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March 07, 2007



Just like me..HA! We'll see about THAT! Let us know what kind of disaster strikes where YOU travel!!

Hey...been home in CA for days now and NO disaster has befallen us (so far)!

AND...the weax forecast for this-coming Saturdays Solvang Century ride is NICE! (Last year it HAILED, RAINED all day and was quite cold, actually had snow down to the 1500' level that I bailed under the WIMP Clause).

I'd be interested in reading Tylers book also. OH..I just started watching the ToC on the Tivo last night...haven't gotten to any real racing yet...but really enjoy seeing Phil, Paul and's like the season is OFFICIAL now! Man are they a GREAT commentary team!


And as to 'the plan' to show FL "THE POST's", hmmm...I'm afraid when he reads my parts, he'll have a restraining order put out on me...something about not being allowed within 500 yards of him. Cathy says he has a great sense of he'll laugh all right..but it will be a shallow, terrified-of-us kind of laugh I'm afraid!


OH..and one more thing...(being as we here on the I.A. are free to roam off topic whenever we choose)...I JUST caught up on my Battlestar Galactica...OMG I can't hardly believe last Sunday's episode! Can it be real?? (I won't tell what happened in case any of you do watch but haven't yet seen that episode)

Sara B

Oh and I meant to talk about the American Idol show last night.

I love, love, love Blake Lewis who went first last night. He's so refreshingly different. And I think that Chris Sligh is awesome too. They are my very favourites of the guys. Chris Richardson I like too.


Soon there will be a headline in TBV....
"Inane Asylum STALKS Floyd Landis"



Matt, good luck on your century! I think that being home has settled all the cosmic disturbances. But, now I'm worried about your London trip. You need to go get some crystals and go thru a cleansing ritual!! Don't ask me how I know this

I didn't realize the event was at 2:30pm. I hope Catherine and JD do! Of course I'm living this vicariously thru them, 500mi away!! Without even talking to them, it's all email and posts on Sara's blog!!

I think it would be neat if Floyd or Amber visited us!! We might be more entertaining to Amber! That's great, she needs the support, too!!

Cathy Mehl

Okay, now spell out for me exactly what you are presenting to FL so I can get the word to the right person. Happy to do it, just tell me what you are handing over so I can WARN them! lol

Watched AI last nite for the first time this season. Reserving judgement right now, but I was not impressed with many of the fellas quite yet!


I'm with Matt, I don't know how well our inside humor will go over with Floyd. But at least he'll be reading it later, after you give it to him, Catherine. If he thinks we all sound like too-much-time-on-our-hands scary people... well, at least we won't have to see that reaction. Whatever, who knows, he likes Jack Handey so he has a "different" sense of humor. (thank God!!) :)


If Cathy says that Floyd will find our Gladiator team posts funny, then I thinks it's a go!! Cathy has kissed Floyd, and none of us can even boast meeting him yet; except Debby and Chris!!
And I never even heard of the Jack Handley person, until Floyd!! We just all embarrassed, because we got crazy!! I think that makes us SPECIAL!


Cathy, about American Idol, it was another "off" night last night apparently. Tonight the girls have their turn. See what you think if you're home/prone. Yeah, the guys weren't to die for last night. But sometimes it's fun to see them do badly and pretend you're a judge and think what you'd say to them. I guess you have to have a kind of sick streak to get into that. My nephew loves to anticipate Simon's reactions and he cracks me up going "That was Rubbish. TRULY Dreadful. The wuhst we've seen sew fah."
It's an acquired taste!


I like the Insane Asylum idea- maybe we can come up with a secret handshake and a decoder ring too? (OK just kidding, but maybe we can text each other greetings?) Gladiators theme team- this is over the top, but I would hope that FL has a good sense of humor and would roll with it (even if he thinks we are collectively a little/ lot strange).

Lastly Solvang Century Ride- Matt & I and 5500 of our closest friends will pedal 104 miles and 5000 feet of climbing in 80 degree weather (just to torture our more northern IA colleagues)- hey I got a great farmers tan/ sunburn last Sunday when I forgot to wear sunscreen!

Lastly, I bought a fiction novel about bike racing from the author (Dave Shields) at the recent T of C called "The Race"- its about a young rider in his first Tour de France. Really excellent (and from the reviews very realistic also)- I highly recommend it- I read half the night to finish it while on my recent business trip!


Greg, at this point we are merely terming ourselves as being *inane*, NOT *inSane*!! Let's just eeeease our way into the truth, so as not to shock the outside world...

You and Matt are BOTH doing the Solvang Century ride? Cool! I really hope you somehow find each other, say hello, exchange insane, I MEAN inane handshakes, and report back on how weird it was! :D It's always weird meeting people you've talked to but not seen. They always look and sound so different from what you expected. But that's okay! Can't wait to hear about the ride afterward. I'll do one of those one of these days....


Matt, did you by *any* chance check out MD's site today? The subject is "Swimming" and there are several people talking who could suuuuuure use some tips from you. They all (including Marty) just hate to stick their little toesies in that water, can't make themselves do it. Wusses. They just need some advice from you, is all. N'est-ce pas?


Matt & GregC., Be at the start at 7:30. I'll be there with a couple Cal Lutheran professors. Look for the guy who least looks like he could win a stage at the TDF with a bike too good for him: that's me! I hear it'll be windy. See ya both!


