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May 02, 2007


susie b

"This Ain't a Love Song" but it's pretty freakin CLOSE - my girl LAKISHA! I voted for the 1st time this season (all 10 for Lakisha!) & I'm warning ya'll now, if she goes home tonight, I won't just be the Sorrowful Susie of yesterday, but fit-to-be-tied Susie! :)

As for "the Others", all is not 'Lost'...(little shout-out to Camille). Except for Jordin! She shockingly sucked! (Hey, say THAT 3 times fast!) And not just because of the dreaded vibrato this time. Phil was very good & I really think Martina (those few weeks back) gave him such confidence that he's been good ever since. Melinda was also very good & I too was flashing back to 'Proud Mary' shake those legs, Melinda & do the hair toss! Chris was ok. But I guess I'm the only one here who is in the "other half of the audience" that Simon mentioned. I did NOT like Blake. And I felt TERRIBLE about it as I felt I was betraying Sara! Sorry Sara! And for who should go home - I pick Blake (sorry again!) & Chris (sorry Camille). But I'm pretty sure my pics are not the ones who will be cryin' tonight, well, maybe Chris. It's right about this week or next that an early front runner heads out the door, so I'm worried about MY girl! But actually, Jordin was so bad last night, that SHE may be going home & that would be shocking after last week's performance. But hey, at least she'll "Never Walk Alone"... (I just couldn't stop myself...)

And welcome Owlie! I have read your blog a few times, as pointed there by TBV & I've always admired your writing & what you have to say!

And sorry everyone for my "spewing" yesterday, but I'm upset. I'm FRANTIC about Floyd & PISSED about Puerto! And then Marty didn't post yesterday (don't remember him not posting on a Tuesday before) & I started to worry & stress! SO, it's all Marty's fault! :) :)


Sara, you put into words what I feel about Jordin. There's a pervasive insincerity about her as a performer that I can't get past. And of course it's due to her age and inexperience that she has to pretend to understand and feel all the emotions a performer is expected to convey. I think I could even tolerate that The Fly-like vibrato and tone if she had the believability factor. I think in 5 - 10 years she could be a force to be reckoned with but for now, she needs some real life experience.

I found a picture of Jon Bon Jovi nude over on runningpeanut's blog and... Cathy and other JBJ fans... get your fan ready if you see it too... mmmmmm! :D It's my new screensaver for the day but unfortunately it gets proportionally squished up that way. The original is to die for though!


Susie, Lakisha was A - W - E - S - O - M - E - !!!!!!!! last night!!!! I think I have to go watch her sing that again....



Hi all! LOVE Jon BJ!! OK, I only was able to see pieces of each performance last night -- but it sounds like I agree with what most everyone has said so far. I enjoy them all at this point and it will be difficult to see 2 of them leave. Even though Jordin had a bad night and you're right about her lack of maturity/believability - I don't want to see her go because some of her past performances were SO good and she is incredibly talented! SOOOOO glad that Lakish is back on form :) I guess if I had to pick I'd send Chris and Phil home tonight. Blake, Melinda, and Lakisha have GOT to stay!!!

So glad you joined us, Owlie!!! LOVED your post this week and have enjoyed your writing in the past. I know -- can you believe it?? AI and cycling all in one place??

I see that Popo is going to lead the Disco Giro team. I'm so happy that he'll have that chance - he's been riding pretty well this spring!


I'm LATE to post! Crisis at work, but I can FINALLY get to the important stuff!

Welcome Owlie! Yes, cycling AND AI on the IA! (we are self-named as the Inane Asylum...long story).'s MY take on last night. I think Phil just stepped up to the plate and knocked it right over the fence! I can't believe he's the same guy who just a month ago I couldn't stand! He's just getting better each week! I think he set the bar pretty high for the opening act. Jordin...I think that was one of her WORST nights, and she knew it. Should she leave tonight because of it: NO! Lakisha: welcome back to the show! Great night for her and I think she will also stick around. Blake: strange stuff. I like him, even though I personally don't care for what he did w/ an AWESOME song...but I still like him, and what a huge risk that was! GUTS in buckets!! Chris: you all know I've not really been a fan of his since I started watching (back in Feb)...well, last night was IMO his BEST performance so far! Busted out of that JT clone-thing he's been going for. Nice to see he has some powerful voice hiding inside there. Will he make it to next week though? I doubt it..but you never know. Melinda: she's still the real deal and the one to beat. I just think she's awesome in all respects. to my ranking/voting last night it was VERY hard. To choose who goes tonight, well...I'm sure glad I don't have to make that call all by myself! They are all great at this point and each has off nights along w/ stellar nights. It was GREAT seeing Bon Jovi as the mentor...what a CLASS ACT he is! (the fact that he is STILL married to his high school sweetheart just stuns his line of work, that is REALLY something!) All in all it was a great night for AI! I will be sad for whoever goes.


Matt, you just made my day. :) I'm almost forgetting how I nearly puked in a bucket when George and Laura came on, completely oblivious to the country's reaction to his bill veto just an hour beore, and cloyingly thanked people for the money they donated to Africa's and New Orleans' poor. (and we KNOW how much George cares about the Katrina victims! He cares BUCKETS!) (full of my puke)


Matt, it sounds like you, Susie and I had the same feelings about Blake's song. It was all smoke and mirrors but he removed the soul. It was a cold, cool rendition of it for me. But gutsy, NO doubt about that. And he needed to take a risk like that and be the Blake everyone loved at first. It was a move that will save him for now I believe. But I'd take Jon's version over that, any day. But I'm just an old fart.


