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April 18, 2007



Here you go Sara, the scoop from my own warped perspective ) was country night, Martina McBride was the guest. I'm not a real C&W guy, but there is a lot of recent crossover C&W that is coming on strong that I like! (ie: Rascal Flats, Teddy Geiger, Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban..gads I can't even believe I even KNOW who these people are!)
So anyway, here goes...

Phil: he brought his 'A' game last night, FINALLY found his arena! He didn't wear a goofy hat, but you know what? I can totally see him in a cowboy hat and NOT looking freaky! He did Great!

Jordin: A+, she had the strongest performance of the night and one of if not her best! She looked and sang GREAT!

You know who: SUCKED BIG TIME, he needs to leave TONIGHT! Wore a stupid red bandana, his hair all bunched up almost gang-style or something. Gosh I hope he's the one to leave!

Lakisha: wow, first night I've been really disapointed with her. Surely not up to her potential, but she looked great.

Chris: also sucked big time, if 'you know who' isn't the one to go, then he should be the one. His time on the show is OVER!

Melinda: WOW...Tina Turner flashes (Simon is the one who mentioned that, and he's right). Not as strong a showing as Jordin but surely the #2 of the night..very sassy and powerful! Love that girl!

Blake: Also brought his 'A' game, did a very nice job. I'm really becoming a fan!

I voted 8 times even! (2 each for Phil, Jordin, Melinda and Blake). Thanks for waking me up to this fact last week Sara! So now no matter what happens, I've got a right to BI%$h! Hang in there Phil! I've actually grown to like you! Goodbye Chris and Sanjaya! After THAT it will be VERY VERY HARD!


Jordin brought the house down. Phil had a great performance; his best yet. Blake was good, but not at his best. Looked sharp and kept his style, but C&W is not his bag.

Sanjaya was horrid. The judges are really starting to point out the obvious. He looked a little scared at the end and was hesitant to self-promote. I hope he leaves tonight.

BTW - Great blog!


Matt, excellent review!! Phil, actually, surprised the heck out of me! Personality came out in buckets!
I really don't know what Justin Timberlake sounds like; but I've know noticed that Chris basically sings the same song every week, and it was really evident last night, when this is supposed to be a country song.
Simon's getting really fed up with Sanjaya; and Paula and Randy where at a loss, too. The red bandana and all the curls; he didn't look like a gang member, he looked like a girl!!

Lakisha, has a great voice, but she started out singing one way; then changed to her big voice style and it didn't work.

Jordin was awesome!!!! She blows me away that she is 17, and "only been singing for 6months", she's got natural talent in abundance!! And, Melinda was so great, she opened up a lot, and the song was perfect for her!!!


Hi all!
Sara, I read your post and was all excited to fill you in on AI, but Matt completely nailed it! Ditto what he said :) I do like the modern country music and I thought that it was a good change of genre for the contestants. Jordin and Phil impressed the heck out of me!! They were two that I did NOT like in the beginning -- and they were AWESOME! Simon is getting really frustrated with You Know Who and seemed really exasperated, saying it was funny for awhile, but it has to stop. (I personally didn't think it was funny even for awhile!) He should DEFINTELY go, but then that's been the case for a long while now..... If someone else has to go, it should be Chris IMO after last night. LOL - OK, I guess I couldn't just say "ditto" and stop :)


Matt, you're right; Jordin brought the house down!! Simon even told her that this is the first night he can really see her winning AI!! What a compliment!!!!!!!!!But she earned it!


Oh, and on the race; what would it take (money-wise) to get a hour of ToG on TV every night? Even if it's 1am, anything, but waiting til next weekend on Vs??


I'm not a fan of country music, but I have to admit that I appreciated Martina McBride's musings--I liked how she talked about how much country music is about telling a story, and a successful song is parlaying the gist of the lyric well.

Last night was the first night that Phil didn't give me the heeby-jeebies, and I noticed it right away. It felt authentic, and I'm glad for him that he lasted this long to show us a really good performance.

I'm pretty much in agreement with what Matt said as well, although I really like Chris (even though he didn't perform well last night). It was probably good for Lakisha to have an off-night because it can be a good motivator. And FOR SURE, Sanjaya, didn't do a fun Bonnie Raitt song justice (and it's a borderline country song anyway, IMO).

So Theresa, I guess I just answered your question about whether or not I watch AI. I like that I can watch it with my husband and 3 boys (although my 7-year old commented last week on Lakisha's ample bosom, which was a little embarassing!).

I'm off to go get "fitted" for a new bike now! Yay! I'm so excited!

Sara Best

Oh man, two Matts - this is going to get confusing!

But welcome to Matt #2, I'm glad you like the blog. Those individuals who are both pro cycling and American Idol connoisseurs are hard to come by so I'm glad that you have joined the party.

Are you involved with the Free project or are you just doing your best to promote it (I do promise to go and buy a shirt BTW)?


Hey...we have a 'welcome Matt' today!

