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May 11, 2007



Hi Sara, glad you took a break from your real life to write something for us. Say, can you let me know where you read the LA info about Travesty? I tried to read a lot of the news sources last night but was getting a little tired and finally went to bed, but I didn't see that post.

Hey all of you (us) moms: Happy Mother's Day!!!!


Ok, I haven't read anything yet this morning, but this one thing sticks with me from last night. Floyd said he mentioned the Lance deal earlier to a group of the press, and they didn't think it was worth writing about, and it was never printed. So, he didn't think it made any difference to his case. BUT, the impression it leaves of USADA/WADA leaves a really bad taste in my mouth!! And I think whoever those reporters were the first time it was mentioned, are kicking themselves right now!! Because this is the huge bombshell, that no one thought was important!!


Oh, and Amy, good luck!!! stay away from the "death" stuff!!
What a woman!!


This whole thing is like the old TV comedy series SOAP (for those old enough to remember that!) I'm still hoping to find out (today!) details on Floyds hearing...I emailed and got a response from David Brower at TBV...the only info he had was the WHERE: "at the law school, either in an autidorium or the moot court", and that he would post any additional info when he gets it. I just need to know SOON if I am going to be taking Monday off..(we have lots going on at work and I'm kind'a putting them in a bind with my 'might be taking Monday off' thing. I would really like to be THERE for a moral support show for Floyd, (AND get in a SWEET and HARD ride w/ Greg when we have done our support duty)...but it's not looking real good right now.

I have to wonder at Floyds press conference admission last night. I understand the point of it, but not sure it's working. A LOT of less interested people will take this as a deflection of the issue, thereby making him look MORE guilty. Personally I think this should have been put out WAY BACK WHEN. And to make this worse, it appears Lance is even standing up for TT, saying something to the effect that 'it must not have come from HIM' if it was said. Hmmm...not sure I'd call this one a win for Floyds side...I just think it's the loss of another pawn for Floyd (in this chess game that is being played w/ his career and reputation).


Theresa, I hadn't read your comment yet when I was working on you say he ALREADY had mentioned this (the TT dirt on LA deal) to the press? I don't recall ever hearing this before...hmmm....hmmm...HOW ON EARTH could the press NOT think this would be worthy of a line or 2 of print?


Theresa and Matt, I haven't made up my mind either on what if any good the LA connection has done. Yes, it shows the public that USADA is not fair, but those of us who care already knew that, and those of us who haven't been paying attention to the case probably aren't going to change their minds with this bit of info. Maybe I'm missing something? If this was a great tactical move on the part of his attorneys, please some one explain it to me so I can appreciate it. I need to get over to TBV again...maybe there's something new there that will help me figure it out.


(TBV is forever confused about my gender, so I'm switching Owlie to Julie.)

Cathy, the Armstrong details are at TBV, under Armstrong has his say. Yet another reason I'm willing to listen to Tygart's responses to all this when the time comes. Not saying I think Floyd is making anything up, just willing to listen to both sides.

Yes, Floyd said he'd mentioned it several times before, and was surprised it became the big story of the press conference. Henson didn't appear surprised, but Floyd wanted to get back to the science. As I said over at my blog, it seems like he may be the one trying to keep the team on point, he wants to focus on the science next week, not all this other stuff. I wonder if when he mentioned it before, he didn't mention the part about the deal being just one month suspension. Offering a deal isn't a bombshell, it's common practice, but the nature of this one is what sets it apart.

Soap rocked! :-)

susie b

From the actions of USADA in the last month - insisting on testing B samples at the SAME Lab, which was AGAINST WADA's own rules, & doing so only THREE WEEKS before the Hearing, conspiring to keep Floyd's people out of those tests (by not showing up on certain days & they instructed LNDD to bar them), HANGING OUT with 2 of the supposedly neutral Arbiters (on WHOSE dime do you think?), refusing to release documents to Floyd's team, etc, ETC, USADA has been DETERMINED to establish Floyd's guilt pretty much from the beginning. That Floyd opened up all the CRAP that accused athletes go through for EVERYONE to see has sent the roaches scurrying in the light & they've been FURIOUS since October. The EMPEROR has NO CLOTHES!

The release of the offered Lance-deal was BRILLIANT. It was a ingenious way to get the Lance-centric media to PAY ATTENTION to the case & at least WONDER that USADA/WADA may have a different motive than just to review facts & come to an unbiased conclusion. Plus, with that tidbit, the masses will be shocked & be more open to listening to the POSSIBLITY that Floyd is being railroaded. What WE forget, since we are such diehard Floyd supporters, is that the majority of Americans (probably Canadians too!), know nothing of this case or Floyd except he's "the cheater in that bike race that Lance used to win".

