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May 21, 2007



Toooooo dreeeeeeeeeeam... the imPOSSSSSSSSible dreeeeeeeeeeeeeam....

I'm dreaming it too, Sara, and I hope Floyd keeps dreaming it also. Fervently.

By the way, I wrote a little note to this group at the end of the last day's post, and I really want y'all to read it if you didn't already. Something really struck me more than it usually does, earlier this morning, and I expressed it and want to be sure you all hear it.

Allez, Floyd and company!!!!


Oh, my goodness! I think we've jumped to conclusions regarding the guez/Larry connection! Guez, posted that he/she was out of town, and comes back, wanting to know who the hell is Larry!! Maybe, we should just take things at face value!! And not rush to judgement, "pom-pom" comment asides!lol

Thank you Camille, for such nice words. You are a such a dear! Where would the world be without you?? And it's okay that you are a buff, beautiful 50yr old!


Okay, so we aren't immune! We are just like every human being. We just happened to have faith in Floyd. They were starting at 8am this morning. I hope Cathy made it!!

susie b

I NEVER thought guez was Larry & said so Saturday morning after I read what you all were thinking! The style of writing was completely different.

Anyway, I was able to see Floyd's testimony on Sat & even sat at my WORK desk til after 8:00 PM to see all! I have to say, I was VERY confused with the questions Jacobs asked about Will's phonecall & that he didn't make it clear what Floyd heard & if Will actually told him EXACTLY what he had said to GL & when they told Floyd's lawyers. And then I don't understand why Will wasn't fired immediatedly & why the lawyers supposedly were surprised on Thursday. (I wasn't able to SEE the video that day but read several accounts & most said the lawyers seemed 'stunned'). I am VERY worried about Floyd's cross today. If his lawyers don't prepare him better, it will be BAD. Did anyone else think Floyd didn't seem to know what questions Jacobs would be asking?

And for you people who live in the Chicago area, what do you think of Phil Hersh? I am APPALLED at his article - he made Gwen Knapp seem professional. I am very disappointed that someone of his reputation wrote that piece. Is he always such as ass?


Wow...go away for a couple of days and all hell breaks loose! I left Thurs night and am just now reading thru the mass of postings since last Thurs afternoon...yikes! Strange stuff indeed. Not even sure what to make of it all. Will be nice if Cathy gets in this afternoon for a first hand account of things. Anyways, I DID manage to get in a monster mountain bike ride yesterday afternoon...almost 4000' of climbing over a measly 16 miles (2000' of that was ONE climb...VERY STEEP! I turned my rear disc rotor blue on the descent...thankfully it doesn't look like it warped!) Nice to get out there and forget about the current ongoings of the world for a while...but now I'm back. OK..back to work...may hit the TBV site later..too busy catching up right now.


I'm glad that I've been able to provide some excitement on this blog... not that the action in Malibu isn't exciting enough. (BTW, at the risk of flogging a dead horse, let me remind everyone I did not introduce the term "pompons" into the thread. I simply took Camille's comment to mean that she was not "rooting" for Floyd, but rather simply looking for the truth. And THAT is my last comment on the matter.)


Team Landis isn't exactly shining this morning, you'd think they'd have their act together after a rest day! Let's hope the panel doesn't get too annoyed by the delays. Update - okay, that went a little better after the break, but it's still kind of messy.

I agree, susie, I'm worried about Floyd. Not for truth reasons, but because of the way his mind works, which I recognize as how mine works as well, in certain areas. I'm sure they reviewed what Jacobs was going to ask, but, it's that question and answer format. With me, when I write, my thoughts are coherent and organized, and I can lay it all out (really, I can ;). But get me into conversation, and I can alternate between fine and sounding like a blithering idiot. It has to do with how the brain processes, and is able to organize on the fly. Prime example, "I'll say no." I knew exactly what he was doing there, and hate how people harp on that. So, I think he is vulnerable, just because of how his brain processes conversation. Fingers crossed!


The difference between being prepared, and actually sitting in that chair is so different. Stupid story; when I went to court for my divorce, I knew exactly the questions my attorney was going to ask. But sitting on that chair, I got the giggles. I tried to stiffle them, pinching myself, moving around, etc; the judge looked at me like I was having some sort of attack; which I was!! I did the same thing when I married my 2nd husband. During the ceremony, he stumbled over my name. And I got the giggles!! Lord, it's horrible. God, only knows what I would do if I was in Floyd's position!! I'd be totally unbelievable!!

susie b

I have a completely off-topic for everyone. I'm still fairly "unexperienced" about the ettiquette of blogs, & would like ya'll's opinion.

