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April 19, 2007



Thats RIGHT! Once CDB sets his mind to something, it HAPPENS! Sanjaya is NO MORE! I called upon ALL my powers to crush the teenage voting block (I also had no idea that even 5 year olds were voting for him!) now AI will be a bit tougher every week...though at least 2 more weeks are pretty much a wash, it's just the order (Chris & Phil).

susie b

But Matt, Chris wasn't even in the bottom THREE this week! Arghhhhh! I was shocked & appalled not only at THAT mistake but that my girl Lakisha was in the bottom trio! Along with Sara's not-so-secret love, Blake! I will also now have to start voting! Granted, Lakisha made a poor song selection, but bottom three?! No way! Sorry all you Chris fans but the guy was off-tune so much on Tues night, my ears started to bleed!

I am glad Sanjaya is gone although I do feel bad for him, mostly for all the stuff that has been said about him the past 7-8 weeks! Not only am I amazed that he didn't burst out crying every week during his "critique", but how he has withstood all this crap is really amazing. I would have left the country by the 2nd week! Someone MUST be telling him that he will be "bigger than William Hung" & that guy has actually made a MILLION dollars off his AI infamy! (Yes, it's true & yes, it's a sign of the apocalypse).

And even though I've been a fan of Jordin's from the beginning & she IS getting stronger each week, I can't STAND that vibrato! I can't decide whether she does it on purpose or just has no control over it. She really needs to STOP IT. Her rendition of 'Broken Wing' was great until she got to the notes she helllllld & ughhhh, there it was.

And I meant to write this yesterday - reading the discussion of the 'IA on AI' has been the only thing to make me laugh the last 3 weeks so THANKS to ALL!

And thanks to Sara. I hope you have a BLAST on your cruise & can't wait to read anything you write about your adventure! Oh, & my cruise "advice" - be prepared to step OVER doorways constantly.... You will then keep doing it for a day or two AFTER you get off the ship! :) May you have smoooooooth sailing. And take lots of photos so we can live vicariously!

susie b

And gosh Sara, I didn't realize you would be a print AND video journalist! WOW! Great job! Can't wait to see the Greg interview too. You are an absolute NATURAL in front of the camera!


Thank you, Camille for explaining the "Fergie" phenom. I forgot the Mickey Mouse club was back in full force in 90's! So, that's where some of these fine young singers have come from!!

Cathy, I read that to about Johan!! He was going 90mi/hr thru a stage race?? Is that what got him in trouble? The Georgia Highway Patrol, doesn't understand, the Director Sportif is allowed to drive any crazy way he wants during a stage race!!!lol

Oh, and one last word on AI, I think the kids knew what was happening. Although I can't believe Chris got more votes than Blake. Matt you are going to have to vote for me!! I can't since I'm at work!


Sara, wonderful video!! i agree with Susie, you are a natural! I'm so excited; I'm anxious to see your interview with LeMond!


Wow..Lakisha was in the bottom 3? (I have to admit I didn't even watch last night...figured it was Phil, Chris and no-talent-boy in the bottom, and couldn't bear to watch the gong-show-kid stay another week). I am stunned...Chris wasn't in the bottom 3 w/ THAT horrid performance? he was FAR worse than Lakisha...maybe he's the next underdog to save on the 'vote for the worst' website..will have to check that out. Phil has stepped up his game the last few weeks, hope he can continue the upswing. Get a cowboy hat and continue in that line and he could hang a few more weeks.


Somebody tell me if I'm wrong about this, but aren't we all getting a little bit attached to some of these performers, to the point that it's pretty irksome to hear other people trash them? I know I've developed some pretty strong gut feelings about all of them. But the main point I want to make, is that MY favorites are the best! NOT MATT'S!!! ;)


I hope we get some info from Cathy on the TT. She wan't to ride in the car. My boy, Dave, did me proud. That mountain could have slowed him down, but he was on the podium with Nathan O'Neill and Levi!! Oh, I need to check and see where Chrisian VV came in.

Yes, it's funny, how attached I already am to AI contestants, and I haven't been watching that long!!


