's hearing, she won't stand for any nonsense!


Oh how cool, next week on LPBW, they're building a custom bike for Zach, the little person twin. Cycling's everywhere!


Had to quit reading about the hearing at TBV because it was making my head hurt! It would KILL me to sit through that! There is really not much more that Floyd can do at this point but just let the hearing play out I would think. I wonder if that makes it more excrutiating or whether it is somewhat of a relief?

I was thinking the SAME thing about the LiquiGas kits yesterday -- where did that design come from? They're like one of those optical illusions, making your eyes play tricks on you. Maybe if you stare long enough a 3-D picture would appear! Might not be entirely considered polite though.... ;)


Just got home. I read some stuff earlier when I ate dinner. The Judge Hue accounts are easier to read if you can't put up with science. What I liked was that neither scientist could read or speak french, when everything documented is in FRENCH!

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