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March 27, 2007



Sara, it is wonderful when you finally get to ride again!!

And, I checked my email; and Vs is repeating the Sunday race tomorrow afternoon! Yippee! I'll get to watch the race after all!


Sara, your bike sounds amazing and I'm happy you got to ride it. I like hearing about your training or even just a nice outing like that. My daughter has my bike pump and rack and I have let that be my excuse for not having ridden in awhile now. Naughty me!

Speaking of riding bikes, my daughter Claire (maybe I already told y'all this?) is riding her bike from Austin, Texas to Anchorage, Alaska this summer, with a group of 49 other U.T. students, to raise money for cancer research. It will take them about 10 weeks, riding a total of over 2500 miles. If you get bored and want to hear about it, go to, and click on cyclists, and then Claire Olsen. If anyone wants to donate at all (no amount too small), email me at and I'll email you my address. Or if you just want to see a picture of my darling Claire, that's at I'm really proud of her doing this. Each rider has to raise at least $4,000, and Claire is already over halfway to that goal. :)


PS, Theresa belieeeve me I remember that you already know about this! Thank you soooo much for donating. Claire and all the other riders got beautiful red Trek bikes (donated by an Austin company, Sense Corp), and she has trained something like 350 miles so far in the last few months. Okay, enough on that... back to setting up my new art studio (laundry room)-- I just started a painting class and I'm trying to get myself all lined up so I can redo my first painting we supposedly finished last night...


Last year I bought a new Trek 5.2 Madone - my first New bike in 40 years (but what a collection of Used bikes!) I'll share my first ride experience. I bought it at the same shop that my Dad bought my last new bike. The shop was owned by the son of owner at that time. I immediately took the bike into the local La Puente foothills of Los Angeles. Up to my old haunts along West Rd. (winding thru the hills). The bike was a rocket! I had never felt anything like it. Smooooth, quick, great descents. Oh, joy! I ate up another rider along the way. That told me this bike and I were going to have a lot of happy times together. And we are still together. Isn't that nice? Hope your experience is as good.



Paul, my daughter looooves her Trek. It's no Madone but one of the lesser models, but she says it rides great. Now she just needs some better tires that corner well especially on slick roads -- she has a really awful bruise on her hip right now from finding that out the hard way. :/


I love hearing your describing the joy of the first ride on the new bike and the spring through your eyes. Saturday I was lucky enough to take my two year old bike out in the hills near my house in the orange orchards- the weather, scenery and ride as still as awesome as the first ride. Do yourself a big favor and have someone knowledgeable at the bike shop you got your new ride to customize your set-up: get the seat, handlebars and whatever positioned to fit you like a glove. Its a truly awesome feeling when the bike is just right- you forget your even on a bike its so natural. Life is a journey (and so is bicycling)- enjoy the ride!
Its all good!


Nice post today! (Greg and Paul too). On the parts of the continent with a real winter it certainly is WONDERFUL to get back outside again!!!!

Holy cats Camille! Your daughter is one of my heroes now too! She is really incredible -- I read her section on the web site you sent us to and you've GOT to be SOOOOO proud of her! That is really going to be the experience of a lifetime. Are you going to be a nervous wreck while she's gone? I think I would be :)

SOOOOOO...........what did everyone think of AI tonight? I think I'll wear Sanjaya's hairstyle to work tomorrow.........if only I can find enough rubber bands around here LOL


Okay, just watched my first AI. I really enjoyed it; but that hair the "faux mohawk"....I have no idea what the song was, because I couldn't take my eyes off the hair!! And he used it to keep time, too....and he is a boy, right?


Thanks Janann and yes I do worry already about the trip (especially if it's raining on a 90 mile day), but I'll just have to try and focus on what it all means to her and remember that no one has ever died so far, in the four years they've had the trip (and they've raised over $750,000 so far in 4 years! 3/4 of a million!). They told her when she applied that she needs to be able to deal with the thought of riding 90 miles a day for a week, possibly with no bath in all that time. UGH! Most likely she won't have to go that long, but can you imagine?! Yuck! And sleeping in sleeping bags for 10 weeks -- my shoulders hurt just thinking about it. See, I'm a big wuss, I think about the discomforts immediately, not the greater good. She didn't get all her giving nature from me, obviously! But she's excited. Okay, enough on that.

American Idol was a little dull for me last night. Theresa, it has definitely had more exciting nights! I loved Melinda again. Chris Sligh always seems out of breath and not up to the task... he looks like he's on the road to a heart attack to me. Gina did pretty well. Jordin bored me still. Hayley looked fantastic but her voice sounds like she's singing at a wedding -- sweet and wholesome but not commercial. Sanjaya -- like they said, he played it safe on his song, he needs more volume. Blake was still workin' the looking into the camera. Phil actually sounded good but he still creeps me out with his eyebrow pencil and eye shadow. He has those shifty eyes...

