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March 26, 2007



That was a great race...I watched it yesterday on Cyclysm Sunday. Paolo pretty much rode by himself from the very back all the way to the front end of the pelaton. Paul and Bob couldn't believe it. They said he's riding against the best cyclists in the world, and passing right by them! It was also exciting when Popovitch took the lead a couple of times toward the end, and then that poor guy who's name escapes me, almost went over a wall, but instead got wrapped around a pole...OWWWWWW!

susie b

I had never watched that race on TV before. Ok, so I usually spend March watching March Madness & the World Figure Skating Championships. (And have you ever heard anyone else say THAT combination? lol!) Now, I've shoe-horned into the mix some early season cycling!

I thought I was watching a NASCAR race! Crash! Wow! Crash! Ooooohhhhhh! Crash! Owwwwwww! I sucked my breath in so often, I was getting light-headed. :) And that crash that Amy mentioned above, oohhhhnooooo....I moaned in sympathy!

I was afraid they would run out of ambulances! Is that race always so crash-filled?

If this was someone's 1st view of a cycling race, they'd think all these guys were insane AND that Nascar racers are "girly-men" in comparison! LOL!

I was rooting for Popo's break to succeed (SO close) & then when that didn't work out, I was screaming 'Go Robbie'! But isn't it great Alan Davis of Discovery got 2nd?! Man, the Disco boys are really tearing up the roads early this year!

I've never seen next weeks' race on TV before either. What is it like?


OH - I was REALLY hoping that Popo's break was going to make it yesterday, too! He was super strong! That is such an unbelievably LONG day of racing. Poor Gerolsteiner!! They lost quite a few guys in the crashes yesterday. That poor fella that hit the pole/wall was so painful to watch -- it was almost like he was in slow motion -- and then UGH what a nasty way to crash out. AWESOME race to watch, though! Missed George H :( , but hooray for Davis -- he was right in there with THE sprinters to pull off that 2nd place!

Welcome back Theresa!

I got a short bike ride in this weekend AND some time with my horses. But the bike really needs a tune-up (maybe the horses do too) so it will be visiting the shop this week. I'm LOVING the nicer weather to get outside!!!

Camille and Amy - you are studs! I could never and will never be able to run like that -- VERY impressive!


Janann, Amy's in a whole 'nuther class from me, but thank you. What really got me yesterday was that in that race of over 16,000 runners, guess how old the overall female winner was?


I thought that was pretty darn amazing and inspiring. She beat about 7,000 other women and she's only 9 years younger than I am! I'm full of excuses for why I don't do what I mean to, most of them based on how "old" I am, but... she's 42 and look at her.

Now I will remember what you said and try to live up to the "stud" label. You are sweet!

I need to get my bike tuned up, too, same with the other three in our house.


Damn!!! I TOTALLY FORGOT to make sure I recorded it!! I thought of it Sunday morning! I'm hoping I get a decent picture on and watch it; or that Fredcast site. I'm proud of Allan Davis! That's so cool!

And Camille, when I hear about some 70 yr old woman riding a century, I think there's something wrong with me, but then turns out she's been riding for 25-30 yrs. But maybe, when I'm 70; I'll be able to ride a century!! Don't beat yourself up!! That 42yr old probably started running in HS!!!

susie b

Well, if you really want to get depressed - don't forget that 70 something nun (Sister Madonna Buder) who has done the IRONMAN in Hawaii for about 15 years or so!

I don't just feel like a slacker compared to her, I feel like a slug....

On the plus side, she didn't START running til she was 48! There's hope for me yet!

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