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April 17, 2007



Reading the first paragraphs I had vivid images of you tucking and kissing and worrying, greatful for your childrens safety. I have been struck by how parenting changes one's perspective on life and the sad events that unfold. When I was childless, I was effected, but that biological link creates a depth of feeling and identification that is overwhelming at times.

I do not know if I would be able to go on, especially being the parent of only one.

Thank you for the update on TdG. Reminds me there is still a normal world.

Kiss your children again.


I have two ways of dealing with tragedies like Virginia Tech one. The first is to glue myself to the TV for days, growing increasingly depressed and angry as I put myself in their shoes. The second way, which so far I'm doing, is to acknowledge it as another senseless affront to humanity, but not to seek out information about it. With 9-11 and Katrina I did the first option, and this time I'm choosing the second. It's just a survival mechanism for me, as one who can spiral into depression and I just can't do that today. I'm *horrified* for the families, needless to say. I just have stop there.

I want to say hello to Yvette and tell you I'm so happy to see you're still around! My daughter will cycle through Bozeman this summer in July, and if that day catches you with nothing to do, who knows if maybe you'd get to meet her if they make a stop? Maybe not but it's a fun thought. You're the only person I know of on her route to Alaska. No need to make any promises now but I just wanted to mention it before I forgot to. She also goes up to Canada through BC and Alberta but I don't think that's near any of our favorite Canadians. Yvette, it's just great to see you're still here. Hope the little boys are all doing well and giving you a minute or two of rest in your days. :) Okay, seconds of rest. Nanoseconds? No?
I'm just happy to hear you're finding time to ride and run. If I had done that when I had little ones maybe I wouldn't have had to be committed that time... or all the other times after that...

As MD would say, "Yes, that was glib." :)


Horrifing news yesterday, I wasn't even aware of it till I got home from my ride after work and turned on the local news. I can't imagine being one of the devastated famlies. And now the media blitz for the next few months, as they pick apart every detail and point fingers, that sort of thing...I agree Camille..I think I'll also unplug from this's sensless to delve into it and spiral down into the depression of 'life sucks'... though for familes and friends directly affected there's probably no other option right now. And the really sad part is I can't think of much that could be done to prevent it from happening again...Not in a free society anyway.

And hey Yvette...great to see you made 'the jump'...I don't go to 'that other' site anymore...I stay here were I'm welcome, and besides, the topics and discussions here (USUALLY starting on cycling and then branching out from there into the wild blue yonder) are way more fun!

Well, back to work, a BUSY week here! Sure glad our IT folk seem to have fixed the server issue that kept me from posting for a few weeks. It's still VERY SLOW, but thats ok.


Thank you, Camille, that's how I feel, too. On a smaller scale, it's like the way I deal with my sister's life, and all the drama there. I live 200miles away!

Okay, now I remember why I don't like to do yardwork!! My immune system, does not appreciate me digging and raking out decaying leaves and exposing it to all the mold! I have felt crappy since Sunday, and then I stayed up and FF'ed thru the boston marathon, and can't remember who won. So, after getting up this morning, I went back to bed, and I feel a little better!

In our local paper, someone finally wrote in complaining about the coverage in the Sports section on Brad Huff's medal at the world's!! I acutally, did not expect our paper to acknowledge him. When the Tour de France is the only cycling that gets covered, and it's on the back page, you don't expect much. They'll have to cover it in Sept. when a National ProTour event lands right here in town!!!


Did you notice in the Boston Marathon, that Al Trautwig referred to the men who held the early lead as a "two man breakaway?" Also, I could have sworn he mistakenly called his co-announcer Paul. Maybe Al is excited for July too!


OK folks, I really didn't bring up the VA Tech story to bring us down. I felt very sad after watching only very little coverage. I have watched nothing since yesterday, for the same reasons Camille and Matt cited. I also know no one will have any insight to offer, just a sort of mass wallowing in the event.

BTW, Nice to see you again Yvette; glad you found us!


The canine barks:

While there is no denying the incredible tragedy that occurred yesterday, it also poses on opportunity to gain some perspective on the world at large--and to maybe step out of our relative isolation as Americans and become more compassionate humans.

Think about the fact that what happened here yesterday is all the more shocking because it happened to US, happened on our soil, where despite 9/11 we still feel somewhat insulated from violence on that sort of scale. Then think about the fact that there are many places in the world where every single day, mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters mourn their dead--killed by senseless violence, victims of the sort of hate that knows no respect for human life. And even here, almost every day some family has bury their dead son or daughter, killed in a war that didn't have to be... And then stop a moment and be damned glad that we're as fortunate as we are--and maybe feel a little bit humbler and more willing to find the good in everything. Then go for a run or get on your bike and ride all the meanness and anger outta your soul and be f$#^%in' glad to be alive... Allez, y'all.


