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April 20, 2007



Go Sanjaya!!!!!

susie b

So, tonight they sing "Life Anthem" songs because tommorrow is that "Idol Gives Back" 2 hr show. Any guesses for song selection? I'm guessing "I Can't Get Noooo... Satisfaction" won't be on the list. Too bad. It's been an ANTHEM of mine over the years! LOL!

And I just figured out part of the attraction to Sanjaya. He looks like BAMBI! Skinny, long legs, big brown eyes with long lashes. Everybody wants to "protect" him from the big bad 'hunter' (aka Simon!).I think he should go into acting & stay away from the recording studio. But hey, if cartoon characters - the Archies ("ohhhh,Sugar Sugar") can have "hits", why can't he? LOL!


Susie, his voice would be PERFECT on Sugar Sugar!!!!! You are BRILLIANT. :)


Okay guys and gals... how 'bout my Chris Richardson, eh? EH???!!! I thought he did GREAT on We Can Change the World. And Melinda was fabulous as usual, and Blake looked hot and sounded good. Everyone did well. The voting will be really crucial on this elimination! We voted for Chris and Blake so far. We really actually voted!


Nobody is more surprised by this than me, but Phil has really grown on me the last two weeks. The eyebrows, strange caps and funeral home demeanor gave me the impression that he was kind of a moody, sullen rock guy, but he doesn't seem that way at all now. Melinda is still the queen, followed by Jordan, but I am officially no longer creeped out by Phil. In fact, I will go so far as to say that these are my top three now. Blake picks songs that I love, but I don't love the way he covers them. Not inspiring. And God bless him, he has no top lip to speak of...entirely not his fault I realize, but I find it distracting. Chris is okay. I like him better than Blake, and thought he was pretty good tonight. I like Lakisha too, but of the three big voices of the girls, I think she is third. I don't HATE any of them at this point really....


Hey! I voted for the 1st time tonight, also! I thought that they ALL put on a pretty great performance tonight. Melinda and Jordin and definitely my favorites right now - Jordin was just fabulous tonight. I thought that Blake was really sweet with "Imagine" and that it would have been difficult for him to do much more with it because it is such an iconic song. I think that those three were the best tonight, but Chris, Phil, and Lakisha are all fantastic, too.

It is getting to the point where, no matter what, someone who could be a very successful artist is going to have to leave each week IMO. I'm glad that they have reached that level - I was beginning to wonder, towards the start of the final 12, whether we'd get there or not this season.

Hard for me to pick which of those 3 I would choose to send home. Probably either Phil or Chris, but only because of some of Lakisha's performances in the past where she really blew everyone else away. She wasn't great tonight.

Cathy Mehl

I missed last week because of Tour de Georgia and haven't had time to watch the tivo yet, but I loved everyone tonight--really top notch! I do think that Lakisha is continuing to ignore good advise thrown her way (don't pick songs so totally linked with the singer) and it's going to bring her down eventually. I think she might go before Phil, Chris or Blake.

I am willing to now make my prediction of Jordin to win--I don't think she's a better singer than Melinda but I do think she has more star quality and in the end she will have the younger vote which will put her over the top. And Amy, I agree, Phil has changed and I am not creeped out anymore either!

Great show tonight, hope they raise scads of dollars. It amazes me that the US can continue to fund a war for a bazillion dollars, a war we shouldn't be in, yet let our own poor suffer in poverty. As a nation we need to get our priorities straight and we really need a new president (end of rant).

ALSO! Great to be back home and sleep in my own bed AND do the laundry! TdG was a fun race and Jani was a terrific winner, but I think that race is in trouble as far as longevity goes. And about Basso, not surprised this is happening, just thought it would happen closer to TdF time and that he would get to ride the Giro. Now...not so sure. Have fun, Sara!


So,Cathy, you think funding is going to get harder and harder for the Tour of Georgia?? I wonder what that means for our new race in MO? But, not to worry, already, let's see how we do!!

Well,I screwed up big!! I thought I set the DVR for AI tonight, and DID'NT!!! I've been so busy following the new Floyd stuff, I must have forgotten! AND I just realized that I deleted the race I taped yesterday, and hadn't watched yet! I'm so disappointed,,,:(


Bummed is a better word! I was looking forward to AI taking my mind off the USADA and Floyd! But I already set it for tomorrow night, so at least I see some of their performances!


Oh, Sara, I'm so glad you two are having a good time!! It's nice to be out of the real world for a while!!


Theresa honey you are OFF TOPIC, and on the WRONG DAY! I will NOT TOLERATE this kind of disruptive, chaotic behavior from you. I think we need to call you CT for Chaotic Theresa! Now start talking about American Idol NOW. Floyd and cycling are for Another Day and Category altogether, and don'tcha ferGIT it! MAN. Do I have to keep an eye on you people CONstantly?!!! You especially, Theresa. Good GRIEF.



To be more specific, comments about the "real world" go under "The Rest of the World," NOT "American Idol, The Show." PLEASE be orderly. THANK you.

nyuk nyuk!


