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April 20, 2007



Sanjaya is da bomb biggety!!

susie b

I don't know if anyone else here reads the FatCyclist blog, but Fatty just posted that his wife is fighting a recurrence of breast cancer. I'm so shocked & saddened. People are leaving messages of hope & prayer.

I freakin HATE April! And want to reach back in time & slap T.S. Eliot silly! It's all HIS fault.


Susie, I agree with your feeling about April! I'm sorry about fatcyclist's wife. Another battle to fight!

Now to lighten things up a bit, this is my new FAVORITE picture!!
And the article is good too!


Cancer is everywhere, isn't it? Heartbreaking..... I'm currently trying to organize a Livstrong day here at my school -- I think its 5/16. So far this year we've lost one paraeducator to the disease and have three staff members recovering.

Thanks, Theresa! That is a GREAT picture -- he is such a nut :) I needed that!


Man, went to Fatcylist site (I've been there a couple of times thanks to Sara) and read his last two blogs. Damn, what a shame. He is such a nice, funny person. Poor Susan, poor family. I've had one person I know fight breast cancer for 20 years. Mets and such at least 3x. She has continued to fight through the illness, but I don't know what kind of cancer/cell she had. It occured right after her pregnancy, and those who know cancer, know it's all about the cell type. Some are winnable, some are not. Simple as that. But bone, lymph, etc, all at once...I don't know if this is a reoccurance or the first round.

I assume from his tone it's not new but a reoccurance, or he'd be speechless. Shit, men have little defense against this, but some are remarkable and rise beyond expectation. Sorta sounds like he's in the latter catagory.

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