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May 03, 2007



I love that Floyd quote! Reminds me of a scene in the book I'm reading, Streets of Laredo (sequel to Lonesome Dove -- one of my alltime favorite movies), where Captain Call goes suddenly berserk and leaves a sheriff just a hair away from death. The people all around him were afraid to get near him to pull him away. This is SUCH a great book if anyone needs a good one. There are no boring parts at all.

"Don't poke the crazy guy" also reminds me of one of my OTHER all time favorite movies, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, where Christopher Lloyd pokes another crazy guy saying "play the game... play the game..." This scene was of course in an inSSSane asylum... just one step away from this kind of asylum we have right here...

Off to run!


Sara, your mail must be slow..I've had that issue for about 2 weeks now (and I also enjoyed the article).

As to if you should go ahead w/ your clipless pedals...first question I would ask is: are you or will you be using toe-clips if you don't go w/ the clipless? If you answer yes, then you should (IMO) jump right in and go clipless and forget those stupid toe-clips...other than that 'panic' moment you will likely get a few times (until you develop the reflex to kick-out your heel to disengage) they are MUCH safer to use than toe clips and here's why: except for people who have used them for ages, they are MUCH harder to get into than clipless...and you find yourself looking down at your pedal trying to get that little 'flip' motion to get the stupid upside down pedal upright so you can get your toe into it...and all the while you are looking down trying to accomplish this, who is steering? W/ clipless, depending on which pedal system you have, even if it's a one-sided pedal they hang down in a way that you come in from behind and put your foot on it, push forward some, and it levels out, and you lock in. If you have a speedplay or any of the mt biking pedals then they are dual sided so your pedal is 'always' right side up. (I love the speedplay road pedals for this reason). In a VERY SHORT PERIOD OF TIME you will wonder how you ever rode without them...but thats just my 2 cents worth...glad to hear you got it fitted though! That will save you countless issues and pains and possibly injuries from an improperly fitted bike. From there you prob will make minor changes as you put time on the bike...anyway you go it is a good investment! ENJOY!

ON to AI...So...DISCO night next week? GIVE ME A friggin BREAK!! ACK!! I lived thru the 70's, wasn't that enough? I guess I should break out my 'parachute pants' for next weeks show. (or was that 80's?) I prob do have some nice cordoroy bellbottoms in a box somewhere thoough...YIKES!!


And maybe the week after next we can have POLKA night! Ye-HAW!!


Hey!! I enjoyed Disco!! It was after my divorce and I'd go to the hottest disco in Spfld, and had a ball!!!

Chris and Blake got to be really good friends. Did you hear that they plan on working together? I though the guys handled it well!

I LOVE the article in Bicycling! The pictures are great!
Regarding the pedals; I emailed Debby after my attempt to ride in my back yard. All I can say is the top tube hurts like HELL!! But you are much younger than me Sara, and probably not carrying around a lot of "baggage of fear" that I have!! I'm putting it off at least another year. I need to learn how to handle my bike better first!


Matt, I think you're right on about the the last few months (while I was borrowing bikes) I tried: flats, toe-clip, and now, clipless. I was also nervous to go clipless, as I was sure I'd never get the hang of them (and be repeatedly scraped up from all my falls!). But my friend put them in and made them loose enough at first so that I could twist out easily. Let me tell you, THERE'S NO COMPARISON! They are sooooo much easier for riding, you become "one" with the bike--ironically, I felt LIBERATED by being clipped in. I seem to be able to control things more (I have the speedplay system as well). I'm a novice rider, but already notice a big difference.

Hmmm, Camille, we may be speaking of two different pics, but with JBJ, how could one go wrong? Delicious! He has traditional "pretty-boy" looks, but has a way of making it sexy and tough.

I was sad to see Chris go...I would have rather seen Jordin exit (I haven't really enjoyed her perfomances lately; even the "You'll Never Walk Alone" one that was lauded by the judges).