Yes, another pretty good night on AI...Amy, you pretty much mimic my thoughts...(though I put Chris and Lakisha at the bottom 2 right now)...Phil has grown on me more and more, while Chris and Lakisha's stock is falling quickly...but it will be VERY HARD every single week to let someone go. I pick Melinda and Jordin for the top 2...I had thought Melinda was a lock but Jordin is bringing her A+ game lately...and will be a real showdown...though I'm sure BOTH will do good w/ the recording industry post AI no matter what happens! I would actually like to see Phil come thru in the top 3 also...I ended up ranking each last night w/ stars (5 stars for my top choice, down to 0 stars) and called in and voted for each according to the # of stars I gave them (Melinda got 5 call-in votes, Jordin 4...though that was a real close call!) and on down to the single vote...sorry to say it, but Chris got my 0 vote...(it had to be somebody). We shall see how AMERICA voted tonight. Gads though..we have to suffer thru a 2 hour show for this...hmm..I might just check in here to find out how it went.


Yikes! Camille in charge of keeping things orderly ;) -- you brightened my morning, girl!! continue off topic (Cathy's fault). Was Discovery expecting this with the Basso situation then? I'm assuming that he has to submit DNA now? And....most importantly....did you have a chance to talk to Floyd?

Back on topic :) I LOVE that you have a voting system in place now Matt! Are you REALLY the same Matt that told us he wasn't going to watch AI - EVER?? Or did a different Matt sneak in here without our knowledge? LOL You're right - Jordin is the one to beat now I think!

Poor Sara is going to have to wade through all of this when she gets back!!


Okay, I'm supposed to be finishing packing to go up to Dallas for 3 days, but you people are making it hard for me. Janann, glad you're enjoying my new Policewoman status:) It's suits me so well, don't you think?!

Well, I know I'm not in line with majority thinking here but Monsieur Matt and I just do Not see eye to eye on these performers. Matt, your favorites are mostly my least favorites. But then again, I can't stand Carrie Underwood or her "Jesus Take The Wheel," so I just am not with mainstream America in my taste. (a fact that gives me great pleasure and smugness, as a matter of fact) To me, Jordin is the most irritating of all, then Phil, then in some ways Lakisha. Blake carries my vote mostly on suavete' and memory of how he used to be before they tried to fit his square peg into a round hole. But he really seems to have lost his enthusiasm (and I can't blame him, I would too). But it just mystifies me that anyone thinks Jordin is the best and Chris is the worst. He could stand to cut down on his riffing though, I admit. Okay, I'm just repeating myself at this point, but I had to counter Matt. :D (However, we DO still agree on Melinda, so all is not lost). Lakisha isn't in my top faves but I did think she came through as more energetic than usual last night. But then again, EVeryone had more energy last night so... she'd better. I guess they feel like now that my beloved Sanjaya is gone it's "game on."

Talk to you guys some time this weekend! Now, BEHAVE!


Yes, Miss Camille, I will mind my p's and q's!! LOL
My observation of Lakisha, without seeing last night; Is that she does her own thing, no matter what. It always ends with the great big voice, and it never seems quite under control. Does that make sense? It's like that's the only way she can sing, and refuses or doesn't know how to modify her voice. That give Jordin and Melinda(of course) the steps above. Sorry, Camille, I like Jordin too! And the last two weeks, since Phil went country, he's not so creepy to me either. I like Blake better than Chris though. Matt, your voting system is perfect!! I don't think I can sit thru 2hrs either; but the beauty of dvr, is FF!!

susie b

Unfortunately, I missed all but Jordin & the last third of Melinda's performance. (Long,boring story). I'm VERY worried about Lakisha though as I did hear RPS's comments. I don't care what she sang, I think her voice is STILL the best of the bunch. I did like the part of Melinda's song that I heard, but bottomline, there has not been a performance of hers that would MAKE me run out to buy her CD. (yeah, I STILL buy cds, no IPOD yet). In contrast, Lakisha's early performance of "And I'm Telling You, I'm Not Going" made me wish she went to the recording studio right then! And it's not just that she's from MARYLAND! Well, ok, maybe a leeeetle. :)

And as for Jordin. I think I now dislike a part of her voice more than Camille did at the beginning! I can't even BEAR to listen to that vibrato! Doesn't it BOTHER the rest of you?! I mean REALLY?! It sounds like a kid playing make-believe tommy-gun : ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah. Drives me NUTS! Last night was worse than last week as it wasn't just on the notes she held out. I could NEVER buy a record of hers unless she stopped that entirely! PLUS, maybe because that song is personally very special to me, but I guess I'm the ONLY person who was NOT that impressed with what Jordin did with it. I found some of it down right tedious & pretentious.