Cathy, so far all I have chosen to print up are the blogs with accompanying posts from Jan 29, 30 (the beginning of Team Gladiator) Feb 9,10, 16 17 and March 7. It is amazing how long it takes to read throught these things! I got cross-eyed by 1100 last night and quit at the 2/10 post. If anyone can remember the title or date for the posts Matt put up about wearing loin cloths and swinging maces, also the post susieb listed the members of the team, oh yea, I have to print the one sara assigned us our jobs...whew - tell me.

I don't have time to make our T shirts, but I want to do it in the future. Waddya think, Team Gladiator (with cyclist's names) on front, the Inane Asylum (with Sara's blog address on the back)- no names so new members will feel welcome. Lime green and white like the site?

Well, that's enough for now. Oh BTW, I won't be posting or visiting 3/17-31 cause I'm going on a retreat - alone! Man will I have a lot of catching up to do April Fool's day!


OK, I'm done. I printed January 29th, 30th, 31st, February 8,9,13,14,16,17,28 and March 7th. I still didn't see the loin cloth comment, but ah well. What was remarkable about the whole thing is how I laugh just as hard rereading posts as I did the first time. Another wierd thing is sometimes I started reading a post I thought was susieb or someone only to get to the end and was me! Either I am starting to talk like ya'll, or I just don't recognise my own voice. Ah sheiza, it's probably the menopause (not to be confused with the men-o- paws...) or CRS syndrome(can't remember sh**).

Grand fun you guys. I will put the posts in an envelope and deliver it to Floyd. Cathy, How come I can't just hand it to him in the autograph line? Isn't that what I'm going to do with the pile-o-stuff Ms T sent me (BTW T, iiiit aaaarriived!)? Hep me, hep me!


The loincloth thread began on 2/28...


Catherine, you crack me up! You're like the "room mother" for our little group -- getting t-shirts together and collecting the posts :) I love it! (BTW, that loin cloth post was from woofdawg on 2/28, so you probably have it)

Hey, that is pretty cool that we have Matt, GregC, AND Paul all mounting their steeds for the century ride. GO boys! And WELCOME Paul! Greg and Paul should be praying that Matt's energy has indeed been gotten under control so that you don't have a rogue storm or earthquake or something equally dire! Maybe Theresa SHOULD send crystals and her tips on cleansing rituals, just to be sure. Thanks for the tip on the book, Greg. I am really interested to see what both Tyler and Floyd include in their upcoming books, too!

OK -- AI -- I like Blake also, but was pretty disappointed with the other guys last night. I had a rehearsal and missed the girls tonight. How did they do??


LOL!! So TBV says "The First 100 Miles' Sara Best seems to think that Floyd and Amber Landis might appreciate the "Inane Asylum". Who wouldn't appreciate an automatic beer launcher?" the link is to:

Who knew???


Sumthin else funny. I went to Marty's site cause it was referenced here and discovered I haven't read it in a week, A WEEK. This is the guy who I had to check a couple of times a day to read the posts. I loved his writing, but really loved the posts. Now, well all my favorites are here, and I just don't seem to be enjoying his topics lately. Though the reference to MMA was pretty cool. And what about Larry, actually referring to the Valentine's Day post, and SEX! I thought "Homie don't do that?"

I guess I am over MD. My first blogging crush. What a sap I am.


PS Thanks Mr Lupine and JD for the heads up on the loin cloths post. And thank you Ms T for nagging me in private.

(this has been a blue week at work for me so I haven't been very chatty or clever here, hopefully I will be better by Saturday)


Oh jees, Inane Asylum is already taken? By beer guzzling twenty somethings? Susieb go get them and tell them to stop!!! Do we have a problem with trademark infringement? Wait, Sara put a TM on it, then we can register it....

(do you think they know woofdawg?)


Ok, I'm being obsessive and posting too much....

January 29 was the beginning of the Gladiator post; the day before was Sara's bike and only 3 posts, none about loin clothes. We started the 29th, then at some point later someone mentioned that leather would be too heavy and suggested loin clothes. Matt brought in the maces and chain mail... Oh I am too tired, off to bed for me.....

Cathy Mehl

Cat, it's fine to hand the papers to FL, I was just concerned that they don't get left behind, so thought perhaps Michael could be the keeper of the fun! Do it however looks best to you, I will email Michael to tell him what's up so hopefully FL will take the time to read it at some point in the future.

I watched the girls tonight on AI and thought MANY of them were really good! WAAAAAAY better than the sissy boys. But this is my first week of the season (I like to jump in when the gettin' is good) so I am not real familiar with any of them yet and will have to reserve real comment until I form up some solid opins on all of them. I almost think it's too bad they are splitting it half boy/half girls because I think the girl's side has more talent. Wonder what the surprise is tomorrow night? Will be watching for sure!

AND my very reliable Tour de Georgia source says the race is FOR SURE happening, it just had a little hiccup along the way. YAY! Who's going from the IA?


Yeah! Tour of Georgia, and the race in Virginia!! USA rocks in cycling!! I'm so proud of Catherine! Tour of MO to wrap things up after the US Championships in Greenville!

Welcome PAUL!! Have you been visting us on and off, or is this your first time, reading our craziness? I'm not really a Wiccan(NOT THAT THERE IS ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT!!) I was raised a Lutheran, but I have lots of interest in other forms of spirtual expression, plus it doesn't hurt to have all your bases covered!! Do you have to be Lutheran to work at a Lutheran college???
I hope you guys, kick butt on Saturday. I, personally will be trying to find my road legs again, since I left them unused since October!!

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