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March 02, 2007



Bravo!!!! Sara, I enjoyed that! And where was you byline? Your name is not "staff"!!
I also take my own pillow too when I travel, but I agree it just so I sleep well...


CN posted an OP interview on 2/27 (; you may get some ideas for questions from there.


Oh, gotta think about the questions for Oscar....without predjudice...


let me get that URL again:

susie b

I just read this morning that Clerc has made a 'delayed charge out of the gate' stating that if the teams that told the ASO they would be racing in Paris-Nice, do NOT show up, then MAYBE they won't be allowed to race in the TDF. I've been waiting for this threat ever since the UCI "jumped" at the re-start of this now EPIC PISS contest. WHO will blink 1st? I think it is time the RACERS took their own blinkers off & got involved! Sure, they just want to ride & in the current power structure, they are worth BUPKIS... But, NOW IS THE TIME, MEN!
There will NEVER be a better opportunity than NOW to revamp the entire cycling power pyramid. Where's their Norma Rae...?

I have only one question for Oscar that isn't snarky/nasty. What did he & Floyd talk about the morning of Stage 17. They had breakfast together, alone.


Hey, good question Susie!
And Pommi, I got the link, I'm getting your message.....but I have read the article. I still started out reading it "pissed at him"....I need to be more objective.


Oh, regarding the riders at Paris-Nice, I read that too, and promptly forgot who said it, but "the riders are the actors, and there's now film without them." In other words, no riders, no race. You can threaten all they want.

I read about the Cyclist Professional Association, CPA, just formed Jan 2006. I think they are trying to get their position under control, and not be pawns!!

Cathy Mehl

Question for OsPe: how does it feel to have the entire world know that you are a whiney baby, a fact formerly only known by your wife and a few close associates?

Just kidding, I couldn't resist. At least he's cute, I can tolerate him a little more since he's pleasing to look at!

Contador took the stage in Valencia today! Yippieeeee!!

Sara B

Oh my God Cathy, that was so funny that I almost spit Coke all over my keyboard.

You're hilarious!


Sara, you can ask Oscar for me if that's a chamois in his bike shorts or if he's just glad to see me.


Sorry I haven't been posting, but I am trying to catch up. Cathy, Love the photo from yesterday -- you are one lucky, lucky lady. I didn't realize that you wrote the 3-pt interview with Amber. It was a great interview and I appreciated it because I think you are the only one who told her side of the story, and I had been wondering how hard it was for her to watch the world accuse her husband of awful things.

Re: Oscar, didn't his team just lose sponsorship as well? Perhaps Sara could ask if there are any replacements on the horizon.


Ooooh, I'm so mad! I had already donated $25 but I wanted to be sure I got a copy of The Crusoes by having "over" $25. So after seeing Susie on the second line of the donation site with $50, I thought it would be oh-so-clever of me if I did $51, so I could be ahead of her... I *mean* because I wanted to give MORE than necessary to help out the good cause... Well, I donated $26 the second time and neither showed up on the list at all! I was sure the donation fairies would add my two amounts together, but I guess that's too much to ask. But just for the record,
*** I'M NUMBER TWO!!!!*** (I know, was there ever any question about that?)


We have to have MORE than $25?! Damn. I better get back there. I figured since he saw that Camille and I had donated $25, he wanted to make sure we got a copy of the book, so that's where he set the bar. Rats. :)

susie b

So woofdawg - you're a climber? Can you tell us what/where you've climbed? Fascinating! I am terribly embarassed to admit that I did not even KNOW of the word "alpinist" until that story broke about hackers getting into the LNDD & one of the groups that supposedly received a letter from them about bad test results was the Alpinist or Alpining Society or something. Some sportswriter joked in an article asking if such an organization really existed & I thought the same thing! Yes, I may have to turn in my SmartyPants ID card.... I hang head.

I do watch TV shows about climbing Everest,etc as I find it SO interesting. And back in the 70s on Wide World of Sports they would show various guys climbing up assorted cliffs & mountains. They showed one guy repeatedly & I can "see" his face in my memory but his name has escaped me. George something I think? Anyway, that was fascinating too.

Any good stories to share? Any books to recommend? What did you think of "Into Thin Air"?

Debby - hope you had a Happy Day of Immunity! (aka birthday)

As usual, Cathy ALWAYS asks the questions for which I want the answers! lol!

Camille, you crack me up! I'm not the only one who gave $50, but just the most recent, so I guess that list popped me up there! I've never contributed to anything on-line where you SEE the contributors & the amounts! Weird!

And Matt, I think we've corrupted you! You watched ALL THREE nights of American Idol? Your wife will think you've been replaced by a pod-person! You can blame it on... FLORIDA!


Amy, he may have meant to say $25 or above, but since he didn't... (and since Susie was ahead of me - lol)... I added on. And SEE WHAT GOOD it did me!?! Of course all the show-offs are piling on now, making us look like cheapskates. Oh well, ha! You'd think I felt all competitive about this or something! Ha!! Haha!! Now that's just silly. I'm merely a big-hearted philanthropiste.

Something about this site makes me feel free to say obnoxious things and use lots of some-caps and exclamation points. Sara, what's with that?

susie b

Camille, You just KNOW that when some people look at that TOTAL & see it ending with a "1", they'll be wondering WHO gave just a BUCK!! lol!


I just checked the site again, and Theresa trumped me too! Competitive? Us? HaHaHaHa! (I'm holding my sides.)

