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March 23, 2007


Cathy Mehl

Okay I know I am now really geeking out and my days of being cool have vanished into the distant past, BUT in my websurfing last night I came across the AI site and you can download the songs from this week for .99 each. Sara I thought of you! I went and got Time of the Season by honeypot Blake and am going to put it in my iPod. It's almost 3 min long and sounds great!!

Still working on the name for my column. Part of me coming onto Paceline was for the female perspective, so that is an okay angle to pursue. I kind of like The FeMehl Faction or The Mehl Room, but still mulling it over. And the interview with Gianni Meersman is up today--isn't he just a cutie cutie?!

Happy weekend all. See you on the other side of Sunday. Don't forget tomorrow is Milan-San Remo!


Cathy, I really like The Mehl Room. Somehow it has a very cool vibe about it. I like it a lot better than The FeMehl Faction which has a no-boys-allowed feeling about it. You'll have your picture there, I hope, and that will show that you are female. No one will forget that.


That was an interesting article about Basso, Sara. Can you imagine doing all of that technical stuff and not being able to understand the language -- though I'd probably be lost even if I did understand. Basso might not be JUST another pretty face....but did you see the photos from that wind tunnel session on the Paceline last month?

Cathy, I think I like the Mehl Room too! I'd laugh about you "geeking out", but I know that I'll have to download Blake's song from the site myself after work. LOL

I'm REALLY looking forward to the TdG! That should be a super exciting race. Will your interview with Tyler be anywhere else come race day, Sara?

Wait..........Gwen Stefani?!?!?

Cathy Mehl

Regarding Basso, Tim de Waele has some incredible photos of the wind tunnel testing up on his site Be sure to check them out, also some great ones from Paris-Nice last week. Poke around his entire site, some of his Olympic photos are amazing. I'm in love.....

susie b

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Cameeeel!
Happy Birthday to you!

High Five! Low Five! High Five again! Whoo-hooo! Par-tay! Par-tay!

There once was a blonde girl from Texas,
Who'd look fine ridin' round town in a Lexus!
Rumour has it she's a runner,
Could there be anything funner?
YES, she chats with the Asylum called INANE!

(FYI - yes, I DO know "funner" is not a word...but it works!)


OK, for a guys perspective on Cathy's column name- FeMehl would keep me away, and Mehl Room gives me the feeling that you only respond to letters and no new insightful activity. How about "Mehl on the World" for what its worth.

Guess I've been living in a cave and missed the Crusoes connection- where can I find the link?


Thaaaaank youuuuuu, Suuuusieeeeeee! You're a PAL!!!

Hey Greg, I'm sure you won't be the first one wanting to know that. I'm sure a lot of people didn't believe Marty would follow through on it, especially so soon (he shouldn't have told us about his procrastination troubles). So I bet soon he'll post something about what to do if you want a copy. Maybe he'll still ask for a donation for his track team. But I'd just go ahead and email him in the meantime and ask. is his email address.


OK, this may be the only time you'll see me going on about AI, but Olbermann had a little piece on whassisname Sanjaya, Jambalaya, Kumbaya, whatever, and I gotta say it, he's pretty freakin' PATHETIC! Yikes, man.

A friend of mine who is a TT specialist gave himself a session in the wind tunnel in San Diego as a 40th B-day present to himself and says that it was worth every penny. He said that one of the most amazing things was how much difference a helmet can make--apparently the second largest producer of drag after wheels. I can't remember the numbers at the moment, but switching to a full aero helmet is worth something like a 3 or 4% time difference--we're talking minutes!Pretty cool stuff.