What did you guys think?


Hi all! It WAS a little dull last night, though I thought that Gwen S actually had some decent feedback for the singers. I loved Melinda and Blake, as always. But....I was really pleasantly surprised by both Gina and Phil! I still think that Lakisha, Melinda, and Blake should be the final 3, but at least some of the others seem to be improving. I REALLY didn't like Haley or Chris S (or actually the other Chris) last night. .......and then Sanjaya.....AI YI YI.....I'm just about DONE being able to watch/listen to him! Its not even worth the thought of the entertaining posts we'll get from Matt anymore!!!!! Sorry Camille - I just CANT TAKE IT anymore LOL!


Don't worry Janann, even * I * thought that Sanjaya wasn't his more entertaining self -- he even let ME down. So right now I think he and Hayley are the least deserving of being there, if we're just talking about singing. I agree with you on Chris R too, that song wasn't so great for him. I wish I could un-redneck him a little bit... grow his hair out some... lose the hick clothes... lose the nasal tone... and he'd be all set.


Hello from SC! Found internet access at a local coffee house "Java Java" on Seabrook Island. Man, is this place for "those who have" while "those who don't" work for TWH. It mostly breaks along colorlines... I've never stayed in a place that has gated access AND a town hall, doesn't that go against our constitution????. I mean, how can you be a real town (I assume this since there is a town hall), and only accept those who paid to get in, or in my case know someone who did? Well, nuff about that.... There are birds, horses, the ocean, marshes, it's really, really peaceful.

Back a day or so in commentland: the first rock concert I went to was the Beatles at the Cow Palace (yes it's still there) south of SF. I didn't see the Who until they were the headline act. They were a**holes. My girlfriend and I were invited back stage to watch from the wings by the organizer, but the Who kicked us off. They also spit on the front row and turned their backs on the crowd. Since it was Chicago, I'm surprised they weren't mobbed! I never bought another album.

Theresa, one of the "most embaressing moments" in my life was when I accidently stood up a sweet young man who had a crush on me. He invited me to see the Rolling Stones (my first real date) How does that happen? I meandered home to a disappointed mother who informed me that my "date" had come and gone. There was not enough crow to eat to redeem myself from that one. 20 years later, my husband and I took our 17 year old son to see the Stones; my first time.

I did not make it to Woodstock, though another friend pleaded with me to hitchhike to NY with her. I was sure my parents would kill me if I did (I was only 16!). I did go to at least 2 Sly and the Family Stone concerts that they didn't show up for (a common occurance known by those of my age group).

I completely missed the Rumors tour; couldn't stand the prices, the crowds but loved the music. As it happened I impulsively flew to New Mexico for a rendevous with my future husband (very future at that point) only to discover Fleetwood Mac was staying at the same hotel we were! Tried to get tickets, sold out, no sightings either.

I caught the Milan San Remo race. Jees! Holy jees! How do these guys get up and do that? Bob Roll said at one point that there are always crashes in this race, but holy moly that was one disasterous race. Does anyone know how the Garolsteiner (I think that's who it was) guy who married the light pole is doing? During the TdF they usually report on how folks fare, but maybe they weren't important enough, or the race is too short on time?

I read "Lance Armstrong's War" (thank you Theresa!!) this week. What a great book. The research on strategy, the inside information, politics, motivation, observations on personality and behavior, intuitive insight and humor were remarkable. A really fast read, and I honestly felt like I was there. He is as good if not better, in this case, than MD. Certainly a bit of a different point in the book I suppose.

I got the flu on day 5 of my retreat and have been recovering ever since. Forgot to take my Airborne cause I though it was allergies!

Camille, as a mother, I feel for you. Proud and worried. I understand. Congratulations and my sympathy; hope she calls you every day!

Guys, I must be one of the few not watching AI. I laugh when you write that cause I get confused for a moment and think it's a typo for IA, LOL. which reminds me, Cathy have you heard any little birds talk about FL and the postings? I have to admit, if I had read Coyle's book before I met Floyd, I wouldn't have been so quick to give the stuff to him, seems so presumptuous now.

OMG- look how much I've written!!! Well, I havent talked to anyone for 6 days, so I guess that might explain part of it. Missing you guys too!


Shoot that post took me so long, camille and jd got in three posts! LOL


MISS you Cat! Glad you had a chance to "check in"! C'mon....if we have both Theresa and MATT watching AI now -- you can't be our hold out -- you've just GOT to join in :)

I think I already told you, but Lance Armstrong's War is one of my absolute favorite cycling books. Coyle has a really interesting perspective and I enjoy his writing style. It almost reads like a novel. Loved it!

Enjoy the rest of your away time!!

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