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March 29, 2007



Hey that's my birthday too! I was a senior in h.s. in 89...damn, I'm getting old. My wife and I went out to dinner with another couple the other day. I am the youngest of the four of us. We got into a conversation about who looked oldest so we asked two of the 21 year old waiters to rank order us by age. Each of them guessed that I was the oldest. Totally sucks...but screw it. Anyway, just felt like sharing.


Graham, to many of us, you are a baby. It's all a matter of where you are looking from. Try hangin out with older guys!


Sara, finding this coffee shop is crimping my "retreat style!" But, dear heart, I can't stay away.

Funny I was just talking about Greg Lemond not 10 minutes ago!! I never talk about him. I can understand your feelings about him, it's very hard to let go of someone when they have imprinted your heart like that. I have a hard time understanding his method of discussing the whole doping issue. I would prefer that he work on creating a system that would fairly and accurately test the athletes, support them in being clean, and basically stop bitching! Regardless of what LA did or didn't do (I am sceptical I must admit), I don't see how the sport would benefit from destroying past performers and contributers. I suspect it has more to do with preventing LA from continuing to have power in the cycling world and perhaps enhancing his own. Yes, a jaundiced view on my part, but why else make rude and provocative comments without participating in the process. Maybe he is participating and I haven't seen it.

Sorry Oscar was less than satisfactory in the interview department. I'm sure language and the fact that you weren't sitting next to him engaging him with your feminine charms, made a huge difference (now, now, don't anyone get all huffy and cry foul, the older I get the more I recognise what a difference proximity makes, especially with cyclists :). Can't wait to read it.


I was thinking about the translation issue with Oscar's interview, and it reminded me of Floyd's first formal interview; written in spanish and translated into english--yeah, it doesn't work as well.
Plus I agree with Cat that if Oscar had been facing you, even with a translator, you would have gotten more!!

Lemond has burned a lot of bridges with newer cycing fans, that came to the sport during the Lance years. And, I'm sure the Lance/Lemond thing is EGO, too. What he said about Floyd is unforgiveable in my mind. But, that said, you can't deny what he did for cycling!!

I stayed up to watch my recording of Milan-San Remo. I can't believe that the Gerolsteiner rider(can't remember his name) only broke his femur!! Nothing like rain and narrow roads to ruin your race! But it was an exciting race!
And Team Slipstream is riding in the Criterium Internationale! It will be fun to see how they do!


Just thought you'd want to know; Brad's doing great at the track championships! He was 5th in the Omniunum(sp?) and did something right to get his name listed under the Scratch race!

Cathy Mehl

Sara, you will find that translated interviews never have a very "fresh" feel to them, and always leave you (the interviewer) disappointed that you couldn't do it in person. Plus the translated answers are always short, short, short! But keep in mind that we don't see many english language interviews with him so count yourself as one of the lucky ones to get anything!

Alberto Contador kicked some major booty in the race today. That boy is on fire. Can't wait to see a photo of his big magnetic smile from today's stage win and taking over on GC.

Was disappointed to see Chris Sligh leave on AI last night. I liked his voice and thought he was very funny. I can't even comment on mohawk boy--he needs to resign. It's ridiculous. I might actually start voting soon just so I feel like I am taking a proactive stand on this issue!


Interesting post and conversation about GL. I watched the special on OLN last summer about Lemond that aired right after the Tour was over. It made me remember how inspiring his racing was, even though I'd been fairly irritated at him regarding his position on Lance and the spiteful comments he always needed to share with the media. I remember thinking to myself that maybe I should not be so critical of him -- he did so much for the sport in the US. Maybe, I thought, he just had a problem specifically with Lance.

After Floyd's test results came out and Lemond insisted on making derogatory comments about him as well, I decided I'd just like him to GO AWAY! He is so bitter and seemingly spiteful. I'm not sure WHAT motivates him to make the comments that he does -- maybe it is ego -- who knows. I don't think that he's had anything helpful or constructive to say about the sport in a long time. Sort of sad because I think he otherwise would have been remembered as a great champion who really overcame adversity to make a monumental contribution to his sport. I'm sure he still will be remembered that way by a lot of people, but not by me....

But.....HOORAY for Contador! Discovery is rockin' this year!

Looking forward to the OP interview. But -- I guess you'll have to ask him THAT question yourself, Cathy!

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