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April 30, 2007



Welcome home Sara! It's a new day in the FFF saga. As busy as today is going to be, I want to hang out with all of you. I am speechless at the latest turn of events. Just speechless.

Last night Chris and I watched stage 17 again. We saw Floyd blow past all the other cyclists, and I'm hoping that if that perseverance is any indication, that he'll do it again this time.


Welcome back, Sara! And no one was kicked off American Idol while you were gone, (because of that charity night) but two will go Wednesday night. Believe it or not JORDIN was in the bottom two with Chris! Ain't that sump'n? So maybe Susie and I aren't alone in our problems with her....

Debby, about Floyd, wouldn't it be great if this computer hard drive situation blossomed into getting Floyd off the hook entirely -- with something akin to a mistrial? I hope his lawyers are working double overtime to capitalize on that fact in the arbitration.


Welcome back Sara! Glad you had a great time!

Cathy, I didn't get your email until this morning..sorry I missed you at Firestone on Sat, would have been great to meet you! And Oh-BOY was it HOT out there on the course (over 100 by noon)! Had a blast watching the downhill'ers in the afternoon though...they are just plain NUTS! Was nice to see our local race brought out some heavy hitters from the pro fields too! (I had no idea Marla Streb was still racing..she was always a fav of mine back when she did both XC and of the original Iron-Ladies of mt biking!)

Jaanan, thanks for the TBV link on the latest in the Floyd case! Just checked it out..this is just TOO bizzare! Add to all THAT the fact that the latest leak on the re-testing of the 'B' samples says they found extraneous Testosterone in them., let me get this straight: back in the 06 TDF when Floyd was tested 9 times, we are NOW supposed to believe that the LNDD got it WRONG 8 out of 9 times, and ONLY the stage 17 sample test worked right and showed a positive...and now thankfully they were able to retest and get the correct findings., lets just assume for a moment that these findings are correct...does that make the lab any better? To think that they got it WRONG 8 out of 9 times? How in the world can they have ANY kind of certification if that is the case? it more probable/likely that they got it RIGHT 8 out of 9 times and the Stage 17 finding is the faulty one?? The LNDD surely needs to be investigated...and probably shut down or at least De-certified IMO. Just too many discrepancies (not to mention how they ONCE AGAIN were able to leak the details of the test..being as they were supposedly tested alongside other samples so they SHOULDN'T have known which were his!). Hopefully the DOJ takes this latest round of screwups at the LNDD seriously and does some investigating into our end of it (that would be the USADA). Our Tax dollars at work here. I would think that in a court of LAW the USADA case against Floyd would be tossed out at this point, but the Arbitration hearing appears to be nothing of the sort...and USADA will be doing their best to justify all this, saying things like "it doesn't matter that the files don't exist (or have been tampered with), he's still guilty" as their primary evidence.


Camille, I don't think Jordin was necessarily in the bottom 2 last Ryan announced early in teh show that they were calling them up in no certain order...(other than to create drama/suspense). They could have called up any of them as the final 2, due to the underhanded (and MEAN) way they did it. It WILL be interesting to see how it is done THIS week though...with 2 people departing.

Cathy Mehl

You're hearing it here first: Basso has asked for and been granted a release from his contract with Discovery--he's no longer with the team.

Also, Tyler has been suspended by Tinkoff as OP heats up once again. No Giro for him, and by the time the race arrives it will be interesting to see who is left standing. Supposedly 6000 more pages of docs are now being released with more we go again.


Welcome home, Sara!! I'm glad you had a great time!
Things have been a little weird while you where gone! Besides the fact that the first beautiful weekend, and I 'm stuck working! I did ride late Sat afternoon, after I got home, but yesterday, no chance to do anything but get my laundry done! It made me cranky!!

Floyd's case is just plain scary!! And the rest of the world of cycling is pretty much "normal"!


OMG, as if things weren't weird enough. Basso's getting ready for something to go down. And Tyler, might as well throw in the towel! He has no money left!!


Matt.... oh. :) Sorry, I just got the recap from my daughter and she did mention what you said about the random order. That really WAS mean!!

All this LNDD stuff just can't get any weirder... I DARE it to get weirder as I think that's truly an impossibility. Seems like they are trying every conCEIVable trick to cover their asses and come out of this with their jobs intact.