Yvette..sweet on the new bike...what ya' gettin?? Do Tell!!!

And Woofdawg...welcome back from the land of dirt and did the week of mt biking go? I have never yet taken a vacation just to go ride (well, I did go to mammoth for a few years in a row w/ my brothers back a few years... just to ride in the park...that was pretty fun..would like to do that again!)

And are so right...come on hour a day to cover a domestic stage race?'d think they could give up an HOUR of bullriding or fishing or whatever in the middle of the night for that! Guess not though. So we suffer thru till cyclis'm always.

Matt #2

Hello All. Thanks for the welcome! I enjoy reading all the cycling (and non-cycling) posts and comments, but an invitation to talk about AI drew me out of my shell. Wow, did I just say that? ;)
To answer Sara's question, I am the one-man-band behind I came by this blog after I got a handful of orders from here. The FFF and myself THANK YOU all Very Much!!!
After reading great posts and great comments, I had to stick around. It is nice to meet you all.


Matt, it was actually road riding and it was DELUXE! One week, 675 miles of quality training, lotsa sun, great Mexican food and beer. Pac Tour is a great outfit--the rides are well-supported and the all their camps are very well-organized. It's pretty sweet when all you have to do is get up, get some calories in your body and get on the bike--every day for a week.


Oh, no, two Matts?!!! Welcome Matt #2!! I thought your post confused me a little, since Matt #1 had already given his critque!! The more the merrier; we are happy bunch here! And Floyd supporters too!

Yvette, a new bike?!!! How cool, I agree we want info!
And btw, what did you tell your 7yr old about Lakisha's ample bosom???


Sounds like you were in your element woofdawg! Glad it was worth the trip - I'll bet having someone else organize everything makes all the difference in the world.

Welcome to Matt2! You are behind!?!? You're going to be a star around here! A day rarely goes by that we don't get around to talking about Floyd here. I'm impressed with what you're doing. We've all talked about how we wish we could DO something to help Floyd. Way to go Matt!! So glad you've joined us :)

I'd love to hear your reply to your son, too, Yvette! LOL


Hey Matt (#2)..good on you mate! Starting and running FF..thats something! I have my cafepress FF shirt in the mail (hopefully arrives this week!) and just sent my wife emails detailing the colors of shirts I can get for her. Too bad there isn't a cycling jersey...I'd buy one of those...what better place to display your FF colors than ON THE ROAD! So, just for my info, the cafepress claims that 100% of the FF shirts and such profits got to FF, is this true?? I bought the shirt on that assumption.

Woof, bad...I thought you were out tearing up the dirt...675 miles...thats pretty serious! Riding, beer, mex food...mmmmmmm...all you gotta do is keep the rubber-side-down to make that combo a success! How fun! I would like to do a supported ride someday....would have a hard choice between mt and road though...every month my 'bike' mag gets me craving a mt bike adventure/vacation. I have such awesome road riding here I guess that would come in 2nd. (gonna be road riding West Yorkshire England come mid-july for a month...if the trip goes's been pushed back twice now).

Matt #2

Thanks again for the welcome folks!

That is correct Matt, every penny goes to the FFF. When Floyd came home to Lancaster, PA a few weeks ago, I got to personally hand him the check. Michael, head of the FFF, told me to extend a personal "thank you" from him to all the Free Floyd supporters.

woofdawg, that sounds like a fantastic ride. 675 miles is a long haul, must have been a blast.


Hello, FF Matt! You know, that has a lot more cachet than Matt #2. Nobody really wants to be #2, do they? So scatological. Well Matt, coincidentally my Free Floyd shirt just arrived in the mail and I can't wait to wear it with pride. I was sorry I missed Floyd on his visit to my town this weekend but I had stuff happening both nights that kept me away. Maybe, just maybe, I'll see if I can make a trip up to Dallas coincide with Floyd's May stop there. Stranger things have happened. It's just that he deserves the thrill of getting to meet me, and I REALLY hate to deprive him of that. It just wouldn't be right after all the time he has waited for that moment.

About AI, okay y'all, I'm ready to admit that some people I like might have to go home sooner than I want them to. I still liked Chris last night, but I'm way outvoted on that. It wasn't his best night ever though. But Yvette, I'm glad you agree with me about him. Still I'd rather see Phil go first, even though he did better last night. I really thought for once I'd like to see a cowboy hat and it would have covered his chrome dome and painted on eyebrows. It's not like he had chemo or something, what's with those eyebrows???


WOW! The Disco boys sure had a good day in Georgia!! I'll bet that was exciting, Cathy! Wooo Hooo!

You crack me up about AI Camille! (My husband says the same thing about Phil's eyebrows LOL) FF Matt is a good idea. Whaddaya think, Matt#2?

susie b

Did no one else catch that Matt will be in England in mid-JULY? Just a SWIM across the Channel from France during the exact time of that event we all know & love?!!! Surely, you'll get a weekend off to cause a little cosmic disturbance, Matt?! But only if a non-favorite is not currently in the lead. :) And I know you don't read MD anymore, but just today he mentioned that even bigger plans are afoot for his coverage of this year's TDF and Austin will be in the car again after all!