Floyd is so freaking funny. I think that his attitude, as "exquisitely" expressed with that quote, is what has taken USADA, WADA...yadda yadda by surprise. Since there is absolutely no recourse for an athlete, Dick et al must figure that they can do what they please, ignoring even their own ludicrous "rules." And now, they're the ones looking guilty, thanks to Floyd.

Theresa, the "faces in the crowd" blurb is just a small one, not worth by the mag for. Still, it was a pleasure to see him there.


This sounds dumb to say, but thank you Sara and Yvette for saying you were sad to see Chris go. That eased my pain a little. I thought the friendship that developed between Blake and Chris was so cool. Apparently many of their fans like both of them, and have given the two of them the nickname "Cake" :) But I think they must have hugged three or four different times easily last night... it was just sweet. I've noticed them being monkeys together in the background whenever they get the chance. It was fun to watch that. Ah well, it's good to hear they plan to work together.

Floyd has always cracked me up, from the first article I read about him.

Claire finally posted her story about her century ride at, if anyone wants to read it. No WONDER it took her 10 hours to finish! She had a hard day apparently. I've never had a flat on the road yet either.... I'm due.


Wanna avoid flats on the road? Just pay attention to where you are riding! I've only flatted twice so far, both my fault! Once I ran over one of those large copper-colored staples from a cardboard box (was lying there points up)...saw it briefly but didn't react in time...bam..both ends right into my tire and instant flat! The other was at the end of a ride, I was tired, not paying a lot of attention..bam..right over a sharp edged little rock (couldn't have been more than 1"..but thats all it tire was flat almost instantly!) Other than those I'm doing good! Carry all the stuff though(spare tube, CO2 inflator w/enough CO2 for 2 tires, patch kit, tire levers..and basic multi-tool..I figure I can take care of any normal emergency on the road. Also really watch out for pot holes...that square edge of pavement will easily flat you ...and possibly break a rim if it's deep and sharp enough..surely will be a bone jarring hit! So just paying attention is your biggest defense. That, and don't ride too far over on the shoulder in the rubble and crap (unless you are in fear for your life..better a flat than getting hit!)...or better yet, stay on small roads.


Hmmmmm.....I'm definitely NOT excited about DISCO next week :(

Matt - so glad to hear that you can be the voice, eyes, and ears of the IA at the hearing! Yeah! Gosh, I'm too chicken to even ride on most of our roads here -- narrow, hilly, poor visibility, FULL of potholes. We luckily have some nice bike trails!

Even though I like all of the AI contestants at this point, I was glad to see that it was Phil and Chris to go. I just haven't seen the same "WOW" type performance from them and as I have from the others. I think that it will probably be Blake and Melinda as the final two (those are my picks anyway). Things could change, though, in the next few weeks. I DO like seeing them sing two songs each night -- it gives you more to compare.


Sounds like a lot of good advice. I'm pretty vigilant for road crap also myself... maybe that's why I've been so lucky so far. Sometimes I feel like I'm barely seeing the scenery for being so intent on not running over broken glass or whatever. Also, hearing about someone I know's friend DYING on impact from going over his handlebars after hitting a fairly small rock... that made me pretty paranoid about watching what's approaching my front tire!


A month ago I was dying for Phil to leave, but I have to say I was also sad to see him go last night. He was on such an upswing, I would've actually taken him over Lakisha - who I love when she's on, but that hasn't been much recently. Seacrest cracked me up when he had Jordin sit down so quick. Sexiness aside, I had to wonder about Bon Jovi's song choice. Didn't exactly get the place rockin'. I heard Chris and Blake have been writing a lot of songs together until the wee hours. Chris is a beatboxer too, apparently, but didn't want to step on Blake's gimmick for the show. (Yes, I've been watching those *ahem* inane extra Idol shows, I think I need help. ;-)

Matt - I'm jealous you're going to Pepperdine! If only there wasn't that whole I live on the other side of the country thing, I'd be right there with ya! That Tygart interview underscores my caution to the Floyd team the other day. It's not fair, but they've got to swallow the outrage and go with calm and rational. Tygart has some explaining to do on tactics, but he's kept his mouth shut and he comes across very well in that interview, image-wise.