I would think that the files being erased is such an obvious desperate attempt of fraud/evidence tampering that the case would immediately be thrown out (not that altering the documents after the fact, to answer Dr. Baker's charge about wrong info isn't obvious, but OK...). So now I would like to ask dear Travis: if you are SO SURE you're right and Floyd is a doper, then why are you having to do these crazy stunts? Wouldn't the evidence speak for itself? Of course he knows they don't have a case to stand on and that's why he's pulling all this garbage. I am hoping that because they are so determined to get revenge, that they will eventually do themselves in. That should have happened 5 attempts ago, but I guess the arbs are slow on the uptake?

Matt -- I am sorry I can't comment on AI. Your comments about the lab being wrong 8 out of 9 times were interesting. I hadn't thought about it in that light.

TBV didn't seem to think this latest stunt was going to faze the arbitrators, but I hope he's wrong. The only question I have is, if the arbitrators throw the case out, USADA will appeal to the CAS. Is the CAS going to defend LNDD? How much can we rely on them to see this is like Landaluze, only much much bigger?


Tinkoff denies that Jaksche and Hamilton were suspended.

The "Basso deja vu" ... ?

susie b

WELCOME BACK SARA! WE MISSED YOU! And can't wait to hear ALL about your cruise & see the photos! I'm actually a great houseguest as I LOVE it when people pull out the photo albums of their vacations! Unless the pics are just of bunches of unknown people cluttering up the shot! LOL!

Anyway! WHAT a day to return! And I thought LAST Monday was bad with the so-called results of Floyd's B samples leaking all over L'Equipe. And can someone PLEEEEEEZE tell me why they don't just FIRE everyone even near that damn test at LNDD. Maybe THAT would plug up the never-ending leaks from that place!

And here's another question. I think it is legal to bet in London, so do you think they will be taking wagers on whether Basso spills ALL to get a lighter sentence or get a walk? I'd like to lay some money down! I am convinced (even more than when his laywer said he cried) that Basso's DNA will match the bags. Sorry Theresa, but Riis better be shakin' in his bikeshoes as there was NO WAY he did not know or possibly even facilitate. And is it really a shock that Riis may have used EPO to win the 1996 TDF? The HYPOCRISY of all these cycling honchos is what really makes me SICK!

I have to tell ya, I'm frustrated, angry, depressed, & disgusted at EVERYONE in pro-cycling AND the Anti-Doping cabal at the moment. About the only people I believe are Floyd & Lance & even though I really DO believe in both of them, there may also be a little self-preservation involved. If I stopped believing in them, I'd be done with the sport entirely & then I'd just CRY throughout every July the rest of my life! When word would get around (as it always does), I'd be viewed on par with those weird, pathetic women with the 30 housecats. SO, since I'm not prepared to be seen as the freak of my community, I guess Floyd & Lance will just have to put up with my vocal support... :) :)


Susie B -- I am wondering if, once we wear the bike gear, we are already seen as the freaks of our community? I'm pretty new to road cycling and am amused by the looks I get when I go into Dunkin Donuts with the neon yellow jacket and tights before a ride, LOL. It's easy to forget the rest of the community thinks we're nuts. :)

Seriously though, the airwaves are suspiciously silent on OP and Floyd...I thought for sure some smartypants would say, Oh, isn't Floyd on the new list of riders? I'm SO glad no one has said anything and of course I would never expect him to be on there, but with the way things are going lately with USADA, I'm expecting Travis or Dick Pound to start something.

I want to go back to last July before the end of the Tour, and stop time. It was a wonderful world after stage 17. :)


Amen, Debby. Don't we wish we could be back at that moment...

If our own government can "accidentally" lose files on computers (Karl?), and get away with it, what can we expect? How this lab is even still in operation is confounding to me. But nothing is a surprise anymore. It's just depressing.

Welcome back Sara! Glad you had a great trip.

susie b

You're right Debby! Ohhhh, to go back to July 20-23, 2006, four days of utter happiness. I was young & innocent then. Well, ok, maybe not young, but definitely younger! And Oh alright, "innocent" may not TECHNICALLY be the appropriate term....! :)

The IRONIC thing is that without Floyd's "Adverse Analytical Finding", there's a good chance I would have not "met" all of you & not been near as happy (excluding the week of Jan 22nd :) these past 9 months! For several days after 7/27/06, I was SO upset & depressed that I dragged myself to my "Happy Place" (Barnes & Noble) the next Saturday & that's when I picked up CHASING LANCE. I read the thing that night & on Monday, shot off an email to MD & then found his 2006 Tour blog. I proceeded to read the blog, his 2005 Tour blog, & kept on reading his posts & the comments by his devoted readers. After a couple of months, I started commenting myself, much to my amazement, & after a change of, ahem, "venue", here we all are!