As for AI, I didn't get to see everybody as I'm clicking back & forth between coverage of the VT Massacre on multiple channels & my "regular" TV shows. I missed Melinda entirely & only saw the last third of Lakisha. I agree with the consensus here about how everyone did but I AM a country music fan & was shocked at the uninspired selection of songs, except for Jordin & Phil. I think Martina (a personal fave) gave him confidence to belt it out & he did. Martina herself has a great catalogue of songs & why Lakisha did not choose one of them like Jordin did is puzzling. ('Blessed', 'Where Would You Be', Love's the Only House',etc). Sanjaya left me speechless once again but I think he may have just pushed it too far & get himself voted off this time! Pinkies crossed! Ok, the guys can use regular fingers... And I know JUST which one you'll want to use! Sorry Camille. :)

And welcome Matt-FF! And Yvette! We've missed you since early Feb & tried to contact you. But now the "gang's" all back together! I feel verklempt...!

And on a personal note, I just want to thank everyone who emailed me during the last two weeks. I'm still not quite myself & not totally out "of the fog", but your messages meant very much to me. Thank-you.


Yes...CDB (Cosmic Disturbance Boy) will be in ENGLAND during the TDF! I had been pondering getting the bike over to France for a day, try to ride one of the stages...but that was supposed to be BEFORE the tour comes to town. DURING would be a mite tough I think...and I'm thinking maybe just getting to Paris for the finale would be pretty cool! Me, and a few hundred thousand of my closest friends. Be sleeping in my car most probably...logistics haven't been worked out yet (it's a work trip, so I can't be too creative w/ time off...typically only weekends). So we shall just see how things go as the time gets near...assuming I still go per the current schedule (big assumption..things change quick here). Well, time to get changed for a ride..the wind is howling (we've had strange weather so far this year..not our normal, thats for sure)...but gotta ride anyway. At least I won't be alone...good to suffer INTO the wind with company! But the return (Downwind) leg will be a blast!

As to our 'new' (and improved) Matt, I like FF Matt, or even FFM...but it's whatever YOU like that counts...I can share! I dislike the #1 and #2 thing also..

OK..time to LEATHER UP!
(and welcome back Susie!)


Susie b, welcome back!!! We've missed you! I'm glad you are doing better.

Gosh, with FFMatt, and Susie back, we've had quite a chatty day!! I'm still waiting on my t-shirt; I got the "champagne Floyd" !!
And, yes Camille, Floyd does need to meet you, everyone counts!! TBV had an email from a guy who was there, and there were a bunch of doctors from Smith-Nephew there. They hadn't heard the stuff on the lab errors; and sounds like they were quite appalled!! Since, that really hasn't been reported widely in "mainstream" media.

Oh, and regarding Phil's eyebrows, they didn't offend me as much last night with the stupid hat gone!! And, Susie, you know more about music than anyone I have ever met!!!!!!! You just amaze me!!


Matt, have you ever checked to see if Rod Serling is lurking around the gate when you get ready to leave town? I'll bet that he'll be sighted at Heathrow on the day you arrive there. Sounds like a great trip--especially a little dash over to Paris for the finale, "motor hotel" notwithstanding.

Can't wait until I get Ironman done so I can get back on the mountain bike. I'd love to do something epic next year--hell, maybe even Leadville (hurts just thinking about that one). At any rate,I think maybe a trip up to Squamish and Whistler in the fall is definitely in order. Talk about a single track paradise!


SUSIE B!!! Love you, Welcome Back!!!

FFMatt? Can it only be a matter of time before we *gasp* have The Man here in person? Ahhhh, we are so close...JD and Cat kissing him, then a man with a dream web site, who proffered a (large?)check to our Team Leader...perhaps this all bodes well, an alignment of the stars, fung shui falling into place, critical mass...(maybe the Paper Kenyan is just depressed and thus wrong about FL getting sc**wed by recent B sample retests).

Hey, wait a darn second....didn't Mehl say she was going to see the man himself and sneak another kiss, hmmm? And, and ask about the IA postal delivery? Cummon Mehl, fess up!

PS Sorry my dear friends, I have been late getting home every Tuesday since I told you I would watch Idol. Now it is so late in the game....

Also, Woof, your trip sounds like as much fun as mine was to SC. I did some little "old lady" riding, on this silly one gear, foot brake, Long Horn handle-bar baby I rented... real purty ride she was. I was burning up the island goin' at least 20 miles a day!! Sometimes into a stiff 20 mph wind. On the beach. Ain't cha proud?

Well, at least I got out and moved. Got a farmer tan too! Woo hoo!


Poooooooor Sanjaaaaaaaaaaya!


Wooooooooooo Hooooooooooo!

I think it was all because Matt voted this week!!!!!



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