On the Romandie front, can I just say I'm so glad for Gerolsteiner's success the last couple of weeks, after that horrific bloodbath at M-SR.

I love those Floyd pics in Bicycling too, especially the opening punch photo. That put such a huge smile on my face. It's funny how he's the one reminding us to keep smiling. Those hilarious interviews he gave last year before the Tour, especially the one with DZ, were so priceless, I look forward to a day when it's all fun and games again! (A girl can dream.)

Sara - I was scared about clipless too, but I took the plunge last year when I got a new road bike. I have SPD cleats, and pedals that have one flat side, and I've been very happy. I only fell once, and that was due to a totally unexpected stop. Otherwise, I'm always able to slip out when I know or think a stop is coming, and it's been fine. I see the point of double-sided, but I like having the one flat side, so I don't feel pressure to be clipped in before or after a stop. If you have a trainer, practicing clipping in and out on that is great. If you don't, practice on a trainer at the store before you go on your first ride. If you fall, just keep a grip on those handlebars and let them take the brunt of it rather than an outstretched arm.

I had a nice ride today after work, although I think it was probably the windiest I have ever ridden in, I barely stayed upright sometimes! Had to do it, though, the sun was shining, the snow is gone, and I just got my Floyd jersey yesterday. (Floyd jersey? Smith & Nephew jersey? loyal sponsor jersey? what does one call it?) Can't say I'm a fan of the full zipper and elastic waist, but it'll do, and I gotta fly the colors for our boy.

susie b

Ok people, we all lived through the 70s (well, most of us here), are Theresa & I the only ones to CONFESS that we got Our Groove On? Shook our Booty? Turned the Beat Around? Rocked the Boat? Did the freakin Hustle? And a couple of times (at least!) turned sideways, put the one leg back & threw the arm in the air, ala Travolta ? Yeah right.... :) :) That's the Way, unh,uh, unh,uh, I Liked It!

I've already decided what the Final Four should sing. See if you agree.
Lakisha - It's Raining Men!
Melinda - I Will Survive
Jordin - Never Can Say Goodbye
Blake - Play that Funky Music, White Boy

Can you tell that as part of my workout over the last 25 years, I do aerobics & dance & thus have about 70 Dance CDs, of which about 10-15 are DISCO. Oh come on now, 'Don't Leave Me This Wayyyyyy'.....!

And I've been on the lookout for that Bicycling mag since Theresa mentioned it last week! Hopefully, I'll get my hands on it tomorrow. And guess what! The FFF people sent me a surprise FFF t-shirt as an apology for the delay in my poster. And TONIGHT our main man is to sign my poster! I did debate whether I should ask for him to make it out to "my future boss from your devoted Team Gladiator leader", but figured I'd have to give him MORE money for that. LOL!

Ok, gotta get going. I'm off to Funkytown. Yes, yes, I'm just a Dancing Queen, singing along to Waterloo. But all I really want to say is - Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, A Man After Midnight....

Shake your groove thing, shake your groove thing, come on!


Susie,I think I have every song you mentioned on my iPod LOL! If I'm going to be out running on the trails for hours, the sensitive, singer-songwriter types just won't cut it. Nothing like Gloria Gaynor, The Weather Girls and ABBA to get my groove thing up the hills. Do you, by any chance, own the seven cd box set called Have a Nice Decade? All seventies music, and the front of the box is covered in green shag carpet with smiley faces! Burn baby burn...disco inferno....


LOL you girls are WONderful!!!! Okay, if you force me, I will admit that my husband's and my special song is Earth Wind and Fire's September (Do you remembah... blah blah blah... Septembah... Bahhhdeeaahhhhdeaaahhhhdeeahhhh... etc... DeeeAAAHHHHH...) Oh, what a love song that was. And we fell in love in a club named STARS!!! LOL Actually one time at Six Flags there was a great disco song on and we broke into a disco dance together (where he twirled me and yanked me every which direction) right there in the middle of a street and we had a crowd around us clapping and cheering us on! Okay, how sad is that... that was about 10 years ago. But yeah, I loves me some disco actually. :D

Next week could be allright on AI. :)


LOL! Camille and Susie - you have SUCH a way of "singing" those songs for us in your comments! Oh, and I LOVE those Final Four song choices. You almost have me convinced that it WILL be a fun show to watch.