Yo Camille...don't mean to be bashing your fav's...(hey...I liked HALEY for crying out loud, was kind'a lonely in that camp too!)...everybody has diff tastes..thats what makes the world go round. I will give Sanjaya credit: he WAS interesting! Each week I would be semi-anxiously awaiting the first see what crazy off-the-wall look he adopted (there's NO topping that rubber-band-mowhawk thing he did!). I have no hard feelings for him, and I can only assume that with the long run he had, someone will give him more time in the spotlight...he surely has a large following! (his '15 minutes of fame' has run ran WAY over his alloted time!) In some SMALL way, I will actually miss him (GASP..can't believe I said that!) And please feel free to completly BASH/RIP/SHRED on my fav's...I PROMISE I won't take it personal! (it is just a stupid show after all...and it's just zany enough that we all watch and chat about it!)

Actually I think Simon is the most entertaining part of the whole just never know what's gonna come out of his mouth! He certainly isn't one to sugar-coat his comments! I used to HATE him...but recently finding that I agree (mostly) with him...(SCARY!!!)


Another superb day for Disco! Levi is taking charge of the TT this year - good for him! Can't wait to hear from Cathy - though I guess she does have a FEW other things to do down there :) What's going on in Danielson's head while all of this is transpiring? I feel sort of bad for him because he was SO looking forward to doing well in this race. I was really happy to see DZ on the podium too (which of course means he's made it through 4 stages now without a .... well, you know....I don't want to say it "out loud")!

Matt - the bottom three last night were Sanjaya, LaKisha, and BLAKE! I was just about getting sick to my stomach thinking that of course HE would be safe again -- which meant that either Lakisha or Blake would go! I think that there was a HUGE collective sigh of relief across the nation when it was revealed that those 2 were safe. Funny you should say that about Simon. I've been agreeing with him an awful lot lately, myself. Yikes!

susie b

Oh my goodness! I didn't have time yesterday or this morning to look at the TDG results. HOW did the big names let a breakaway get away & SUCCEED for 29 minutes yesterday! I still haven't been able to read Cathy's report yet (I'm 4 days behind - I JUST read her excellent Paris-Roubaix write-up last night. I know, I know, but the VT Tragedy has been taking most of my internet sneak-peeks while at work & my nightime "Sofa-time" this week!) I don't know much about the rest of the TDG stages except Brasstown Bald is in there. Are they expecting to make up the time there? Somewhere else? Or is it O-VAH for Tom, Levi, DZ, etc? I'm shocked! Aren't ya'll just stunned?!

And I'm TORN about whether I should point out that Camille was JOKING. Maybe I should be quiet, it did prompt Matt to confess he will actually MISS Hula-boy a little! I will also kind of miss seeing what "look" he'd try to pull off next. Plus, laughing & groaning at the same time clears out the sinuses... :)


I've been agreeing with Simon too, even when he critisizes my favs, Melinda and Jordin. But they both step up to the challenge this week!! And I think Sanjaya will find his place in the entertainment world, somewhere!

Janann, DON'T SAY IT!! DaveZ is becoming a more complete rider; except for the unfortunate injury that ended his race too soon. I'm proud of the work he's doing, he had to start working on climbing to do better in stage races; a career in TTlying, does not a long cycling career make!! And, no one can argue that Bjarne gets the best out of his riders, and he has faith in them. Look at BobbyJ and Stuart O'Grady!!


Yes, Susie I *was* kidding, but a little tiny part of me knew that Matt would miss Sanjaya :) Matt, it takes a big man to admit something like that. And, let's remember that we DO agree on Melinda. And Blake, I like him (even if he gets off key 65% of the time)... I still do like him, just wish he could get back to the type of songs he does better.

Well, I think the contest will be more boring now, but maybe better in some ways. We'll see!


I was going to say DON'T SAY IT as well, but Theresa beat me to it!

Just as I thought, it's snowing today so no bike ride...(I'm not hardcore enough; actually I'm sure I'd kiss the road right after take off).

Sara, I enjoyed your Trek Store feature...very cool.

Camille, I had to chuckle at your 'proclamations.' I may have been gone for a while, but I do remember your sly humor (or humour, for Sara's sake ;) )! That's how we can keep it interesting now that Sanjaya's left the building. Blake doesn't have the best voice-I also think he's off key a bit-but he sang a Cure song, and I never thought I'd hear that on AI. He's original.