Let's say you've been commenting on someone's blog for 8 months or so, along with many other people. And you bring up various questions (directly for the blogger), opinions, news items, whatever, in your comments & NOT once has anything you've written been addressed by the blogger. What does this mean? In my other blog commenting experiences, such as HERE (& 4 other blogs), this has NOT been the case. Either the blogger replies in the comment section to you or references it in the next day's or future posts. Sure, not everything you've written or asked is addressed, but at least some things!

For months I have been thinking this means the ignoring-blogger wants you the hell off his blog & is actually incredulous that you are not getting the "message". Any opinions?

Oh, this particular blogger does not reply to anyone else's comments in the comment section either, but has on many occasions, answered their questions or referenced their points (by name) in the daily posts.

So. Is the hypothetical 'you' an oblivious idiot for not realizing your presence is deemed undesirable on that blog? Or is the blogger just an egocentric narcissist & you shouldn't be offended as it's nothing personal?

Any insights, opinions, pithy comments, would be appreciated! :) :)


Oh, Susie - LOL! Whoever COULD you be referring to??

For what its worth, I've not commented very many places (and NEVER on the blog to which you're referring), but I've usually received some kind of acknowledgement or comment from the writer. One of the reasons that I LOVE Sara's IA is because she interacts with us :) AND of course because it's populated by a great gathering of witty, insightful cycling fans!

I don't know if I'd hold my breath waiting for 'you know who' to change, though my personal opinion is that you add a lot to his site. It was pretty sparse over there when y'all had refrained from commenting for awhile. Your two options, though, made me laugh out loud here at work: "So. Is the hypothetical 'you' an oblivious idiot for not realizing your presence is deemed undesirable on that blog? Or is the blogger just an egocentric narcissist & you shouldn't be offended as it's nothing personal?" HA!

Sara Best

Hmmm Susie, who could you possibly be talking about?

For a heart stopping minute at the beginning of your post I thought you were talking about me!

Here are my two cents:

As a blogger who happily gets a lot of comments on her blog, I can see that it would be tough to keep up with them all and do too much responding in your posts. Your posts would just end up being a long list of responses to the comments.

That being said, if you're not there to start up a converation with other folks around the world who like what you like and care about what you care about then why exactly are you doing it?

Literally my favourite part of having a blog, that a few great folks actually read on a regular basis, is that it's given me the opportunity to find - among the billions of people in the world who think that the Tour de France is the only cycling race of the year and that Lance is going to win it again this year - a handful of people who know what's going on in the world of cycling and really care about it - and even admit to watching American Idol on the side. That's amazing to me. And it has really enriched my life to be part of this great group. I write posts purely for you guys to read - no other reason.

While we're on this track of Internet etiquette I have a hypothetical question of my own.

Let's say you were a fan of a particular blogger and let's say that blogger was a writer - just hypothetically of course - and that you were also trying to be a writer yourself, and let's say you took some time one night to write that blogger an email to tell him or her that you admired his or her work and that his or her own pesonal story of quitting his or her day job to follow his or her dream of writing professionally had really inspired you and that you had recently taken the same big leap to follow your dream and so you just wanted to send them a note to say 'thank you'. And let's say that weeks went by and that person never responded.

Would that be rude?


Theresa! LOL! Why doesn't that surprise me, you're always full of joy and light! :-)


OH -- and another welcome to guez! I just went back to check yesterday's comments -- what a funny mix-up! You'd need to know the whole sordid history to appreciate how amusing it was.....but suffice it to say that Larry enjoys getting everyone all riled up! Its always great to have a new 'voice' here.

Very nice post on yesterday's LONG list of comments Camille! I feel the same way :)

I'm really hoping to get on the video feed this afternoon, but not sure if that will be at all likely. I hope that you get in to the courtroom, Cathy!



Sara and susie - who knows, of course, but I wouldn't take either personally. I imagine certain people (if we must keep up the charade ;) rushing through the comments section, and sometimes letting something catch their eye, and sometimes not bothering. I mean, if, for completely random example, Marty didn't bother to address serious questions about how he addressed LeMond, I think sometimes he doesn't bother, especially if he sees there are a lot of comments. And on replying to e-mails - hard as it may be to believe, given how much I blather on here, I am terrible at replying to e-mails, even to family and close friends. It can take months, sometimes many months. Some kind of mental block, I think it's going to take too much time and let it slip by day after day.


Hey kids, just a moment to tell your I'm here. Not in the courtroom but in the press room, which is just fine because Amber said it's freezing in the courtroom! She looks cute as ever and seems to be holding up okay. Saw FL and he came over to me extending his hand, saying I would give you a hug but we're not supposed to. So that was nice--he looked pretty relaxed, and I hope he can stay that way thru cross. There is quite a bit of press here, some foreign, but mostly males from I don't know what affiliates. I did get my press badge, which is a keeper for sure. If FL has time to take the stand I will give you info as I can.