What we can't seem to accept, as we think this is like a COURT case where the accused is INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty, is that is NOT true with sport doping cases. Once you have tested "positive", no matter why or how incompetent the Lab that produced the result, you ARE GUILTY. The "Hearing" is a sop to North Americans who actually believe in Due Process. But make no mistake, the athlete is already judged guilty & must PROVE INNOCENCE.

And BTW, Lance is not "standing up" for Travis. He merely said he was surprised that Travis was behind it. Well, I'M surprised almost everyday by what people say/do. For example, I'm gobsmacked at many of YOU today... Travis was not the soon-to-be-head of USADA when Lance tangled with them. He was probably the "good cop" while Terry Madden was the "bad".

Also, I read about this very offer as a RUMOR back in September on something I clicked on at TBV. It was one of a bunch of rumors floating around at the time (such as it was all a French conspiracy...)& THAT is probably why it was not picked up as more important at the time. That, plus everything Floyd said at the time was ridiculed by the mainstream media as "just another excuse" or the "desperation of a drowning man". These last two are EXACT quotes in multiple articles I read & printed out at the time.


Debby, I think the tactical idea is to say that the ADAs aren't really interested in the truth of this case, or the current doping situation, they just want to get the big fish (or whale ;) - to make a splash, to get funding, out of some bizarre personal obsession. Letting someone who (in their minds) cheats to win The Tour off with just a month's suspension, to get at a retired guy, casts real doubts on what they're about and what means they'll go to for a Big Story. And, that it may mean their case was so weak, they were looking for a way not to have to prosecute it but still get two for one.


Julie, I had a heck of a time trying to post on your blog; and then ended up sending an email to myself!! Your site is different, how'd I use it before??? Will I had something really profound to say, but after reading Susie, Debby, an d you, I think I just say, I WISH this whole thing could have been fair!! And Susie's right for reminding us that in North America, we have this crazy idea this is like a court case where both sides give evidence and it's decided. They've already decided, and they are going to make Floyd pay! But, what he has accomplished, is to shed light, where the sunlight has never been, and show anyone interested in looking, just what a crappy system the whole sports doping is.

Sara Best

Hey Cathy,

Ya, the Lance reaction re Tygart ws on TBV. Lance said:

"He said he has a fair and good relationship with Travis Tygart and it surprises him that Travis would be behind it. Lance said he would NOT be surprised if Terry Madden was behind it (outgoing USADA head, to be replaced by Tygart)."

Link is here


On a different note, check out Velo news on the Giro. Hincampe says the TTT is the scariest he's ever been on and to start the darn thing they ferried the entire peloton AND journalist AND race dudes out to an aircraft carrier!!!

PS Yay, Floyd!!!!
Bust 'em, baby.


Two links to articles on the Floyd press conference and his allegations about being offed a deal to "tell all" about Lance:


Theresa, sorry about the blog! I did recently change some settings, I'll have to take a look at it.

Random legal note: Yes, there are more rights in a regular court case, but let's not kid ourselves about the American justice system. While in law school, I got an up-close and personal look at how the American system is not about the truth, it's about who can play the game best to get evidence in or out. There are some European systems that are actually better on this aspect, where it's much more about gathering *all* the facts and going from there.

TTT - I was reading about its scary factor today, too. What's the weather forecast? If it's rain, I may not survive the morning! I was looking at the picture of George at the paceline and sending very protective vibes, these last-minute decisions make me nervous!

And to top the day off, the BATS are back in my office! That's right, bats in the chimney that goes through my office. Squeaking and scratching all day long. Nothing personal against the creatures, I still wear my Austin Ice Bats shirt (are they still around Camille?), but please, not my office!


Okay, this is the kind of thing I'm talking about - now Floyd's statement is up at TBV, and he doesn't say they asked for info on Lance by name, he says he inferred that they meant Lance. Which they probably did, but it does point out the heavy spin that's going on these days (by all involved), and how it does help to have the exact facts when getting all fired up about it. It's still a ridiculous deal, it's still worth getting fired up over, but it's not quite what it appeared last night.


