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April 20, 2007



Well, what a stunning end to the results show last night! (I admit I tivo'd it and ff'd thru the boring stuff) down to Chris and Jordin (which I couldn't BELIEVE Jordin was in the bottom 2)..was thinking to myself "CHRIS, CHRIS, CHRIS...and when he said "Chris, sit down, you're SAFE...I couldn't BELIEVE IT! Thankfully he didn't let Jordin burst into Tears before telling HER to sit down also..she's safe..can't let anybody go on a special night...that was MEAN! She really thought she was gone for about 5 seconds there...(a long time in show-biz I bet). So NEXT WEEK they are letting TWO will be interesting! What a sneaky thing to do!

Cathy Mehl

I agree, Matt, I think that little stunt at the end was in bad taste. It was a big night of fund-raising and perhaps they should have just said from the beginning that it was all about giving back and no one would go home. I admit the effect was what they hoped for--I was stunned for sure! I loved the Celine/Elvis duet, I thought that was some cool tv wizardry (even tho I don't really care for either of them) and I was happy to see big bucks being raised for poor. More high dollar Hollywood types should pony up for good causes likes AI finally did. Wonder how much they raised?


I agree! I felt my heart stop!! And Jordin turned her back to the audience to compose herself! I ff'd through it too. But I liked the Celine/Elvis song and Annie Lennox. And the kids got to work with Quincy Jones, how cool is that!! But I do hope they raised oodles of money!!

susie b

The show was better than I thought it would be although I didn't think too much of their group songs. The Jack Black bit should have been a bit longer, so his "fan" could have "cried" more like that girl over Sanjaya. That was funny but the camera cut so quick off the guy I doubt some people even got the joke! I loved Elvis & Celine (a fave song yet!) & thought Kelly Clarkson sounded great but what the heck was she WEARING? My farmer Dad has more attractive FEED SACKS!

And I had clicked away for a bit so didn't actually hear if they said Chris & Jordin were the bottom two. Was that correct?! Well that's a shock! I did see that no one was going home & that 2 will get the boot next week.

What is next week's theme? When do they start singing two songs apiece?

And I read this morning that $30 million was raised.

Cathy Mehl

Next week is either Classic 80's or Bon Jovi specifically--I've read it both ways. Personally I hope it's Bon Jovi week because he is hot and I would love to see him on the show!! And Sara, I have a feeling BLAKE is going to rip it up next week, no more playing it safe like these past two weeks. It's time to rock the house (I don't think he will win the overall but he is definitely my favorite and I hear he's a bit of a bad boy, always breaking curfew to go out!!)


classic 80's would be nice too...maybe Melinda would do a Tina Turner song..she'd be good! (Simon even mentioned he saw flashes of Tina a few weeks ago). Though Bon Jovi has lots of good stuff too.

Susie, I don't think they were doing them by the 'bottom' group, Ryan said early on that it was 'totally random' how they were calling them up...he then called Melinda first...said she was safe and to sit down. I then ff'd thru most of the show to where he had Chris & Jordin missed everything in-between...if it was anything important somebody chime in w/ the dirty details!


Yeah, they did them one at a time, through out the evening so you had to watch the whole thing! But, Matt's right, Ryan said it was totally random. But that was a nasty trick for Jordin supporters!!

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