Yo Woof...that is pretty interesing stuff...who would have thought that the HELMET adds that much time! (I'm considering ceramic bearings...they are supposed to be a minumum 4% less drag. I'm sure how heavy you are, which seals you get all add into the factor of how much better they are...(and how much maint you want to do..but as I ONLY ride when it's dry..I figure they wouldnt' be that much of a hassle). I'll do anything to help me keep up w/ the BIG BOYS on the downhills! Well..almost anything...and budget is a big consideration (I HAD a set of Zip 404/909 wheels...HATED THEM! Tubulars...only good if you have SOMEONE ELSE to change your tires for you! They SUCK out on the road when they flat! I'll take heavier clinchers ANY DAY! about "You've got Mehl"??? got a ring to it..(but I do like "Mehl Room" too).


I like You've Got Mehl, Matt!


Hmmmm....I like "You've Got Mail" too!! But, like Greg said about the Mehl Room, you'd need to make sure it was clear that you weren't just answering letters.

Hope you had a WONDERFUL birthday, Camille!!!!!!


I did, Janann, thanks! And having The Crusoes to read whenever I had down time was SUCH a nice birthday present. I read it last night till I got sleepy. I'm still not caught up to where it left off but I wanted to refresh my memory on all the characters. I'm right at all the *action* part -- heehee! I guess I should say, the *first* action part because hopefully it will continue all through the book?!

Hey Woofdawg and Matt, seriously, exactly what is so pathetic about Sanjaya? That he doesn't produce as much testosterone as most guys? Is that his fault? I'm being serious. Would you say a girl who's a little manly was pathetic? I just don't get all the hoopla with people getting so upset over him. He WON'T win the competition, I'm sure of that. I can't help thinking people are just reminded of Michael Jackson by his looks and voice, and that creeps them out. But he's Not Michael Jackson! Anyway, I just don't get it that there's such a negative, almost visceral furor over him. Oh well. I don't get a lot of things in our world!


Nah Camille, it's got nothing to do with his "masculinity"--or lack thereof. It's because he simply doesn't sing very well. And his delivery seems contrived and forced. It just feels like he's trying way too hard. And that's why people have that reaction--I think that people sense vulnerability and it reminds them of their own carefully concealed insecurities. And most people's reaction to that sort of uninvited self-illumination is to despise the messenger.

I dunno, I'm no psychologist. Whaddaya think? The more I learn, the less I know...

Matt, It sounds like the ceramic upgrade kit is the ticket--my buddy (who slogged through a 2 1/2 hr trail run with me in the pouring rain this morning) is contemplating doing it--it sounds like the reduction in friction is pretty phenomenal. I've got a pair of Zipp 404 clinchers for my TT bike, and while they definitely have their peculiarities, in good conditions they're pretty sweet.


Hey Woofdawg... sorry to be so long in replying; I've had a busy weekend with company staying here. About Sanjaya, I think I get what you're saying. Interesting take... and you do some pretty good pinch-hitting at psychology -- don't sell yourself short on that!

I had a fun morning today. Every year four friends pick me up early for this 10K, and every year I'm the slowest one by far. Well, THIS year I beat every one of them, including the guy who is always the fastest of all. So I've just been skipping and hopping along all day, tooting my horn to my husband. For the record I did a 55:14 and the best I've ever done was 1:15 or something like that. The most fun thing of all is that my name will be in the paper in the morning with all the other people who ran it under an hour. So, yay! One small step for Camille-kind. :) Now if I can just extend on that as I add distance, I can work my way toward my eventual rematch with destiny at some marathon next fall or winter. I just want a finish line picture with a time in the vicinity of 4:15-4:20ish. I may have to brave Houston in January to manage that. But I won't rule it out.

Did you guys/gals have any good rides this weekend? I think Greg was headed for some hills I believe.


Wow! 20 minute PR in a 10K... very impressive! I didn't ride this weekend, but I did have a gruesome 14 mile run today. It seems we've jumped from winter to the middle of summer weatherwise, and 80 degrees about killed me today. 12 hour shifts Friday and Saturday, and staying up til 1 am to see Peyton Manning on SNL probably didn't help either. Perhaps a little planning in advance of next week's long run would be in order :) Live and learn.


