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March 29, 2007



I really do need to read about the track racing so I have some clue about the different events!! I know the Madison is 2-men; and I think they throw each other forward for so long; then the other gets thrown forward to pull. Brad said his bike malfunction screwed up the Madison for him and Creed; cause he had to go to the pit twice. I have to get the link on what he posted yesterday; some cyclist that he wants to beat.....

Regarding Oscar; Sara, I like your questions! But, I don't believe what he said about the breakfast with Floyd!!! It was widely reported (by someone, maybe Marty!); that they were alone at breakfast! It's okay; he didn't say anything that would upset me regarding Floyd. So, he can live, I guess.....:)




This is the Velo News link; he's the lead story, with a great picture!!


Okay, Sara and Cathy; I thought the Worlds were in Manchester, when Brad got his bronze. If this is the World Championship, then what happened in Manchester, England????


Good Grief! Sara, you said right in your post that Brad won the bronze, today, and it went right over my head!!

susie b

I have'nt had a chance to read the entire article yet Sara (I will!), but I'm not sure if I believe Oscar about the breakfast before Stage 17. I read it on Marty's TDF blog & I believe it because Floyd is an early riser & usally ate breakfast BEFORE the rest of his team. Marty actually had a few minutes JUST with Floyd after Stage 17 (before the huge press conference for that mind-blowing day) & it is in the write-up of that conversation that Marty mentioned the Floyd-Oscar breakfast. It can be assumed then (at least by me) that it was FLOYD that told Marty about it.

Maybe Oscar just "forgot". I mean, he "forgot" to send in that Dr's explanation about why he takes asthma meds....even after 3, yes, 3 requests by that French agency...

And Cathy, I love "The Mehl-ting Pot"! I've been consumed with "Mehl" words ever since you brought this up. Besides the riffs on "Mail", all I could think of was "Pell-Mehl" (which you wouldn't want due to the origin's meaning!) &
"Mehl-low Yellow" - kind of a riff on the cycling winner's jersey. I think The Mehl-ting Pot is perfect!

And Sara, I can relate to your Greg Lemond feelings. The way I have to think about Greg is the way I think about Michael Jackson. In that I totally SEPARATE my fond memories of the guy from the disgust I feel now. Little, cute Michael of the Jackson 5 ('ABC, easy as 123...') & awesome Michael of Thriller (will ALWAYS love that video! 'Thrilllller....') & then there is the creature that somehow morphed into existence during the last 10 years... Hey, maybe he took that video TOO literally!

Anyway, with Greg - he's not the reason I started watching the Tour de France in 1984, but he definitely got me excited those 1st 3 years (even if I WAS confused that he was "French" because of his name). I LOVED that he won in 86, especially since Hinault broke his promise to help (& for which I can't forgive & thus have never warmed up to Hinault even when Lance wrote nice things about him). But the 89 race & that Final TT into Paris was classic! I can STILL see Fignon falling off his bike at the end & I remember Greg's wife being so excited. I remember a lot about Kathy's reaction because Entertainment Tonight (I know, weird!), had a reporter with her the entire day & so we got to see a lot of her reaction to the entire TT. But just as with Michael, the Greg Lemond of the last 7 years dismays & disgusts me (although for very different reasons).

I do have to say, that just in my humble opinion, Greg Lemond COULD have won 7 TDFs too. He should have won 85 but GAVE it to his teammate Hinault in return for that infamous promise. If he hadn't gotten shot, he probably would have won 87 & 88 & maybe even 91 & 92. So I can understand the feelings of jealousy towards Lance especially since he is TOTALLY eclipsed by him. Until last summer, when he was all over the freakin TV & paper in his comments about Floyd, most people in the USA had no memory of him. Only cycling fans or hard-core sports junkies knew ho he was. So, I do feel SOME empathy, but mostly, just sadness for myself, in that I "lost" a hero.


Mehl-low Jaunnie Talk, anyone? (just kidding, but was thinking about Lance's fondness for the phrase Mellow Johnny...

Back to reading Susie's entry, just wanted to throw that in...


Sara, what a compliment in Cathy's post about how few english interviews Oscar accepts! Cudos to you girl! (I will read the interview when I get home...Crusoes too...and MD's posts. Only your blog was consumed here in SC!) Looking forward to next week when I can' peruse the comments at my leisure...miss you guys.


We miss you too, Cat! Have a good trip home!

Cathy, I just read your article about Contador's win at the CyL, how great for Discovery, and your writing is perfect!! I saw the essay contest, too. That ought to be fun, are you the judge????!

susie b

I meant to write this yesterday, but the time slipped away. Matt, we will SO miss reading your AI synopsis & review! You brought a unique, enthusiastic & sometimes shocked & hilariously disgusted view that can't be replaced! :(
(You COULD just ignore Hula-boy...) But if you can't handle seeing MY girl Lakisha kick Melinda's butt, I understand... :) I bet Sweat Pea & Sydney agree with me, although I'm not sure about PG. Anything but opera might be beneath her... lol!