Thanks for the warm welcome!

I think the combined vote thing is going to make it anyone's guess, especially since they didn't tell us who fell where last week.

Totally agree on the Shrub and Laura thing, WTF??? Way to kill the mood, blech.

I'm also with you on Jon Bon Jovi, Camille, definitely improved with age! Music aside, I think the first time his looks caught my eye was in that Moonlight and Valentino movie. It reminded me of one time when I was a kid, and this gorgeous chimney sweep came to our house and left me, my mother, *and* my grandmother all agog. Ah, memories... :-)


Matt - Inane Asylum - would that be a reference to Marty's knuckle-rapping of a while ago? ;-)


LOL! You're a sharp one ;)
I think the Inane Asylum wouldn't even exist but for MD, so I guess we all owe him a big THANK YOU for inspiring Sara with this site :)


Yes, that would be the event that led to all this. Sara eventually created her OWN blog site after the infamous Dis-Invite, and enticed all of us unwashed off-topic INANE folk over here where we can be as INANE as we want (and it's even ENCOURAGED!)
I was browsing thru the TBV site earlier and see there's an FFF event in San Diego on the 7th...would have been interested but we have work stuff happening that I need to be here..AND I'm still planning on taking off the following Monday (the 14th) to head down to Pepperdine for the opening salvo's of THE arbitration hearing. Not too much vacation on the books so I have to use them in a tactical sense! (plus, San Diego would be about a 6 hour drive for me I think..maybe longer depending on traffic).


Owlie, what you experienced I will heretofore refer to as a chimneysweep moment. Great story -- three generations of inspired lust says it all :D I had such a moment when I stumbled upon that JBJ picture. I since found it by googling "JBJ nude picture". He has a cap or something over his family jewels but the rest is plenty to get you by. Sigh! Now tonight when he sings with clothes on I'll just do a little mental subtraction... ;) Hey, I won't be alone!


Camille, that JBJ pic doesn't happen to have him "wrapping" a blanket around himself? One of my friends just emailed it to me last week (she's teaching in Korea, missing the US, and has a current love affair with him and Leo DiCaprio). She called it "JonSoHOTT," appropriately!

I was a New Wave junkie as an adolescent in the late 80's and JBJ's music found a place in my collection later on. Living on a Prayer, You Give Love a Bad Name, and Bad Medicine (especially kitschy, but as a nurse I love fun stuff like that!) are regulars on a running playlist.

I thought Blake was very smart to mix up that song--some of bon jovi's, especially those I just mentioned, can sound very "karaoke" (to borrow from Simon) if not tweaked or taken a different direction, and since Blake's voice alone won't carry it (comp. to Melinda, Lakisha, Jordin), he needed to PERFORM, which I thought he did well. A voice alone, or charisma alone doesn't work for me, IMO he has both, and that's appealing. He makes it interesting!

Theresa, "Faces in the Crowd" is a page where athletes across the U.S. are spotlighted for notable accomplishments. I always like to read them (this week a girl from my town was mentioned as well). Even Tiger Woods was once in that category; in fact SI recently had a whole issue devoted to former "Faces" who have gone on to fame and fortune I guess you could say.


Thanks Yvette. Is it on-line??? Good Grief, am I going to have to buy SI now too???
I've heard Bon Jovi on the radio, but never bought anything, but that's not saying much for me. I'm anxious to get home to watch AI! I forgot who's performances I liked last week!
Matt, don't forget, you are voting for me, too!! We are pretty much in line, but I do like Blake.

Ha!! I got to FF thru the Bushes, can't stand to hear the sound of his voice!!


Yvette, I can't tell *what* Jon has covering his privates but it's white and has some kind of patch on it. It could be a towel -- hard to tell. I get so distracted by the rest of the picture that I don't spend much time thinking about what it is! :)

So... America got their wish last night and Phil and Chris are gone. I'm so mad it wasn't Jordin (dream on). Bummer, but I should be glad it was Phil and not someone I enjoy second to Chris. Lakisha will have to really keep swinging next week to make sure she stays again. I think I'm going to bet on Blake and Melinda for the final two, just because Lakisha probably doesn't have the fan base he does. If it's Jordin in the final two, I will use my dad's hari-kari sword and put an end to my misery.

Susie, did LOST have enough twists for you last night? That was nuts. I missed Survivor last week because my DVR didn't get it for some reason. I was happy to hear Mookie left though. What a stupid name! Maybe he made it up just for the show.


I didn't get to watch the AI axe-show last night...came to work, looked HERE for the dirty details...and NOTHING! Whats up with THAT?? I'm so ashamed! I actually had to go to GOOGLE to find out who left! (I figurd Chris would go and won't really miss him too much, but kind of sad to see Phil..he was getting better every week...and at least was original like Blake...Chris was just JT all over again). SO... now it's REALLY tough every week. Next week: Jordin or Blake?? Man that will be tough!


Hey...found a interview on velownes w/ Travis Tygart (USADA)...

Interesting read...if only he/they acted per the comments made!

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