Camille, Woof pretty much summed it up: HE CAN'T SING! If this were some contest on who can get the most 12 year old girls swooning, then he is the winner hands down. BUT IT'S NOT! Watching others leave the show who are leaps and bounds more qualified to be must THEY feel? This is their shot too..and to have a stupid web site devoted to skewing the voting on purpose...kind of stinks..AND we have to suffer thru his lack of pretty much everything on stage week after week (he looks good to the girls I guess) but compared to ALL the rest...he just doesn't belong at this point!

And also..WAY TO GO on the run!

I didn't get anything done this weekend (fun wise)...made a speed run down to Mexico to see a Dr.. (long story..but suffice it to say that they can do things down there that we dont' get here...CHEAP too..I've been suffering neck/upper back pain for about 26 years now..since a softball incident back as a young 20 year old...dr's her can't seem to help me..nothing visible on xrays, can't operate...go take a pill (or in my case, LOTS of pills..800mg motrins). So giving this guy a shot..he has been helping my mom and dad, and many of their friends with all kinds of soft tissue damage that the 'standard' medical ignors or treats the symptoms with PILLS!) So I'll be making runs down there (about a 460mile one way trip) about once a month for the next 5 months or so..and see what happens..what have I got to lose, but THE PAIN!!

OK...enough on that..hope everybody had a great weekend!

And Woofdawg, have a WONDERFUL TIME down in AZ, ripping up some major dirt and riding in shorts even!!


Amy, I'm with you, I'll run in the cold any day over running in the heat -- it really zaps me. Man, you and Woofdawg are really putting in those miles on the trails! It inspires me to hear about it. I have to say I am not looking forward to the heat arriving. I'm going to have to get out earrrrrly in the morning to get runs in before it warms up. Oh well, at least I can do it so I shouldn't complain/borrow trouble!


Oh and Matt, good luck with those treatments... 26 years is a long time to deal with bad chronic pain and I hope you get relief.


Okay, so Matt went to Mexico; and I'm back from Des Moines IA!!! made it home in 6 hours!
Stopped once to get my neck roll thing out of my bag, cause my lower back was killing me! Mine isn't chronic; just when I flare it up, and driving 800miles and not exercising, didn't improve it at all!

But guess what I did almost all day Sat.? You'll never guess!! My Dad has a new AWESOME HD LCD TV! And we watched all or half of FOUR basketball games!! I haven't watched a BB game for decades. But NCAA was on; and it was raining; he's 79yr and a BB fan for U of Iowa.
I wanted all the midwest teams to win; or what my stepmother was telling me; The Big Eight! I wanted Memphis to win because they are close to MO; Winona State(cause they are in Minn.) and whoever it was that got beat by Ohio in the last 5 seconds!! was that Memphis?????? BUT: I REALLY wanted KU to beat didn't happen. I guess ya'll know, why. If KU had made half of the baskets that they attempted; they would have run away with it!! I WAS BUMMED......I don't follow College BB. But, there's some things you pick up because of the area you live in!
No, that other game was UNC; was that Memphis?
Anyway; it was absolutely unbelievable watching on that TV. And it's will probably be the last games I watch in years. But, man I was thinking how GREAT a cycing event would look on that cooooooolllll. Made me drool. Too bad I need a roof.

Oh, got lost again this year. Last year I found Newton,Iowa; this year, I found Attoona! I really need to check the map before I get TO Des Moines, just to refresh my memory on what exit takes me to Ankeny.....instead of waiting and getting lost first. stupid.

btw HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAMILLE!! A couple of days late!


Thanks, Theresa! And yes, I think if I had a big LCD TV I would probably never leave my living room couch.

Okay, I see my name in the paper this morning, but it's buried in a looong list of names since I was merely 22nd of 169 in my age group. I'll have to make the top 10 next year to be listed by age. So that means I have to get my pace down by about 40 seconds. Hmmm, might be a tall order! But I'm just silly enough to feel like shooting for it. :) I just won't stop for water, and lord help me, maybe I'll train on hills. (???)

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