BTW, as a swimmer, are you not blown away by my guy Michael Phelps? AWESOME! For all of you unaware, the Swimming World Championships has been going on this week down in Australia & Michael has not only won a gold medal but set a World Record 4 out of the 5 times he's put his toe in the pool! (Yep, toe, pool, record!) So far, only his 1st event, a relay, did not produce a WR. He has 1 more individual event & 2 more relays! He really is the best overall swimmer in history. And the fact that he's from MARYLAND is but a small, inconsequential bonus for meeeeeeee. HA! LOL!


Well...been a fun day/week of cycling...GO DC! What great results they are having! And Brad Huff at the UCI Track Worlds...what else can you say but AWESOME! (and he was having an OFF day too!) Nowhere for him to go but UP!

and then the swimming..Michael Phelps is just blitzing the world right now...wasn't that long ago he was rocking the olympics..and the media was disappointed that he didn't break Mark Spitz's record of 7 golds...(all seems to be about the medal count anymore). But he was awesome to watch and look at him now! FINALLY getting that 200 fly record! You've got to wonder if Thorpe will STAY retired...but it comes down to how long you can maintain WORLD CHAMPION form I guess. On a side note: I was in the pool last night knocking out my laps, and an Air Force lady was just plain smoking the water 2 lanes away...I did 2500 meters (non stop) and she was/had been doing 3 laps to my 2 my entire swim (and I wasn't exactly moseying-along...figure my 2500 took not quite an hour)...anyway, she was still going strong when I crawled of the pool (crawled is the operational word here too!) I found out later that she was Air Force Adacamy/swim I felt a BIT better..but to say that she was STRONG would be a huge understatment! It was very impressive to watch (and a tiny bit demoralizing..having her lap me every 3 laps). Such is life...we each march/swim/ride/run to our own pace...(until we smell blood... then the urge to decimate the other person becomes overwhelming)..why do we do this you ask? Becauese we CAN!

AI...we shall see...maybe I was just having a 'bad hair day' (HA!) the other night and was cranky after HE didn't even make the bottom three. I as sad to see who got kicked off...he wasn't my fav, but I can surelhy think of at least THREE others who should have gone before him! I kind'a thought he was interesting...good voice, attitude...hope he does well. And Susie..I think it SHOULD come down to Melinda and Lashika in the end...they are both very talented...but there's just something about Melinda that 'does it'..her innocence, quiet, church-mouse-like demeanor... until she UNLEASHES THAT VOICE! Both of them could VAPORIZE you know who just by sheer VOCAL POWER if he were to step in front of them mid-song (wouldn't THAT be nice! POOF! Nothing left but a strange mowhawk pile of hair! Ahh...that makes me grin!)

Gosh..that was a long post..kind'a Susie-esque!


A good long post from Susie, and then another bookend one from Matt is sorta like a nice one-two PUNCH, much like the Melinda/Lakisah stereo sound would be, vaporizing my poor baby Sanjaya! But you two go together like birds of a feather, you know that? I get a kick out of both your passion about whatever you're discussing.

Me, I'm a shower-bound girl after my so-called long run of 7 miles just now. And so after that I'm going to finish the last 80 pages of The Crusoes. It has gotten to be pure pleasure reading at this point, having gotten past the historical midsection that required some hard listening (not one of my better skills). Lots of characters to try and keep straight... Susie, we'll have to talk soon about our reactions, maybe tomorrow I'll find time to sit and jam with you and Theresa about it. Who else here is reading The Crusoes? Cathy? Are you very far into it?

That Bolt sure did an about-face, didn't he? I'd say he's pretty much p-w'd by now. And it all started that first night with Brooklyn snapping her fingers for drink refills...and he hopped right to it. :)

To the showers... hasta luego, compadres...


Camille, you sell yourself short...a "so called 7 mile run"...dang girl..thats one hell of a long ways if you ask me! I'd be doing a 7 mile CRAWL if I tried that! I'll stick to my bikes and the pool...running hurts too much (the knees)...

It's funny now...after being part of the ASYLUM all this time...I can usually tell who's post I'm reading before I get to the bottom...(especially Susies!) We are quite a collection of personalities..I will admit that! Part of what makes it so fun.

Well..dinnertime...gotta run.


Hello all, home again and very disoriented. Two weeks of aloneness, well really ten days when you subtract the time my husband was there, can mess your a good way of course.

Sports highlight of the trip: Went to the Cooper River Bridge 10K run in Charlestown on Saturday. I know almost nothing about running (and a lot of other things), but this was some event. More than 40 thousand people entered. I saw more than one man who looked 75 and at least a dozen kids who looked no older than 7. Some ran for charities, in costume. Some ran in crazy outfits. Some ran in groups with their nicknames on their shirts. A couple of guys ran in hula outfits with beer cans.