And here's the truth about what a selfish person I am. If a genie told me I could wipe away Floyd's AAF so that it never happened, I don't know what I would do! I KNOW, I say I'm a Floyd Fan (Team Gladiator awaits!) & yet, I can't give up all of you! I hang my head. Daffy Duck could rightly call me "desshpicable!" Y'know, I think part of the money I've given to the FFF is out of GUILT!

Just to be safe, I'm avoiding any & all genies....


Wow just had to let it fly a little on the MD site today--he's way off base on some of his comments. He's not switch-writing at the Enquirer now, is he? Very disappointed in him today (not that this matters in real life, but I often like his comments).


WELCOME BACK!! Boy, as soon as Theresa says "the rest of the world of cycling is pretty much 'normal'" all hell breaks loose!

Matt, I could be completely wrong, but I THINK that the A-samples were only initially tested for the T/E ratio. When the stage 17 test came back with a high T/E ratio, they then did the IRMS carbon-isotope test to look for exogenous testosterone. I believe that the latest testing of the B-samples involved performing the carbon-isotope test (that hadn't been performed before because the A-samples didn't have a skewed T/E ratio). Correct me if I'm wrong someone. Is that what you remember from the FFF event, Cat, about the original testing? *whew* SOMEONE has spent WAY too much time at TBV - LOL!!

You have a GOOD comment there about watching stage 17, Debby!

I don't know WHAT to think about the Basso and OP situation....IS there going to be a peloton left??

Yvette, I was thinking the SAME thing about the uncanny resemblance of Floyd's case to what is going on in our govnt.



What you said about the tests seems right to me. I cannot tell you how glad I am to know other people as addicted to TBV and Rant as I am.

Susie, we left for vacation last year right after Floyd's A sample was "announced" and before the B sample. For someone on vacation, I cried a whole lot that week, esp. after the B came back. I made my husband take his work laptop and twice a day we huddled in the hotel lobby to use their WiFi for VeloNews updates. And this is a girl that would get mad when her husband would check his cell phone for voice mails! It was the most unreal time...

Sometimes I wonder what will happen to us all when this is over, kind of like people after a war (and it is a war of sorts). Do you ever wonder what will happen with TBV's site? Will we all feel a little lost? Maybe that depends on the outcome of the case.

I am still hoping for someone to organize a Critical Mass of cyclists over at Pepperdine. I'm on the wrong coast to be of much help, but maybe if we had an east coast, west coast, and "midcoast" LOL with enough cyclists, the press would take notice? We could all show up wearing FFF shirts with cycling helmets, to attract attention to the cause. I can dream. :)


p.s. Yvette, I've said it before and I will say it again. This has FBI whistleblower written ALL over it.


I think Floyd and Amber have really been "tested" during this, and of course, it's not over. The thing that's most tragic, is David Witt's death. But with suicide you never know, it might have happened anyway.

I happily followed Marty's posts in 2005, so in 2006 I was glad to see him back. But we've turned into a pretty interesting group of cycling fans, with all the blogs!
Today on the way to work, I saw a guy in a Phonak kit riding on the other side of the road, he's got more guts than me, that's a busy road, and I yelled GO! to him, but he probably couldn't hear me over the trucks and traffic going past him. But it made me smile, and laugh; I wish I'd said "Allez"!!

I know Riis has a past; but I still think CSC is the best team (besides Discovery and the NEW T-Mobile) in the world. And I will always be a fan of this beautiful sport! At every level!!


Theresa, from the beginning ;) your optimism has been inspiring! Merci et allez, allez!...


Welcome back Sara! Can you believe all the craziness happening in the cycling world?? Most of my friends and family have no idea. Just a few days ago, my sister said "Why do you like cycling? Lance is retired, and the guy who won the Tour de France is a big druggy." I was appalled! Sure, Lance is the one who drew me in, and possibly I was a little obsessed with him, but now I love the sport for it's own sake. I mean, all those other boys look good in lycra too. Wait. Was that out loud? Anyway, I tried to explain about Floyd, but how do you explain all this to someone who hasn't been following it all along? It's sad, but that's probably what a lot of (otherwise educated) people think. I'm so glad I have all of you to proudly wear my Free Floyd tshirt with :)

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