Go AMY!!! We'll be waiting to hear about it -- after you look death in the eye (three times?) LOL

Another thing that I thought was interesting in the whole Floyd/LA deal issue is that Floyd made mention of a VERY short penalty being offered, then Lance's lawyer actually clarified later and said that it was 1 month! Regardless of whether we think it was a good tactical move or not at this time -- it certainly did prompt the mainstream media to sit up and take notice of the situation. Susie is right in that MOST people know almost nothing about Floyd's case and believed the first sensationalized reports after the Tour when the A-sample results were reported. Most have NO idea that there is any question whatsoever that the lab results are correct and beyond reproach.

Gosh, Matt, I HOPE that you and Greg get to go on Monday so we can get a report (I know -- selfish!).

Yes -- HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all of the IA moms!!!


This is completely off-topic (first time ever for me)... but Susie, I'm watching my DVR'd Survivor (painting class was last night) and Yau-Man just gave Dreamz the big black Ford F350 truck, and then chose to go to Exile Island himself. That was not only a BRILLIANT tactical move, but so SWEET of Yau-Man. Dreamz was the only one who didn't even own a car or have a driver's license, and Yau Man knew that. I actually got teary eyed when he made that deal with Dreamz! That was SO COOL!!! Sorry, people who don't watch this show. But it was pretty damn cool; an incredible display of win-win as a concept. I hope Yau-Man wins the whole thing; he's the best Survivor.


LOL LOL LOL --- Oh my gosh, Susie, I'm laughing so hard... I just paused my DVR right where Dreamz just said he realized he'd better vote YauMan off before the final four now.... SOME GRATITUDE!!!! Oh my gosh, what a great show!! Back to it...

susie b

What I didn't understand is why Yau-man didn't just tell Dreamz he could NEVER vote him off in exchange for the truck!

And did you watch Lost? I hate Ben more now then I did before! But kind of weird that possibly our beloved surviors of Flight 815 will wipe out the previous island inhabitants who themselves wiped out the Dharma Initiative. What I still don't know is why those other people were on the island.

And Matt - be sure to check out TBV now as he has more info on the exact location of the Hearing. The time is still not set though!

And sorry everyone if I seemed a little shrill/grumpy/overbearing above. I think my worry about Floyd & the case is getting to me now that the LONG delayed Hearing is about to begin!

But one thing. If I hear Traves-ty say once more that he would be freakin GLAD to comment if oooonnly Floyd lifted the Gag rule, I will SCREAM! Waaayyy back, USADA asked Floyd's team this very thing & SINCE they still did not have ALL the documents & info that USADA had on the case (& which they'd been asking & asking for), they said heck no unless they got the documents! Why would you let someone talk who has more info than you?! Talk about an unfair advantage! This is but 1 more difference to a REAL court case as I believe each side MUST release all info to each other in Discovery. Ever since, Travesty trots this out to show that 'THEY want to comment but Floyd wants to keep them from doing so, 'cause oooooh, otherwise the world would know Floyd's case is baseless'. I'm telling you, he's DICK Pound Jr.


Yep, we watched Lost -- one of the best episodes ever as far as moving the plot along. We paused it on Jacob and in profile I thought he looked like Dennis Hopper. (just trying to take my mind off the big sharpe blade swinging over Floyd's neck, gang...(any Pit and the Pendulum fans?)


Here's the link to the Los Angeles Times article I think Ms T was asking for:,1,5325648.story?track=rss&ctrack=1&cset=true


Did anyone notice that our boy Floyd has shaved, and is lookin' a little beefy?

Not that I'm shallow or anythin'.... ;-)


I like the smooth face and I think he looks great. Not trying to be contrary, he just looks good either way to me.


It just occurred to me that you might have meant beefy in a good way... and in that case, I agree with you!

susie b

Just a quick hello as I'm at work again today & have massive amounts to do. But floating around in my head are lyrics to a song I heard again on the radio driving home last night & well, I thought of Floyd & since most of you are not country music fans, I doubt many of you have heard it, so...

"If you're going through Hell
Keep on going, don't slow down.
If you're scared, don't show it,
You might get out
Before the devil even knows you're there.

Well, I been deep down in that darkness
I been down to my last match.
Felt a hundred different demons
Breathing fire down my back
And I knew that if I stumbled
I'd fall right into the trap they were laying,yeah

But the good news
Is that there's angels everywhere out on the street
Holding out a hand to pull you back up on your feet...

Yeah, if you're going through Hell
Keep on moving, Face the fire
Walk right through it
You might get out
Before the devil even knows you're there."
(Rodney Atkins)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! I've decided I'm going to TRY to stay positive these next few weeks no matter what Travis-ty or DICK or any other of Satan's disciples throws down! If truth be known, I like a good fight on occasion. Of course, the INANE ASYLUM knows that already... LOL!

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