Evidently, this 30 year old race is a big deal, not just a party. I was interested because my friend's son was running for the second year, and I wanted to see if he would beat last year's 41 minutes. The race started in Mt Pleaseant on the south end of the Cooper bridge. I picked a spot near the end at King and George streets. There was a band setting up on the square, 3000 volunteers including EMS, who knows how many cops and lots of spectators. Once we picked a place, it became very hard to move anywhere else. The spot originally chosen by my friend was up wind of the water station, no problem til the runners start disposing of their half empty cups.

As I stood waiting for the first runner to appear, I had no idea that due to the sheer volume of racers, the world would come to a standstill for the next 2+ hours. Peering down the road, I saw a small figure approaching; a wheelchair racer! I could not believe how fast he was going. I couldn't believe how strong he was. There were only 5 WC racers, and all were about a minute apart. In a moment of serendipity, I was able to congratulate the winner at the airport this morning. He looked a little nonplussed.

For the 15 or so minutes between the last WC and the first foot racer, we stood sipping our cooling coffee and waiting. Then an eerie quiet came over the crowd. Someone was coming. I've never felt anything like it. This mounting sense of anticipation and excitement moved down the street. A helicopter started to hover overhead. Suddenly, a small group of brown men came around the corner. They were so damned fast, like gazelles. Fluid, pumping smoothly, nothing out of place. Then as quickly they were gone. "Kenyans," someone murmered. Another knot followed. Then the female elite. A small gap before the fastest ordinary citizens came through. Like a building tide, more and more runners followed. Soon a wall of humanity barrelled down King street, it was dizzying to watch. It was dizzying for the runners too. A pony tailed blond went down at about 9k. Alert EMS volunteers wrapped her up in a blanket, found a vein and started IV fluids right there on the curb. A half a block away, one of the septagenerians tripped and broke his nose.

Sometime about 43 minutes, my friend's son whizzed by. He didn't beat his record, but was grinning when he came back carrying an armload of blueberry muffins. "I'm starving," he declared, promptly downing 3 huge muffins.

For the rest of the day, we walked around town looking at the sights; the battery, the French Quarter, kids hawking roses made of palm fronds for $2. Everywhere we went people were walking with race numbers pinned on their jerseys. It was as if, having accomplished the goal they set for themselves, they wanted to share it with everyone they met. Some hadn't gone home to shower, still dressed in sweaty shorts and shirts. Others had changed into dry clothes, but just weren't ready to have the race day end. Pinned to the shirt tails and shorts of all these happy people were the race bibs they carried over the bridge. No bragging, just not quite ready to leave the race behind.


Catherine, what a wonderful way to come back to us! Thank you, that was *really* interesting! You know you have a knack there... I know I couldn't have told that same story the way you did. I felt like I was there. And you know what, I've NEVER watched a race! So it was fun to hear about it through your eyes.

Welcome back, by the way! I'm in the middle of some spring cleaning but just thought I'd pop in -- glad I did.

Did you start The Crusoes yet? I just finished it but I won't say anything yet that could spoil it for you. It's pretty cleverly done.

Back to it before I lose my steam...


Catherine, welcome back! I'm so my previous life as a married person, I lived in Mt. Pleasant and worked in Charleston. The Bridge Run is one of the biggest 10K's in the country...even Oprah ran it one year. I really loved it there, but my sister started having babies, so we moved back. To Indiana. Sigh.


Catherine, welcome back! That is a cool story! I've never watched a run before either. Sounds like a really interesting 2 weeks! Do you have to go back to work tomorrow? I think, I'd need time to re-enter "my world" after that much time! But, one of the quickest ways, is to go back to work!
I've never spent that much time away from home. I don't think I could do it!

Enjoy the Crusoes; I finished it this afternoon!


I feel like I can share anything with you all at this point. Here's why I like the Penguin :)

susie b

Wait, wait. Do you mean The Penguin posts on Active? The same place Marty is moving his blog sometime this month?! THIS will be interesting...

And welcome back Catherine! We missed you! I agree with Theresa. I'd need a day to 're-compress' after days away to get back into "work mode". :) And fabulous race write-up!


Oh Amy I LOVE that!!!! I don't care what you-know-who says about him, he's a good man and he has a heart as big as Alaska. That was a great way to start my day, THANK you. :)


YO Amy, thanks for the link. I had never read anything by the 'Penguin' before...though I recall (from the days when I read MD's site) that he despised him. Hmm...don't see it. So I gather the Penguin supports running in all, slow, walking, crawling..whatever it takes to get off the couch and get in some distance...any distance.

Anyway, welcome back Catherine! And I hope everybody had a nice APRIL FOOLS DAY!

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