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March 28, 2007



Hey, Cat, we miss you!! Good to hear from you, and I'm glad you liked the book; I knew you would!
Well, since I slept last night; all the singers are no longer clear in my mind. But your observations have helped. Simon said that Blake was the best of the guys; but yet I could hear something in his voice that didn't make it the compliment it could have been. The girls were all good; I wished I'd taken notes!! And that Phil guy; make-up!! That's what it was, I just stared at his eyes the whole time!


Oh, and Sara, I wonder if you'll get the "real" answer on that breakfast question from Oscar!


Ooh, I can't wait to hear what Oscar said and to find out if your "be nicer to Oscar" campaign will continue, Sara!

(That really WAS sweet of Blake to pick that song for you LOL)

susie b

We've missed you Catherine! And loved reading your comment! Wow, the Beatles! Oh, and I also love the Coyle book! I think that's the one with the talk about the Belgies & their "wolf-shrugs". :)

I agree with everyone that I thought AI was dull last night. However, I WAS pleasantly surprised at how well Gina & Phil did. They are still not my faves but I actually think Gina did the best (!) last night & I would have bet MONEY that I would have NEVER said that! I STILL can't believe it!

And what can you say about Sanjaya?! The whole time I watched (& unfortunately listened), I was in GIDDY disbelief! Why 'giddy' you ask? Because I could NOT wait to read what Sara & Matt had to say! I was laughing on the sofa just THINKING about it. :) :) Sara, you did not disappoint! Ok, Matt, I'm waiting...! WHY did he pick that song?! WHY did he do his hair like THAT? Do you think he did this to GET kicked off because he's embarassed about all the talk that he should NOT be on the show?

And Janann (still think of you as JD!), you cracked me up - how're your co-workers treating you today, all decked out with the faux-mohawk? LOL! And poor Theresa! She'll think we're ALL crazy for watching this show!

Camille, your daughter is adorable & SO impressive! I can't even imagine riding 90 miles a day for WEEKS! That's almost TDF! Well, ok, they won't be racing up mountains, but still! At least the pros get to sleep in beds. Wow, they have to sleep out too? This AMAZES me! I can't believe I really didn't hear about this event til Camille mentioned it a few months ago! I also agree with Janaan that I would be a nervous wreck as a Mom!

Oh, & as for the Dancing Show - I'm most impressed with Laila(sp?), Apollo, Joey, & Ian. I did feel sorry for Paulina last night. I don't think she was the worst, but the HEIGHT difference between she & her partner made their pairing look comical. And you know, I hated Heather Mills before this show because of the money she's gouging out of Paul McCartney. But, I have to say I am impressed with her on the show & she even seems to have a good sense of humor!

Thanks Sara for asking Oscar the breakfast question! If he actually gives a lengthy, detailed answer, I MAY even give him some slack. :)


OK.....was anyone else reading the DPF over the winter with all of the "roostered up" hilarity?? That totally cracked me up and now every time I've looked at Sara's site today that's ALL I can think of :)

......could just be that I've had a long day.....and all of these rubber bands are KILLING my head LOL!

OH, and Susie, I completely agree about the DWTS! Apolo is a DARLING and really graceful! Laila is great (though she looks like she could really kick her partners a**) and Joey & Ian can hold their own. I was also impressed with Heather (who I was prepared to just DESPISE going in) and I'm really entertained by "Cliff" -- can't remember his name :)


Sara, there are several things tht you can do to get those details dialed. The brake hoods can be moved closer, you can go to a shorter stem--and your seat position may even need to come forward. Getting a full fit done is probably the best investment you can make in terms of injury prevention, efficiency, power transfer, everything. Hope that all goes well.

I got in 75 last Sunday in the pouring rain, after having done a 2.5 hr trail run on Saturday--also in a downpour of biblical proportions. Can't wait to be in Arizona, warm, dry and probably a 600+ mile week next week! Shaved my legs, got the mighty steed all dialed and tomorrow at 4 a.m. we're outta here! Going as far as Sierra Nevada Brewing tomorrow--Woof!


First, per yesterdays post, it's GREAT that you got that FIRST RIDE of the season AND on the new bike Sara! Having a nice bike is a wonderful thing! And as Greg and Woof said, getting it FIT correctly makes it all that much better!

On to smaller and much less important things: AI...Sorry to disappoint the legions of fans awaiting my WRATH OF SANJAYA rant...but the show has gone downhill to just plain stupid now..and I have completely lost interest. I can only assume 'he' will survive yet another week (due to the manipulated voting), which makes the entire competition pretty much a farce at this point. It's no fun for me to watch anymore, and I wish they whould just vote for the winner (Melinda) and end it...sorry..but thats just how I now feel. It's like if you had a bike race, but how you do throughout the ride and at the finish isn't the determining factor anymore..people all over the world (including people who have NO INTEREST in cycling, like 12 year olds who maybe liked the color of a guys jersey) get to VOTE for how you place...and even though you SUCKED, and are barely able to ride a bike, let-alone RACE with the big dogs, they can still keep you in the race and kick out someone more deserving.

In fact, it makes me think more and more of 'The Gong Show' w/ ol' Chuck Berry...if he were voting on this show, he'd be crashing the living be-jeebers out of that gong on our boy!

OK.enough on that..woof- have a GREAT time down in AZ, sucking up mass quantities of DUST, BEER AND Mexican food (the last 2 are an AFTER-RIDE requirement). Oh wait..I meant health food, tofu green tea..yea..thats what I meant!

Cathy Mehl

Waiting to watch AI in a few minutes...hopefully the mohawk man will be going home. One can dream. I actually liked a lot of last night's show, it was mellow and so was I. It just came to me this morn that Melinda should be sure to sing (I want a man with a)Slow Hand during this competition--she would rock the house.

For Cat: the Gerolsteiner rider that had a date with the pole broke his femur and is out for many, many months, but last thing he said to his DS was See you at the Vuelta. And the other water boy, David Kopp who was layed out cold on the pavement, well he RACED today in Belgium. The lycra lovlies ain't sissys, that's for sure.

I have a feeling Disco boys are going to light it up in Spain tomorrow on Stage 4 of the Castilla y Leon race. It's an uphill finish and DC has SIX count em SIX riders in the Top Ten! I'm expecting fireworks manana. (I'm practicing my spanish.)

Sara, did you ask OP my question too? And is the Tyler quote on Tour de Georgia site from your interview with him? Very nice, can't wait to see the entire thing.

Last but not least, I do believe I will call my Paceline column The Mehl-ting Pot. Seems appropriate.

On to AI!

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