Woofdawg (glad to see you!), that's *exactly* why I work out... to get that meanness out... and yes, you are so right, we're fortunate this shooting spree isn't a constant daily routine for us all like it is in some places across the world. Okay, I'm not running right now but I'm painting a picture of my childhood friend and myself, playing and being young and innocent... and that is my offering to the stars today... Peace, y'all.


Amen Woofdawg. My thoughts were wandering along the same lines today. Its somewhat troubling to me that it takes a tragedy to remind me to keep those who daily live in appalling situations at the forefront of my mind -- day to day life seems to dominate my consciousness. And yet, we have a need to live a hopeful life... An event such as yesterday's really does make one appreciate what we have and, yes, find the good in things!

Glad to hear from ya again woofdawg. How was the trip???

Matt and Greg - you guys have any rides (or hiking) coming up?

Its still bugging me that I can't watch the TdG, but the cyclingnews updates are better than nothing. The TdG site actually had their video feed up and running for awhile today, but it was of really poor quality and kept stopping/starting. Sounds like it was a good race for the sprinters. Bummer that Jason McCartney had to drop out this year.


The trip was great--thanks for asking Janann. I got in 675 miles in a week's worth of quality riding. It was 80's and 90's every with only two days of head winds (one of which had me alternately flipping the bird at the sky and wanting to sit down by the road and cry), my legs answered the bell whenever asked, and well, I came home tired and happy. My buddy and I drove down, so we got to stop at Sierra Nevada Brewing going both ways, which is worht a pilgrimage in itself. Muy bueno.


Woofdawg, you are so right on!!! Thank you!

Amy, I remember Al doing that too! I watched so much of it, because, if I had closed my eyes, I thought I was listening to a bike race!! Except, I don't think I heard the word "peleton"!!
And I think we got spoiled by the Tour of CA coverage!


Yeah, I think I know where Inane Asylum came from, and I'm happy to be a part of it!

I wish I had done like some of you and not watched so much coverage of the tragedy, especially since half of the anger I felt was directed at the media. I kept changing channels to find someone I could listen to. So finally, when my husband came home I took Woofdawg's advice and went out for a @#$%# run.

I know I'm preaching to the choir but I'm incredulous that we can't even watch a bike race held in the US!

Wow, Camille, your daughter is gearing for an epic ride; sounds awesome! I'd be happy to stand by the road ringing a cow bell and yelling, "allez!"


Hmm, it's funny how quickly I "found" my voice again...


Yah! for Yvette!! Now, do you watch American Idol??

Oh, and Brad is coming back to the US from Europe! I wish he was riding in the ToG....:(

Just thought you'd want to know....


OMG, have you guys been to TBV?? A report on the Austin event, by a regular is shared. The tests have started at the lab in Paris. Floyd's team sent some samples for double-blind tests, and they are TOO OBVIOUS, because the are sealed and tamper-proofed. Floyd's are NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cathy Mehl

Hi Everyone, Greetings from Rome, GA. Don’t order wine here--as I’ve said before, it’s Rome, GA, not Rome, Italy and when you ask what wine they have you only get the varietal…they have no idea what winery it came from. They don’t even seem able to go look it up on the box!!

I’ve had my share of computer probs, in fact had to buy a new one yesterday morning, but I am hoping that things are on the right course now. So far the racing has been great, new faces (in USA) getting wins and smaller teams with the victories….we didn’t see that in California. I am pleased to see DC sitting so well on GC, and everyone is feeling good, except dear Jason of course. He’s still in the hospital in Atlanta and hopes to go home soon.

Today’s stage is a new route, Rome to Chattanooga. Last year’s TT ended in Chatt--what a lovely place along the river. My sister works there so for the next two nights I get to stay with her. Am hoping for a ride in a car for the TT as I’d like to do a report from there, but sometimes (usually) sponsors get all the available seats. Look at the profile for the TT--that mountain is killer. They rode it last year and then descended, but this year it ends on top. OUCH!

My photographer pal Celia arrives today, so will have a partner in crime today. I’ve been hanging around with Lyne who is now writing for DP, also. I hook up all my pals with writing gigs if they show interest! It’s exhausting work following a stage race but there is nothing to compare with being able to do it inside the race instead of observing from the barriers. I mean, guess who was in the room next to me last night? Hint, he’s been known to fall down a lot, but perhaps that era is past him! And did I mention Millar is extremely skinny? I know I did, it’s just that I’m still awed by how skinny he really is, and TALL--being skinny makes him look taller I guess, but he’s ridiculously skinny. And I don’t think I did mention how purdy Simoni is….he’s a little dude, but his face is just about perfect. Wow, I’m really waxing poetically about dark, handsome men today, aren’t I? I guess this is a good start for a better day! Ciao, baby!!!

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