Ok, this may sound like heresy here; but Christian VV is ONLY 12seconds down in 2nd place. I'm just not sure how strong the CSC team is that came, Jens is in another race. But I LOVE TO SEE CHRISTIAN WIN!!!!
OK, I said it....:)


Hello all, Thanks for being so accommodating to a new arrival. I Think FFMatt, or some permutation of, is a fine name. I'll wear it with honor.

I hate to meet you all and run, but I have a bit of a family emergency. Forgive me for being short. I'll check back in on this crazy group when things get back on keel.

Go Disco!

Cathy Mehl

Hi kids! As Eki says, The Race Is ON!!! Levi was on fire today and put on an excellent time trial--he was almost a min ahead of DZ. Incredible. I was in the car behind Tommy D (who got 4th) and he put in a good effort too--lots of the DC boys placed very well today. And of course Jani did well enough to grab the jersey. If he doesn't fall off his bike he will prob win--he has excellent form. CSC did not bring a strong team, so the battle will be between DC and Saunier Duval tomorrow--can't wait. We head for Brasstown Bald early tomorrow morn for a day with crazies. Excellent. BTW DZ was very rude on the podium today, totally dissing the podium gal's very nice instructions on where he needed to stand. I've seen him do this before, act like he is just so bored to be there! Hey, if you don't want to be on the podium don't win!! Danielson knows the score, he's a team player, and it's true he and LL are prob disappointed but they are part of the team and the decisions not to chase by other teams set this situation in place, so now all teams have to live with it. I think Simoni could be fun to watch tomorrow. We'll see. Johan got a speeding ticket when he was trying to move up to the break--he had 17 minutes to make up I think he told me and overdid it trying to get there! Is penalized the money plus cannot drive in tomorrow's stage! Might get in too late tomorrow night to write but will try!


WEll, Camille was yankin' my chain a bit, huh? Cool....(had me worried a bit though). And say, ...MAYBE I had my fingers crossed when I wrote that "in some small way I will acutally miss him"...HA! (I'll miss him like a splinter, or some horrid PAIN!) I am actually stunned to learn that Blake rounded out the bottom three...gosh..and I even voted for him (twice!). I guess the OTHER 34.999999999999 million voters didn't necessarily reflect my incredible and vastly superior OPINION!

OK...enough on that...Sara, I did watch the U-tube video, and as has been said already today: you seem very natural and comfy in front of the camera...we expect GREAT things from you! AND...have a WONDERFUL cruise! I won't be 'here' for the next few days..making a speed run down to Yuma (AZ)...leave here after I get a few hours of sleep...prob won't check back till Monday morning. So ya'all play nice while I'm gone!

AND GO DC!! Gads I've got so much cycling video to catch up on via the TIVO!


OK Sara, Where's our Canadian, easy going beauty we see above? You look so sophisticated! I'm worried you are prepping for CNN! Oh no, don't go!!

Seriously, you are very good on tape. Have you done it before? Your rise is really amazing; was it only last January when you invited us to your refuge here? Wonderful work on the Trek opening; and cudos to Lucinda; nice job on the editing!

Can't wait to see the Lemond interview.


I like the nomiker "cosmic disturbance boy." Who came up with that (short term memory loss, sorry)? Another brilliant IA creation....


I think Susie or Camille came up with it, Cat!

Cathy, DZ can show what appears to be attitude. He probably was annoyed he didn't win, and his wonderful wife is working on his social skills. But she can't be on the podium with him!! Saunier Duval is doing really well this season. So if Christian wins; he's up against George and Levi and Tommy. Hmmmm, that's called being out-numbered!
Have you seen Floyd yet?!! This is Thursday, and he was supposed to arrive on Wed. Cathy, I know you are only one person, but we've come to expect a lot from you!lol


Catherine, Susie was the originator of "cosmic disturbance boy." She came up with that, Leather Up!, and everything associated with the Gladiator team that I know of.

Theresa, I saw that Floyd had an event somewhere on Wednesday I think, maybe it was Phoenix, so by yesterday maybe he made it to Georgia. I guess Cathy will let us know when she gets a second to inhale, if that ever happens...

Sara, I neglected to concur that you really were poised and professional in your Trek store interview. Tell the camera person to at least show you a little more next time though! You're too pretty to hide offscreen :)


Oh Ms b, you are sumthin. So glad you are back.


Here, here Camille. Our gurl is a looker! (Sara, you need to take notes from Bitch Kittie on sassy self promotion).

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