I've been happy for Gerolsteiner, too. They really had it rough earlier in the year - especially those AWFUL crashes at MSR.

Happy Friday everyone!


Alright... confessions are good for the soul... it was really a 50's song that came on at Six Flags, but we only knew how to disco dance so that's what we did... but the crowd still loved it.

Ahhh... I feel better.


I picked up a 70's hit cd on a road trip to KC; and I had forgotten the great music that decade had going all the back to 70-71!! Amy, I'd love that CD set; and I need one from the 60's too!! Susie, I wonder if there is someway to market your ability to recall lyrics?? You could make a lot of money!!

I think it's Barry Gibb that is the mentor, so they might just sing BeeGees songs. But I love your picks Susie!! Lakisha would be perfect for "It's raining men"!

Janann, I'd be scared to death to ride the streets in your city!! My God, it would be so intimidating!!
And of course, I went into the yard to practice with my spd pedals by myself. No one to help me, or give me any encougement! Once I started falling; I kept falling!! I tried to stop and leave one foot clipped in; and that didn't work AT ALL, I'd hit that top bar and fall over swearing!! I just don't think I'm ready yet. When I am, I'm going to have a coach with me and not try to do this by myself! I hurt myself so bad, because I didn't stop until I was really banged up good, so the FEAR gripped my heart like a vise! So we'll see, I planning 2- 62 mile rides; one on June 30th, and one the next saturday. We'll see how strong I am by then!

Oh, and back to the 70's; I shook my booty way too much; then I got married again, and that lasted just long enough to know that, yes I was right, it was a really stupid thing to do!! So, I was back in bars and clubs before long. In the mid to late 80's we had a place called Studebaker's that my age group loved! The 50's theme place. And during the 80's I discovered that gyms had become the new place to attract attention. Too bad I didn't keep working out like that; I'd have a whole lot more muscle mass, and be one buff chick! But life didn't work that way! Big sigh......

My God, I posted a book!! I just felt like talking to you guys, after I got home from work. Now I'll go see whats going on in the cycling world!!

susie b

"Do I REMEMBER? The 21st night of September?" :)
Well, no.... But I think the sky was "cloudy"! :) Yeah, I loved EWF too. And Camille, I can visualize you & hubby on the dance floor, just ripping it up. I Got To Give It Up for ya!

And Knock On Wood, but it looks like ALL of us Boogie-Oogie-Oogied at least a little! WE ARE FAMILY! Except for Matt. Come on, Matt. Like Camille said, confession is good for the soul. I bet you were Hot Stuff in the white 3-piece suit... :)

And I doubt there's been a CD compilation made in the last 20 years that I don't have or at least thought about getting! It's a sickness! I did have the 'Have a Nice Decade' box, but it got smashed in a furniture moving mishap (loooong story), but I just checked & Amazon has it, so I'm going to buy it again! That & the 80s box. CELEBRATE! "They'll be a party going on right there!"

And picking on the polka?! It's a GREAT workout! Yeah, not a great vocal genre of music (She's Too Fat for Me....), but it's fun as all heck! I will confess a little more & admit back in my early teens, I was an assistant Dance teacher for 6 years to my Aunt during the 70s & we taught 7th & 8th graders how to waltz, foxtrot, jitterbug, charleston, POLKA, "skate", & African Twist (an early "line" dance). My "specialty" was the "tone-deaf", sweaty-palmed, 2 left-feet boys (yes, the "problem" children....!) And I got them ALL waltzing without maiming themselves or their partners! Beginning about 12 years later, sometimes when I would visit around home, some men would come up to me at the local mall & thank me for allowing them to waltz at their weddings & not mutilate their new brides! LOL!


Susie, that's a great story! I remember a New Year's Eve party in 76, where we spent a great bit of time trying to learn the "hustle". I always wanted to take dance lessons; just never did. Now I want to "dance with my bike"!

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