Camille I love the caps and exclamation points. I read those sections louder in my head. One of my favorite books is "A Prayer for Owen Meany," and everything Owen says is in capital letters. In another blog that I visit, one of the contributers writes in all caps, and I always imagine him YELLING EVERYTHING!!


If I'd had any sense I would have made my 2nd donation $25.01. But nooooo, I'm too big-hearted. :)


Amy, the guy you mentioned reminds me of the emails I get from my mother, telling me to be sure to WASH MY HANDS OFTEN AS THIS REALLY PREVENTS SICKNESS, ETC. I think that comes from being in a big family like mine and you're sure no one is listening to you -- conversations are a free-for-all and it's every man for himself LOL. People from small, polite families have no idea what I'm talking about, and are now horrified and pitying me....


You guys are crazier than me!!
I just wanted to make sure I get my copy of the book!

And regarding cap; the gal at work I bought my computer from, uses ALL caps ALL the time. And if I pull up a message from her, I instinctively pull my head back!LOL

And I come from a family of "yellers", which some people don't realize is just normal communication! Sush, use your "inside voice", THIS IS MY INSIDE VOICE!!!


Sara, sorry I forgot to tell you that that really WAS an interesting article about the superstitions. Wow, I've been accepting passed salt my whole life, never even knew it should be set down. Maybe THAT has been my problem, and maybe THIS will be a NEW BEGINNING for me!!! Okay, from now on, NO more passed salt, and I know THINGS are gonna start HAPPENING to ME **NOW**!!

Matt LADIES are all STARTING to TYPE LIKE ME! (I'm TRULY busting a gut here!)


(on a lighter note, got home from FL ok, so far no disaster to speak of...and btw, I was NO WHERE NEAR Atlanta and that bus horrible that was!) It's sure NICE to be HOME is all I can say!


Welcome home Matt! Glad you are safe. Kiss the wife and "kids?"

Will anyone share their Crusoes with me?

Loved the article about superstitions, it was really fun. I am sure there are more that they do and didn't share (sex-no sex, visiting loved ones or not, morning rituals). It's all about rituals. Finding a place where you feel centered and ready to play, and play well without distraction. Finding the groove. My guess is it's more about that than actual superstition. Remember "Bull Durham?" Susan Sarandan/Annie made Tim Robbins/Nuke wear a garter belt, or when he wouldn't have sex with her cause he was on a winning streak? Kevin Costner/Crash told her it didn't matter if not having sex actually made Nuke pitch better or not, all that mattered was that a streak is a streak. Getting unfocused from our doubts and problems allows us to focus on our goal.

Question for Oscar:
1. When do you know you are on, and what do you do to keep it?
2. When do you plan to ACTUALLY win the TdF? (Ok, that's mean) Umm, will you win the TdF this year? I mean, now that Floyd's not going to be there? (...oops, also mean).


Sara, loved the superstition piece. Nice. I've had Stevie Wonder playing in my head ever since I read it.

Susie, I'm pretty much a neophyte climber. It's always fascinated me, and in the last four or five years, I started doing a lot of scrambles--stuff where you've usually got a pretty gnarly approach hike and then some class 3 stuff with booty puckering exposure to get to the top. Last year I did The Brothers, Kaleetan, Hibox, Mt Pugh, Vesper Peak, Big Craggy--all stuff you can find pictures and descriptions of on -- a VERY cool website--tI'm likin' the CAPS thang). The first few times out I was pretty freakin' scared at various points--being on moderately technical terrain, lots of exposure and basically realizing that if you fall, you die. Gulp.

But it's grown on me, and there are so many astonishingly incredible things to climb within a few hours of here, and there's always that thirst for a bigger , harder challenge that, well, I guess I'm hooked. And, and, and...

So, I've started rock climbing in the last year--I hook up with a buddy at the climbing gym and am climbing 5.9 pretty consistently and bouldering some easier V1 stuff. So, this next spring/summer I'll get to actually go climb some REAL rock. (Wouldntchya know that I've picked yet another gear intensive sport--so I'm looking at putting together a "rack".

I'm really wanting to learn all the glacier travel, crevasse rescue, &c stuff so that I can take on some BIG stuff, but with an Ironman looming on the calendar, that'll have to wait until after August. Then, Glacier Peak, Mt Hood, Denali...and the Norht Cascades is just a vast realm of awe-inspiring, terrifying climbs--Mt. Terror, Mt, Formidable, Mt Challenger, Mt Shuksan, &c, &c, &c...

Books? Check out "Everest, the West Ridge" by Thomas Hornbein or "In the Zone" by Peter Potterfield, or one of my favorites, Touching the Void" by Joe Simpson" (This is also an incredible movie, I'm sure it's available on DVD). Anything you can find about K2 iw pretty fascinating, as is Ed Viesturs book, "No Shortcuts to the Top." At any rate, that' probably more info than you bargained for, but I'm pretty fired up about it. I can see how hard-core "dirtbag" climbers sacrifice pretty much everything so that they can do nothing but climb. But I'm a little too old and fond of my few modest comforts for that...

Thanks for askin'!


Okay. I woke up early to meet my running group (IT'S SNOWING AGAIN BY THE WAY,) and noticed that MD was only $24 away from $1000, so to get him over the hump, and to be sure to get my personal copy of Crusoe's.... which you may certainly borrow, Catherine.... I gave another $25. So we're a little late, Camille, but we made your goal :)

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