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May 24, 2007



As painful as the hearing was, the WAIT will be total anguish! (and thats just ME! I can't even IMAGINE how it must be for Floyd and family!) Any bets if 'the fix' was in from the start? It surely seems with the ACTUAL SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE that was submitted that there is reasonable doubt as to the validity of the LNDD testing procedures and results...but as this isn't actually a court of law, who knows how the decision will go.

AI...played out as expected. There surely was a 'fix' in that outcome! Intersting show though...we had to wait 2 whole hours for the 10 second announcment which we knew ahead of time. Had never seen Kelly Clarkson before, but now I know why I switch stations when she comes on...guess I'm getting old. I don't see ANYTHING Jordin will ever do in her singing career that would interest me...but I can pretty much say the same for Blake (I actually had NEVER HEARD of Beat Boxing before...didn't know they had a NAME for making all those noises) Strange stuff to me...but I'm surely not in the demographic for either contestant...guess thats why I liked Melinda so much...she sucessfully crossed over the twenty-something age barrier in her performances. I do however think Carrie Underwood has a PHENOMENAL voice! This AI series is the first I had ever seen her (she performed on the show once earlier in the season, and again last night). WOW is all I can say! I think she knocks out all the other AI people that I know of (except maybe Daughtry..I like his stuff long as he loses the eyeliner!) Boy was Sanjaya WAY WAY WAY out of his league w/ Steve Perry last night too..pathetic is how I would call it. Oh's over...I can get on with my life and BACK into watching the ATHLETES on bikes!


Thanks, Sara.

susie b

Come on Matt, CONFESS, it's good for ya - you liked Carrie 'cause she's HOT! :) I agree she's gorgeous & has a great voice. Camille is not a fan though if I remember, but that could be because she's country. I love the "Wasted" song especially.

Kelly Clarkson is actually really good but I do NOT like the new single - way too hard rock for my taste. I've seen her perform it "live" now 4 times & heard it several times on the radio & it has NOT grown on me. Camille, Kelly's deal with the AI mgt people ended a while back - I remember reading an interview of hers 2-3 years ago.

I thought the AI show pretty good. All the past winners back except Fantasia & I think she's on Broadway & couldn't get away. I kept comparing it to the 1st two years when they dragged out the Finale & had no real performances to showcase! Now THAT was excruciating!

I'm going to TRY to stay optimistic for Floyd's case, but I don't want to get my hopes up TOO much or I'll be devastated if it comes back against him. Either way, I think it's going to CAS anyway. So, where does that Hearing take place if not Switzerland? Does anyone feel like they are in "withdrawal"? In just 10 days time I got so used to clicking on courtview & watching Suh, Young, Floyd, & his parents & then rushing over to skim TBV, that I feel a void!

And LOST! I can't decide whether I liked the showing of the future or not! And boy, Jack is a mess! And did enough people die?! Wow! So, do you think the next 3 years will show time on the island & the glimpses of the islanders' lives in the future off the island, like they do now with the past lives? And whose funeral - Ben's? Locke's? Juliet's? And Camille - sit down. The new episodes will not start til January or February....!

susie b

OH! No wonder Jan Ullrich is upset, it seems he was the ONLY guy on T-Mobile who didn't get the "good drugs" in the 90s....

Things are picking up steam in the cycling-doping world & I doubt the carnage will stop with T-Mobile. Riis better get on-board the Train 'cause it's pulling out of Confession Station now! Or else he'll end up like Jan - ridiculed & run out of cycling in all capacities.

I'm SO worried. I wouldn't be surprised if T-Mobile, the company, pulls sponsorship. I'm even afraid the TDF won't happen this year! What do you all think?

FF Matt

I <3 Blake

susie b

Oh NO! Did you all read the Velonews article about Floyd today?!! It says if he loses, he will NOT appeal to CAS because he's running out of money! So this is IT!

And I thought if USADA lost, they were going to appeal? What would Floyd do then? And what about that French Anti-doping org that put off their tribunal til after this was over?

I'm very depressed now.


Susie, think about Jan Ulrich in leather.

You're welcome.


I forgot to say welcome back to FF Matt! So you heart Blake, huh? LOL Honey, don't we all?!

On my way to painting class now... I sound like Don on MD's, "I'm on my way to maharishi yoga with my glass of zin in Marin County, California where I live, did I say that? That was MARIN COUNTY, CA."


Camille you crack me up!

So, WELCOME back FFMatt! You've been away for awhile - any news? Opinions of the hearing?

I was reading bout the Tmobile fiasco, as well, today. Wow......this is really becoming a big team-encompassing story. There was also an interesting article at VeloNews regarding OP and whether UCI should offer deals to those who come forward. The writer was projecting (and I don't doubt at this point) that this investigation will continue for the next few YEARS!!! That's just crazy!

I read about Floyd running out of money and probably being unable to appeal, too. I had forgotten all about the appointment he has to deal with this all over again in France - ugh!


FFMatt, you (heart) Blake???? What are you a gurl? ( only meant in the most loving way of course)

Camille: "Susie, think about Jan Ulrich in leather.
You're welcome."

This. Is why. We love you.

Hell's Kitchen, kids, this is the time we all gather round the campfire and remember what really matters...


Okay, I just screwed my post up, and deleted it accidently!! I had a good doping story going, and now I have to start over! Damn. I need to go to bed, so I can head out early tomorrow, to go home. I haven't been to a HS graduation for a while, I don't mind waiting for so years before I have to do it again. And my God, the boy would only put up with so much picture taking, and our cousin, finally got fed up too, and said no more pictures with his camera, til later. No hugs, kisses, nothing like that. We got left in the parking lot to find the car, while the boys took off with friends to the "after party".

I guess I'll work on my little positive spin on the doping that's coming out, and save it for y'all tomorrow, after I get back to Spfld. Everything's going to work out just fine. The new T-Mobile is not going anywhere, and cycling and WADA are going to get cleaned up. I promise.......:)

Talk to you guys, tomorrow, we can solve the doping problems over the weekend!


Camille, you DON'T LIKE ZIN? It's my favorite!!! California too, now taht you mention it....


Catherine, like you, I just lost a looooong post full of my most heartfelt observations... shhhhh-oot.
Stupid Typepad... grrrrr.



VeloNews never should have printed that Floyd won't appeal. Because I'm sure the arbs/USADA read that, and it's all the encouragement they need to say, guilty, end of story, now go away.

Yesterday I read the Ch.1 text on Amazon of Floyd's positively false book, and he talks about his growing up. He loves his parents and had to do a lot of gross jobs growing up (digging out the septic?!) so in a way it made me feel better, as if he'll be all right no matter what happens. Chris thinks he could open a training camp up as a new job, but I worry how he'll do that if he declares bankruptcy. No bank would loan him the money. Maybe Saris would still back him? Sorry for rambling but I haven't finished my first cup of caffeine yet...let's just all make a pact please that if he opens a training camp, we are all going. Right???!!!

Yes, I am in TBV withdrawl too.


Heh, I heart Blake only in the sense of one dude thinking another should win American Idol :)
Janann, I wish I did have some news or worthwhile opinions on the case. With so many people watching and commenting (especially on TBV) I think all angles are covered. I am just wait-and-see at this point. I still have faith that Floyd will pull through. Definitely looking forward to reading his book.

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