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April 20, 2007



Thanks for taking care of us Sara...have a great trip. We'll hold down the fort while you're gone :)


Your extra posts caught me off guard for a minute, then I realized you were giving us direction for the days you're gone!:) How sweet of you to think ahead for us.
We'll try to be good!


You are a sweetie and a dear. Please don't feel we are a burden. I understand the responsibility part and that is why I snuck out of my retreat to check in, susieb came back to talk so soon after her loss, and others continue to comment in spite of family and work responsibilities. We are like a little family!!

Did you ask MD how he got his posts to launch daily while he was gone over xmas break? Maybe he had a friend do it, but he made it sound like they were on a timer....

So friends, will we be organised and post day by day, or create a bit of mischief and chaos by posting on our favorite topics??


That was sweet of you to think of us, Sara, when you've GOT to be fantically getting everything ready for your trip. BTW, I wasn't able to see your video clip until today (the site kept giving me an error yesterday) - NICE job! I can't wait to see the GL interview too.

Thanks so much for giving us the scoop during your hectic schedule in Georgia, Cathy. We REALLY do appreciate it!

Theresa and Yvette -- not to worry. I of course didn't SAY IT re: DZ and I even knocked on wood when I THOUGHT about it :) I can't help but love that guy. His quirkiness entertains me so!! You're right, Theresa, a wife could only do SO much LOL! I know that he can come across as rude, but he just cracks me up.

If I had to place a bet, Cat, I'd pick chaos ;)

OH....BTW....the video is actually working on the Tour de Georgia site today. NO audio until the end, though.

susie b

Have a great time Sara! Relax, have fun, celebrate!


Looks like Levi won the stage...I have a soft spot for him since he's from MT.

Enjoy the cruise, and no laptop!

Cathy Mehl

Greeting from GA! We're in Buford tonight with two stages to go, but today we spent the day on Brasstown Bald. It's always a special day up there and if you ever have the chance to go to a mountain stage of any race any where be sure to do it--it is so much fun. The cast of characters is endless and the suffer fest from the riders (with their sweat almost dripping right on you) is amazing. I had a funny re-encounter with a guy who I stood by last year. Turns out Sports Illustrated published a photo of Eki coming up the mountain with this guy running along side him, so I saved it and gave it to Eki at camp, telling him I was watching next to that guy. So today I am hanging out and I hear "I thought I'd find you here!" and it was the same guy! So I had to tell him about giving Eki the magazine. So if you see a guy in a flame jersey with a big American flag, he's my mountaintop pal!

So of course it was cool to see Levi and Tom take 1-2, and Jani retain the jersey. Wow, sure glad I got hired by a good team! Best of all today was after the podium presentations Tommy D and Jani both came over and gave their flowers to me! ;)

FL is in the house! I only saw him from a distance but the autograph line was off the scale and he will be at the press conference after tomorrow's stage. I will really try to see him earlier to ask if he read the gladiators team profile!

Gotta get some sleep. How do journalist follow the Tour for three weeks? I'd be a walking zombie by then! Ciao! (Speaking of ciao, Simoni looked great. Watch out in the Giro!)


Cathy, it never ceases to amaze me what a remarkable career you have. And yet here you are writing with us. Little people, regular people. I think that's what make cycling so cool for me. I have a friend who talks about how elite the riders are, how everyone takes care of their every need, they are separate from mere mortals. And yet my experience, as a mere mortal, is that they are approachable, real, and the experiences are not so removed from the rest of us. The layers are fewer in this sport...for now.

And there you are, in the midst, getting as excited as a "regular" person. Damn girl, you are alright. Thank you for sharing, and in case I didn't say it before, you are even more wonderful for mentoring other women to write and move in the cycling world, creating a space for those coming up behind you to fill. Really grand, and honorable.


PS I saved that really lovely and funny pic of Floyd (on the Free Floyd site, but I've seen it somewhere else too) standing in some woods somewhere, adjusting his watchband, in bike shorts, sandels, and a short (fox?) fur coat. Just makes me smile. He seems to have a quirky sense of humor.

I'm so glad I kissed him.


Big sigh...., I'd like to kiss him also!! While handing him a check for FFF!!!


Catherine, that funny shot of FL in the fur coat is from Outside magazine..(don't remember which issue...I will have to got back and look)..they had a nice article about him...I think it was PRE 06 TDF.

Just thought I'd toss that in the mix.


Okay, I think we should be somewhat organized. While Sara's gone. Since she went to all the trouble of setting up different posts for us. I posting last night under 'Tour of Georgia', which would be next for Sunday and Monday. Camille, wild card that she is, posted under the AI post, on FRIDAY!! Totally out of order!!

Is anyone with me, or are we just going to turn this into a monster comment section while Sara's gone? I need input from ya'll!

btw, Catherine, I've got that issue of OUTSIDE; I bought it solely for Floyd's interview!!


Oh, and I have "interesting things" to say on my comment under 'Tour of Georgia' related to today, and the ToG!
Please go read it if you are interested, or just to please me.:)


WEll T, JD called it from the beginning when I asked do we go with chaos of order?...she placed bets on chaos....see who won?


Sorry: "chaos OR order"

(BTW, I think Sara just wanted us to have a place to play, eh?)


Speaking of monsters, Dame Dench (M) was asked what she thought upon viewing Daniel Craig (Bond) in a nude scene from "Casino Royale"...."All I can say is, it's a monster," was her wry reply.

(whoo yaaaah)

Sara Best

Hi guys!

Just wanted to drop a note from the Internet Cafe here on board the ship. I'm not doing a whole post as it would take too long and I have to pay by the minute here.

I'll read all your posts when I get home - I'm looking forward to it.

Just looked at the TdG site and Brajkovitch (sp?) won it eh? Good for him. It's so cool to see the new young stars making their mark on the sport.

Hope you're all doing well. Brad and I are having a truly fabulous time here. A MUCH needed rest for us and we're just loving every moment of it.

Miss you all and I'll try to pop in again during the week.

I'm back to my real life on Monday so have fun and take notes for me on American Idol - can't believe I'm missing two weeks in a row!!


Hi Sara!!
SO glad to hear you're having a wonderful time! We miss you too!!!! ENJOY the rest of your time :)


SAAAAARAAAAA! Fit in some angry bunny activity will ya? (a nod to Crusoes)

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