AAACK! I'm so nervous for Floyd, I can't stand it! I'm so glad I have all of your comments about the trial to read, because even though I'm an ICU nurse, all the "science" makes my eyes cross. On my run today, I did replay "The Impossible Dream" three times in a row, and tried to send the good vibes to Malibu. I hope it helped :)


Sara and susieb, he doesn't respond to my questions either. He did respond to my Crusoe's comment in an email. (I think he is very distactable and busy) and if you catch him in an available moment, he will respond. He does (IMO) p;ay favorites on his site, and we aren't on the A team.

But Sara, not responding to you is just, (camille you arent' the only one) plain RUDE.

susie b

Sara, I'm actually shocked he (uh, Mr Hypothetical) didn't respond to you! It's one thing to ignore an 'irritating' commenter, but not responding to such an email is just RUDE! And yes, I realize he can't respond to ALL emails all the time or he would'nt get any work done, but I think yours definitely deserved a reply!

In your case, I'm trying to convince myself that it's just because he has so much on his plate at the moment. He's currently trying to prepare for his new-type coverage of this year's Tour AND train for that bike stage AND work on that movie of his AND maybe he's still editing his books. Plus, we all know Mr Hypothetical is also Mr Procrastinator.

Still, I find this very disappointing & think this is on par with THE POST. Does anyone else ever think this guy is kind of Jekyl/Hydish? For someone who can write so eloquently about the Tour & so touchingly about coaching & then write TP & blow off heartfelt emails... well, it makes me wonder.

WAIT! He's a Gemini, right?! Well, that explains it! :) :)


Susie, I agree with everyone else... DON'T take it personally. I think he will get more and more that way as he gets busier and busier. I suspect the only reason he doesn't say in one of his posts "PLEASE quit emailing me!" is because he knows he will enjoy reading some of the emails, when he gets around to reading them. He just doesn't want to be expected to answer.

I'm like Julie if we just change it to thank you notes, I am the WORST person in the WORLD about those. Even knowing how rude it is, I forget to do it and then later I just think, oh well, it's too late. Rude? Gosh yes! So I try not to email the person in question for the most part, knowing it will just add to his email burden. He did tell me once he doesn't always answer them because he's so busy, and I think he may have mostly given up on being expected to answer them now. In his defense, (and you knew I'd defend him, right? ...), I can imagine that he has gotten life stories full of 20,000 questions from countless people. And I bet that is incredibily overwhelming. However, it causes a real P.R. problem fo him, ignoring people. I imagine a lot of people have refused to buy his books after writing him and being ignored. I even think maybe he just uses another private email for his "people who must be answered" and only checks the chasinglance one when he's just really bored. :) Anyway... I bet once you have 250,000 people reading your blog ;) , you just can't be email buddies with everyone. But then again, that's a lot of donations to your track team lost... too many people ignored aren't so generous. And I think he found that out the hard way. Oh well! Life goes on!


OOH - finally into the video this afternoon. The doctor certainly doesn't seem shy about asserting himself with Young! He's losing me with some of the science and graphs, but he *seems* to have impressive testimony both on direct and cross.


Cathy - thanks for the update. Hey, if you see Arlene, tell her I *love* her dress today!


I agree, Jan, he was a little dicey when he went on and on, but overall I think he was good. I find the real science wonks credible, because they're so into their field, I don't think they would have the patience to spin their testimony one way or the other. They may have differing opinions, but I think the opinions are real.

susie b

DARN it! I can never seem to get into the afternoon Hearing sessions! I connect in the morning & then it throws me off when they break for lunch. Does that happen with everyone? The same thing happened Saturday but on one of the breaks during Catlin's cross, I was able to get in (around 3:30 eastern time I think) & stayed connected through Floyd's.

And Cathy I can barely wait to read your 'report'! Already you've told us something I don't remember reading on TBV or the various newspapers - that the courtroom is FREEZING! And if you get the chance to speak to Amber, if you can tell her there are SO many people thinking about her too!

And Camille, yes, I've been waiting for you - I was starting to think someone had you in restraints... :) So, what's the reasoning behind the disregarding of certain commenters' questions, info, opinions? Can't be bothered? Wants those commenters to go AWAY?


susie - If you click on the PM session right after the AM session is done, you'll be in. The screen will say "session hasn't started yet," but you're still in. Check the date and time listed, to make sure you're in the right one (I do this obsessively, you can do it once ;). Then, you just leave it up there for an hour, and it will start rolling when they start up again.


Also, Susie, I'm never home yet by when the PM session starts. I close the video window and click on the PM session -- it of course tells me to try back later. I close the window and try immediately about 25 more times (LOL - no joke) and I'm usually in :)

Yes-- Cathy tell Amber AND Floyd's parents that we're cheering for their boy and thinking of them all!

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