However, I have to agree with Janann that I think Jordin actually has a better shot at not just winning AI, but selling records to all the young people who are STILL the main record-buying public (via downloading or CDs). I just can't see a teenager buying Melinda's record - I think she appears MUCH older than she really is & you know how kids just flock to that.... Sorry, Matt. I know she's your girl. As long as I don't fixate on her neck-shortage (I'm pathetic, I know), I like watching Melinda perform & maybe if she sings something new, there is a chance I would buy a CD of hers one day.

And speaking of Matt - I just read your comment. If I wasn't already sitting, I'd have to find a chair. Phil in your top three?! OMG, the world is spinning out of control. I know you've been liking him more these last couple weeks but I could SWEAR you thought he was about one step above Sanjaya when you 1st started watching. And I believe his "cue-ball" head & "radar-like ears" were mentioned.... :)

The fact that I think Lakisha may be voted off tonight is something I never thought possible in the early weeks of the Finals. But song selection & her sometimes appearance of aloofness has hurt her a lot in the last few weeks. Still, I think either Chris (sorry, Camille) or Blake (sorry, Sara) or Phil (sorry...uh, Matt,lol!) SHOULD go home tonight instead.


I know! I KNOW! I think someone is spiking my cytomax or something! It's like everybody I HATED back in Feb (except for Melinda) I have now come to like! Well..except for Chris...he hasn't really done ANYTHING that I could rave about. Heck..even FREAKY Hair Boy had one night when even Simon said "It wasn't Horrible"! It's funny though....that all the ladies seem to like Chris...(honestly I just can't STAND him). Phil must have some kind of subliminal hex-thing coming out over the TV waves... as I'm not even NOTICING his baldness/radar ears anymore..whats up with that? Blake I do still like, but he does seem to lack he's just going thru the motions.. and that is where Jordin is coming on strong! It's like she's peaked her fitness just in time for "Le Tour" and is ready to ride for the win. I doubt Phil will make the top 3 a few weeks from now, but you never know...that C&W crowd is a large voting block! He just needs to totally embrace that now and stick with it. I agree that Lakisha has a booming voice but she just does the same thing w/it every week, and people are getting bored w/ it. Back in Feb I thought she was right up there w/ Melinda as the top 2...but she's slid right down into the bottom 3 in my voting. so...tonight it will be Chris, Lakisha or Blake to leave. DON'T MESS W/ ME ON THIS or I WILL come to YOUR STATE and cause CHAOS of UNBELIVABLE PROPORTIONS! (and btw Susie, I will still NEVER EVER in a MILLION-ZILLION-MEGATRILLION Years watch SURVIVOR!) Oh...also, I haven't bought a CD in about 8 years now...I do have hundreds..but I've had XM satellite radio for about 3 years now...who needs to BUY music? (I also have over 1000 FULL albums of most everhthing EXCEPT RAP ripped down into MP3's...all on my hard drive.. but I don't use them much anymore I'm not an Ipod/mp3 guy either). I'd just rather have commercial free music stations. Though XM is starting to falter too..I notice commericals popping up on some channels...that, and the impending merge w/ Sirius..(I DESPISE Sirius...they paid Howard Stern 580 MILLION DOLLARS..thats 100 MIL a year for 5 years, w/ an 80 MIL bonus for bringing new customers)...I just can't STAND HIM and don't want HIM to get even one CENT of mine! I figure if they are in financial trouble then they should have KEPT that 580 MIL!


ONE LAST POST before I leave for Dallas...

Checklist of Matt's Fallen Declarations...

1. "I will NEVER watch American Idol!!!" CHECK

2. "I will NEVER *EVER* post on Marty Dugard's site AGAIN!!!" CHECK

3. "I will NEVER EVER *EVER* watch Survivor!!!"


****STAY TUNED!!!!!!****


Hmmmmmm............Survivor CANT be far behind LOL! (Hope these aren't the new signs of the apocalypse).

Wow, a serious "threat down" from Matt, a.k.a. CDB. Don't be seduced by the power of the dark side, Matt, use your powers for good!! I'm not sure if I'd mess with him, Susie ;)


I'm seeing a business trip to Maryland coming up SOON!


Or was that Texas?? Or BOTH??


Do the last few comments count as advancing to Orange Alert?

BTW *yawn* I watched the last 2 performers on AI. When did Simon become nice? Was he nice all night? Did someone slip him a happy pill? And why don't I ever hear Paula say anything other than "you are so've really grown a lot...I loved you perfomance tonight..."

OK friends, I'm not dissing you, but I just don't get the appeal. I'll still read your comments though!!

(Camille, you're makin' me pee my pants -now, no kegel comments- And I am at work!!!! Stop it, stop it! I can't take it anymore!)


PS I know this belongs in the "other" category, but since all the action is here, here it stays: Camille you comment to Larry about editors over at the MD ranch, was just priceless. You are too funny.

susie b

We shouldn't make fun of Matt. He's been disabled these past few months from that tragic but highly suspicious "hammer & unsuspecting fingers incident..." :) :)

And his poor wife has probably been making him sleep in the guest room as she's convinced he's a POD person.

Sad really.

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