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April 20, 2007



Camille, You are not following the days, correctly!!! This is the post for Sunday and Monday! Tuesday is American Idol night!!! Plus Sanjaya got voted OFF last Wednesday night!! Where have you been, dearie???

I also see that Sanjaya is going to be on David Letterman Monday night! And Versus is showing the Amstel Gold race on Monday, instead of today.

Well, it's no secret that I wanted Christian VV to win Georgia, but I'm pleased with Jani!! What a great kid! He has such a future ahead of him!! I think Discovery made a wise investment!!
I'm anxious to hear from Cathy!! I want to know if she talked to Floyd! I got my Bicycling mag in Sat.'s mail and Floyd made the cover! In a Calvin Klein suit!


Theresa, don't you know I was Born To Be Wild? You can't hold me to that kind of rigid scheduling, girl! If I want to write about Sanjaya on Friday, Gol-DERNit I'm gonna! I'm a wild thang, livin' on the edge, livin' la vida loca, so don't step on my blue suede shoes!


Okay, Wild Thang, whatever you want!!!
I taping Cyclsym and David Letterman! It looks like Sanjaya is going to sing the last song he did, the Bonnie Raitt song, the commercials show him with that red bandana!!


So, Theresa, what does Bicycling have to say about Floyd? Is it about his FFF activities?

WHAT is the possible reason that Versus couldn't have at LEAST shown the TdG shows THIS weekend instead of waiting until next weekend?? It sounds like Discovery was just SUPER strong! I know that CSC didn't have many of their strong riders there, but I was still really impressed with Disco and especially Levi! His form seems to be GREAT so far this year!

I saw that Sanjaya also made the comment section in the NON AI/Cycling category!
I think chaos might be Camille's middle name?!? ;) We could call her CC - LOL


The article was everything including the FFF. There was one thing I didn't know. That the scientist that started the ACE, that Slipstream is using for their testing, was working at the UCLA lab. He quit his job after a get-together with Floyd and Arnie Baker, and is working for Floyd and spending more time on his new lab! But, I want to read it again!

If you've been to TBV, you know that L'equipe has published that the results of the B tests were all positive!!! LEAKING INFO AGAIN!! They are shameless!! Plus they restricted Floyd observers quite a bit; and the whole thing is unbelievable!!! And Travis Tygart is almost as disgusting as Dick Pound!!!!


Gee, I thought Camille was just poking fun about Sanjaya. Ya know, I haven't seen any show 'cept the Wednesday night when they bumped some opoor mope, but, but, I did go onthe net and looked at the kid with the hair. NOw I understand, he has that cutie pie face all pre and barely post teen gurls just luuuuv. That "barely male almost girly, non threatening, can't grow a beard and would never hurt you" type look. You know, really boring once you turn 16 or 17 and kiss a real boy. So, he's not so bad. But then I never saw him perform (singing or otherwise).


Ok, Sanjaya did the top ten on Letterman. It was "the top ten things I learned on American Idol". Good delivery! And Dave said that he seemed too comfortable on stage!! That was it....

Cycle Sport mag has an article about Floyd, too. It's different than the Bicycling interview. But good.

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