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March 01, 2007



I'll have to read BK later, gotta get ready for work.

OMG, that is the COOLEST picture!! It made smile, then laugh, then really wish I had Cathy's job!!!! Floyd looks so CUTE!! Who the other "podium girl"?

Sara B

The other podium girl is Alicia who also writes for the Daily Peloton.

I like the way Alicia is just sort of faking it, but Cathy's going in for the full on smooch.

Go girl!

susie b

I think Floyd is blushing! But he looks mighty happy I must say! Where was Amber while all this was going on? Hmmmmmmm? Tied up in the bathroom? That fabulous interview Cathy did with Amber a few months back was all a ruse...! lol!

And Camille, I meant to tell you when you mentioned it last week that I'm also a "Lost" fan. But I have to say that show confuses me more than ever! Do you think Juliet is good or bad? And boy, was it a surprise that her backstory showed her so meek & scared of that ex-husband! I do think it was a MAJOR mistake to only show 6 episodes in the Fall & then not come back until a couple weeks ago. That combined with too much on The Others - who I pretty much hated due to their tormenting of Jack, Kate, & Sawyer. And ooooh, can't wait to see what Rousseau does to THEM now Kate has told her that her kid is alive! I just realized that this sounds like a soap opera! lol!


Yes Sara, but whose he got his arm around?

Cathy Mehl

But how do you know where his other arm is, huh? How do you know?!!!


Yeah Cathy, I was going to say the same thing -- the picture is cropped hiding your back!


Cathy...that shot is PRICELESS! And it can be YOUR (and Floyds) secret as to exactly WHERE his other arm is! (life is better with a little mystery!)

As to the MD blog, well..the Dixie Chicks song the girl (can't remember her name, but she was just kicked off tonight) sing last night: "Not ready to make nice"...yep..that about says it. I will still read his books though...just keeping my INANE self away from his blog site...just so happens that I have found one I like MUCH better! (and guess what? HERE I don't HAVE to 'Keep pushing'...sometimes I can just jump onboard and catch a free ride!! Let someone else do the 'pushing' now and then! Oh...and they just kicked the kid AJ off..(have to admit I did watch the guys a 'little bit' the other night..and I thought he has a wonderful voice/personality..and he got screwed tonight! Just my 2 cents worth!)

Greg...hope you get all your work done..I'm DONE with work (here anyway)..surivived the last day..had a nice dinner tonight (some chinese place..VERY good food though)...I'm packed and READY TO ROLL in just a few hours! Sure hope the Wea in CA is nice this weekend...really want to put in a long ride Saturday! But we shall see.

And btw Theresa...(...chamois actualy IS leather! (well, older chammies were...they used a nice suede leather...very soft on the privates) there! The loincloth isn't very far off! It can be tastefully designed I would believe (think Charleton Heston in the original Planet of the Apes...thats the look we are going for here!)


I bet it will be WONDERFUL to be home, Matt!!

Yikes! Did you see that the Tour de Georgia doesn't have a sponsor and they're talking about whether or not they'll have to cancel the race??
THAT would be a big bummer!

I wasn't too surprised by the three contestants kicked off of AI that I saw. I liked the sound of AJs voice, but I wasn't sure that he'd get enough votes to stay. I missed the 2nd guy to leave. Who was it?


JD, the other guy to leave AI tonight was Nick, who sang Fever. They said he just didn't have enough personality. But as Leslie sang when she took her bow tonight, "America don't like jazz" and that was the vibe Nick had, was jazz. I liked him. Sanjaya looked so shocked when he didn't get kicked off! Poor guy.

Susie, I'm confused about so much on Lost, but that's part of the fun of it. I just want to know what the killer black smoke is. About Julia, wouldn't it be just like Lost to have her be both "bad" and "good?" But personally I think she's mostly good, and she got talked into being there and then was sorry later.

Anybody watching Survivor? I'm really hoping the deprived camp gets to trade camps with the spoiled brats.


Oh, just got home, checked my mail, and my issue of ROAD magazine is here! Big glossy cover, and pages. It reminds me of like Vogue or Vanity Fair that I used to read years ago. Anyway, Team Discovery is right on the cover, with Eki and George riding in the front. AWESOME picture. Then inside by on the page of contents, is a picture of CSC, with DaveZ and Bobby(I think) close-ups riding in front. Such a beautiful magazine....sigh.....

Gosh you guys, I'm gonna have to start taping AI to keep up with you, or just let me know when it gets down to the wire!

Matt, I bet you'll be so glad to be HOME! And dude, I thought Susie was stubborn about MD!!!


Oh, and Matt, thanks for the reminder about the chamois. You can tell none of my shorts have "real" chamois in them!


ROAD magazine reminds me of The Smithsonian magazine!! It's that beautiful!
It's not cheap, either....:)


Hey Theresa, ya wanna see an absolutely GORGEOUS magazine? Check out Alpinist. Just got my latest issue, so I'm all fired up. You don't hafta be a climber to salivate over it. While it doesn't come cheap, it's worth every penny in pure awe-inspiring pleasure.

The premise behind it is to create a magazine that is about climbing at its purest--with no compromises or concessions for sponsorship, politicization, etc. (Fortunately,they are backed by a pretty committed--and deep-pocketed--investor.) Holy crap, do I sound like a shill for these guys? But it really is worth checking out cuz, when you think about it, climbing isn't that damned far removed from cycling--especially in terms of commitment and the amount of suffering necessary to excel. And then there's the incredible, basic level of athleticism involved. Blah, blah, blah. Oh, yeah--and of course there's some major eye candy there, too...

Check it out. woof.


Woofdawg, now that you bring it up, On my list of things I'll never do; ride a bike(duh, that's off the list!), climbing is right up there. BUT, I went to a climbing gym maybe 2 years ago, with a co-worker and her kids; and I had a blast! Granted it wasn't OUTSIDE; but the fact that I climbed up a wall, impressed the hell out of me!! Since then I've wanted to go back, but you have to do you own belay, it's not an automatic job. My point is, I think I would enjoy that magazine very much!!

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